LHHATL Karen King wanted by police for missed Maserati car payments

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karen King wanted poster

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Karen King made her national small screen debut on America’s Most Wanted back in 2012, and now the outlaw reality star is once again on the run after a judge signed off on her arrest warrant late last week.

Karen’s latest legal issues stem from unpaid car payments on a Maserati purchased in 2014 — which I am guessing is the whip she bought knowing she was going to be on LHHATL. Here are a couple of photos of Karen getting sexy with a Maserati (I assume it is the same one) for a King Management photo shoot:

Karen King Maserati photos

According to TMZ, it has been almost five month since Karen made her last payment on the car. And apparently the repo man doesn’t follow Karen on Instagram because he has been unsuccessful in locating KK or the car.

The arrest warrant comes during a worse-than-usual time for Karen as she is currently facing upwards of 30 years behind bars for fraud and identity theft after being arrested in May in connection with an alleged a shoplifting ring.

Meanwhile, the usually over-confident and virtually vocal Karen King has been uncharacteristically silent on social media for the last two weeks. If she continues to remain silent after TMZ wrote an article about her, then I think that pretty much confirms things are looking REALLY bad for KK.

Stay tuned!

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  • Che

    She shold be in prison all ready.

  • the underground train

    How are you going to be on TV with stolen property? Smdh.

  • Alisson Leech

    KK is lame.

  • pmo

    look at this old hay bag flashing her thunder thighs. yuk.

    • Sanchez

      First of all judge yea not all you perfect no fault people!!!!! Karen King looks good for her age most of yall half her age had one or no kids and have thunder thighs and cellulite and Haters just live n let live yall wish yall could sit in a Maserati let alone Drive one and shit rough for everybody unless ya got Trump Money so shut up !!!! Big ups to ya KK

      • pmo

        oooooookay, sit in a maserati she caNT Afford and they r trying to repo it.

  • Jay

    Stealing someone identity can ruin there life. She stopping lower than a groundhog. Life is hard enough with the reponsibility of bills. To steal someone’s credit is a terrible ,Terrible thing. No good will come from such behavior.