VIDEO Did Kim Kardashian fake the Paris robbery? Alleged new footage, accusations throw fuel on speculative fire

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The Paris robbery that saw reality TV star Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint took place over a week ago, and speculation about whether or not it might potentially have been faked continues to grow. The initial speculation was sparked by a since-deleted Huffington Post article that claimed Kim arranged the robbery for the benefit of Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ cameras, before breaking down and confessing her deception. (You can read the HuffPo article in our report here.) Because falsely reporting a crime is itself a crime, the logic went, E! found itself forced to halt production on one of its most popular shows just as filming for the thirteenth season had begun. The network has indeed confirmed that KUWTK production is on indefinite hiatus, but stated that it chose to stop the works out of an abundance of caution for Kim and her family’s safety.

Now, a new report, with brand-new gossip to spread about the possibility, alleges possibly incriminating footage of Kim in her Paris hotel room with the men said to be responsible for the robbery. The footage first surfaced in conjunction with MediaTakeOut’s article from earlier this week, which straight-up accused Kim of staging the robbery. After her lawyers filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against the site, their article disappeared–but the video below popped up, and, per Californian attorney Adam Michael Sacks, it could, maybe, potentially, be “significant,” possibly.

Of the video, Sacks said, “You can see there are no marks on Kim’s face or wrists. If she was gagged and bound, she would have bruising. She also appears very calm. The door is undamaged, and the apartment seems to be in order.” And the report, independent of Sacks’ analysis, asked two rhetorical questions: “Why does Kim seem so calm just moments after she was allegedly tied up and tossed into a bathtub? And why does the luxury home appear undisturbed?”

According to Kim’s reps, the answer is simple: the video was filmed “up to five hours after she was held at gunpoint.”

Here’s the hot potato video in question, which could be footage of a midnight garden party, for all we know:

While Kim has yet to return to social media or make any public appearances since the robbery, Kardashian home network E! did just share an article on her current well-being. “Kim is doing better,” said their source, “but she still has a long way to recover from the robbery. She has been receiving some professional counseling. Her friends and family have been really supportive. Her sisters and mom have been checking on her every day….[She] is very paranoid still when she is alone. She has been having flashbacks and hasn’t been sleeping well.”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns with the back half of its twelfth season October 23rd on E!.

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  • Victoria


  • discoatnine

    Oh my god. Give it a rest already.

  • Evil Girl

    The concierge let them in to her apartment , they came specifically for jewellery not to steal furniture, or newspapers or pictures on the wall or the kitchen sink. Why is this difficult to comprehend, the huff post was written by some black girl on twitter who lifted the article from a satire website and stated it has facts, when she she was told the article was she plagiarised was false and from a satirical site, she deleted it from the huff posts. But Idiots,here wandering why door wasn’t broken down because entry code and pass were used and the apartment concierge used it, to let them in. They want her ring and jewellery, she cooperated, why would there need to be messed up room. Maybe rather than printing hear say gutter journalism, go to Paris and interview people the old fashion journalism way, Or stop printing defamatory crap about her. Enough!click bait already.

    • guest

      I thought she left Paris 3 hours after the robbery? How can she still be there 5 hours later?

    • guest

      Satire or not, the “black girl” probably printed the truth I thought all publicity was good? Why is she upset ? At least she has something to take her mind off of Taylor Swift.

    • Mrs C.

      “The black girl”? Did you wear your white hood when you wrote that? I’m sure she has a name, which you could’ve used instead of labeling her by her skin color.

    • kate

      i agree with you on everything except the importance of mentioning the writer’s race.

  • jester10

    From the beginning I felt she pulled a Morton Downy Jr. With fallen ratings, the show being canceled and disliked throughout the public all now brought her to acts of desperate measures for sympathy. She claimed being the victim of an armed robbery for the public spotlight, next time, and there will be a next time, she’ll claim rape.

  • Guest

    Never trust a person who’s fake from head to toe.

  • DZBabe

    Of course she faked it.

    • Ruthrrobbins1

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  • Jadaboss

    Kim is fake the robbery is fake. I wish the truth come out and Kim goes away. This Little boy says why you looking at her she’s nasty. Sorry North and Saint that’s your Mommy so sad

  • Broadcasted Bogus

    No matter what really happened, she is eating the sour fruits of her and her family’s labor.
    When it did happen… she cried wolfe too many times, the behavior is so out of control self centered and attention hungry. It’s her own fault nobody believes her now.
    When it didn’t, she owes the failure to herself and her momager for the same reasons.

    Maybe these people should start to do something positive for the world, like Caitlin has, in the first part of her reality anyway.
    They are just a waste of everyone’s time now. Bad role models, greedy, selfish, you name it.