Caitlyn Jenner called ‘insensitive’ to Kim Kardashian after upbeat Instagram post

Caitlyn Jenner Kylie Jenner Batmobile

While Kim Kardashian was in peril in Paris, Caitlyn Jenner was busy spending time with Kylie Jenner at a So Cal car show. Now, the I Am Cait star is taking heavy criticism for posting a photo of the outing to Instagram the following day and talking about how much fun they had. It didn’t take long for Caitlyn to respond to the criticism by posting another picture and message about how glad she is that Kim is safe and sound.

It was Monday afternoon when Caitlyn shared the picture of herself and Kylie posing in front of the Batmobile. She wrote, “Had so much fun with Kylie at Sunday’s car show. Here we are with my friend Jeff Dunham’s original#Batmobile.”

Immediately, the comments on the Instagram post filled up with angry KUWTK fans, who felt that Caitlyn was being very insensitive to Kim, especially considering the harrowing ordeal she had just been through. Check out some of the angriest comments:

“I’m sorry but what the hell is with you and Kylie…you sound like you don’t care about Kim, I’m sure you didn’t mean it but it’s insensitive and Kim was tied up and had a gun to her head but Kylie can’t stay off social media for more than one day? And post half naked pics…that’s safe….esp since social media is what the robbers were looking at?”

“How is it that everyone else in your ‘family’ is respectful enough not to post trivial sh!t hours after Kim is bound and gagged at gunpoint but you post pictures of yourself with a car? Super classy.”

As Starcasm previously reported, and pretty much the whole world knows by now, Kim Kardashian was the victim of a horrific heist in the early hours of Monday morning when armed thieves tied and gagged the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star inside her Paris hotel. The masked men, dressed as police officers, were able to accost a security guard and grab his keys giving them access to Kim’s room. Once inside, they relieved the famous Kardashian of more than $10 million in jewels before taking off.

Kanye West was performing at The Meadows in NYC when the whole thing went down. He was alerted to the emergency mid-song and abruptly ended his set so he could go be with Kim in Paris.

Kim Kardashian returns to NYC after Paris robbery

Kim has since returned to New York City (photo with Kanye above) and is reportedly flanked by more security than the POTUS. Kim is said to be “shaken” but she wasn’t harmed in the scary robbery. She is currently at home in New York City with Kanye and several other members of her family.

In the wake of the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist, the rest of the Kardashian klan has been unusually silent on social media. Normally the reality TV family stays busy posting pictures of themselves and everything they do on Twitter and Instagram but the last two days has been crickets with the exception of Kendall Jenner, who has posted two pictures on Monday before cutting her time at Paris Fashion Week short to come be with Kim.

Does Caitlyn really deserve the backlash for breaking the silence with a happy picture of herself and Kylie? Tell us what you think of the social media faux pas and the rest of the Kardashian family’s silence following Kim K.’s scary weekend in Paris.

[Top photo: Instagram]

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  • Ali.P

    I can’t stand any of them, including Caitlyn, but Kim is fine and life didn’t stop because she was involved in a scary incident. If Kim was hurt I could see their actions as insensitive but she’s fine.

  • Thoughts

    What I don’t get is she stayed at a hotel that is famously lowkey and caters to celebrities, royalties etc to keep their privacy. The room she was staying in was more like a LARGE apartment. She travels with a huge posse and no one was staying in her room? Not even a bodyguard in a separate bedroom on the other side of the apartment?

    I worked at a La Quinta Hotel, probably considered low class to Kim K but still our policy is to watch every single person that goes through the hotel. Create guest portfolios even for walk in. When law enforcement had to come front desk checked their badges and they were escorted by a hotel security/door person. How come this 5+ star hotel didn’t have protocol for this? Especially for high profile celebrity…

    Either it’s a publicity stunt, an inside job of the hotel, or Kim’s gonna get a lot richer by suing them. Very scary situation and im glad she’s okay but something isn’t right. There will be video footage in a couple months just you wait.

    • Bri

      She was there with a group. The group including sister went to a club and took the security with them. Kim stayed behind with a few friends. Friends left hotel except 1 person who was staying in the apartment with her. They went to bed. Gunmen came in after group left. The friend heard everything, locked themselves in the room and then after it was done, went and untied Kim. This is why they think it was an inside job within the hotel. Whoever did it knew that her bodyguard was with her sister and that her friends left at a certain time.

      • Thoughts

        So Kim has one bodyguard but Kendall and kourtney don’t?

        • Bri

          The bodyguard on the trip is used by all of them at times. They all use multiple bodyguards depending on the day but this is the one who accompanied them on this trip and yes, he was the only one. They most likely felt it was more important to have him at the club then at the hotel.

          • Thoughts

            Feels like your pullin that fact out of no where

            • Bri

              Okay. So anyone who disagrees with you is just pulling facts out of nowhere, but yours just have to be correct. You sound like a 5 year old. This is common knowledge that this family uses the same body guards. Its also been said on the news multiple times over the last few days that he worked for Kim, Kanye, Kendall & Kris. But Im just pulling…

  • cookie

    Oh get over it. Is he supposed to sit at home with bated breath until Kimmy arrived? Puhlease.