PHOTOS Texas Flip and Move’s Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd raise families, eyebrows in equal measure

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Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd had some big boots to fill when they joined the Texas Flip and Move cast for Season 3. After all, they were replacing the hugely popular Cody and Suzi Slay, whose departure jolted fans of the DIY hit (and whose absence continues to reverberate). The two have become fan favorites themselves, which is probably why viewers are so often shocked to find out about their personal lives: Are Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd married?

The answer, as Casey himself recently put it, is yes, they are married–just to other people. Casey addressed the issue in Season 4 publicity interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and also explained how he and Catrina came to be partners at work. “We first teamed up when I was overwhelmed working on a flip,” Hester said. “I needed some help, mainly design-wise, so I went to the Snows and said, ‘Hey can I borrow Catrina for this one job?’ And we hit it off. We’re really good friends now, and we work together well, I think. The only confusion is, ‘Are we married? Are we dating? Are we anything?’”

Casey also reiterated that “Outside of the show,” he and Catrina have completely different things going on. “We have our own separate lives,” he said.

For further proof, here’s a little photo gallery featuring Casey and his wife Tosha Davidson Hester, beginning with some sweet throwback wedding photos Casey recently shared:

Here’s a pair of shots of the couple…

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…and here they are at home with their four children–whose names, in alphabetical order, are Ariel, Christian, Levi, and Logan:

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Meanwhile, Catrina goes home to her husband Mark, who might be the most camera-friendly of all the spouses:

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Catrina and Mark also have four children: Colten, Joslynn, Stockton, and Tuck. Here’s a family shot of all six Kidds:

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Photo via Catrina Kidd on Instagram

You can follow Casey Hester on Facebook here and on Twitter here; you can follow Tosha Hester on Twitter by clicking here; you’ll find Catrina Kidd on Twitter here and on Facebook here. (It doesn’t look like Mark Kidd is a social media user.) And you can see Casey and Catrina in action when Texas Flip and Move airs Friday nights on DIY.

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(Photo credits: Are Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd married via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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  • sapphireladyt

    Boring duo on the new show. Hurricane Catrina has already went Hollywood like Suzi did with full on makeup and hair curled. She even talks different with dragging out her words. A tool pouch and swinging a hammer a couple of times on camera does not make a carpentar. Casey is boring but he would be better off solo like Randy and real crew men to do the work. The fake straight up high bid before the 2 auctions was stupid. Production helping him to come on the show with a bang. Staged for sure. They need to include the staging fees/whether any appliances come the house and the auctioneer’s fees. I was at an auction in Amarillo,Texas with everything being sold. House/vehicles/furniture and knick knacks. Auctioneer/broker received 10% of what was sold. They fail to show the true cost other than material and moving expenses. There are the same “bidders” on most of the shows. Houses that have been “sold” on previous shows are in the background too. The show is for show. The same half windmill fan that the Snows “bought” from Randy for “$50” to stage a home was in the background on one of Casey and Catrina’s blogs. Guess they “bought” the other half. The phoniness will be the demise of the show. Viewers are not stupid if you watch the show a few times. Also why are there so many commercials? You see about 5 minutes then bam there is 5 minutes or more of the same commercials. Then they repeat the last minute of the show as a lead in. So stupid.

    • Sam Wilson

      We’ll said! This is one of the phonies shows ever! Casey acts like a girlie boy with Catrina making a fool of him. Don’t dare say a word about the Snows their pack of She dogs attack like rabid animals. Everyone is a paid actor even the “buyers” are paid . Like Casey says money money

      • CountryGirl

        If you don’t like anything about the cast or the show, quit watching it. It’s that simple.

    • Jacquelyn Eaton

      I’ve always said the same about the “real” profit they make! Every time I see the profit, I’m like, what about the auctioneer fees and staging fees?! I watch flip or flop too and at least on there they show what they pay for staging and it’s usually a few thousand bucks. I’m mainly watch to get ideas for my own home and some cute ideas as an event planner. But I couldn’t agree more with what you said about how much they’re really making!

    • Margie Mathieu Tankersley

      You cannot help your negative rude comments, being a smart ass is one thing fool. However, first you have to be smart…But you’re just an ASS!

  • Linda

    So funny that all the comments are so negative but yet they watch the show and are even interested in the people

  • Robin Hill

    I love Casey and Catrina and it doesn’t bother me that some info may be left out. I watch for entertainment.