PHOTOS Heavily pregnant Blac Chyna poses nude for Paper Magazine cover

Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos 1

The Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos are here…and they’re as bold as the woman herself! The 28-year-old is the latest Kardashian family member to pose nude on the cover of the iconic fashion magazine–but will Chyna’s spread break the internet like Kim’s cover so long ago?

Though it’s not at all a surprise that Blac Chyna would be doing high-profile press to promote Rob & Chyna, she and fiancé Rob Kardashian’s forthcoming E! reality series, the selection of Paper Magazine as one venue (plus the fact that Blac decided to go in the buff while very pregnant) came as a surprise. After all, she and Rob have been keeping something of a low profile of late, which has led to endless speculation about the gender of her baby (or whether she’s having twins) and the possibility that she and Rob actually broke up once already, and might do so for good before the wedding bells ring.

Nonetheless, Ms. Angela Kardashian herself just dropped the Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos on her very own Instagram page, giving all credit back to the publication and sounding absolutely thrilled to be revealing them. “Always be yourself, always express yourself, and have faith!” she captioned the magazine cover above, adding a double-heart emoji for good measure.

Here are the rest of the photos, along with their captions (where relevant); you can check out Blac’s Instagram page to see them in the original:

Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos 2

“Blac Chyna, mogul, entrepreneur, a mother and a badass b!tch.”

Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos 3

“Super excited to share these moments ?Thank u @PAPERMAGAZINE”

Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos 4 Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos 5

Rob & Chyna debuts September 11th at 9 PM EST on E!. Paper Magazine’s September issue is on sale now.

(Photo credits: Blac Chyna nude Paper Magazine photos via Charlotte Rutherford / Paper Magazine)

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  • Truth

    This magazine would put Trump on their cover if it got then any exposure. Ffs blac Chyna?!

    • SciLife

      I know. It’s not like it’s something we haven’t all seen before, too. I mean, I actually think the photos are pretty, but nudes are nothing new for her. Remember when she was thirsting after Tyga?

  • Tabitha

    Not sure about the “mogul and entrepreneur,” part.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I ain’t saying she a gold digger……..buuuuttttt. To bad she’s been following the wrong map and digging the wrong spots lol

    • Me too

      Agree! The only thing I know bout this girl is she’s just a baby mama!

    • savannah

      She entrepreneured herself onto rob’s D..that’s one way to make $ I guess

  • Smalltownlove

    I’m not much for nude pregnancy pics but these are actually really cool. That cover photo looks stunning.

  • Jessica

    She looks like wax.

  • Ali.P

    She looks so nasty. She looks like a potato head body. Like they’re several peices of different sized woman put together.

  • DZBabe

    I love her tattoos…

  • twelfthnight

    Is anything on her body real or natural? Her skin is bleached, her face is all plastic (she was actually pretty before getting all the work done), her hair is fake, her body is filled and deflated and nipped all over. She doesn’t look like she can actually smile…

    Even her lips, the thing black women are naturally blessed with, she’s messed up by adding fillers. They loook like a prolapsed anus.

    I don’t think she’s beautiful at all. I think she looks like a freak show.

    • Kc

      Tell us how you really feel kylie

      • twelfthnight

        Lol, to be honest I feel exactly the same way about Kylie. Aside from the skin bleaching, she and Blac are two peas in a really deformed pod.

  • Chewy

    S(he)’s a freak

  • FrontDoorMom

    She is so hideous. That face. Way too much work done she looks ridiculous. Im sorry. She didnt need all that work done. Sad.

    …congrats on the pregnancy

  • Jenn

    Well, she’s basically a Kardashian now, posing nude is what they do…

  • barbinop

    I hope she looses those cat claws before her baby arrives. Rob probably knocked her up on purpose just to p×ss off his family.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    She looks like a fat duck mixed with a halfass attempt of being Khalessi.

  • TA

    Heavily pregnant??
    Off choice of words.

  • Rayne

    All she is seeing is dollar signs!! It’s nothing for these bi?ches to spit out kids for a paycheck. She’s just getting more income for her and Tyga. That’s the real plan.