LHHATL Karen King accuses Tiarra of lying about Scrapp DeLeon’s kids, demands DNA test

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According to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Karen King, one of the show’s storylines involving son Scrapp DeLeon’s kids might have been a lie from the very start–and that lie might have been perpetuated by fellow cast member Tia Becca. Karen recently took to YouTube for the latest installment of “KK Live,” her weekly post-LHHATL chat series, and laid some very strong allegations against Tia and her allegedly nefarious ways.

The tenth installment of “KK Live” featured Karen alongside friends Tommie Lee and Samantha. As usual, Karen & company’s chats touched on a wide variety of topics, many of them related to the endless drama that is LHHATL Season 5. But Karen’s ongoing feud with Tiarra “Tia Becca” came up once again; this time, the topic turned to whether or not Scrapp is actually the father of Tiarra’s son King.

Here’s the full video of the episode. Skip ahead to approximately 24:30 to hear Karen’s wide-ranging accusations:

“Let me tell you,” Karen begins, adding “I might be the hatedest person in the world after I say this.”

But I have to keep saying it, because I want Tiarra to know that I want to legitimize my grandson. If he’s mine. Because I need some rights. I need to be able to take your black a$$ to court, and see if I can have grandma rights. Because I’m starting to think–and I don’t want to ever have to tell my son this–so we should do this before he gets [out of jail]. I’m starting to think that King might not be my grandson. Because a young lady sent me a picture….I need to know if this is Scrapp’s son. If it is, I would like you to do a [DNA] test, to legitimize, and prove this woman as a liar.

Karen also added “Just so you know, Tiarra, if you’re watching: Sweetie, it’s nothing personal. This is real sh!t, okay? ‘Cause I’m close, tucked in, tight, sewed up, with my family. And family is important to me. I heard you’re married, you’re with child, six kids, thank you Jesus. You need a husband.”

Given the amount of over-the-top drama LHHATL has showcased this season, it is entirely possible that the allegations are true, and that none of Tiarra’s children were fathered by Scrapp. However, Karen’s presentation–claiming she got possible photographic from “a young lady,” and then not showing the image to the camera–is not the strongest basis for a claim like this. (Karen’s claim that she can’t show the image, since it’s of a child, also rings hollow: she shared photo on her Instagram page several days ago before taking it down yesterday.) Plus, it’s not immediately clear from the video what the picture is of–has Karen never seen her grandson before? Is the photo a picture of King with his alleged real father?

This is hardly the first time Karen has scrapped with Tiarra over the true identity of King’s father. It was only a fee weeks ago that she tore into Tia Becca on social media using far less polite language than she does in the above video. Here’s a screencap of those accusations, courtesy of Bossip:

Scrapp DeLeon's kids 1

UPDATE – Tiarra has clapped back with some social media shade! She responded to Karen’s allegations in a trio of fire-breathing tweets; though they’ve since been deleted, several eagle-eyed fans snagged screenshots. This one comes courtesy of Tha Celebritea:

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 concludes tonight on VH1. The two-part reunion special will air August 1st and 8th.

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(Photo credits: Scrapp DeLeon’s kids via Instagram; h/t to Fameolous)

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