VIDEO PHOTOS Tamra Judge wows at Musclemania Fitness America event

Tamra Judge family photo at fitness competition

Saturday was the culmination of months of hard work and dedication for The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Judge as she finally took the stage in her first fitness competition!

The very social media friendly reality star shared numerous photos prior to and after the competition, showing off the spectacular results of her training. Above you can see Tamra proudly posing with her trophy along with husband Eddie Judge, daughter Sophia, and son Spencer. (At least I assume that is Spencer. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a photo of him and he has REALLY grown — as has his hair!)

Next is a shot of just the fittest couple on Bravo:

So proud of this woman @tamrajudge #champion #goaldigger #workhard #prepwithmia

A photo posted by Mia Finnegan????? (@mia_finnegan) on

And here is Tamra prior to the competition showing off her comic book superhero leg just after her competition spray tan session with Lindsay of Million Dollar Tan:

Tamra Judge tan toned leg

Just in case photos weren’t enough to satisfy your appetite for totally toned Tamra, check out this video of her pumping some iron just before show time in her blinged-out stage bikini:

Another couple shots of Tamra in her stage attire (high heels and all) the day before the competition:

The blingkini wasn’t Tamra’s only stagewear, however. Here she is backstage in her other two-piece look along with her spray tanning guru Lindsay:

Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra Judge fitness competition bikini

The CUT Fitness Instagram account shred this next photo of Tamra on stage with her competition sporting the two-piece above and proudly holding a CUT Fitness surfboard:

Even though Tamra looked AMAZING, don’t think for a second she wasn’t still nervous about the competition. “I Got this!……then why am I crying?” Tamra asked on Facebook, along with a text graphic of “The Athlete’s Prayer.” She added: “I’m so nervous! Thank you friends for all your support, (almost) everyone on my board has been so uplifting throughout my journey. I hope I inspire others to set a goal big or small and follow through with it. ‪#‎ThisOneIs4YouSidney‬ ‪#‎musclemania‬”

A photo posted by Tamra Judge (@tamrajudge) on

“Amazing experience ….. But it’s Time to relax and enjoy the holiday weekend with friends and family,” Tamra captioned the photo above. And what’s the best way to enjoy the holiday weekend after a fitness competition? FOOD!!

Bring on the nachos

A photo posted by Tamra Judge (@tamrajudge) on

In case you missed it, Tamra originally planned to debut her toned frame at an event in April, but those plans were derailed after her ATV accident with RHOC co-stars Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, and Kelly Dodd on April 2. The accident was merely a setback, however, as Tamra adjusted her goals and set her sites on the May 28 event.

Congratulations to Tamra on all of her hard work. We look forward to seeing more behind-the-scenes of her fitness journey when The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 premieres Monday, June 20 at 9/8c on Bravo.

UPDATE – Tamra JUST shared this great photo with her trainer Mia Finnegan:

So fun prepping @tamrajudge for the big show last night …gorgeous! #trainwithmia #champion #RHOC

A photo posted by Mia Finnegan????? (@mia_finnegan) on

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  • AWill

    Looks like she deleted her caption, but she first announced she won bikini in her age group, and she won first over all (I believe she is tagged in IG with both trophies). She looks great!

  • LoLo

    I don’t care what work she’s had done or what I think about her as a person. I can’t deny that she looks great & has put in the hard work. Tummy tucks, lipo, botox ext can’t give you that.

    • Lynn Goodrich

      So true…great job Tamera…God has this! I can see a transformation in many Ways!

  • Wtf

    I think she looks amazing in those pictures where she hasn’t been spray tanned yet. I know they oil up and tan for the competition, but she looks much better without it.

  • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

    My six year old saw a bit of RHOC today and said they looked like talking Barbie dolls. LOL
    Had a hard time explaining what this show was about. She said (looking very puzzled) ‘So they are just filmed doing things at home and meeting each other?? (pause) I like the real Barbie better, she goes on adventures and she is nice to everyone. ‘
    I had to explain to her what ‘overeacting’ and ‘gossiping’ means. Had to explain all the beeps too (daughter doesn’t understand English by the way, would have changed channel asap otherwise).
    It’s like watching thirteen year olds that already had a boob job and to much sun and makeup on their face.
    You can’t buy class.

    • Sylvia363323

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    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      Maybe don’t let your 6 year old watch that mindless entertainment. It’s a bunch of shallow, bored housewives fighting over petty s- . Not something a 6 year should be watching.

  • Alisson Leech

    Wow Tamra! Looking good.

  • MrsB

    New face to go with new bod as well!

  • ameliaBedelia76

    tamara is and always will be a pig

  • Tina

    I was at the event Saturday and all though Tamra looks amazing, she definitely wouldn’t of won if she wasn’t who she was and no telling what size check bravo wrote. Big move for Bravo and Musclemania. I felt sorry for the girls who worked so hard. They didn’t know Tamra was going to be competing until they got there. I noticed on Tamra’s page she was announced the winner 45 minutes before the actual announcement. What a person will do for ratings!

  • Katie

    I have to give her credit. I used to compete in NPC shows and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

    I actually saw her at an event on Sunday (the day after her show) that was for RHOOC, while all those women are crazy and high maitenence, she did look great in person, especially for her age.