Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind wanted for failure to pay child support


Teen Mom 2 star and notorious South Dakota daddy Adam Lind is wanted by authorities for failure to pay child support.

Records via the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office reveal that two warrants were issued for Lind on September 14th for non support of minor child. The first listed warrant entry via online records is a result of owing $5,489. The second listed warrant entry is a result of owing $3,805. That comes up to a total of over $9,000 that Lind owes in support.

On a side note, here’s a pic of Lind’s Corvette that he took cross country in July!


According to Radar Online, the $3,805 is owed to Chelsea Houska for their daughter Aubree and the $5,489 is owed to Taylor Halbur for their daughter Paislee. “He isn’t paying because he’s an idiot and thinks the amount isn’t fair,” their sources stated.

Lind is currently required to pay Houska $945/month and Halbur $1,203/month.

Dr. Randy Houska didn’t let this latest Lind development go without comment. When someone tweeted at the Teen Mom 2 papa about the news he poked fun at Lind’s history of blaming how he’s perceived on the way MTV edits the show:


Some folks sounded off on Adam’s most recent body-building Instagram share about the news and he had the following to say:



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  • Truth

    Making six figures a season but refuses to pay a small percent of that to his children. Dead beat Dad of the year.

  • Lacy

    So he hasn’t paid for over 4 months. If he thought it was unfair amount he should’ve actually shown up to the meeting when they were deciding how much child support he would pay.

    • A

      Child support isn’t “decided” it’s determined by the income of the parent and necessities of the child.

      • Lacy

        The courts decided child support at a hearing, that Adam didn’t feel the need to attend and voice any concerns. If there was some reason he felt he should pay less he could’ve gone and said as much. Obviously there is no reason or he would’ve said it already. He’s just throwing a tantrum and refusing to pay anything for his kids since it will cut into his car spending money.

        • Single Parent

          Courts can’t make a man pay close to $2000/month in child support if he doesn’t make amount. Hence why the income of the noncustodial parent is used to determine child support. Scroll down and read some of the other commenters stories.

          • Lacy

            I understand child support is based off income of parents, and I never said that the amount was not appropriate for him so not sure where you’re coming from at all.

            I’m saying he has some reason he tells himself to justify what he is doing. (I’m sure it’s a dumb reason and they wouldn’t change the amount, but they do consider some situations like if he had 10 kids the amounts would be lower.) There was a hearing he had a chance to voice it, then a chance to object once they determined the amount, but he chose not to do any of that. Instead he just stopped paying all together, leaving his kids up the creek. He had lots of opportunities and chose to stick his head in the sand, then when it came time to pay he threw a fit and said he wasn’t paying. Ridiculous.

    • LoLo

      He can’t show up, he has to lift weights. That’s very demanding.

  • Charla

    The amount he’s paying each kid isn’t even that much. Child care in my area is about 1k a kid.

    • conrad ford

      I never understood the formula for child support. It seems awful high. No way custodial parents spend 1k on a child a month.

      • Charla

        Like I mentioned, my child’s child care bill is nearly 1k a month. That does not include any other bill for my child (i.e. medical, food, housing, etc.). Parenting is 50/50 and the child support formula is adjusted based on the parent that makes more (i.e. the support changes to 60/40, etc.).

      • Emmy

        It’s not about the costs you and me would make to raise a child. It’s about income.
        The child would benefit from the other parent’s high income with a certain lifestyle, chances and (college) funds.
        The days that one parent could ‘buy love and loyalty’ while the other is scraping by are over, luckily.
        The law doesn’t take into account there are ‘cheapskates’ parents, parents that don’t give their children money cause they believe that is right, etc.etc. The law says your child is entitled to benefit from your income.
        In other words… one bad choice (regarding protection or partner) and the law decides your financial parenting style for you. That’s the way it works.
        They do take it too far sometimes though. Children who were born in new relationships are not treated equally. Living in poverty cause your dad has to pay so much support for your half brother is not fair to me.

      • TA

        The calculations are made by looking at each parents income based on a sworn financial statement, and on how many overnights each parent has the child.

        • Rayne

          It also depends on what state you live in. In Texas it doesn’t matter what the custodial parent makes it is ALL about a percentage of his net income and how many kids are involved everything else is irrelevant.

          • jlt0102

            TA is correct on how SD does it though, both parents incomes and time share are a factor.

      • enjoythesilence

        What?! Food, rent, gas, daycare, etc you don’t think that exceeds 1,000 a month for a child? Daycare alone can exceed that damn much a month.

        • My 2 cents

          Food, rent & gas doesn’t go up if you have a kid, daycare yes but you sound like he’s supposed to pay the mothers bills

          • Lacy

            Growing kids eat a lot, and if you have a baby, formula is expensive. While not a huge amount probably an extra $50-$100 a month. Also your rent does go up, because you need a kids bedroom, and the difference in rent for an extra bedroom could be hundreds of dollars. So that could be an extra $250 a month. (It could be more in pricey real estate areas.) Daycare is pricey, easily $600-$1000 a month. (More or less depending if you get a break for being low income, the age, etc.) Then once they’re in school they normally start some extra hobbies (i.e. soccer, dance, karate, piano.) Not only do you need to pay for lessons, but also for all the gear. So about a $100 a month. The difference in health insurance between single person coverage and family coverage is a LOT! Also dental and vision coverage, and the copays for all of those. All the medical stuff could add up to hundreds a month. Then the random expenses of clothes, school stuff, toys, photos, field trips, medicine, etc. Also wanted to add Adam’s getting paid somewhere in the ballpark of 6 figures, so he should easily be able to afford these payments.

            • My 2 cents

              You sound like a lawyer that wants to drain this guy. No one buys a bigger house if they have a kid. I agree with childcare but after school activities dont fall solely on the dad and its not yr round. And food expenses start to change around Jr high. Health care can be added through your job not paid directly to the mother. If someone needs that much help maybe he needs to raise his girls it’ll be alot easier on them both!!

              • Lacy

                The reason I listed all those expenses is that I constantly hear from people that it doesn’t cost that much for a kid. (Including from people that just got pregnant.) It does add up. Also not having a bedroom for the kids (ie. sharing the parent’s bedroom) can be a cause not to get custody. It does mean you have to get a 2 bedroom instead of a 1 bedroom apartment. I actually know someone that decided to have a child and then a 2nd child, while living in a 1 bedroom apartment. It was awful, and if she ever broke up with her bf or the state got involved she would’ve had a lot of trouble. She did eventually move to a 2 bedroom.

                • My 2 cents

                  Alot of those sound like luxury. After school programs and sports shouldn’t be included in supporting your child those are gifts like bdays and Christmas. I have 3 kids in the house and my expenses didn’t change a great deal. Girlscouts and sports are a 1 time fee. Never had a 1 bedroom. And my mortgage has been the same for years. Women get way more money then it takes to support their kid. If you cant support your kid with $400 a month you cant budget money.. i always suggest letting the dad raise the child.. it works for me and i don’t need cent from there mom..

  • TA

    He must be doing ok with MTV.
    What his ex Taylor gets for one child is more than I receive for 4! And the cost of living in my state is much higher than South Dakota.

  • jlt0102

    There’s an article on reddit with screenshots claiming he paid both, so idk. When my ex had a warrant out for the same thing in that county the warrant disappeared pretty fast after he made a little payment so…who knows….

  • Renee

    I like Chelsea and her dad, but every time Randy gets involved in Twitter drama I cringe. it’s quite embarrassing for a grown man and business owner. I get he’s trying to protect his daughter but it’s unnecessary when it’s over social media and over groupies and minions

  • Lauren

    Why does he have to pay more to Taylor than Chelsea? They both only have one kid with him. That being said, he’s the quintesstial deadbeat dad. He should just sign over his parental rights to Taylor & Chelsea. He obviously has no interest in being an involved dad to Aubree & Paislee. It’s just doing more damage to those girls.

    • Emmy

      I think because Chelsea’s income is higher or because she is living with a partner (sharing costs).
      But you are right, he is not really interested in them.
      Doesn’t show up, doesn’t really parent and now he doesn’t pay. It’s like he wants to have more free time or something.

      • Lauren

        Ohhh, that makes sense. Exactly! He reminds me of Nathan. They talk so much about how they’re a good dad & how much they love their kids but they don’t want any of the extra responsibility that comes along with having them. Taylor & Chelsea are damn nice by giving him multiple chances after he’s proven multiple time what a deadbeat he is. If it was me I’d be taking his ass to court after the first time.

  • Ali.P

    I was one of the few that tired to give Adam a little credit some time ago because I think Chelsea gets a great edit when she’s really not that great but he just can’t even pretend to hide how shit*y of a person he is. Also, Randy… I don’t even have words for how embarrassing and immature this grown man is.

    • Demona


  • Shell

    You guys! This is in the past and HE’S CHANGED! All this was like a week and a half ago so you need to move on!

    • Bruja


  • Bruja

    He had to find some way to recoup the costs of that saaaaaweet engagement ring he coughed up, right? Daddy needs new rims! Lawls:


  • jeff

    Did… did they seriously censor ‘Damn’?

    • cookie

      Nope, they censored d i c k

      • Deer Cam

        It is “da n” pretty sure it is damn unless I’m looking at something different.

  • Rayne

    In Texas child support trumps all other bills and responsibilities. The main things they look at to calculate payment is the noncustodial parents net income and how many children are involved with that particular case as well as if he has other children he is obligated to and that is pretty much it. If there is a current spouse to the person paying they are not responsible in any way and their income is never considered. The custodial parent can make $8,000 a month and the noncustodial parent can make $2,000 a month and that won’t make a bit of difference either. Child support starts out at 20% of the noncustodial parents income and 5% per child after that up to 50% (I think) there is also a cap each month that cannot be exceeded, I think for one child it’s $1750. I also think once you get behind a monetary total of 3 months you will get a warrant issued, I don’t think it has to be 3 months consecutively. Anyway, I don’t know how it is there, but that’s how it is here!!

    • jlt0102

      SD is pretty lax on their warrants, you have to miss court dates and whatnot before they issue one in my experience. My ex is currently $43K behind and in the past has gone almost a yr without paying and they still did not issue a warrant. It takes a lot to get interstate cases into court though, he jumps from state to state, now finally settled in MN. As long as he makes small payments a couple times a year they say he’s trying :/ So my guess is Adam wasn’t paying for several months and CSE or the moms pressed for action and he missed a court date or two. My ex’s first missed court date before he moved out of state was failure to appear and the second missed one turned into failure to support minor child (which he made a small payment, and it went away). I wish SD was more strict on deadbeats but they’re just not sadly…..they’re too busy chasing after decent dads who miss one or two payments due to changing jobs or something stupid.

      • Rayne

        Wow, no way he would last here!! Sometimes they slip by but for the most part they make sure the child support is enforced. It is true that the good dad’s get harassed more and I think it’s because they know they can get the money out of them and they have to make more of an effort and spend more money to chase down a deadbeat.

        • jlt0102

          That’s exactly why but it sucks, those dad’s aren’t going to keep skipping out as long they’re working so why not focus on the deadbeats?? Bleh, I could go on and on about this crap 😛

  • http://www.childsupportconsulting.com.au/ Child Support Help

    Whatever his reason of not paying the child support, makes him an irresponsible dad.

  • Chewy

    White trash. His corvette is almost as big of a POS as he is

  • LoLo

    For years we’ve heard him say how he has his act together & will get joint custody of his daughter. But, then nothing happens. We him sit with his much older friend & go on & on about how Chelsea keeps his daughter from him for no reason. If any mom were in her shoes she would do the same thing. I could not imagine letting my daughter be alone with him after his reckless behavior. I would be on pins & needles the entire time. Yes, Chelsea can be annoying with her baby voice but as far as being a mom, she’s great with her daughter & always puts her first. Since the first season of Teen Mom, Chelsea has matured. Adam is in the exact same spot that he was in & has not matured one ounce. He is the male version of Jenelle. They are both in denial about themselves.

    I would bet that if he saw that wanted poster he would not care about what it was for but would focus more on what he looked like in the picture.

  • Cait

    Well I am just utterly shocked by this news!

  • Demona

    If baby mama’s were tattoo artists they’d already have their 9K