PHOTOS Teen Mom Halloween costume roundup 2016


Many of the moms and dads from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 took to social media to share pics of their little ones all dressed up for Halloween.

Here’s a spooktacular gathering of some of the best to enjoy as we pick through the kid’s candy bags to do a little of our own aftermarket trick or treating!

Maci Bookout – Bentley, Jayde and Maverick

Jenelle Evans – Jace and Kaiser

Yikes! 🙈 #HalloweenMakeup , great job @easondavid88 !

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"Chase is on the case!" 🙌🏻🐶 #PawPatrol

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Leah Messer – Aliannah, Aleeah and Adalynn

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra – Novalee

Happy Halloween 👻🍭🕷🍬🎃 from the Baltierra family ❤️

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Chelsea Houska – Aubree

Ohhhhh deer

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Amber Portwood – Leah


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We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween 2016.


  • pink Glitter

    They all look adorable!

  • BabyDoll0984~

    Who was holding Novas hand? Did catelynn lose weight?

    • Ali.P

      From my understanding Catelynn was filming. I believe the person holding Nova’s hand was Catelynn’s mom

      • BabyDoll0984~

        Ahh! Thank you guys! Duh! Of course it was April! I have a colicky newborn and my mind hasn’t been firing on all cylinders. ??

    • barbinop

      I was wondering the same thing. It’s probably April

  • Ashley

    Of course Jenelle can’t even post a photo of her son without mentioning her current “soul mate.”

    • Elle

      Jenelle should have NEVER been allowed to procreate! She can’t even take care of her dogs without being abusive! She had guy after guy after guy. She’s like a doorknob, everyone has had a turn.
      As far as her soulmate..she has said that about all are ex losers. Then as soon as they leave she cries abuse and talks about how horrible they are. They get back together, she takes it all back. And the hamster wheel begins again.
      One of the saddest scenes was when she was pregnant with Kai and Jace was there for visitation. Her and Nathan got into an argument.
      She starts boo hooing and Jace asks what’s wrong. She starts sobbing and says,”Jace, he is just so mean to me! Why is he so mean to me?” Camera panned to Jace. Tears are in his eyes and he starts to sing a song to make her feel better. She didn’t even notice.

    • Aussie cathie

      Her vagina janitor…

  • Bruja

    Leah’s kids look like they just rolled out of bed and someone tossed a costume at them then left them to fend for themselves, with no hairbrush…

    • Elle

      That’s how they always look! Why would Leah break out a brush for special occasions? I’m sure she will Instagram and Twitter about what a great mom she is

    • Aussie cathie

      Lol, I was going to say that’s their everyday look!! Poor little buggers?

    • Guest

      Nova always looks scruffy as well. Poor kid.

    • NJJuls

      My 1st thought was “Does Leah not own a hair brush”? I just don’t get it! When my girls were that young, I brushed their hair many times a day! They used to hate to see me coming with the brush in my hand. LOL! Messy unkempt hair on little girls drives me nuts.

  • Alisson Leech

    Bentley sure has grown up to look like Maci!

  • Mimi

    So Maci and baby daddy #2 and their kids all go dressed like a cohesive unit and Bentley just oddballed the whole night.

    • Ashley

      He’s 8, so he may not have wanted to dress the same as the “family theme.” I doubt that Maci and Taylor forced him to wear a different themed costume.

    • Guest

      Bentley coordinated his costume with his grandmother.

  • Guest

    Maci seriously makes the cutest kids!