How did the Busbys from TLC’s Outdaughtered get quintuplets?

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Are quintuplets possible naturally? How rare are quintuplets? Are quintuplets identical? These questions–and many more–are on the minds of reality TV viewers across the land, thanks to Outdaughtered, TLC’s newest foray into the multiple birth genre. Texans Danielle and Adam Busby were the first couple in American history to have an all-girl set of quintuplets–though, as fans will soon find out, the challenges of caring for six total children under the age of four have only just begun!

Before we get into some of the more frequently asked quintuplet questions, here’s a quick overview of the show, courtesy of TLC:


OutDaughtered captures Danielle, Adam, and their adorable 4-year-old daughter Blayke as they adjust to their new life, while trying to hold on to the identities and lives they had cultivated before the five new additions arrived. Following the hilarious and heartwarming antics of the entire family–including Danielle’s zany mother, Michelle, and her older twin sisters and their families–it’s all hands on deck as the family relies on a tight-knit circle to make the most out of this incredible lifetime adventure.


In addition, here’s a bit more about the five newest additions to the Busby family, who were born on April 8th, 2015, when Danielle was at 28 weeks and two days. The five girls’ names–in descending order of age–are Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige Busby. It took a team of twelve doctors and specialists to complete the delivery, though the delivery itself only lasted for four (4!) minutes. Each one of the five girls weighed between two pounds and two pounds, six ounces at birth; after being born, they were all put on oxygen to help out their tiny lungs.

Oh–and, in case you were wondering about Danielle’s diet while she was pregnant with five hungry babies? By her own estimate, she was eating about 4,500 calories per day. It was “laughable,” Danielle said at the time. “I tried my best to do it.”

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Are quintuplets possible naturally?

This is probably the most common question about high-order multiple births. The answer, believe it or not, is: yes! Multiple births are rather rare–more on that in a bit–but not completely unheard of, even when the couple isn’t taking fertility drugs. (Danielle and Adam used fertility drugs to conceive their girls; the couple’s struggle with infertility is one of the show’s dramatic tentpoles.) Generally speaking, fertility drugs increase a couple’s chance of conceiving two or more babies by 20%. Other factors that help: being a bit older (the chance increases by 4% for couples between 30 and 34, and 5% if you’re between 35 and 39); a family history of multiple births; and a woman who’s given birth before.

In fact, while quintuplets are rare, they’re hardly the most high-profile multiple birth to capture America’s attention over the past few years. In 2009, Nadya Suleman–popularly known as the Octomom–carried eight children to term after conceiving them using in-vitro fertilization. And it was a group of sextuplets that led TLC to create Jon and Kate Plus 8.


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How rare are quintuplets?

The general rule of thumb for the likelihood of a multiple birth is calculated using what’s called Hellin’s Law. Simply put, the mathematical probability of a pair of twins is one per 89 births. In order to calculate the likelihood of multiples beyond that, you multiply by 89 once more.

According to Hellin’s Law, then, the chance of a woman conceiving triplets is 1:89*89, or about one per 7,921 births. By the same logic, the probability of quadruplets is 1 in 704,969. (In fact, it just happened–as in four days ago–up in Alberta, where the four identical twin girls were conceived naturally.) And the chance of a woman conceiving quintuplets naturally, without any sort of fertility drug, IVF treatment, or other medical aid, is roughly one in sixty-two million, seven-hundred-forty-two thousand, two-hundred-forty one. (1:62,742,241).

It looks like the last set of naturally conceived quintuplets born in the United States were delivered on September 12, 2013, to Evonne and Dion Derrico of Mesa AZ. (Fun fact about that: The Derricos were expecting quadruplets; the fifth baby was a shock to the couple and their doctors. Surprise!)


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Are quintuplets identical?

They can be, but don’t have to be. It depends on how many egg and sperm combinations occur within the mother’s womb. Identical twins are monozygotic, meaning they come from the same fertilized egg, which then splits into two embryos. Fraternal twins are multizygotic: they share the womb, but come from separate fertilized eggs. There’s no rule about the likelihood of either occurring; just as a set of all-female or all-male quintuplets is less likely than some of each, so is a compliment of five identical babies less likely than a mix of identical and fraternal (or, in the case of the Busbys, sororal) kids.

Among the Busby quintuplets, Olivia Marie and Ava Lane are identical twins; their other three sisters are sororal.

And speaking of the Busbys: now you’ll definitely want to tune in to their show! You can catch Outdaughtered Tuesday nights at 10 PM on TLC.


(Photo credits: Are quintuplets possible naturally via TLC, Instagram, ItsABuzzWorld)

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I don’t understand why people like watching these multiple baby shows. They are so boring. Yes you had a litter, congrats, do you want a cookie?

    • Ali.P

      I think people just like to see how they manage with so many infants. It’s negative but I imagine their lives are chaos and stress. The husband and wife probably never see each other and the oldest is probably left to herself a lot more than the average kid because they have so many infants that can’t live without constant help. I’m a “my baby” person as in I only care about my kids. I don’t hate kids and I never ignore them but I’m also never the person to ask how far along someone is or go googely over a baby but I’ll probably watch an episode or two with my oldest daughter because she loves babies and thinks it looks cool.

      • FarrahsCryFace

        Same here. I love my kids don’t like others kids. Some disgust me but most are tolerable. The only people I ask about their kids or pregnancies are my clients, not so much because I care but that’s what most people want to talk about. Yes I’m a jerk lol

        • Kara Soltez

          At least you are self aware and know you’re a jerk. I don’t know what you do, but I’d never want to be your client. So cold and uncaring.

          • CatesZebraHoodie

            That’s good because your probably one of those that would let your children run around like crazy during a 2 hour appointment. Then you’d get mad when I told the little brats they can’t play with our extra sharp shears, or super hot flat irons or spin the chairs. However if I said nothing and they got hurt you’d blame me.

        • Caroline’s 4th

          Same here…I love my own (now grown) but keep others away from me. Now dogs are a different story…

      • pam berry

        I have never read such hateful comments ever!!!!God help you all

        • Gretchen Diaz

          I agree with you. Seriously, why so much negativity and hate? From what I understand they had fertility issues and sought help to conceive their first child. They wanted more kids so went through it again only to be shocked with quintuplets. What were they supposed to do? Choose to get rid of some so they didn’t have too many kids? You people are AWFUL!!!! And who said they went shopping for a tv deal? Maybe they came to them because of them being the first set of all girl quints in American history? And are you all saying that if you were in the same situation you wouldn’t take the deal to help support your suddenly enormous family? That you wouldn’t take any and all help that was offered? Thankfully they have a large loving family that helps them. All of you people posting negative comments are terrible people and should be ashamed of yourselves! Sounds like petty jealousy to me

      • whatabunchofit

        There are several of us like that out there. I personally think that many kids is a circus. Nothing but 24 hour chaos. But some like it that way. Lord help them, but not for me.

    • Caroline’s 4th

      Yes, give her a biscuit but make her sit up first.

  • Chewy

    I think it should be illegal to transfer more than 2 embryos at a time. People are selfish. I support people using IVF and other fertility help but it should be within limits.

    • Ali.P

      I was just thinking something similar. I have “Irish twins” (both under 2) and two school aged kids, I go out of my way to make sure my oldest two have enough attention and know I’m still here 24/7 because having babies takes a lot of work and time. I don’t get why they would willingly take the chance of 5 but I’ve also never been in their situation.

    • Miranda

      Agreed. Their is no need to transfer that many.

      • Willi Cicci

        It increases the odds. Perhaps if you were in her shoes, struggling with fertility as she has, you could better empathize.

        Instead, you’ve choosen to be a judgmental cow.

        • Chewy

          I have dealt with fertility issues. Yes, I empathize but still maintain my original comment.

          • JayJay Smith

            Your original comment was ignorant!! IUI is not the same as IVF!! So how could she choose not to implant a set number of eggs where there was NO implantation??? Also, some implant 4-6 eggs when doing an ivf and have 1 or 2 children. A friend of mine implanted 2 eggs with her ivf but had two sets of identical twins. That was all Ivf. Again the Busby’s did NOTuse IVF.

          • Bri

            I have PCOS. I have fertility issues and I can tell you that your comment is COMPLETY unnecessary and just rude. I also suffered a miscarriage. Instead of getting down in a woman who’s a good mother. Not all of the eggs take FYI. Not to mention they can split, basic biology. Why don’t you go be more concerned with the woman who abuse their children. A-hole.

      • pam berry

        Are just dumb or you don’t listen NO EMBRYOS WERE TRANSFERED!!!!!They used IUI NOT IVF NOTHING WAS TAKEN OUT OF HER. She was inseminated with Adams’s sperm the rest is all God

        • ShadyKay

          Not exactly. She was taking fertility drugs, and as a result multiple eggs were released. The babies were the result of medical intervention. Things were put into her – fertility drugs and a device to deliver the sperm. Regardless, these babies were not the result of God – they were the result of science.

          • Maurs

            Why did she do this at all she had plenty of fertile years I think these doctors push it. A business for doctors and at a young age just try to get pregnant.

            • Michelle Banks

              Really?? She had problems getting pregnant with Blake…doesn’t matter how old she is, she needed help getting pregnant! Why not do it now, or should she have waited until Blake was grown?? They made the decision they wanted, and are raising all of their daughters wonderfully, smh why some people think they know what was best for them!! God bless them and their beautiful family!!

          • Melody Nicely

            The point was….NO EMBRYOS WERE TRANSFERRED!

          • Cara

            God controls science. ShadyKay, every baby born, planned or not planned, with drugs or without, every life is chosen and allowed by God. Science is the study of Gods creation by men who think they discovered it.

            • Caroline’s 4th

              Cara: Well, then, you must look at the converse. You must thank God for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Katrina; the wildfires in the west and northwest; natural disasters all over the world that devastate animals and humans and lands alike. Oh, and don’t forget cancer, ALS and Alzheimer’s, babies born without brains, paralyzing multiple sclerosis, and parasitic worms growing out of children’s eyes in the Amazon. ALL OF THOSE AND MORE are God’s perfect little creations, too, right? You can’t claim God’s involvement in one without the others. Oh, wait, that’s just what Christians do, no?

              • Michelle Banks

                Yes, God has a reason for everything. We may not understand now, but someday we will. No one is thankful for natural disasters, but we pray and help the survivors as much as we can. And when a couple is blessed with children whether naturally or not, those babies are a blessing. I would like for anyone that disagrees with “too many babies” to look them in the eye and say, ” you should have been aborted”. Even if she used fertility drugs, God still played a hand in how many would be delivered, and live. I just can never understand the judgement that so many, hiding behind their computers, can give. No one is perfect, you make your choices, and live with them. How would you like it if someone judged you so harshly for your decisions in your life???

        • Cara

          You got me laughing. Tell it !

        • Marg

          You need to calm down and stop being rude!

    • Lauren

      They did IUI not IVF.

      • Chewy

        Doubtful. So you’re telling me she naturally released 4 eggs that month and 1 split to make 5 total babies? Highly unlikely it was ALL natural. If she didn’t do IVF she was obviously using follicular stimulating drugs to release multiple eggs.

        • Lauren

          Yes she was also on fertility drugs. If you would do your research they explain it all on their blog.. Which, obviously, you’ve failed to do. They did IUI with their first pregnancy and had a singleton.

        • kathie_71

          Did you READ the article? Never said it was natural, she waa taking fertility drugs……..but it DOES happen naturally. There was a famous set of sextuplets in Canada during the 1920s, way before IVF (they were treated as circus freaks)

          • smiavs

            They were all-girl quintuplets, too, actually. There was a theory that a sixth died in the womb early on, but I’m not sure if they were able to prove it back then. The girls were identical and two pairs were mirror image twins, so the idea was that the odd one out had a mirror image at one point, too. There was a tv movie about them called Million Dollar Babies, I believe. It’s on YouTube.

        • Levy

          Olivia and Ava are Ide coal twins. Also it is possible for more then one egg to release. Also it’s really none of your business WHAT she did or didn’t do to get her children.

      • FallsAngel

        You can still have a reduction. I know someone who did IVF and they told her if she wouldn’t agree to a reduction they wouldn’t implant more than two. Anything more than twins is an extremely high risk pregnancy.

    • kathie_71

      It says she was taking fertility drugs, not have artificial insemination.

      • JayJay Smith

        yes, they did and IUI. The meds she used was to ovulate her egg (obviously eggs now). It was a form of AI(artificial insemination). They take the husbands sperm and transfer it into the uterus, thus bypassing the cervix to give them a better chance of getting pregnant.

    • Willi Cicci

      Why on earth would the number of embryos that a woman decides to place into HER body be any of YOUR business?

      Having an opinion in disagreement on something is one thing. Wishing to enact laws prohibiting something that doesn’t concern you, while only serving to abolish someone’s choice… That’s called an authoritarian or a fascist.

      • Chewy

        Until you have cared for or seen babies born that prematurely, you will never understand where I’m coming from. The health of a mom and innocent lives can be preserved by making more responsible decisions by people using fertility treatments. There are a lot of doctors who put limits on number of transfers for this very reason and parameters around fertility treatments for this very reason.

        • JayJay Smith

          That is true. IF they had a choice, but they did not! Thy did not transfer eggs into her body!! They did IUI and NOT IVF!! There is always a risk! A singleton can be born premature as well. Some carry twins to full turn. My friend had quads and she made it to 34 weeks.

        • Steph

          Have you been reading the replies you are receiving? There were no eggs transferred at all! Her body released several eggs which resulted in the quints, she took fertility drugs that many, many women take everyday never expecting this result. They used the exact same treatment that resulted in their oldest daughter’s birth. They never expected this outcome. Ignorance annoys me…

      • smiavs

        Presumably you’re pro-choice, then.

    • Rocsi

      Your also not the one paying for the cost of fertility treatments which is sometimes the reason why people choose to risk multiple eggs being fertilized. People always have something to say about what others do with their lives. Worry about your own life. If you want only 2 embryos at a time then go for it but don’t expect everyone else to do what works best for you! People do what works best for them; and by no means does that make someone SELFISH because they don’t have the same views as you!

      • hndrx

        My opinion is just that, mine! But they put it on TV for us to look at and when they complain about money and help they should remember they did it to themselves and not to mention, Blake(that first child kind of gets seconds in attention. No matter what they think. How does that child see it and feel? ) just my opinion! !

      • Caroline’s 4th

        OK. Same thing as abortion rights. Don’t agree with abortion? Don’t have one! Just leave the those of us who want that choice the hell alone.

      • Elizabeth McLynn

        You must be one of those uneducated deplorable’s that Trump loves because if you think that the Busby’s kids didn’t cost the taxpayers any money you’re nuts. Their hospital bills for those little girls were in the millions of dollars who picked it up the taxpayers and Medicaid. Well the good thing is at least they didn’t have babies with a sibling like you did

        • Michelle Banks

          So what, there are probably millions of Americans on pregnancy Medicaid right now. Because our insurance doesn’t cover everything. It’s not just mom’s with multiple babies, it’s there for anyone that needs it. Don’t judge someone for using the system that is in place to make sure the mom and baby are receiving the best care possible. Shame on anyone that thinks that’s wrong.

    • Kathleen

      The doctors implanted 3 in a friend become of her age. All 3 took.

    • Valerie

      Your opinion is GARBAGE!!! When people are trying so hard to have a child they do the absolute most they can to ensure a healthy pregnancy. You clearly have never been through the type of devastating situation where you are told there is only the smallest chance to achieve your dreams to create a family. You are ignorant to say the least. Why don’t you just keep your opinions to yourself!

    • hndrx

      I agree! Especially when they start complaining about not enough money or enough help! !!

      • Michelle Banks

        I seriously doubt that there’s a family in the U.S., that doesn’t have financial problems at times, yes they have a lot of children, but they’re doing a great job raising them. I think everyone complains about finances, doesn’t mean they’re looking for a handout!!!

  • JustAvanti

    Hazel? Poor kid, her sisters all got normal names and she got named after the maid.
    Glad to see they all look chunky and healthy in the photo’s though. To many times these children of multiple births suffer medically. Playing God has consequences. Good luck to the parents and family….. kids are freaking expensive

    • LookAtAllTheCrap!

      The name Hazel has become really trendy in recent years. It ranked #107 on the SSA’s list in 2014, making it more popular than Parker, which ranked #235. These days, more people associate it with celebrities who have used the name for their children (Julia Roberts, Emily Blunt) or with the character from “The Fault in Our Stars.” When I hear Hazel, I think of Shailene Woodley in that movie. Never heard of the cartoon.

    • Hazel M

      There’s nothing wrong with the name Hazel. Quit being rude.

      • Cara

        We are being real, you are being rude

    • Cara

      I’m with you on the name Hazel. Growing up, the name Hazel was an old maid, a witch, or someone’s 80 year old grandmother with orthopedic shoes and a walker. Parker is cute, and Kate is cute, but Parker Kate is like putting gravy on ice cream. Not a good combination. Sure are cute kids though. Adorable.

      • Caroline’s 4th

        Parker is either a boy’s name or a last name. Maybe Hazel is an ancestor’s name.

  • bambiglanville

    Her husband. Oh my.

  • kate

    how old are the parents? they look so young.

    • YourMom

      I think they are 30

  • Hailey

    What’s annoying about these shows is they’re getting paid. They’ll soon have sponsors and probably instagram promotions and probably a p.o. Box filled with gifts from around the world. They’re not going to struggle financially at all. My point is, they wanted a second child so bad but once they found out it was multiples did they just contact any tv deal that would bite? Will the mom wait for a doctor to offer a free tummy tuck like Kate gosselin & Casey Jones (quints by surprise show) it just annoys me. It’s almost as if they’re just waiting for handouts. I know it’s tough to feed and take care of multiples but many woman do it without tv shows. So it’s almost like, were these “tv moms” going to actually do this on their own if tv deals never went through? Even the “Gardner quads” from ‘rattled’ the parents posted their p.o. Box on Facebook and got a ton of handouts

    • Willi Cicci

      It’s called “capitalism”. They’ve turned their real life into profit. Kudos to them for turning their reality into a profitable brand.

      Now get back to supporting Bernie Sanders, ya sore loser!

    • Tisha

      I agree with you, because it’s their choice to have fertility treatments so whatever the outcome, they should have to deal with it, without handouts! These reality shows should be more for people that have multiples naturally, not throught the use of science! I saw a commercial for an new episode, and the wife want’s her husband to have a vasectomy, i’m thinking what for? It’s not like you got those quints naturally anyway, might sound hateful but true, maybe she should have her tubes tied!

      • Nicki

        Great point Tisha, I saw the same commercial and I’m like why the heck would he need a vasectomy, Are those quints natural and identical? That’s what made Mr research their family because I don’t watch the show.

    • deridealldems

      Im currently watching the show (first time) and its the episode where the mom complains about the medical bills along with the expenses for quints. I took it as a subtle hint that they’re looking for donations. Maybe Im a skeptic, but that annoys me. If you go for fertility treatment then do it with the knowledge that you may have multiples and YOU are responsible for the financial repercussions that it brings.

      • Danielle

        wow… so are you saying everytime you, yourself make a comment to a friend or family member that YOU are making a “subtle” hint for a donation or hand out… they are letting us see how they are trying to make it work and not sugar coating it saying how easy it is. no they are saying yes it is hard , yes they have bills that are hard to pay, but by being Givin the gift of 5 beautiful little girls is all worth it… they were giving the gift of ONE beautiful girl the first time with the same treatment. Take a good look and listen to the whole show instead of being so judge mental. they mention how they are greatful and blessed to have the FAMILY support that they have. Both Adam and Danielle have worked hard at jobs and have made this all this possible. some people work and save for material things they have worked and Adam is still working in order to be able to have a family. how they chose to spend their hard earned money is up to them and shame on all of you for saying what is right or wrong for someone else’s life. for I am sure you are not perfect either for no one is.

    • mary

      WELL said! ! Its gross. Every 5/10 minutes in their show approx. Is a hidden (or not so hidden) BLUNT, clever little plea for a free item, service or bill to be “donated” or paid. Try life like most other regular working people. ..and do it the right WAY! With yourself leading your own. Not relying on media for you to sit at home in your NEW overdone home (free as well ??) Or provided luxury outings..or in your one of a kind pool! Provided by all of the rest of us basically. WORSE. .when god or religious beliefs are intentionally thrown in, at convenient times…to justify the greed this oozes! !

    • Candace Lanthier Raposo

      She is gorgeous and doesn’t need a tummy tuck!! If they can can make money to support their family by doing a T.V show, who are we to judge? Let’s be real regardless of using fertility drugs or not 5 babies requires a ton of support and the maternity leave policy in th US sucks!!!

      • Michelle Banks

        There are a lot of people that use fertility drugs and end up with multiples, they have a choice of how to handle it. Why does anyone have the right to judge??? They are doing what they think is right for their family, you have the same right to do what you think is right for yours…

        • Candace Lanthier Raposo

          I totally agree and basically said the same thing in my post. Unsure of your rebuttal?

    • Maura

      There is WIC and food stamps too

  • Justsaying

    They didn’t do ivf they did iui which is less controlled and it sounds like at least 2 of the babies were identical so the egg split you can’t control that. Fertility treatments can be tricky…

    • Willi Cicci

      At least we have someone here sporting intelligence.

    • smiavs

      I don’t fault them for wanting a second child or for the outcome that was beyond their control, but I do wonder if they’re going to go into the “we didn’t want to play God” territory in regard to selective reduction. It seems to me like they did a fair amount of “playing God” to conceive those babies.

      God’s plan might have been for them to adopt. It’s expensive, but no more so that fertility treatments and quintuplets. And foster adoption hardly costs anything. But everyone’s a narcissist and insists that THEIR genes get passed along. Those genes that prevented them from conceiving naturally in the first place. I wonder what the odds are that those girls have fertility issues, too.

      • Cara

        Not to worry . God allows and ok’s everything that happens on earth for what ever his reasons are. None of our business, let it go.

        • Caroline’s 4th

          Whoa, do you EVER think for yourself?

  • Eric

    The Derricos did not conceive naturally. That lie is just another one of the family’s frauds. Google Deon Derrico to see his recent charges.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Classy guy right there lol

  • Jenn

    Oh, yay, another family to exploit their children on national TV for a quick buck. Are the Gosselins and the Duggars not enough?

    • Willi Cicci

      A fraction of their lives projected onto television screens across the country in return for vast profits, allowing them to attend college free of loans…

      This exploitation thing that you speak of sounds awesome!

  • ☆anna☆

    Way to go guys!! I can’t wait to see how much you shine for Jesus with your show. Especially with abortion controversy being so big right now. Good luck! And many blessings in your endeavours!

    • smiavs

      Right? Good for them not “playing God.” Except, oh, wait, that’s right, “God’s plan” was infertility. Kinda “played God” when they messed with that, didn’t they? Way to shine for Jesus, guys! (Could not be rolling my eyes harder.)

      • Gretchen Diaz

        What is wrong with you???? All of you people who start talking about God’s plan being infertility?? Did God plan for us to inherit sin and be born imperfect? Uhm…NO! Romans 8:28. Look it up. You really think God would be so unloving as to make some people infertile who desperately want children? And then allow some people who really should never have children be able to have as many as possible? That is not a God I’d want any part of! Do any of you actually READ the Bible?

        • smiavs

          You don’t think a God who destroys people and places with floods, condemns infants to death, and allows children to die from horrible diseases would do that? The problem when you believe fairy tales is that none of it makes any sense.

          • Gretchen Diaz

            I don’t believe that God does that at all. There’s a reason things happen in the world today. People confuse the evil and horrible things that happen as God’s will instead of placing the blame where it truly belongs. 1John 5:19 explains who’s in control of this world. God may allow things to happen but there’s always a reason. Who tested Job? It wasn’t God but Satan. God allowed it, yes but look at the conversation between God and Satan and you’ll see why he allowed it. And lastly, God’s main qualities are love, wisdom, justice and power. Would a God with perfect justice kill babies and children? The answer is NO. This world is where it is because of Satan and his lies and accusations against God. God in his perfect wisdom and abundant love has always had a plan for mankind and it still exists today. This is no fairy tale. There is scientific proof of things stated in the Bible. So, I personally will never believe that the God I know is responsible for killing children and babies. A thorough study of the Bible is needed before you can make such accusations against God.

            • smiavs

              You mean the Bible that we don’t have the original text for? I’m familiar with it. The oldest copies we have are from three hundred years after it was written. They all say different things–no two of the oldest copies say the same thing, actually–and biblical experts STILL aren’t sure of a lot of the translations. There are words that they’ve only guessed at because they don’t appear anywhere other than the text. And that’s just the originals. If you’re looking at a more recent copy, you’re basing it on what was decided up by King James, (i.e. the bits and pieces of the original text that the church leaders of the time thought he would like and be willing to be approved) not the entire text. Also, much of the New Testament directly contradicts what’s written in the Old Testament. And you’re going through flawed modern translations presumably, because I’m betting you don’t speak Latin, Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic. You would have to be fluent in all of those languages before you could claim to have thoroughly studied the Bible. You’ve just read a version of it. That’s not the same thing.

              • Gretchen Diaz

                You are assuming a lot about someone you don’t know based upon your own thought process of what you think most people do or understand. I have actually studied quite a lot and talked with many different clergy of a multitude of religions over the course of my entire life. I’m not ignorant about the Bible and the many translations. And believe it or not I have studied both Hebrew and Greek with my father and a man who’s fluent in both who teaches that very thing for a living. I’m not going to claim to be fluent myself but have learned enough to base my beliefs on the Bible. You are right that many translations have openly omitted things or changed things. Most notably is the changing of God’s name, Jehovah, with the title Lord. That’s just one example and there are many more. However, the truth is there in any translation. You just have to earnestly want to know what it is. I don’t know if you are a student of the Bible or not but it sounds like you’ve done some research at least. I would more than welcome a more one on one type of discussion if you’re agreeable. My initial comment on this article had to do with people believing that it would be God’s will or plan for this couple to be infertile and that they were playing God by going through another method to become pregnant. I don’t believe that God is like that and firmly believe that there’s an explanation in His word the Bible. I know there’s many versions of the Bible but also believe that if you are earnestly seeking truth that you will find it there. Throughout the history and existence of the Bible many have tried to destroy it but have not succeeded. Why is the Bible still here? My belief is that it’s truly God’s word so He’s preserved it’s existence throughout man’s history for those who seek truth to find. And he says in the Bible to continue to test it’s truth so that you may prove to yourself over and over that it is God’s word. The idea that God would plan destruction and misery for some to experience and others not to doesn’t make sense. Especially if you read about who God is and continually test his Word like he says too. God isn’t like that

                • smiavs

                  A philosophical conversation about the Bible would be a waste of time with someone such as yourself, who believes it to be infallible. There’s no possible way to look at it academically with someone who’s looking at the question through the filter of belief rather than objective analysis, so thanks, but no thanks.

                  Myself and others here have suggested that it’s hypocritical for parents of high order multiples to suggest that on one hand, they don’t want to “play God” by choosing selective reduction, but on the other, they somehow weren’t playing God by seeking science’s help to conceive. Everyone who’s mentioned it has made that clear. You can’t have it both ways. Either you’re conceiving naturally, or you’re essentially “playing God.” I’m not suggesting that fertility drugs are immoral–they’re the reason I exist, so I can’t really complain too much–but anyone who’s opted to go that route, but then suggests that selective reduction is “playing God,” but what they did isn’t, is a hypocrite.

                  Perhaps God’s plan (assuming that God is out there) for infertile couples is adoption. That’s what childless people did for generations before fertility treatments: they helped raise the children who didn’t have families. Now everyone’s so narcissistic that they’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths to have little mini versions of themselves. At some point it ceases to be about desperately wanting children. A person who’s spent thousands of dollars and a great deal of their time on fertility treatments could have gone through the process of fostering to adopt many times over with that kind of time and money. A person whose primary objective is to love and guide a child doesn’t care so much about the biology. And in the example of this article, these people already HAD a child. Even after having a biological child, they opted to go through an expensive, timely process to get more of their “own” children, rather than giving a home to a child in need. Why on earth should one assume that “God’s plan” is for people to have litters of children to the point where they need painfully dull reality shows to support their families?

                  “The idea that God would plan destruction and misery for some to experience and others not to doesn’t make sense.” This statement doesn’t help your case, it hurts it. That’s an argument AGAINST religion, not for it. The idea of a loving God that loves us, but not so much that they don’t allow truly horrible things to happen to innocent people DOESN’T make sense. So what reason is there to believe it, exactly? Also, there’s no “scientific proof” that the Bible is true. But I’d be interested if you could provide sources to back up that statement. And I mean valid, unbiased sources that are respected within the entire scientific community, not Christian ones.

  • KcS_

    How many of these shows does TV need? They’ll be headed toward a divorce by the time the babies start kindergarten. After her TLC provided tummy tuck and a worlds worth of handouts. They all try to milk it for at least 5 years. Or like Kate goss-whoever, she’s still milking it. These networks need to have a serious meeting and brainstorm a few fresh ideas. Nothing but repetitive, recycled crap the passed decade.

  • mary

    Can you say..
    anything for a buck? I mean busby..
    Lol. They are a bad greed joke

  • Tammy

    How about it’s none of your business. He works, they have a show, taxpayers not paying. Get over it.

  • D Morrison

    The all girl Dionne quintuplets were conceived & delivered naturally in northern Ontario, Canada back in the 30’s!!

  • Susan

    Can’t stand the husband!! He complains too much. He should just be happy that only one of the babies has health issues instead of whining about it. They got very lucky that only Hazel has issues. And that wife!! UGHHH! She has problem with Adam spending money yet she buys whatever she wants, throws Halloween party, hosts thanksgiving dinner, buys 10 pizzas (but they are into fitness) he works everyday, gets her the house she wanted, takes out 2nd mortgage for a spin studio,pays for pre-school, vacations, her mom to live with them, whatever the wife wants she gets. He on the other hand grown man gets in trouble when he buys something for him. It’s wrong. And calling them by their first and middle names so annoying if she likes the middle names so much why didn’t she name the the middle names instead?? Middle names are used when your in trouble!! So annoying!! Mimi and Adam are so alike maybe that’s why they annoy each other so much. They are both whiners Mimi is grown women and she cries complains about everything can’t stand it.

    • Cara

      People have middle names with the intension of using them or they wouldn’t have bothered with a second name. That my dear is none of anyone’s business. Adam is such a wuss. Him and his hair are a joke. Combing it back makes him look older. He complains all the time. He should get down on his knees and thank God those babies are even alive. Usually babies of multiple births have a couple with disabilities and even worse than Hazel, much worse. TLC pays for their vacations and entertainment, dinners, the gym etc. Danielle doesn’t buy squat. Wuss on the other hand goes everywhere with his portable hair salon (bag) in tow. Ca-ching ca-ching. They could have bought groceries with that money. Poor Meme, so used. Adam doesn’t deserve her for a mother in law. God bless dear little helpful Blayke.

      • PatioPrincess1991

        Saying they should not worry about Hazels health issues and just be grateful that more of the quints don’t have health issues… you can’t be serious? That’s like saying, “hey I’m sorry your child has cancer, but your other child doesn’t so I don’t really want to hear you be sad about it.” What an odd thing to say.

  • Ashli H.

    I can’t take the dad he whines all the time. How about be grateful all five babies survived??!! And the wife complaining about him spending money meanwhile she is getting whatever she wants. They didn’t need turkey hats and Halloween party but don’t tell her that he is the one working and then comes home to five babies hanging off his wife!! And why did she say they noticed hazel squinting while in New York?? Hazel has been squiring way before that she was just ignoring it. I don’t know who the bigger whiner is Adam or Mimi they are twins.and the wife with the mud run if she said “it’s on” one more time!! Of course she was going to win she chases five babies all day long she better be fit enough over the sisters and Mimi I mean come on I don’t get why she said oh this will be the best memory for them, news flash…babies have no clue they do not remember anything at that age. He can’t buy a drone but his money was good enough for her to get a massive house, take out 100 grand on the mortgage loan for a spin studio (which I will be surprised if it lasts), those freakin turkey hats, a Halloween party, out to eat, vacation, a boat ride and on and on and
    on….UGHHH I can’t!!! Mimi needs some big girl panties she complains non stop just like Adam. And the calling the babies by their first and middle names is soooo annoying !! That is what parents do when ur in trouble!! Should have named them the middle names if she likes them that much I don’t get that at all.

  • Norma Vela-Gomez

    Adam looks the same way Jon used to look. FRUSTRATED

  • Susan LoBasso Curran

    So in lst nights show Adam is feeling overwhelmed, well what did they think would happen when they used fertility drugs and ended up with 5 babies, I just think it is impossible to give these babies all the love they need it is just to much and too draining

  • Elizabeth McLynn

    Clearly they abused their fertility drugs just like Kate +8. And to the morons, the Christian Trump morons who says it’s their business to have all those kids. Who do you think pay that hospital bill for those kids. Like the Duggers when they had a baby at 24 weeks, Who do you think pics up that hospital bill. Josie Duggers hospital bill was almost 2 1/2 million dollars and he gets picked up by Medicaid and the people of Arkansas just like the Busby’s. So the uneducated deplorable’s think having all these babies at once don’t affect other people go back to school because you’re uneducated deplorable’s