TEEN MOM 2 Jeremy Calvert defends photo of Adalynn posing with rifle


The ex-husband of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer posted a photo of their 3-year-old daughter Adalynn holding a large rifle.

As pics of adorable toddlers holding huge firearms are known to do, the image sparked a comment controversy over whether or not it was appropriate for Jeremy to have his young daughter posing with a gun.

Calvert assumed some would take umbrage so he made sure to let everyone know that the rifle was not armed. “She said daddy, lets go hunting and shoot a coyote… lol better watch out boys she wont miss lol haha p.s. yes people its a gun and its also unloaded get over it…. #daddieshunter #mybaby,” he captioned the post.

One commenter wrote, “This time it’s not loaded, what about next time she thinks it’s ok to grab it and you actually have forgotten to unload it! ‘Let me take a picture of my baby Daughter holding a gun…’ What an idiot!”

Another added, “Still not cool. I would never let a child hold a gun. Even unloaded. I’m all for hunting and providing food for your family. But this is so wrong in so many ways. Silly Americans ? .”

Calvert had a not so nice response for one person who had a problem with his post. “Go suck a c**k — fake a** profile cause ur a little b***h f**k off,” he retorted.

After a bunch of back-and-forth between folks who opposed and supported Calvert’s actions, he made a separate Instagram post explaining his position:


A supporter wrote, “There is always going to be someone who has something to say. The ones that have the most issues are the first to jump down someone else’s throat, you are a great dad from what I can tell. People own guns always have always will, as long as you take all the safety precautions then you are doing great. Not sure why people follow people on here just to bash them. Like I said don’t listen to them, you know that you take care of your daughter and protect and she knows that and her opinion is the only one that should matter.”

Do you have a problem with this photo of Adalynn?


  • AshleyBlack

    I have to say I agree with him. At 3 & 4 I think my kids are old enough to grasp the guns are dangerous concept. If you teach them what guns are and how they work when they see one lying around they would know what it is and not to bother it.

    • Chewy

      I’m not anti gun but curious how you would respond to the story about the FL pro gun mom who was shot by her 4 year old after leaving a loaded gun unattended. If you say a 3 or 4 year old can grasp that guns are dangerous, what do you think went wrong in that situation? She claims to have educated him & boasted about his good shooting skills.

      • YourMom

        Well, he had great shooting skills! He hit his target….HER!! Lol

      • AshleyBlack

        I mean, I don’t know what you want me to say? Accidents are going to happen reguardless. All we have is her word. Were you there when she taught her child gun safety? Do you know for a fact she taught him everything he needed to know? My 4 year old absolutely knows not to touch a gun if he sees one. Although I wouldn’t leave one loaded & lying around either.

  • Guest

    I agree with him, but he always sounds like such a jerk.

  • theStevieJBus

    Wow, now I think the kids might be better off with Leah. Eating Cheetos and koolaid for every meal isn’t nearly as bad as this. I get that the gun wasn’t loaded but if Addy thinks its ok for her to handle it and watches Jeremy enough she will be able to load the gun herself.

    And not to get to political but this is one of the reasons why I think people don’t need to own guns.

    • YourMom

      I have to disagree. He is teaching her instead of being naive to the fact that she will be curious. I’m sure he is teaching her a respect for guns and that they are not toys. And I’m sure is responsible enough to keep them locked up! I highly doubt she could load it, let alone even pick it up. And I def disagree about not being able to own guns!!!! Are you serious!?!? To each his own, but I’d rather have them & not need them than to not have them & need them.

      • theStevieJBus

        Giving a toddler a gun is ridiculous IMHO. Even if I was pro gun I wouldn’t do it.

        As for my feelings on guns after watching Treyvon Martin’s killer get off and the countless others I have come tot the conclusion guns are no good. Maybe when they stop letting people like George Zimmerman get away with murder I’ll change my mind.

        And just so you know I’m stating my reasons not trying to start an argument.

        • YourMom

          I respect your opinion. I don’t agree with your reasoning, but we are all free to have an opinion. And I like the fact that you’re not argumentative. Finally, a commenter who knows how to respectfully debate!! ?

          • theStevieJBus

            LOL well thanks we have enough issues and really this isn’t the place for a political argument.

      • Petermeyer_07

        I agree with you. My husband and I teach our kids gun safety at a very young age. Why make them terrified of them or not know how to use one if needed. We don’t have them just laying around for kids to accidentally pick up.

        • YourMom

          Exactly! My dad taught my sister & I from a very early age. We have a respect for them. I looooove going shooting to this day!! Its a great stress reliever too 🙂

    • Wtf

      I don’t love the sight of Addie with a gun, but I disagree about it being safer with Leah. She let the twins use a toaster at what, age 5? Either one of them could have easily stuck something metal in there and shocked the mess out of themselves, or started a fire, because she was too zoned out to pay attention. You’re entitled to your own opinion about weapons in the house, but at least Jeremy is attempting to educate his child about what’s dangerous. Leah would rather take a nap and let the kids figure it out on their own.

      • theStevieJBus

        Is he really educating her by having her pose with a gun for social media? You make a good point about Leah not being a good choice though, I saw let CPS take them and put at all 3 kids in a foster home.

        • Wtf

          No…obviously only taking a picture with a gun isn’t what I’d consider gun education. I’m assuming by his comments that he was doing more than just taking a picture. If he wasn’t, then he’s also an idiot.

        • Bruja

          I’m pro-gun and I think teaching your child about them is great.

          Posing your toddler with one to get ready to boost ratings for the new season coming up (surely this was the reason, they’re all fame wh0res) is freaking stupid.

          It’s people doing this kind of dumb crap that make those who aren’t pro-gun look at those who are like they’re whacked.

          PS This idjit (Jeremy) should Google how many people have accidents with guns they were positive had no rounds/empty magazines in them. It happens to the best of ’em.

  • TA

    I personally wouldn’t keep guns in my home, especially with children in the home. Children can’t fully grasp how fragile life is, and that it can be gone in an instant if they aren’t careful.
    There’s something about this photo that just makes me uncomfortable- a small child holding a large deadly weapon with a huge smile on her face is upsetting to me.

    • theStevieJBus

      I agree, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

      • YourMom

        Just curious. Are you from the U.S.?

        • theStevieJBus

          Yup, I’m from Cleveland. Why?

          • YourMom

            I just find it odd you say you haven’t seen anything like that in your life. And you are anti-gun, to the extreme. Nothing wrong with that. You’re free to believe what you want. Guess cuz I live in the south, i’m not use to that. ‘Merica

            • theStevieJBus

              Yeah and I’m not sure but I’d guess that you are white, correct? I’m black and there is definitely a difference concerning guns along race lines, while there are black people that own guns, I think guns are looked at differently in our communities because they are only used to kill people where as you being white and from the south you are probably used to people using them to hunt and if I knew people were just going to use them to hunt deer and what not I’d have no problem with people having them but with all the lives lost due to gun violence I think they should take them away from everyone since its too hard to judge who should have them and who shouldn’t.

              • YourMom

                You would be correct. I am a white girl. I understand what you’re saying & where you’re coming from. I can respect that. However, they couldn’t possibly get rid of all guns. Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on them, no matter what. Then what? How would the law-abiding citizens be able to protect ourselves? I try to keep an open mind & see both sides. Again, thank you for an enjoyable debate. We will agree to disagree 😉

                • Bruja

                  I own guns. I carry one almost everywhere I go (as allowed by law and my CC licensing) because you better believe the criminals have them too.

              • Mark 1911 M82A1 416

                Kill people 53% of all murders are commented by blacks. Over 2 million guns are used to save lives that’s FBI stats so if you stay out of gang related areas you have less than a .03% chance of being shot better luck getting hit by lightening. Foto FBI stats and see who kills who. Every race kills there own majority and that’s sad. But don’t say taking guns away will help. It will be worse over 340 million guns est. in the US and Chicago has. Ban and that doesn’t work too well

  • Nicole

    Unless you’ve grown up around guns you won’t understand. More people die in car accidents and you still put your kids in them. You teach them about gun safety at a young age.

  • Amanda_56

    I think it’s important to learn gun safety at a young age. We love guns, and we want our kids to understand them and respect them. My children who have touched guns know the importance of gun safety. If they go to a friends house and a gun isn’t locked up.. They are going to be familiar with guns and not curious and play with one, and know they aren’t to touch it without adults. Our guns are all in safes and we are super cautious, not everyone is though .

  • Aussie cathie

    Umbrage? Mate you are a flipping dickwad!!

  • Kat

    Studies have shown that kids who know about guns, how dangerous they are and to not touch them are less likely to play with them. Kids raised in homes without guns and not taught gun safety are often curious and play with them when they find them . Even if you yourself don’t want to own a gun why should others be forced not to own them ? To each there own. You don’t like guns, great! Others do , they can enjoy them and own them. if you’re scared children will hurt themselves educated them!

  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    I grew up in the boonies of NC and seeing pics like thse are common. So I have no problem seeing children around guns as long as there is adult supervision and the guns put up and locked in a safe.

  • ringleader

    I have a picture of our 1 year old holding her daddy’s m16 (while smiling) and several pictures of her touching it while he showed her different parts. They’re some of my favorite pictures. The day my husband/her daddy deployed for 9 months, and spent his last time with her teaching her something. Relax, not your circus, not your monkey.

    • Bruja

      For your private use, that’s great, but SM posting it is inviting comment. This guy is looking for attention.

      • Ringleader

        I have it posted on social media. Guns are part of our daily life, Jeremy’s an avid hunter so a large part of his too. No one should hide something to make someone else feel more comfortable. If you don’t like it, move on. If you wouldn’t let your kid hold a gun, then don’t. But it’s not his or my job to make you or anyone else feel comfortable. There are no “safe spaces” in the real world. You’re going to see things that bother you and offend you in life. I have pictures of myself and my daughter with several military weapons my husband uses. Not everything in life is attention seeking or to entice a drama filled riot.

        • Bruja

          Whatever floats your boat, but posing a toddler with a gun is nothing but “hey, look at this! how cute!” shock factor kind of thing, IMO. It’s not like you’re teaching them to use it at that age. She couldn’t hold it up, let alone pull the trigger in a half assed, let alone, purposeful aim at something.

          Red Ryder BB gun, maybe?

          My son (he is 25) does have a gun as well (we all do in my house) and was taught how to use them as a teen as his dad is a cop (my ex) and my husband is prior military. When he could hold it and use it responsibly. Before that, he was taught to keep his hands off, what they did and the responsibility that comes with finding one (find an adult and notify them immediately..hands off, etc). Anything more at an age where the recoil will knock ’em on their ass is just posturing. My opinion, at any rate.

  • Chewy

    Not anti gun here but it’s a stupid idea to even let a kid play with a gun at that age. Damn gun should be locked up. He’s also an idiot to make it political.

  • twelfthnight

    I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not loaded, her dad is clearly RIGHT there (the only time she should be near guns).

    I don’t understand the harm here. I grew up farm-adjacent (I didn’t live on one, but my grandfather did) and we learned what was dangerous and not to be touched well before Addie’s age. We learned what you do not do unless you have Dad with you.

    Yeah it is a gigantic deadly weapon but without bullets in it, it’s more or less harmless unless you decide to use it like a club.

    Mishandled firearms are a huge problem with kids and adults. But it looks like he’s taking the time to teach her gun safety. To learn gun safety you have to feel confident holding them, I would assume, the same way a person has to learn to drive a car, a quarter-ton death-mobile.

  • Yup, I said it

    Social media has become a platform and tool for the ignorant who are contagious. Why oh why would someone even want the world to see a picture like this? He could have made it private for his family and friends and probably saved himself a headache.

  • barbinop

    Now that’s a real adult reply Jeremy. Teach your daughter to play with guns then use curse words!! If you knew how people would judge you then why did you post it???? Good attention or bad attention, you’re getting what you want. Idiot