LHHATL Season 6 begins filming: Karlie Redd and Young Joc back together for the cameras

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Karlie Redd and Young Joc might have had an acrimonious breakup back in the day, but, with the cameras rolling for LHHATL Season 6, it looks like they might have been able to patch things up just enough to guarantee some fresh Love & Hip Hop relationship drama. At least, that’s the impression Karlie managed to give this week, when she surprised her Instagram followers with a sneak attack Bae Watch update featuring none other than Joc himself:

Date Night With #BAE ?

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VH1 has since confirmed that the couple is back on, and has been since September. Of course, Karlie’s on-air relationships haven’t exactly gone smoothly since she and Joc split back in Season 3. In Season 5 alone, she managed to get sucked into the ongoing, confusing, and thoroughly entertaining Lyfe Jennings drama. That particular story culminated when it turned out Lyfe had faked his marriage proposal to Karlie, and kept his actual wife, a six-foot German model, a secret from everyone on the show.

But Lyfe has since left LHHATL, and Joc managed to clear the air between himself, J-Nicks, and Tiarra, so it would appear that nothing’s getting in the way of Karlie Redd and Young Joc pursuing their relationship for a second time. Except, of course, for the fact that Season 5 somehow managed to top Season 4 for the title of Most Ridiculous in the show’s history, and we have no reason to believe that LHHATL Season 6 won’t be more of the same.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 is expected to premiere in the spring of 2017.

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(Photo credits: Karlie Redd and Young Joc via Instagram)

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  • Hoodrat

    How many dudes is this ho going to s×rew on this show why do they have to display this trash so much? Why can’t the show be more about the music rather than all the dysfunction, sxrewing, and cheating?

    • theStevieJBus

      come on now, we all watch it for the ratchetness

  • theStevieJBus

    Did anyone else see that IMDB has been forced to post actors real ages and that Karli’s real age is now listed at 50. It didn’t surprise me though, I knew she had to have quite a few years on Mimi who is in her mid 40s.

    • Che

      Didn’t see that. Y r they forced to post the real ages?

  • pmo

    young joc is looking forward to eating pimento cheese again.

  • Che

    Why would you hook up with someone gain afyer they said you pimento cheese coming out ya vayjaynay.

  • What happened to Big Baby aka Khadiyah.