PHOTOS Farrah Abraham is blonde now – like, REALLY blonde

Farrah Abraham blonde hair

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to changing her appearance in dramatic ways, often with plastic surgery, and occasionally with some very unfortunate side effects. The reality star’s latest new look wasn’t created in an operating room, however–but at the salon, where Farrah traded in her signature long dark hair for some seriously blonde tresses!

Although fans caught glimpses of Farrah’s new blonde look via snapchat, most of the initial images were dramatically distorted with the site’s filters. The first clear look came via Facebook, where Farrah posted this photo enjoying some frozen yogurt from her Froco restaurant just outside of Austin, Texas:

Farrah Abraham blonde Froco frozen yogurt

Farrah’s blonde hair made its official public debut Friday night when she attended the 30th birthday bash for PR rep Johnny Donovan in New York City. Before the event, Farrah got styled by Eve Chen of Melange NYC, and Eve shared a few pictures of the pretty preppin’ process on Instagram:

And here’s a video clip in which you can see blonde Farrah in motion. Plus, you will notice that MTV producers Larry and Heather are in the background, so I assume the MTV cameras were rolling this weekend!

Here’s the finished product in the form of Farrah at Johnny Donovan’s birthday bash! (You will notice that Simon is there with Farrah; I’m assuming the two are still together.)

The transition from brunette to blonde has actually been a bit gradual, as Farrah’s been seen with some lighter locks on screen — including this bonus video clip from MTV in which Farrah talks about her relationship with therapy over the years:

So what do you think of blonde Farrah? One person who I know must love it is Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen, since she reportedly named her daughter after Farrah Fawcett! (Mentioning the Farrah Fawcett connection reminds me of that time Farrah was cast on the Charlie’s Angels TV show. Whatever happened with that?!)

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  • Kari

    It’s a different look, that’s for sure.

  • Rayne

    Her hair was fried anyway, all my horses tails look/are healthier than her hair. Another Kim Kardashian move. I doubt it will make Simon like her any better, that’s probably what she’s hoping.

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      Simon needs to run for the hills. I don’t know how he puts up with her. Classic signs of abuse.

  • FR

    The hair is not too awful but her clothes are almost always the worst.

    Why is the dress heathered rust orange AND shiny? Why is the center part ruched like a tube top that has fallen down around her waist. She always wears the most unflattering outfits, which is quite an accomplishment considering that most things should look good on her. And it’s weird, she never wears casual-chic stuff like jeans, a blazer and heels.

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      With huge cans like the ones she has been sporting lately, you would think a tailor would have been involved with just about everything she wears. You can not find a size small top that would also fit 32GGG’s on the top. Clothes like that do not exist unless you shop at some hooker shop.

  • DZBabe

    Farrah looks so ugly.

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      That’s her evil, black shriveled up soul that’s coming out. It dulls what you see on the outside….makes everything appear ugly.

  • Kmarie

    When I see her I think of 3 things, a drag queen, a prostitute, and the movie Avatar. She is so gross, and take the knee length boots off its HOT outside you nasty sweaty feet skank.

    • barbinop

      Who wears boots with a summer type dress? Heels would go much better than black boots!!

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      I think of the movie Saw.

  • twelfthnight

    Those last two pictures make her look like she’s 60 but tried to tighten it all back up with ridiculous amounts of surgery. She looks like she could be her mother’s age!

    She looks more and more manly every time she gets surgery. I could see getting more done if it was helping her, but she honestly looked better before. She looks like a dude doing a bad drag version of KK.

    At least in about 5 years she’ll have a new business venture: a freak show, where she’s the star attraction.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Her hair was already fried and looked like straw. She needs to lose the extensions and baby that mess on her head for awhile.

  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

    Well her porn star looks is officially complete. She looks hideous as a blonde. Maybe she should have gone honey blonde and added highlights instead. This looks worse than when Chelsea went blonde that year.

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      Bahahaha…yeah you’re right. Farrah did manage to outdo Chelsea.

      • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

        Im gonna correct that. I went online to refresh my memory of Chelsea’s blonde and, her’s was actually worse than Farrah’s lol. It was BAD. Google it

  • Evangeline

    She looks different, however the blonde makes more sense. She has now matched her hair to the Barbie body and I think it fits. However, she has engaged in way too much surgery, which cannot be good or healthy on any level. Farrah looked beautiful before all of this, what message are you sending Sophia honey? Farrah, you have to love yourself because those surgeons are only loving your money xx

  • barbinop

    She can change her hair color, boobs, nose and whatever else but until she changes the evil that lerks in her heart and soul, she’ll always be a hateful bit##

  • ren24

    It would look okay if it wasn’t for her face.
    I’m sorry but her cheeks and lips are just the most awful example of bad cosmetic surgery, they’re the first thing I focus on when I see her face.

    • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

      Those lips and veneers turn the corner before she does

      • ren24


        I just find her face so friggin’ puffy now. She looks swollen.

        • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

          It’s very puffy now. Probably from some recent work that was done. She’s such an embarrassment as a daughter, mom, sister, human being.

  • Scarlett

    GEEZ – the dark eyebrows really scream “dye job,” don’t you think?

    • Kmarie

      I was going to say, big a.. black eyebrows with that fake blonde is so trashy. Fake hair, fake lips, fake eyelashes, fake boobs, fake axx, no wonder she loves herself so much she has pretty much bought all her looks. Kim do like getting a car built to your specs, of course you are gna love it.

      • Kmarie

        *kinda..not Kim do..haha

  • Alisson Leech

    No, Farrah, just no!!

  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

    All that work done and her nose still looks like a d1ck hanging from the middle of her face

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      My question too is why doesn’t she do something about that nasty mole on her neck. It’s the size of a quarter. I would be concerned about a mole that big……plus it’s kind of gross.

      • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

        Her mole doesn’t bother me as much as her overall appearance and attitude. She was actually really pretty before 2012 when she decided to mess with her face. It went downhill from there. People don’t realize or must not care that once you mess with your face, the natural symmetry and structure, there is no going back in 10 years when you want your old look again. Her nose was huge so maybe she should have fixed that if she chose to but the rest was unnecessary. She even had a cute little body, she was skinny as all hell but she had a little hip action to her shape, which was kinda cute.

    • Deer Cam

      MTE! All that surgery and it’s still massive

  • stillJUICYbaby!

    she looks like she is trying to be one of those “trophy” wife type females.

    you want to like her, but her attitude and nasty demenor is a turn off.

  • pink Glitter

    She is trying so hard to be Kim wow

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Still dragging Simon around I see. He must love the cameras because Farrah has no other redeeming qualities. I wonder if he was mentally abused by a parent when he was growing up, no other excuses as to why he would put up with Farrah and her terrible attitude.

    Oh and the hair…meh. Looks like she’s trying to be Kim K. Still ugly looking inside and out.

  • Guest

    It makes her look like a 40-year-old washed up porn star.

  • Guest

    She looks so much prettier with less makeup and her natural hair color.

  • Aussie cathie

    Now she really looks like a tranny

  • msdill

    She looks like a middle age woman who hangs out at casinos and smoked too many menthol cigarettes.

  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

    No matter what, she will always look like Paul Stanley.

  • NJJuls

    If she was going for the 50 year old aging badly p*rn pig look, she aced it!

  • Anna

    She looks like a poor man’s Kim K

  • dan trainor

    Damn she looks weird…………

  • HLB

    WOW – she just looks phenomenal….. PSYCH! she’s still gross.

  • Eleanor McIntyre

    She is the most horrible person i have ever had the misfortune of seeing on tv. She is rude, talks over everyone, spoils Sophia rotten and thinks she is gorgeous, whereas in reality, she is really ugly on the inside and out. Simon is either in it for the money or like her, doesn’t have a brain

  • AshleyBlack

    I don’t hate it. She’s still ugly though, inside and out.

  • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

    First thought: OMG, she looks like a cheap porn actress!
    Second thought: aaah, right 😉
    Once again, Froco totally empty by the way.

  • Kate

    She looks like a poor mans Giuliana Rancic now. Haha.

  • Drbzy

    The problem was never her hair. She actually has really great hair. The problem is her horse face. She’s fuQQed it up beyond belief. Her features are now too pronounced so they make here tire head look unnatural on her tiny body. And I want to take a safety pin to those horrid boobs.

  • Demona

    It looks pretty bad but with her kind of money she should lighten her brows, that would make it look better maybe. Or gone highlights instead