LIVE PD Officer Stacey Lyons arrested following show premiere


A Connecticut officer found herself on the wrong side of the law shortly after her appearance on Friday night’s premiere of A&E’s Live PD.

Sgt. Stacey Lyons was arrested for disorderly conduct in Trumbull, Connecticut following an incident with her ex-boyfriend. Police received a call early Saturday morning that involved a possible assault. After arriving, Lyons’ ex told officers that she had entered his home uninvited via a security code.

Court records state that he alleges he was confronted by Lyons after she discovered that another woman was in his home. Police stated that he had a cut to his nose and minor abrasions on his arms. He refused to file a written complaint or to receive medical treatment.


Live PD is a fascinating new series that has been described as Cops live (with a delay). Here’s a breakdown of the show via the network:

Over the course of eight weeks, dash cams along with fixed rig and handheld cameras, will capture the work of a varied mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night. In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson will guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences are seeing in real time, bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.

Lyons was seen in the first episode responding to a 911 call on a “known drug house.” As this event transpired live she was shown in a pre-taped and edited clip responding to a domestic violence call. During this arrest she asks a man who allegedly choked his wife for the codes to his gun safe. In route, Lyons explains to viewers how domestic violence calls are the most dangerous calls that an officer goes on.

Lyons’ attorney, Christian Young, told People that they would be addressing her charges “expeditiously, and we’re hopeful for a swift resolution so she can get back to serving the community.”

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  • Cathy Klemm

    One of the dumbest shows ever.

  • Rack ‘Em Willie

    This show is NOT in “Real Time” Would be a decent show if they got rid of Dan Abrams and all that damn talking like sports casters.

    • * haterade *

      True. Dan Abrams is creepy

  • Rodger

    Too many commercials. “We will be back after a short break” . Also let the two retired cops talk more.

  • Rodger

    Another commercial break. Announcer “we have something going on live chase. We will be back after this message” At least with the show cops they stayed with the chase

  • Rodger

    Lots going on but now another break. That’s it changed the channel. Good luck with you Live.PD infomercials. I know you have to pay bills but this show is ridiculous with the adds.

  • oldbrkntrk

    A damn lie for a title, it’s not live. Portions are live, those being few. Too many commercials and to have a moderator like some damn sports show doesn’t work either. Shoot, “Cops” was a better show. I won’t be watching this show anymore. I thought A&E would have a little more integrity than that.

    • KaraMarika

      The moderator is there to help explain things to people so they will understand why the cops are doing what they are doing. Unfortunately people don’t listen and go along thinking that cops speeding to get to a call is a bad thing. Damn, people are stupid.

      • Sharon

        Absolutely! It really shows how many ignorant people are out there.

    • Sharon

      I seriously doubt you will be missed. Why do you assholes keep posting such ignorant crap? Tell me, how do you know so much about the show? Are you in law enforcement or reality shows or what? No? That’s what I thought, just like to comment on anything which you know nothing about. Go ahead & keep posting your stupid comments & showing your ignorance.

    • Sharon

      They do show some recorded earlier clips during the time when there is not a lot going on anywhere. But I suspect if you were ever given a new car, you would bitch about the color. Grow up! You won’t be missed.

  • Sam Destine

    So fake….

  • David Holmes

    I enjoy the show but I would really like to see a show of this ilk (Live PD, Cops, etc) that mimics a ride-along: never cuts away. I want to see it all–including the “boring” stuff.

    • Nancy

      Me too.. Such a scary job…

  • cwc720

    These freaking cops in Bridgeport! Driving 60-70mph on those congested streets, don’t slow down for red lights, drive on the wrong side of the road into on conning traffic. They are going to kill someone! Put cops in front of a camera and on this stupid show is incentive for these crazy cops to showboat! BAD BAD BAD!

    • KaraMarika

      While in pursuit or responding to a call, they will always go fast and take the fastest route, which will sometimes be in the on coming lane and have them going through red lights. Would you prefer they drive the speed limit and mosey there way to your house while you get shot by the intruder in your house? People are ridiculous. Pay attention to the show and learn a little about what cops do. You are obviously clueless.

      • cwc720

        NO. Cops DO NOT drive at 60 or 70 MPH on congested streets where a child or pedestrian could walk out from in between a car and into their path. Also, they DO NOT drive on the wrong side of the road into one way intersections at high speed to where on-comming traffic has to jam on their breaks to avoid a collision. Driving recklessly like on this TV SHOW will not get them to their destination all that much quicker!
        This is a TV SHOW and these cops are show-boating for the camera! Pay attention if you can!

        • People Hate the Truth ✓

          Trust me these Bridgeport cops are not show-boating. Unfortunately, this is the norm. I’ve lived here my whole life and have witnessed them speeding like crazed maniacs too many times to count. Every time they respond to a call it’s pedal to the metal for them.

          They actually crashed into one of my friends parents responding to a call earlier this year. Its so bad that the CT Post did an article about residents calling 911 to complain about these officers driving so recklessly while they were responding to calls.

          • cwc720

            I live in Connecticut too not too far from Bridgeport. I’m glad that I’m not the only one to see these cops driving recklessly. But it is even more disturbing to hear that this is a regular practice for them and not a performance for the cameras. Maybe when they kill someone as happened in New Milford, Ct. they will slow down and drive appropriately when answering a call. Then again, maybe not.

            • Nancy

              Do you feel the same about ambulances and Firetrucks or are you just anti police…hmm..

              • cwc720

                Nancy you fail to understand. If you live in Connecticut you may recall a few years ago in New Milford cops answering a call, driving recklessly, ran into a mother, killed her dead. The cop went through a red light at about 60 MPH. I have no problem with cops or ambulances trying to get where they are going as quickly as they SAFELY can! These cops on this dumb show, whether they are showboating or not are pitting people’s lives in danger by driving recklessly.

                • Reggie

                  You do know that cops and firetrucks have a strobe light that makes all lights red so I’m guessing tour friend went thru a red

              • Reggie

                They all complaine until they need it

          • Nancy

            He’s a keyboard warrior…

          • Tony Headen

            Same here in SC.

          • Johnna Ofcharsky

            Sounds lile Bridgeport need to change their protocols. Protocols for car and foot chases are different in all jurisdictions. It is that jurisdiction government & police department that sets them. Some jurisdictions do not allow it. Some do. Have you brought this up at one of your public council meetings? I personally do not agree with extreme chases…going through stop signs, red lights and driving the wrong way on one way streets, roads, highways… again not all departments allow it. If what you have witnessed is true then you should push to have that protocol changed.

        • Reggie

          I’m a cop and yes we can drive on the opposite side we can do whatever we can to get there and you are talking about the episode where they were rushing for a 1 yo.who ended up dieing if it was a missing dog then things are different answer me this if your kid was dieing would you want us to go the speed limit

          • cwc720

            No, I was talking about a supposed domestic in Bridgeport, Ct. where a cop was flying the wrong way through a one way intersection around a curve into oncoming traffic. The approaching car, who was traveling in the right direction, had to jam in his brakes, as did the cop, to avoid a head on collision! NOT GOOD!

            • Reggie

              You say that but if it was you getting your head kicked in you would complaine why we took so long

          • Al

            Please cops get away with anything and kill anyone for no good reason and justify it with bulk shit

            • Reggie

              If you comply you don’t die it’s that simple. And you didn’t answer my question if your kid was dieing or you were being robbed would you want us to drive the speed limit or do whatever we can to get there to help? People like you talk a big game until you need us!! Remember BLM rioting and looting in Dallas everyone was acting like thugs until that guy starting killing innocent people who did everyone run behind??? They ran behind the police. It was so funny watching all these so called tough gangstas running and yelling for the police to help hahhaha it was classic

              • Lisa

                Why is that funny……that comment is disturbing.

                • Reggie

                  It’s funny because blacks act gangster and hate cops until bullets fly then they run scared like little unhappy nappys

            • Little Timmy

              You are a hood rat more than likely..

            • elviratootoo

              I can just bet what race you are.

      • Nancy

        Exactly! like an ambulance, it always appears that they are going faster.

        • tj1tj

          hey nancy you can stop licking cop boots now.
          You are not getting any special rewards

        • Reggie

          Thanks for the support Nancy

    • Tony Headen

      My school friend is forever crippled and mentally challenged after being t-boned by a SC. cop running a stop sign
      during a chase. They have very little regard for anything and get away with everything

      • Reggie

        You can hear them coming for blocks either your friend is a idiot or had his music to loud

    • Tired

      I agree also I think some people should bring charges up against the cops for being way way to aggressive. I had a lot of respect for cops a lot of my friends and family are cops. But these guys are way to aggressive.

  • 4hmnrghts

    Fake!! How come you never see scenes showing people refusing to allow their car or themselves to be searched, speaking up for their constitutional rights, refusing to handcuffed when you didn’t commit a crime. Sickening how long they left that home invasion guy in handcuffs. He was the victim, which they knew almost immediately! which happens frequently. So tired of these SCRIPTED “reality” shows.

  • disqus_FFezXv9kmO

    I’m a follower of Black Lives Matter. During every episode of Live-PD you see a black MAN slaughtered on the streets, LIVE. I watch the protestors and those black women would not lie when they say the black males are being murdered by bad cops on every street in America. During every show we can watch LIVE as cops murder and slaughter black MEN,,, hour by hour they are murdered. Black women with Black Lives Matter would never lie. I want to go out and riot following last nights show where in every scene a black man was murdered by a cop. I’m upset at the slaughtering on the streets. DEAD black men,,, all over the place. Let’s riot more cause dead black men gotta be protected by little black women. STOP THE BLACK KILLINGS DURING THE SHOW,,, PLEASE. I’m going out the door to riot right now.. Bye.

    • Nancy

      Good one!

  • * haterade *

    It’s fake here ! Really a pro-police TV reality show. Does nothing but show the police on their best behavior of course. Illegal “safety” check points in the middle of a highway. Not a chance this show wil last

  • Medic of Tichondrius

    This show sucks. It’s clearly fake and the scenes are staged. The fake cops on this show are using incorrect take down procedures and incorrect arrest protocols. They’re wearing incorrect uniforms. The cars are painted incorrectly. Everything is staged like a movie set. High speed pursuits are staged with stunt drivers and low-paid extras and bystanders. After watching 29 seasons of COPS, I can safely say that Live PD is a bunch of bullshit.

    • Sharon

      Apparently you like to give your ignorant comments while being completely clueless. I guarantee this stuff is live & accurate. Are some of these cops “showboating”? Possibly, but better that than ignoring crimes. Sounds like you have many run ins with cops & want to bash them. Bet you will
      be singing a different tune when you need them. If ya don’t think it is real or just don’t like it, go somewhere else.

      • diane in FV

        I laughed…a lot, at it’s last sentence, “After watching 29 seasons of COPS, I can safely say that Live PD is a bunch of bullshit.” An armchair expert. hahahaha

  • Tuco Ramirez

    It’s definitely not real time.

    • Reggie

      8 second delay now after the show where the guys parents saw him get shot in TV

      • Fabian Romo

        8 seconds? More like a few hours at least in Arizona

        • Katie

          Arizona is 3 hours behind due to their time difference.

        • Little Timmy

          Get directv and dump cable. It is live at 6pm here every weekend and the sunset proves it is live.

  • kramer

    If people would know their constitutional rights, bullshit shows like these would cease to exist. Cops, or pigs, can’t just roll up and demand your ID. If they don’t suspect you of a crime, or give probable cause, tell them to leave you alone. If you’re a passenger in a car that’s pulled over, and they ask for ID, tell them to blow you. You have no legal obligation as a passenger to be ID’ed. They’ll tell you that you have to by law, but that’s bullshit. The Supreme Court has ruled hat cops, or pigs, can lie to you, but you can’t lie to them. Your best bet is to instate your 5th amendment rightt and keep your mouth shut.

  • Sharon

    If you people don’t like the show then don’t watch it! Saying the show is fake just shows how ignorant you really are. Too many commercials? From the nature of the show it appears to be very expensive to produce. Way too many keyboard know if alls. As usual.

  • Dalton Jacobson

    This show will never be as successful as COPS, simply because a cop’s normal shift isn’t as exciting as an episode of COPS. Peoples’ attention spans are short, so if you don’t edit these down to the bare bones action, people lose interest and change the channel. In theory, this show’s concept seems brilliant, but in reality it doesn’t make for great TV.

  • HetchHetchyHedgehog

    The difference between a cop and a criminal is often nothing more than a badge.

    • diane in FV

      How many times have you been arrested and for what?

  • Pseudo

    Where I live I see cops crossing lines, illlegal lane changing, seems they never use turn signals either and then they speed along with the rest.

    Yet on this show I hear the above items used as a reason to stop people. It is just an excuse, just Anout on any given day I see license plates shoved into rear windpws, or plates covered by bicycles, motorized chair carriers, trucks with oversized tires sticking out past the fenders, trucks jacked up with bumpers now way above the legal limit, but where are the cops for this?

    Then there is their reference to AR style weapons as full auto guns, illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants etc, etc

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    If pot were legal the cops would have to do real police work and the show would suck cause they don’t how to real policw/o violating a persons civil rights

    • diane in FV

      Another internet civil rights expert. Did you get your law degree online as well?

    • Reggie

      Are you kidding me you would be shaking in your boots if you worked one shift

    • Little Timmy

      You are not to bright, I personally would like to see Marijuana removed from a being a schedule 1 drug, however in almost all cases those busted on this show are driving about town smoking weed..If you want to see marijuana laws changed you have to understand thats its going to have to at least be something you do at home or do not drive about town on just like alcohol.

  • Lisa

    Its fake.. I am in Ontario Canada and it’s 12:10pm and in South Carolina in the show it’s dark and we are in the same time zone so how is it dark at noon? So obviously fake. And it says this Friday night But it’s not night time yet

    • Tommy Beard

      You must be watching a replay, the show airs live Friday starting at 9PM Eastern Time, That’s 6PM on the west coast, so there will be daylight showing there simultaneously with dark on the east coast.

      • Lisa

        I’m in the eastern time zone and in the show they were in the same time zone as I but I didn’t know they did replays. Kinda defeats the title Live PD but makes sense, thank u Tommy

    • elviratootoo

      Dumbass it is time delayed.

  • John

    It’s easy for you people to be sideline detectives. If you’ve never walked in their shoes, then you have no reasons to slam what they do. Your the first to slam them but the first to cry when you need help. If you’ve felt half the stress they feel in one day, you all would look at life a little different and probably respect the law a lot more then you do.
    Every time they step out of that car they could be blown away by some idiot.Every state has different laws on “everything”. No matter what laws are in your state, you have to respect the laws of the state your traveling in.

  • Au Aubie

    This is the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen! They are just dumbing us down to a police state!! Why is this shit on tv!!

  • Au Aubie

    I hate the way these pigs act like they are perfect!!

  • Jeff Elder

    this show is the best show on tv and i dont thaink its facke

  • Mike Spain

    I used to be on the side of the cops until I started doing research online, watching videos, reading, and learning about citizen’s rights. Cops routinely violate rights in the course of a day.

  • Lisa

    I find the majority of these male/female overweight cops on this show rough bullies. What is entertaining about being pulled over with sirens blazing,lights flashing, several guns pointing at you?Come on people it’s police USA intimidation at its best.

  • garyanddaisy

    Cops are so nice and polite on show. What a joke! Most cops would face plant you if you didn’t answer their 1st question! Every other word out of their mouths is “OK?” “Alright?” “” “That OK?” “That’s alright?” WHAT’S WITH ASKING FOR APPROVAL? Just do their job and shut up! OK, man…? Alright?
    All these shows come from flyover country – where nobody cares about those hillbillies. Worst females in the country. If they didn’t have drugs they wouldn’t have anything. OK? Alright, man?