Jenelle Evans’ ex Josh Miller wanted for kidnapping, leaving 3-yr-old in the middle of the street

Jenelle Evans ex boyfriend Josh Miller wanted for kidnapping

A former boyfriend of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently wanted by police in North Carolina after he allegedly stole a car with a three-year-old girl inside. He later removed the child from her car seat and left her in the middle of the road.

Here is the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department press release with additional Joshua Miller mug shot photos added:

August 4, 2016 – The Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department is currently looking for the following subject who is wanted in connection to a kidnapping and vehicle larceny that occurred at the Olde Brunswick Store located at the intersection of Fifty Lakes Drive and NC Highway 133 earlier today at 4:00pm.

Joshua Brandon Miller, white male, age 26
Weight- 130

Joshua Brandon Miller arrests mug shots

Joshua Miller is wanted for taking a Black 2016 Toyota Corolla 4 Door with North Carolina License Plate XXX-XXXX. Joshua Miller was originally a passenger in the vehicle and drove with vehicle from the store. A three year old toddler was in her car seat in the rear of the vehicle. Joshua Miller drove the vehicle a short distance from the store and removed the child from the car seat and left her in the middle of Fifty Lakes Drive. The toddler was unharmed and returned to her mother.

Joshua Miller is wanted for First Degree Kidnapping and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or contact the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department at 910-363-0011.

Jenelle shared a local news station’s story about the kidnapping on Facebook, and, although she made no mention of Josh being her ex, she did say that the car and the child belonged to a friend of hers:

Everyone !!! Help out my friend find this guy!!!! ????? stole my friends car with her 3 year old inside and then dropped her daughter off in the middle of the road!!!! He’s wanted in Florida for charges as well. He was last seen in the Brunswick County area.

Jenelle did not name her friend. However, if you recall, she called Josh out while they were dating for letting an ex sleep over at his house. (This must have either before or after she moved in with him, as featured on the show in Season 3.)

Jenelle Evans ex boyfriend Josh Miller tweet

Soon after that tweet, Jenelle took to Facebook to correct a media report stating she and Josh were in an on/off relationship. She also revealed she had finally seen Josh’s dark side:

Its not “on/off again relationship” with josh. we are done for good. he is one hell of a compulsive liar and psychotic, like mentally unstable. he lied about having a job, lied about having money, lied about everyyyyyything i thought he would ever be. lets just say i caught him in literally 10 different lies yesterday. i wrote them all down on a piece of paper to count them up.. not to mention when i told him to leave amber’s last night he STOLE my iphone charger.

Here is screen cap of Josh from Teen Mom 2:

Jenelle Evans ex boyfriend Josh Miller from Teen Mom 2 Season 3

According to online records, Josh has had previous arrests in Florida for grand theft auto and assault with a deadly weapon. Please, if you have ANY information about his whereabouts, contact the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department at 910-363-0011. You can also call 911.

UPDATE – The woman whose car and daughter were taken has since shared some details about what happened. (Her name is Brittany Maggard, and she has quite the history with Jenelle!)

UPDATE AUGUST 18 2016 – Josh was reportedly involved in a head-on collision in Georgia while on the run from police, but somehow managed to escape. A car believed to have been stolen by Josh was later found near his hometown in North Carolina.

UPDATE – Josh Miller was arrested by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on August 20.

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  • K.Curtis

    MY GOSH!! Is this the same.guy a couple of posters were wondering about just not long ago. A couple posters said he seemed like a good guy and they bet he was glad he got away from her. LMAO.

  • Thea

    See Stasia, crappy people attract crappy people. If you didn’t run from Adumb, it’s says all anyone needs to know about you…

    • Chewy

      Next on stage is Staaaaaaaaasia!

  • Victoria

    Thought it was creepy david

  • Cara L.

    It’s always been known that she picks real winners… SMH.

  • Alisson Leech

    I sorta remember him as creepy.

    • Guest

      Me too. But Babs seemed to really like him?

  • Chinelle Evans Eyebrows

    I dont remember this dirt bag for some reason. Not that anyone can keep up with the phonebook full of losers Chinelle globs onto

  • TA

    Thw author dug back to 2011 on Twitter to find the post. Wow. That’s dedication to a job you’re not paid for. ?

  • Lauren

    Jenelle really picks some winners. You are what you attract, I suppose.

    • Chinelle Evans Eyebrows

      Sadly, Chinelle seems to have abandonment issues and warped ideas about what love is. She doesn’t grasp that you shouldn’t want to date men like them. She obviously has a type she’s drawn to. Now Im not gonna sit here and play internet psychiatrist but she clearly has a ton of issues in regards to men. Id love to know what a real psyc dr thinks of her and her behaviors

  • FarrahsCryFace

    This is one guy I don’t remember! She didn’t get pregnant by him? I’m shocked.

    • Chinelle Evans Eyebrows

      Same thing I said. He didn’t get a chance to get his domestic violence charge against her. Must not have been real love ?

      • FarrahsCryFace

        Omg your name is fantastic.

        • Chinelle Evans Eyebrows

          It’s me Booty Fingers! I just changed the name and avi lol

          • FarrahsCryFace

            Ahhhh well it’s just as amazing lol

      • FarrahsCryFace

        Clearly he’s an overachiever and head racked up mug shots on his own. You go boy.

    • Myndee

      Over on The Ashley, someone brought him up a few weeks ago, and said he seemed normal and is probably glad he got away from Jenelle. Boy, were they wrong! Should have known, birds of a feather….. No “normal” man would have been with Jenelle!!

      • Guest

        They said that on here too.

    • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

      Isn’t this the one ex where she moved in with him and his mom as a roommate cause she had nowhere else to go?
      Didn’t his mom ask her to leave cause she was to much trouble?
      Kicked out by this guys mom, cause you’re a mess while mom was used to deal with this guy.
      Slow clap…
      You are absolutely disturbed and need to be locked up for a loooong time when you steal a car with a child inside and dumb a small child somewhere.
      If I was the mom, I would seriously consider cracking his nuts with a heavy tool.

      • FarrahsCryFace

        I’m going to have to look up on Hulu and rewatch the season he was on. I don’t remember this guy at all.

        • BabyDoll0984~~HEATHER’S FACE

          Oh, hey! How do you like the Roku?

          • FarrahsCryFace

            Ended up getting the fire stick because of an amazing deal but I love it!

    • DM

      Or get engaged to him.

    • Demona

      I don’t remember this loser either

  • DM

    I don’t even remember this guy. Where did he fall in the Kieffer, Gary, Courtland lineup?