Little Women cast support Terra Jole on DWTS


The Little Women franchise is full of all the drama and infighting, but some of the cast from the shows have put down their swords and come out in support of co-star Terra Jole’s trailblazing appearance as the first little person on Dancing with the Stars.

Jole bewitched the judges during last night’s TV themed episode as she went full genie in a quickstep with partner Sasha Farber.

Len Goodman: Well you know they say diamonds come in small packages and you sparkled tonight.

Julianne Hough: For me that was my favorite dance of the night.

Bruno Tonioli: That was the most complete and rounded quickstep we’ve seen. Great timing, great connection, I’m astounded.

Here’s some of the tweets and retweets from other Little Women stars:

Lila Call from Little Women: NY spoke with Radar and complimented Terra’s performance while taking a pot shot at her weight. “I’m totally stoked for her in all honesty, and just being humble, like what a pioneer. I keep saying that, she really is, forget about being little, she just had a baby! Terra is probably a little taller than me, I know she’s fatter than me, but she’s taller than me… She’s huge! Did you ever see that big fat cupcake a**?”

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  • YourMom

    Im so sick of the pity votes! She really is not that good!! Her scores were way too high!

    • Naomi Parr

      I agree !00%. The high scores they heaped on her and her partner were absurd and completely unfair to the other competitors. I am so sick of seeing that hateful little woman on Little Women LA and Little Women Atlanta. Everyone I know no longer watches the show because of her loud and obnoxious behavior. I guess we will be adding Dancing with the Stars to our do not watch list. What a bunch of jerks.

  • Saved16

    Pity votes? How rude..

  • Sharon Kelley

    R u jealous? Sounds like it.aught tb be proud how she,s showing lil people r not handicapped .

  • Tucker

    She did great! Such a BIG personality too! Good for her!

  • Taylor

    YourMom it’s pretty much a consensus that Terra’s dance was accurate and well executed. Perhaps you’re not very knowledgeable about dancing or maybe just bitter for some reason? Either way, most people would disagree with your assessment.

    • Naomi Parr

      Most people are afraid of telling the truth about a little person. They say they want to be equal, but it is not true. Enjoy the poor judgement and cheating of the other dancers. Terra Jole is a hateful, mean-spirited woman with an ego that you can’t get far enough away from to not stumble over it.