VIDEO New Counting On trailer, Jinger Duggar to move to Texas after wedding

Joy-Anna Duggar quote about Josh Duggar aftermath

The Duggar family returns to TLC on Tuesday with a brand new season of Counting On, and the network just released a new preview trailer that shows this season is going to be very Jingercentric as fans will get to meet her new fiance Jeremy Vuolo and follow the couple’s “fast track” courtship.

I think it is Joy-Anna Duggar who best sums up the season — and perhaps the whole Counting On show: “After all that our family has gone through the last year, it’s just so much excitement and happiness around the house again.”

Before we get to Jingeremy, the beginning of the clip catches us up on Jill and Jessa. Jill and Derick’s story line looks to be all about their mission trip to Central America as well as their plans to have another baby “by next year.” Meanwhile, Jessa and Ben consider adoption.

Enter Jeremy Vuolo, who we see having an awkward conversation with Jim Bob Duggar in which he asks permission to court Jinger. Jim Bob seems a bit surprised to say the least:

Jeremy Vuolo Jim Bob Duggar

Jinger later declares her love for Jeremy in the clip, and admits: “We’re thinking fast track is always better.” We see a brief glimpse of the elaborate New York City rooftop proposal before the preview cuts out.

Jinger and Jeremy spoke with Us Weekly and revealed some more about their wedding and her surprising plans afterward. “We’re trying to keep it intimate, between family and friends,” Jeremy said of the couple’s ceremony, which is a dramatic change from Jill and Jessa’s ceremonies, which were each attended by roughly 1,000 friends and family members. “We want to be very intentional with who we invite,” he adds.

The couple have yet to announce a wedding date, but they are already talking about what comes after. According to Us Weekly, Jinger will be moving to Laredo, Texas after the ceremony, which is where Jeremy Vuolo is currently a pastor. “I’m so excited to be joining my best friend,” Jinger says of the move.

And of course the topic of children came up. “Well, I love kids,” Jinger says. “I’m excited for the future, when Jeremy and I are married, to start a family.”

So do Jinger and Jeremy plan on following in their famous parents’ footsteps with a huge family? “We haven’t talked about size,” says Jeremy, “but I know we both love children. They’re a joy. We’ll have to see what the Lord provides.”

Counting On premieres August 23 at 8/7c on TLC.

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  • barbinop

    Smart girl! Get away from the compounds of Duggarville and don’t look back!

  • twelfthnight

    Run, Jinger, RUN. And funnel out every last one of your little sisters as soon as they turn 18!

    • Jane

      Don’t forget Jana.

  • Mia

    I bet Jill, Jessa, and her all get pregnant around Christmas time. The ratings of all 3 being pregnant will be good for the show and the former 2 are due for another baby anyway.

  • Aussie cathie

    Why is anyone still publishing pics of the devil pimpbob ???

  • jeff

    lol everyone here, I want you to imagine how your life would be if you married the first man/woman, your ‘first love’. I don’t really care what they say ‘fast track to marriage’ means ‘we want to start having sex’. Wanting to have sex with someone is NOT a good reason to get married, but yet they have no choice (and this is assuming they’re not already banging). The thought that you have to marry someone in order to rock the bed is just a car accident waiting to happen.

    I can’t fathom where my life would be if I married the first person I slept with and thought I was in love with. Your first love always seems like it’ll be your last, but as a lot of us know, it’s just not the case. You need to date a few people, find out how a relationship actually works, grow as a person, learn how to be a good partner, and I’m sorry, but it’s a bad idea to learn that after you marry the person. How the heck do you even know if you’re really compatible with the person? The honeymoon period where you’re all gaga in love is NOT where you learn that. Once the honeymoon period is over and you learn the guy isn’t what he seems to be, or the girl is actually a crazy controlling whackjob, it’s a lot harder to say adios when you have a ring on your finger, a baby on the way, and ‘Christian values’ forcing you to remain together.

    But that being said, I’m loving all these duggar marriages, because they’ll lead to dugger divorces and more duggar cheating scandals, and I, as a gay man (who has been with his partner for 9 years this October) quite enjoy seeing them crash and burn.

  • kate