Kourtney and Justin dating, engaged in (alleged) hot Miami hookups; Selena Gomez ‘enraged’

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Rumors about Kourtney and Justin dating have flared back up again, thanks to the 37-year-old Kardashian and her 22-year-old Canadian boy toy engaging in a Fourth of July dalliance. A variety of outlets are now reporting that the famously frisky couple got together outside the confines of a Los Angeles for the first time, and gossip about their getting more serious is widespread.

In fact, the most recent big rumor regarding the pair had less to do with Kourtney and Justin dating and more with the possibility that Bieber might be the father of Kardashian’s alleged fourth child. Though it was originally reported that Scott Disick was the father (and the pregnancy itself was never confirmed through official channels), Kourtney has long resisted opportunities to go back to Disick, who’s had something of a rocky year following his fourth stint in rehab.

Justin Bieber shows off his skills in a motorized surfboard in Miami Beach.

According to People, Kourtney and Justin was sure to “make some room in her schedule” to hang with Bieber over the holiday, though her children did remain her top priority. The most visible highlight of their time together was at a late-night birthday party for STORY nightclub owner David Grutman: Bieber, who was in town on tour, led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” before pulling Kourtney into the DJ booth and dancing with her for several hours.

In Touch though, has it on good authority that the public appearance was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Kourtney and Justin’s relationship has been totally “rekindled,” in their view, and things have gotten so serious so quickly that Selena Gomez herself had to step in. Unfortunately for her, “Justin explained that he is quietly seeing Kourtney Kardashian again,” in the words of In Touch‘s insider.

In the meantime, Justin might have also begun seeing someone else on the side. He was supposedly spotted frolicking on the beach with Miami-based model Alexandra Rodriguez:

Going where the wind blows.. @zavierdeangelo @jennydmakeup

A photo posted by ALEXANDRA M RODRIGUEZ🇵🇷 (@allexandramichelle) on

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(Photo credits: Kourtney and Justin dating via Instagram, Splash News)

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  • Ali.P

    That’s pretty gross if it’s true. I can’t imagine that kid as a step father.

  • Drbzy

    It amazes me that Justin has his fair share of sexual partners yet nobody calls him out for being a h0e. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift jumps into a rebound relationship after a year of dating the same person and she’s called all sorts of names. Not that I’m defending Taylor by any means, just think it’s interesting.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/trytocookthis funfilesgone

      You’re right. Taylor doesn’t seem to be without a partner very long, but on the other hand, neither does bieber. I guess women are supposed to be …………….. i dunno, old fashioned? On a side note, I was shocked that GAGA n her BF broke up. I thought they were hearing wedding bells. When looking at the mess the celeb relationships are in, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.