Rob & Chyna contemplating big money offer for footage of their baby’s delivery

Pregnant Blac Chyna leaving Penthouse Nightclub with Shannon Twins

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have allegedly been broken up for months–which might be why E! reportedly offered them big money to film the upcoming delivery of their baby girl. A new report makes the claim just two weeks before Blac is due, and in the midst of numerous rumors claiming that Blac and Rob have actually been separated for quite awhile. It was only a few days ago that Kris Jenner apparently “went off” on Blac due to stories that Pilot Jones, and not Rob, is really her baby’s father. Before that, Blac apparently banned Rob from the delivery room when she does give birth–and, if Blac’s little girl arrives on time, she and Rob only have sixteen more days to figure their relationship out.

But, according to a new report from TMZ, they might have an extra incentive (beyond just being good parents to their child) to do so. Their report suggests that Rob & Chyna have already struck a deal with E! producers to film the delivery, and will earn “several hundred thousand dollars” for the footage. (It’s believed that E! will turn the footage into a Rob & Chyna baby special, though saving it for a possible Rob & Chyna Season 2 is also a possibility.)

“Chyna is waffling,” says their report, “but still open to letting everyone see everything.”

For the time being, though, Rob & Chyna are still living in separate houses. And no less an authority than Blac’s mom, the immortal Tokyo Toni, already said that the two of them are actually honestly really truly broken up, have been for ages, and are only together because their E! contracts stipulate a wedding special. If that’s true, a pregnancy special would just be one more way to milk a little cash out of what turned out to be a curious experiment in dating.

In the meantime, Rob & Chyna Purged it up for Halloween:

Find somebody that's just as crazy as you !

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E! has yet to announce whether Rob & Chyna Season 2 is a go.

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  • pmo

    she came from profession where u spread legs wide for everyone to see.

    • Elena Sanchex

      Ooh you are a pig

  • savannah

    I watch keeping up with the kardashians but the whole rob & chyna thing is such a boring storyline to me. I can’t imagine people are dying to watch the birth of this baby…

  • twelfthnight

    I could not care less about these two, but I hope they actually have a good relationship and all of this is tabloid nonsense. No child deserves to be born into chaos or live in this circus they call a life.

    • bambiglanville


  • ida moore

    What won”t she do for money..i think that having a baby is a very personal experience..between the parents..and ..maybe her mom.Not for the world to see.She needs to get some class..soon..and very soon. I just pray that the child is well taken care of..and protected from the baby needs to start being used as a pawn..or..trophy..I pray that he is the father..and iif they are not 2gether who cares..Parents break up everyday..and that is not news..But i forgot for a moment who they are.Just b there for ur baby rob..and if she do not want u..then it is what it is..God bless!

  • LoLo

    I gave their show 3 tries (3 tries too many). There is nothing appealing about them. They fight, she throws him out, he deletes her from his social media, he comes back & they are ok. Then repeat that scenario over & over. It’s like Groundhog day. Beyond dysfunctional & immature. They are not teenagers, she is a mother behaving so immature & he’s just purely lazy & messed up from his family. He has more opportunities then most young men & refuses to do anything with them.

  • Renee

    It’s a sad case!!! Real talk! Money can’t buy everything, but…. Now of days people will do anything for a “Check”?

  • alwaysabovetherest

    So they are under contract to take this halloween picture too

  • FYO

    Come on now, nobody is offering “big money” to watch a baby get pushed out of that fat girl.