Lamar Odom reportedly furious with Khloe Kardashian after broken reconciliation promise

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A new Lamar Odom update brings a spate of new allegations and rumors about the former NBA star’s apparent feud with estranged wife Khloe Kardashian. According to the latest reports, Lamar is furious with Khloe for going back on her promise to reconcile with him once he recovered from last year’s drug overdose and seizure at the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada..

Hollywood Life dispatch details the breakdown between the couple, which is apparently based in a miscommunication. Lamar claims that Khloe promised him she would get back together with him once he was “healthy.” Now that he’s been out of the hospital for several months, and is out and about again, it looks like he believes he’s lived up to his end of the bargain.

“Lamar feels Khlo lied to him when he was on his death bed,” an apparent source explains, “because she told him she’d never leave him and made all sorts of loving promises.”

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However, that’s not how Khloe sees things at all, as a follow-up from Inquisitr makes clear. “had it with Lam[ar],” said a source; “she believes he’s choosing drugs over his own life. Khloe’s pissed he won’t go to rehab and feels he’s doing very little to stay sober. They can’t even communicate right now, it’s that bad. Lamar just wants to get away from her as quickly as possible and is currently connecting with his family.”

Recently, Odom has been back in the news for some of the same behavior that led to his near-death experience. It was only two weeks ago that he was reportedly confronted by several friends at his home, and asked to explain the assorted drug paraphernalia the friends found there. More than one source compared that confrontation to an intervention. Then, Odom was photographed leaving a gas station in possession of herbal Viagra–one of the very substances that led to last year’s seizure.

“Lamar’s mad,” the same source added, “because Khloe’s made it clear that she’s no longer interested in him…and filed for divorce.”

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  • twelfthnight

    “Because she told him she’d never leave him and made all sorts of loving promises.”

    Yeah bro because you were OD’d on drugs and probably weren’t gonna survive for more than a few days, so she was gracious enough to try and keep you happy until you expired. She was only planning on keeping those promises for a few days until you keeled over and died due to your own stupidity.

    I am not a Kardashian fan by any means but when you go on a bender and cheat on your wife a bunch you’ve already kinda fallen way short on all your promises so if she doesn’t hold up hers after you’ve messed her up pretty bad then I can’t really blame her.

    • DeeDeDee

      Allllll of this.

      • Tremaine

        The trash thought that man was gonna die and age would get all his money it backed fired on her ugly A$$. Lamar run for the hills and let that hoe be just that.

        • Tremaine

          She wanted him to die! !!! So she could get his money

          • Kmarie

            BS. she doesn’t need his wh*really and drug money !! Also, she did not want him to die ! Have you not seen all the episodes where she tried and tried to get him to get better ?? All the phone conversations with him pleading with him to get better and trying to talk some sense into him and offering him anything he needed as support ?? The whole freaking family tried.

          • Kmarie

            In every episode someone would say Lam called me today…blah blah blah he bugged the sh*t out of Kim, Kris, and Scott all the time with his crap, at some point you should stop invading people’s lives with your problems especially if you have your mind set to not help yourself.

        • Kmarie

          Ha KHLOE run for the hills and leave that big ugly a$$ retarded goon looking drug head freak to deal with his own demons …fk that loser. He was given several opportunities to get help and all of them stood by his side until they couldn’t take the BS anymore.

    • Kmarie

      Also saying she’d never leave him doesn’t necessarily mean in an intimate relationships sense. She could have ment that she will always be there for him if he needed her but druggie always twist things and comprehend things differently.

  • MsAwesomePants

    She’d work on their relationship once he got healthy. But he’s made it clear he’s not interested in getting or staying healthy. Why would she stick around?

    • Kmarie

      He’said fkn nasty. He has gotten just terrible looking and really after all he went through I don’t think he is all there it doesn’t seem like it to me. I don’t blame her for not wanting him she’s to young to be putting up with a drug head sex addict that seems like he really isn’t all there. It’s not like they had this long marriage and years of history together. She doesn’t owe him anything at this point. Nothing.

      • Kmarie

        *He’s so….

      • MsAwesomePants

        Oh, I completely agree. I wouldn’t touch anything he has to offer.

  • Dude, you OD’d in a whorehouse. Let me say that again….You OD’d in a whorehouse. Sit down, & stfu. Holy crow.