Blac Chyna bans Rob Kardashian from the delivery room as relationship rumors continue to swirl

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Are Blac and Rob still together? The question is increasingly common, of late, thanks to a bevy of breakup rumors and allegations detailing the apparent frail state of their relationship. Now, with Blac set to give birth in a matter of weeks, it seems she might have “devastated” Rob by withholding from him the one thing he was possibly looking forward to more than anything else: namely, to be by his fiancée’s side when she gives birth to their daughter. Blac revealed her due date–November 18th–in a surprise Instagram post this week, but the news came amid several reports stating that she and Rob have been living in separate houses for weeks, and have no immediate plans to move in together. Furthermore, a flurry of furious allegations from Blac’s mom Tokyo Toni state flatly that the pair actually broke up months ago, and are only together for the benefit of E!’s cameras. Toni claimed that Blac and Rob are contractually obligated to film a wedding special for Rob & Chyna, whether or not the show gets picked up for a second season. (It’s probably worth pointing out that while Blac has a due date, there doesn’t appear to be a Blac and Rob wedding date as yet.)

But a new report from OK Magazine alleges that Blac is fed up enough with Rob to decree that he is to be banned from the delivery room when she does give birth. Apparently, he had planned to be by her side all along; now, Blac would rather not have him there. “Chyna’s kicked Rob out of the house they share more times than he can probably count on two hands,” their article claims, and their source appears to confirm the drama: “They’re always on edge when they’re around each other. Chyna is tired of the constant fighting and doesn’t want the added stress when she’s in labor.” Rob is said to be further bummed because during Chyna’s pregnancy he’s put back on more weight–approximately 50 pounds, if the rumors are true–than he lost while the two were in the earliest stages of their courtship.

“Rob’s already feeling down,” their insider added. “If Chy sticks with her ban, he’ll be devastated.”

As Blac herself reminded fans recently, she is down to less than one month until delivery:

She's turnt tonight ? 29 day left ?

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  • Ali.P

    “She’s turnt tonight”
    Keep it classy. That totally sound like something a respectable, mature, middle aged woman would say.

    If this is true, it’s unfortunate that she is being so selfish. It is his child just as much as hers. Guess he should have been more careful with the trash he knocked up.

    • Victoria

      Omg you guys really believe anything they put on these blogs, Rob and Chyna are still together their at Disneyland. Please stop being guliable

  • ✊EL~NINO?

    It’s not his baby, that’s why she banned him. The baby’s real father will be present on the day of the delivery.

    • Lisa Ray Black

      I said it might not be his baby either she is so ugggggggh………..

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I’ve said from the start it’s not his baby. I don’t even really keep up with this train wreck its just so obvious they do anything to stay in the media. Why not cook up some drama with a baby and fake relationship.

  • pink Glitter

    China used him to get amp up her fame simple as, a baby Is just guaranteed gravy train.

    • LoLo

      Exactly. She wanted to be on the Kardashian train & got it. Unless he physically harmed or threatened her, he should be allowed in the room. They could agree that he could be in the room but they don’t have to talk. Denying him the birth of his child is a severe punishment. Then when the child gets older she will hear how her dad wasn’t there when she was born. I say let him in. I bet she wants a child support check. If she can take his check, he should be able to be there for this moment & see his child come into the world.

    • Alisson Leech

      I am a Chyna fan. Its obvious on the show she’s not into him. Why does she always have to announce when her and Rob are getting it on???

  • discoatnine

    So sick and tired of these two. They are more annoying than all the Kardashians combined.

  • Nancy McDonough

    Rob K. Is way too good for Blac Chyna. Shes too bossy. She grabbed him at his weak point. He deserves a classy woman. Thats not out for what she can get.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      The name Kardashian and classy don’t even belong in the same book.

  • Nona Colwell Brewer

    Maybe she wants a first look….after all the talk that it isn’t his baby. I think it would devastate him, but could be a blessing in disguise

  • Pattipandi

    She’s probably pregnant with Tygas baby again.

  • Ghettonia

    Shes disgusting, i hope she dies giving birth. Its best for all envolved. Rob can be in his daughters life & chyna cant make her a ratchet minime