LITTLE WOMEN LA Briana Renee gives birth to baby boy

Little Women LA Briana Renee gives birth to baby boy

It’s been a tough year for Little Women: LA star Briana Renee. She has battled through some very difficult relationship issues with husband Matt Ericson while also struggling with some very serious health issues during her pregnancy. But it appears her future is looking bright, as Briana reportedly gave birth on June 22 to a healthy baby boy!

According to TMZ, the little bundle of joy was born in San Diego on Wednesday and weighed in at 5 lbs, 3 oz. The baby arrived four and a half weeks early, but the site says “everything went smoothly” in the delivery room.

Briana has not mentioned the birth on social media yet, although she did retweet TMZ’s story. We hope (and assume) that a photo and name will be coming soon!

Briana Renee Matt Ericson children family photo

In case you missed it, Briana was rushed to the hospital in April after going into early labor while just six months pregnant. Briana updated fans on social media with a positive post from the hospital on May 2 before finally being able to return home just two days later.

Congratulations to Briana and Matt!

UPDATE – Briana’s LWLA co-star Elena Gant has announced she has given birth to her twin boys as well!

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  • Chewy

    Matt is a sex offender. Praying for the baby and other children around him.

    • Kmarie

      Yes!! I do not like him !! Well, he has already cheated. I just have a bad feeling about him. He seems really fake.

      • chacha1

        Matt Grundhoffer is a SLUM DOG ….. I wish Little Women of LA would drop him and Little Skank off the show

  • chacha1

    two bottom feeders are parents again ….. Matt is seriously disgusting and Briana is a desperate low life to put up with his sexting ……

  • chacha1

    that little sweet girl in the picture is Briana’s daughter with another man, I wish the father of Leana would get FULL custody and get her away from Matt who sends dicpics to women on the Internet … once right after he married Briana and then again with 5 women when Briana married him for a second time

  • Guest

    I’ll never understand how someone can be that selfish. Poor kid.

  • Katie Spurlock

    Matt must be related to Josh Dugger

    • Boredtotears


  • chacha1

    Maverick Jackson .. big secret like they are A list celebrities …. when they are D list at besr

  • Courtney

    Why did she give birth all the way down in San Diego? Aren’t her doctors in LA where she lives? I’m confused. Also, are those his two sons?