GOLD RUSH SPOILER Todd Hoffman leaves Oregon mine for Colorado?

Todd Hoffman Colorado gold mine

On the current season of Discovery’s popular Gold Rush reality series, Todd Hoffman and his crew of miners have left the Canadian Klondike behind and returned to their home country and home state of Oregon to mine for gold at the High Bar Mine. As viewers saw in the two-hour premiere, prospects are not looking good for the Hoffman Crew as their first couple of clean outs were worse than disappointing.

Even after lots of prayers and helmet knocking, the future of the Hoffman’s Oregon mining experiment looks to be in jeopardy of turning into another fiasco similar to their infamous expedition to Guyana. However, according to information uncovered by some diligent Gold Rush researchers, it appears as though the fate of the Hoffman Crew is not completely tied to the state of Oregon! As first posted on the Gold Rush Alaska Gossip Facebook page, online records indicate Todd Hoffman and 316 Mining, LLC finished out the 2016 mining season looking for gold in Colorado!

After doing some further research, I can confirm that 316 Mining, LLC is listed as the operator of the “Freedom Plant” gold mine in Park County, Colorado. Todd Hoffman and his crew officially began operating the mine on August 23, 2016 — which would be WAAAAY late in the 2016 mining season.

As far as the exact location of the Hoffman’s Colorado gold mine, that is still unknown. Although there was a commenter on the GRAG Facebook page who indicated that the Hoffmans were in Fairplay, Colorado. Googling “Fairplay Colorado gold mine” turns up this amusing story, which may be a bit of foreshadowing of what might happen when Todd and his crew arrive in town.

Records indicate that there were 3,344 hours worked at the “Freedom Plant” mine this year. Records also indicate that there were zero hours worked at the mine from 2005-2016.

Also of interest is that the mine is listed as “Temporarily Idled” and has seven outstanding citations that have not been assessed yet. I’m no mining expert (kinda like Todd Hoffman), but that doesn’t sound good at all.

Click to enlarge:
Todd Hoffman Colorado gold mine citations

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reports online that indicated just how much gold was retrieved at the “Freedom Plant” gold mine, so if the Hoffmans do pack up and move to Colorado this season, their fate is still unknown — although I’m fairly certain that if Vegas let you gamble on the Hoffman’s fate I know how most folks would place their bets.

On a strange side note, of the two mines that are registered to 316 Mining in Oregon (Portable Low and Portable High), the reports indicate there was a total of 19 “operator hours worked.” That seems barely enough to cover what we’ve seen so far this season! I have no earthly idea what to make of that.

To find out whether or not Todd Hoffman and his crew do leave Oregon behind for the golder pastures of Colorado, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Gold Rush airing Friday nights at 9/8c on Discovery!

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  • Josie

    Noooooo. We don’t want these imbeciles tearing up our beautiful Colorado landscape! Fairplay is a tiny little town.

    • bob

      Fairplay is tiny town it has the only stop light on highway 85 for miles, they could use a little more in the way of stores though.

      • Josie

        Hwy 285 actually.

    • Bruce Kidd

      The Zhoffmans are idiots now he’s in Colorado and still had his head in his ass but let’s clink those hats and the magic fairy is going to bring the gold ROFLMFAO

  • Aussie cathie

    Todd the pig !! Another hiding behind religion but is an arsewipe to others!!

  • FrankRizzo

    I saw Todd do a “Live” segment on Facebook where he was answering questions. He was sitting in a car, and I managed to catch a glimpse outside the car once to see LOTS of snow on the ground behind him. Him being in Colorado would make sense!

    • Frank Thebunny

      Colorado isnt where there is those huge red rocks ?

    • John Martinez

      Its not snow he can snort, he will fail again

  • bob

    lol oh i know exactly where the mine is and even where they hung their hats at the end of the day met them. I will not spill the beans though, but they are great guys and they do like to bbq:)

  • Vonya

    I grew up in that area and spent every minute I could hiking around there with my grandpa. Would definitely hate to see how much destruction Todd Hoffman would do to that very special, beautiful area. He is such a nit-wit and I don’t understand why his crew has stuck with him as long as they have. Remember when he dragged all of them to Africa on his “sure-fire, cannot miss, get-rich-NOW” scheme that took them on a venture into diamond mining? If not, the short story is, they didn’t find many diamonds….and even less gold. It was a disaster…..just like Todd and his other grand schemes. He just reads as a con-artist to me. He’ll trash the land in Fairplay then, when it doesn’t pay off within the first month, he’ll leave it a lasting disaster area.

  • Clerd Burfel

    This guy is so fake, I wish he would leave the Gold Rush show. On one hand he is SOOO religious and wonderful and on the other he is a hateful ass whose only goal is to beat Parker into the ground.His failures are is true reward and in the end can be his Family Crest.

    • Ted

      For anybody who buys into Toad’s “religious” bullshitt, heaven help you.
      His stupidity and hypocrisy are only outweighed by his obesity.

  • Sam Sag

    Honestly i don’t know how this entrepreneur can be successful playing odds without ever educating himself of the situation, goes to Guyana, and 3 yrs later does exactly same thing. Business on a whim. I can’t beleive his crew just follow his lame brain ideas. I have no pitty for him but feel sorry for the crew, in one way if he dont make any money will he cover their wages? or sucker them in again. Now if there is a next year, for Todd, if you were part of the crew would you follow him ?

    • Ted

      I don’t have pity for his crew because nobody held a gun to their head when he made one bad decision after another.
      They left GOOD GOLD in Canada for fool’s gold in Oregon.

      Stupid is as Stupid does.

  • Capt Hook

    Gold Rush with Todd Hoffman is not a reality show it is a proped up fake show. Now I love Tony Beets and his crew. It takes hard work, time and money plus brains to restore dredges and actually use them but after watching Tony I believe him and his family can and do get it done along with all the support workers he has. Parker looks like he’s taken to letting Rick do the work and he just rides around. Maybe he has enough money and doesn’t have to show his grandfather what a great miner he is anymore. I believe he started out right but is a fraud like Todd Hoffman now. I don’t Parker or Todd care about the people they employe anymore. I learned a long time ago once people get money they forget about the people that made it for them. Stick with Tony at least he is interesting to watch.

    • John Martinez

      Tony Beets is a pig and a a__ hole, not a fan of pig heads

      • Robert Rogers

        But you have to admit he knows where to find gold with out Bull-shit religion !

        • John Martinez

          What does religion have to do with being a nasty trash mouth pig. Tony Beets gets bleeped everytime he opens his pig trap mouth. Pig is a Pig

          • Robert Rogers

            I would much rather have a successful business man with a foul mouth !
            Todd is like a cancer , it feeds off the people who have it but contributes nothing !

    • Eric Scheel

      The Beets clan is F@ckin’ honest, just ask Tony!

  • Doug Horn

    I don’t get Todd. He lost everything with his little jungle expedition. Came back to the Klondike and made more money than ever. Then goes to Oregon and losses it again. Ok I’m no expert in mining, or in business for that matter, but if it’s working well why change it? Most people mine in the north for a reason. It’s not because they love freezing cold weather, or short seasons. It’s where the gold is for gods sake!

    • John Martinez

      Its his cocaine trip, he’s can’t stay in one place, go back look at season end 1 ,he was tripping and bouncing all over, obvious

    • Robert Rogers

      The Hoffman crew lacks experience, the one person who really should know better Fred Dodge really knows nothing (in my estimation) the rest of the people just never learned from the past .anyone who knows gold mining understands that gold is found in certain areas ! The Hoffman crew left more gold in the ground than they found ! And Fred knew this ! To dig down to bedrock with toothed buckets is just dumb . They stopped where the gold was hiding in the crevices of the bedrock ! This is where you need to flood and dredge ! not run somewhere else like someone once said you can’t fix Stupid!,!

  • onetrickstallion

    Not sure if its just the way its editted but at times it appears many of the Hoffman storylines are scripted. Anyhow, many of these guys banked their livelyhood on Todd and his old man and their mumbo jumbo religion and touching hard hats. They had success a few times but without Dave around they would be screwed. Tony and Parker have gold running in their veins. With Todd its guessing and shaking a Magic 8 ball.

    • Ted

      Maybe Toad’s real religion was a “Magic 8 ball” that went up his nose.

  • mike.

    The Biggest Nugget Todd Hoffman will ever find will be in back of Jack’s Diaper!

    • Ted

      LMAO! THAT is a good one.
      Ol’ Jack the Moron.
      NasalTalk “MILLIONS of dollars in gold if we keep digging to China”

  • John Martinez

    Cut that nasty thing stuck on your chin, its gross, then stop the cocaine trip your on, maybe u can someday be like Parker and find Gold…till then…your a pig…oink oink

  • Eric Scheel

    They claim religion and yet Todd takes great pains to insult, belittle and poke fun at Parker, very christian like!

  • Forrest Visoon

    Their only prayers are not for the safety of their men, but for gold. “Please heavenly father give us gold and riches” If they come to CO it should be boycotted. COLORADO is a good place, full of good people.

  • Robert

    Todd and the crooked old man need to get beaten to a pulp for robbing their workers. And as for the workers…they must be a bunch of stupid ass people to not see what’s going on. I’d like to take the old man’s hands and crush them so he can never hold anything ever again. 2 crooks

  • search9286

    Does the Discovery Channel give these guys any kind of money for their participation in the show? If not, why do they bother letting them film them? Is it just ego? And, where did Todd get the money for his second season? He barely survived his first. And whatever happened to Fred Durst and his son?

    • Ashley Chubirka

      He owns an airport, discussed in s1e1.

  • 2nd Amend-Fan

    Todd never ever give up. But you must learn from your mistakes. Once you get your operation up and going again find a way to invest in or build that test hole rig. Do your test holes. Never dig random hoping for gold. Wasting time and precious resources including money. I’m praying for you and yours.

    • Ashley Chubirka

      This is a huge complaint of mine with Todd. No test holes, just promises. I get being a bit of a goof off, but there’s a time to do your homework. When your talking this kind of money, homework is key.

  • Charles Catchings

    In spite of what everyone says here there is actually gold on this Fairplay site. I know first hand because I worked with a group looking to buy this site and do our own mining but was aced out by the Hoffman’s or should say sold out by the previous owner.

    There are 4 other active mine sites between Fairplay and Alma, Co. in a 6 mile distance so there is gold there. Just not sure they are going about it the right way as they only look for free flowing gold as in nuggets when there’s 10 Xs the gold in the black sands which none of the mines process that I’m aware of.

    We actually did multiple test off this site and had the material tested by reputable labs to verify. But the way these guys do it you have to move many tons of dirt and I mean many tons per day.

    Currently this site is under a stop work order by the Co. mine regulators for operating outside the permitted area, not to smart in my opinion. If they get 5 to 7 grams of gold per ton of material they will be lucky, about average for all the mines in this area.

    Hey Todd I got another site for ya that gets up to 2 to 3 ounces per ton and can run year round not 6 to 7 months like Fairplay. I’m not even a miner and I know how and where to find good mine sites. Oh I didn’t mention the platinum or rhodium off the site mentioned above. Our geologist panned one of the year round streams for gold and got platinum nuggets as a bonus!!!

    I sure would like to know who funds the Hoffman’s cause it sure looks like he ain’t makin it doing what he’s doin???

  • John Martinez

    Shut up TODD, your tooting coke again, fat ass looser

  • DangerRuss

    That mutiny was staged…

  • Forrest Visoon

    He is basically an actor. No one could fail at their job as miserably as he has and keep it anyother way.

  • Aguy34

    Look, it’s a TV show. It’s not reality, none of these shows are. Tony has been in the Klondike for a long time, Parker grew up there and has come into his own, Todd and his crew are actors. That’s why they are still around. The first season the channel paid for their fuel or they would have gone belly up the first half of the season. They are paid by the network to cause drama and shenanigans. Look at parts of the show… Equipment breaks down and they dramatize it up like it was never expected to happen. And then they get some yelling and people blaming eachother and people watch to see what will happen next. It’s all made for tv. If they filmed a real mine it would be boring and no one would watch. Take it for what it is folks. As far as does Todd have a coke problem, I don’t think a guy would be that big if he was on coke. Anyways, my two cents