PHOTOS VIDEO Jenelle Evans smoking a joint

Jenelle Evans from 16 and Pregnant smoking pot with a friend

The second season of MTV’s reality series 16 and Pregnant kicks off Tuesday February 16 at 10pm with firecracker party girl Jenelle Evans from Oak Island, North Carolina.

Judging from the Season 2 trailer and from Jenelle’s various online profiles (links below), she is a very confident 17-year-old who uses colorful language, has an affinity for marijuana, and absolutely no fear of conflict – which sounds like a perfectly volatile combination for the season premiere!

Jenel Evans from 16 and Pregnant

First, a little background info on Jenelle. She’s 17 years old and was attending South Brunswick High School in Southport, North Carolina when she found out she was pregnant in early 2009. Her son Jace Vahn was born on August 2nd, 2009. Here’s her autobiographical statement from her Myspace account:

“I’m jenelle, and I’m not anything You Can Come Remotely Close to. I Wear my Heart on my Sleve and my emotions always dance around me. I Have the Biggest Heart, and I Hate Hurting People’s Feelings. I’m Very Sexual, and I Can Be a Perv. Also, I Have a Dirty mind<3 Oh, and I’ll always Say what’s on my mind! Even if it is Sexual. I’m done With Being a Sidewalk you can Step all over. Try again. I’m unbelievably Tacky and I’m So Ditzy it’s unreal. Sorry, I’m me. I’m Horrible at First impressions, So Try again and You’ll Have Better Luck. Give me a chance, and I Promise I’ll Give You What You deserve. I’m not conceited, it’s just my time to shine, and if you’ll be my sky, i’ll be your brightest star. I Know Where I Stand, and I Know Who I am, and I don’t need anyone to Tell me otherwise. I Usually Hold things in and Just deal, until I explode, and I need to Find a way to Fix that. Best Believe, If I Say I’m Going to do Something, Sooner or Later i will. I’m a Good Person, and I Have the Biggest Heart, But many People don’t Get to See that Side of me, Because They don’t Care to. I make mistakes every single day, I’m only Human, But I eventually Try and Fix them. I Will Knock Your Teeth down Your Throat if you mess With my Friends or Try to Get With my Boyfriend, and That’s a Promise. my Heart is open to anything more exciting than myself, So Stop Seeing me Through other People’s eyes or opinions, and Take a Look for yourself, I Dare you.”

Alrighty then! Jenelle spends a lot of time on her formspring page answering questions, most of which deal with the controversial issue of smoking weed while pregnant. Here are a few sample pot-themed questions.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE – I originally included “accusations of being a bad mom” as one of the topics Jenelle frequently addressed on Formspring, but judging from some of the comments we received I think people were misunderstanding that to mean I think Jenelle is a bad mother. As angry as all of her supporters seem to be, all I did was present facts and post her own responses to accusations – that seems impartial and fair to me – and nowhere in this post do I accuse her of being a bad mother.

Here’s a little theme music to play while you read through the Q&A:

Q: my opinion is that you as a person should be able to do what you want that makes you happy as long as it doesn’t affect jase negatively i still drink and i’m a mom, you just have to prioritize, just be the best mom you can be, and you’ll never regret ๐Ÿ™‚

A: Jace yu mean.. and yes i make sure when i DO smoke im not around him and when i get back home im not high. plussss.. the only time i DO smoke is after my mom gets home from work and my mom is watching Jace for the night and he is already in bed.


Q: i dont get how any mother can smoke weed when they are prego and endanger there child like that. please tell me that one.

A: uhmm… drinking while yr prego is WAY WORSE then smokin a lil bud. and some doctors even RECOMMEND TO THEIR PATIENTS that they should smoke if they are nauseous

Jenelle Evans will kick off season 2 of 16 and Pregnant

Q: do you people realize how many important people in the world smoke weed. obama admitted it ans so do many other people. its no big deal. my brother makes 2.5 million a year n smokes. get over it

A: exactlyyyyyy. and i guess obama is a sl_t and nasty b*tch for smoking also?


Q: i dont think that any doctor has recommended that a prego woman smokes weed when they are prego. what are you high now. get a grip on reality!

A: really? my doctor recommended it.


Q: thts funny. i highly doubt tht your doctor recommended it. maybe you are on some other kinds of drugs right now.

A: hahahahah riiiiight. im sober as f*** sitting here with jace and letting him see all the sh*t yall are talking. lots of doctors recommend it stupidf**k.


Q: actually pot does effedt a baby. research dumba$$. when your kids r retards youll feel it

A: ohk, he isnt a retard now. he will never be, trust me ive done the research. ive even done a college paper on why to legalize marijuana. yu need to research the PROS AND CONS. not just the CONS.


Q: i think you seem to love your son alot. props to you for loving him and being a good mom. even when people drink it doesnt always result in bad effects (not like that makes it ok) i have seen that pot can increase a babys awarness though by gracenamber

A: thank yuuu! :]

Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans loves pot!

Q: im not jealous of a pot smoker like you. i love my life very much thank you. besides wht is there to be jealous of the fact tht your a horrible mom, a f***ing pot head and b!tchh..haha me jealous of you thts a laugh

A: yes i am a pothead and im PROUD. yah yu are jealous that im on the show. i have a beautiful son that loves me very much and thats all that matters. i buy him a new toy every month, i take him to the beach, i tickle him and make him giggle. so yah yr most likely jealous of everything i just listed.


Q: mahybe if you stop spending all your money on drugs then you would have more money to spend on your son dumba$$. and my daughter is the happiest kid tht you will ever met.

A: i dont buy weed or cigs, never. my friends support my habit for me. :] i bet if social services seen yr TRUE LIFE yu would get her taken away forever and ever. stop being a lil b*tch and grow up.


Q: ya sure seems like you give him the world. wht a world of smoking weed and being a bad parent. and you pretty much just admitted tht you are a sl_t. so keep your legs closed and quit smoking weed you nasty b*tch.

A: ive havent had sex in over 3 months now. ive been single for 4 months. i stay at home with jace every f***ing day. i smoke weed on my OWN time. my legs are sewn shut. :] i bet yrs arent. i bet yr just another jealous lil b*tch that cant seem to stop putting ppl down. and yu put other ppl down becuz yr life is so horrible and have nothing else better to do then take yr anger out on someone like me. :]

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

DAYUMMM! Jenelle don’t play! What do you think about the whole “smoking pot while pregnant” debate? Take the poll!

* Our poll feature has since been discontinued, but here is the question and the results:

What do you think about Jenelle smoking pot while pregnant with Jace?

Completely irresponsible and dangerous 71.71% (11,812 votes)

No problem 9.9% (1,631 votes)

I would never do it but it’s her life 15.65% (2,578 votes)

Whoah, dude! What website is this? 2.73% (450 votes)

Total Votes: 16,471

Jenelle not only likes to smoke weed, she also likes making joint-smoking videos! Here’s one from the summer of 2008 when Jenelle was 15 or possibly even 14. The joint makes its first appearance at right around the :40 mark and then sporadically reappears throughout the rest of the video:

UPDATE – It appears as though Jenelle has “privatized” her youtube videos, so no live action 15-year-old doobie toking for you! Here are a few more stills from the video, though – it should give you a pretty good idea. Just imagine Mia’s song “Paper Planes” playing loudly through the dashboard and a lot of giggling…

Janelle Evans loves smoking pot!

Something tells me Jenelle will be the talk of the water cooler Wednesday morning! She can probably expect calls of support from celebrities like Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, although neither of them smoked grass while pregnant ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jenelle’s Myspace:
Youtube Channel:

If you’re looking for photos she seems to update her myspace profile more often, but for questions or requests Formspring is the way to go.

UPDATE 2/13/10 – D’oh! It appears Jenelle has deleted her previous Formspring account and started a new one at But don’t get too excited, all of her replies to marijuana questions now get met with “No Comment.” I thought I would post a screen capture of one of her last Q&A entries on her previous Formspring account:

I’ve also done posts featuring 16 and Pregnant Season Two cast members Ashley Salazar and Nikkole Paulun, just click their names to find out more about them! I hope to update throughout the season to include all the girls, so stay tuned!

Make sure you tune in February 16 for the premiere episode of 16 and Pregnant!

UPDATE! CLICK HERE here for a bonus clip of Jenelle on a date with a feller named Jared after her break-up with Andrew!

CLICK HERE to watch the full episode and read a recap of Jenelle’s 16 & Pregnant episode

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    • If she didn’t want to hear feedback she should have not made this public dummy, think before you start typing!

  • Laura

    Wow all you teenage moms, need some serious help. Who cares if weed is a plant or not. Any substance you inhale to YOUR lungs is dangerous and harmeful. What about that un born baby you are carrying? Do you not have respect for your own baby? Lots of things are dangerous to your un born baby, some foods, drinks, pot and drinking, along with smoking are all bad things, if you can’t handle nausea you shouldn’t have spread your legs and gotten yourself pregnant. It’s time to grow up now. Do the right thing. I was a teen mom and I never did these things while pregnant. Grow up and be more responsible for your actions!

  • Ortega

    all ya’ll need to quit jockin Jenelle n find something else to do other than talkin some smack bout sumn that isnt even your business. if she wanna smoke regardless if she preggo or not then let her smoke. its her life to do as she pleases.


  • Brandy

    WOOAH! I know her personally and Jenelle is NOT a bad mother, you are making it out to look 4593589453 times worse then it is. She loves Jace, and sure she makes some bad mistakes that will come back to bite her but shes only human! Apparently you have all the time in the world to follow every time she updates something. Its NOT your life so just get over it.

  • wow. This is not a representation of Brunswick County.

    Please do not take this and put a label on ANYONE in the 910 area.

    Her problem, not anyone else’s.

    • Gabi Case

      Imma have to second that one LC.

      This sh*t was officially embarrassing, shocking, and disappointing…

      I’m from Brunswick County and I had my son when I was 19 and I have never and would never treat my child like that. Although I do know quite a few BoCo “Moms” that do, MY child is MY child, I had him, not my mom, making him MY responsibility. In that, it is MY responsibility to take care of him and do what is best for HIM. && ya d@mn right that’s hard and HELL no it’s not always fun, it’s not supposed to be. I go to college full time and everyone knows, MY child is ALWAYS with his mother.

      I guess there is just a point in time in life when you have to grow up and put up and put yourself to the side. I had my time to be a drunk b*tch, now it’s time to be a mom. I guess some people just never got the memo, but kids can’t raise kids.

  • i really appreciate yu making me look like a complete dead beat mother. yu really need to chill out with this sh*t. yu dont even kno me so why are yu going to start drama? i guess thats all yr good for. but yu can keep talking yr MAD SH*T, i love the attention, yr only making me even MORE famous. :]

    • Krystale

      Ummm, a little advice. People are always going to talk smack because they are so bored with themselves. Thats how those type of people build thier self esteem. Because obviously no one ever tells them anything nice about them. So they don’t know how to treat other people and just live thier life the way they see fit. I would even keep responding to them because you will just be helping them out. Forget um and focus on something you love. As long as you respond they feel like thier somebody. And b*tches like that are pathetic and need to go get thier own life! And I never do this blog crap, I like the show, and I thinks it’s f’in crazy all theese people have an (wrong) opinion of something they have obviously never seriously looked into or they would know and shut up! And by they way, it is the government who would like us to think its bad so they capitalize on the market. That’s why we now have 14 states with legalized medical marijuana pushed hard by are DOCTORS!!!! And that has happend in a couple short years and is snowballing. What are all you B*tches gonna say when a mojority of doctors in the whole united states has the same opinion as Janelles doctor and obviously mine.

  • Krystale

    I wish people would stop being so judgemental. You never know! I had rwo children & my doctor also recommended a little pot for relaxation. He said it was a million times better than even having just onw glass of wine that most tell thereself is ok during precnancy is the worst!How can you call a doctor a retard who study anatomy for 10 years of college and 2-4 of training. I let my doctors statistics do all the talking. I found him to be very wise and extremly experienced as for my docotr was in his 70’s. Also my children are at the top of all their precentiles. And did I mention they are way more cuter than most. I only hear how smart, behaved and adorable my kids are practically every where I go. You can come back at me about my grammer or opinion, as I always see people bash others for thier opinion, I just have lots of fact in the wonderful children I produced while smoking doctor recommended pot. If you don’t wanna smoke with your kids don’t, but if you wanna b**tch at someone, B**ch at the idiots who are minute by minute having a couple cocktails getting behind a wheel and killing are children. Or b**ch at the pregnant people having there one glass of red wine at the end of the night. Which is proven to have harmful affects. Oh, and someone show me a study where there is PROVEN harmful damage to a fetus of a parent who smoke marj., because you cant!!!!!


    Um, cocaine comes from a plant too you idiot. No Dr. told anyone here that it was safe to smoke pot while pregnant. That is just a bold face lie to try and cover your dumb a$$.

  • the best

    ahh, kids. gotta love their stupidity….

  • Rebecca

    Well honestly, people should really stop obssesing with what the girl does and worry about their own kids. To each their own, and if she says she doesn’t do it around her son and bring herself home high, then thats better than alot of folks I know who are pisspoor drunk, selling, or God knows what while in the presence of their children. Stop calling someone nasty names just b/c you don’t enjoy the things they do in their free time. And before anyone comes at me, I’m a nurse and a mother of one with another one on the way, not someone with no kids who doesn’t know diddly.

  • Ash

    You seem to do it on your own time which is fine we all have our “quirks ” but bragging about it and having insanely bad spelling errors just makes you look uneducated or unintelligent. I realize you are very young; so you cannot see what your actions today will have on your child down the road. You will have fun when your child is a teenager and all they have to do is google mommy and she how she was.. and that’s all the excuse they will need to tell you to f yourself and do whatever they want.

    I know you love your son and you are doing your best within your capabilities. Just need to think a little further ahead and step back to see more of the picture. Parenting is not easy no matter how old or how young one is. Also not easy without have everyone and their Grandma openly judging you.

    Good luck.

  • amanda

    Child protective services needs to take that poor baby away NOW

    I am CRYING after watching tonights episode.
    She thinks that kid is a f**king gerbil.
    That poor innocent baby.

    We’ll be seeing him on an E! “Too young to kill” special in the next 10 years.
    I hope I’m wrong; but I don’t think I am.

    Poor baby Jace.

  • Danielle

    i also have a friend whose dr recommended it while she was prego n that was 4 yrs ago so this s**it has been goin on 4 a while n she isnt a teenager so it has NUTHIN 2 do w/ teen moms….no matter what u do jenelle, ppl r gunna attack u bc ur life has been made public now..even if u didnt smoke, prego or not, these ppl wud be bashin u bout sum other crap..n honestly..crystal’s rite…they really have nuthin better 2 do then 2 sit here waitin 4 ur every reply 2 talk more smack..if sum1 thinks its crazy 2 smoke pot, prego or not, well then good 4 them…everyone has their own opinion..but 2 judge sum1 that u dont know bout it is a dif story..i guarantee u that these ppl who r talkin s**t bout doin the rite thing 4 ur child, if they were prego n their dr told them 2 do it n said that it wud help i betcha they wud whatever…every1 needs 2 get a life n stay outta every1 elses…Congrats on ur beautiful son n hope all is well!

    • Nicole

      I think you’re right; people should mind their own business. Me personally I don’t think smoking pot while she’s pregnant was a good idea. What if someone had laced it with a more dangerous drug, ya know? It could have hurt her and the baby severely. But I think “whats done is done,” and everyone should leave this little girl alone. She’s going to live her life the way she wants to; as she should. If she does something wrong, oh well. Eventually she will learn from her mistakes. Thats part of being a parent. I’m not saying that I agree with her ways but like i said before she is going to live her life the way she wants to. Honestly, no one is perfect so lay off this little girl.

  • Faye

    I live in Oak Island and was shocked to see how this little brat talked to her mother. First of all you have made all local’s of Oak Island,NC look bad! Second, your mom brought you into this world so show her the respect she deserves. Your mom wasn’t the one who had sex and brought YOUR child into this world so be a mother to your own baby and be responsible for your actions.
    It’s to bad that little girls like you are able to have kids when there are so many women who are unable to have children that would want to spend all of their time with their kids not what party they are gonna go to that night. Grow up little brat!!!!!

  • Disappointed

    You are a f**king sad excuse for a mother. Give that poor baby up for adoption. I thought Farrah was bad.. Geez. Learn some responsibility.

    Stupid little girls having babies. They are not fashion accessories. They are hard work. They are time. They are money. Having a baby is the hugest commitment you will ever make. And these teenagers are making it way too soon. It’s sad, because the mother isn’t ready to grow up, and the poor baby suffers…

  • Lacie

    I agree with some of the things said on this page. I agree that smoking pot COULD be harmful to the baby if it was second hand smoke. Nobody has the right to judge but everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Janelle and only Janelle knows what she is doing right or wrong with her baby. We don’t live with her so we don’t know the whole story behind it. Yes smoking period is bad for you no matter what but doesnt necessarily mean that your baby is gonna be retarded. I’m not saying to do it but what Janelle or anyone else does with their bodies isn’t nobody’s business but theirs. I know how much kids can change your life, how stressful it is, and the freedom you lose but then again thats a consequence you pay for not having protected sex. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. My kids are my life. Yea I didn’t get to finish high school but life goes on and it to me was all worth it. I wouldn’t recommend it though. lol Think before you act.

  • MissPrissi

    I know this girl – I went to school with her and rode the bus with her, as well as the girl she was lighting up next to…
    This makes me sad…depressed even.

  • Bender

    Haven’t seen the show yet (west coast), but I really feel sad for the baby. Young teens having babies when they have so little life experience themselves, let alone the ability to instill values in a child, or have the ability to give that child a great start on life is sad to see for the child’s sake. What these young girls fail to realize is that they are now starting out life in a financial hole. Babies are an incredible financial burden if you’re not prepared. I just had my first child a year ago, I’m 33, and because I went to school, received an education, I make over 6 figures now, which is very little depending on where you live. I’m glad that I gave my baby the best head start he could possibly get. I wish Jace all the best, because it will be a struggle.

  • Kelli

    One other problem with smoking pot is that it is illegal. I’m a nurse and I have NEVER heard a doctor EVER recommend this. It also might be wise to take all the pictures of you smoking pot off of the internet. I know for a fact (since I worked in a NICU) that your child can be taken away because you smoked pot. You are only lucky that no one thought to test you/your baby after you delivered. I wonder if your pediatrician will see this and think to report you. Good luck Baby Jace, you have a long road ahead of you.

  • I suggest all of you nay sayers of marijuana take a look at or just read this info:
    also try looking up Melanie C. Dreher and her research done in Jamaica on prenatal marijuana comsumption and the affects post natal.

    Do research BEFORE you call someone a bad mom for doing what she feels is right. Personally I’d rather make some pot brownies for my nausea than take the FDA regulated ZOFRAN or Phenergan… how many recalls has the FDA done? most recently PAXIL which was THOUGHT to be totally safe during pregnancy and turns out it causes severe birth defects, sometimes even death, so much for LEGAL drugs.

    people say that Smoking marijuana can cause cancer and serious lung damage. When in fact the chance of contracting cancer from smoking marijuana is minuscule. Tobacco smokers typically smoke 20+ cigarettes every day for decades, but virtually nobody smokes marijuana in the quantity and frequency required to cause cancer. A 1997 UCLA study (see page 9) concluded that even prolonged and heavy marijuana smoking causes no serious lung damage. Cancer risks from common foods (meat, salt, dairy products) far exceed any cancer risk posed by smoking marijuana. Respiratory health hazards and cancer risks can be totally eliminated by ingesting marijuana in baked foods.

    People say Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals, thus proving that marijuana is dangerous… well Coffee contains 1,500 chemicals. Rat poison contains only 30 chemicals. Many vegetables contain cancer-causing chemicals. There is no correlation between the number of chemicals a substance contains and its toxicity. Prohibitionists often cite this misleading statistic to make marijuana appear dangerous.

    Also… think about it… Marijuana is an herb, it grows up from the ground, is dried and then smoked/ingested… end of process, nothing more needed.

    OH but isn’t Marijuana a gateway drug–it leads to harder drugs… nope…The U.S. government’s own statistics show that over 75 percent of all Americans who use marijuana never use harder drugs. The gateway-drug theory is derived by using blatantly-flawed logic. Using such blatantly-flawed logic, alcohol should be considered the gateway drug because most cocaine and heroin addicts began their drug use with beer or wine–not marijuana.

    Of course but Marijuana is addicting…NOT…Marijuana is not physically addicting. Medical studies rank marijuana as less habit forming than caffeine. The legal drugs of tobacco (nicotine) and alcohol can be as addicting as heroin or cocaine, but marijuana is one of the least habit forming substances known

    • amanda

      You’re really going to use a study from JAMAICA? How many American studies state that same repertoire?
      Actually, they state just the OPPOSITE.
      That inhaling or smoking ANYTHING while pregnant is crossing through that placenta and literally SMOTHERING the fetus.

      It’s like squeezing their throat every time you light up.

      Guess what?
      My mom smoked cigarettes with me, and I was born low birthweight, early, and have asthma.
      I was going to be a professional soccer player. I played competitively.
      But ultimately, asthma prevented that.

      It has nothign to do with being a “gateway drug” or being addictive.
      It’s about using ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES and inhaling smoke that is deriving that baby from oxygen, polluting the placenta, and NOT giving your baby the best possible start at life.

      If you can’t go 9 f**king months without lighting up to give your child the best possible start, how the f**k do you deserve to be a parent?
      Answer me that.

      If it’s not addicting, why the hell can’t you just ABSTAIN for nine f**king months. Jesus people, it isn’t rocket science.

      I myself enjoyed Rockstar Energy drinks pretty frequently. Guess what? Did I drink any while pregnant? No. Why? It’s nine freaking months of my life. Not that hard. And my baby is worth more than a f**king $3 can of soft drink.

      Jace is worth more than a dimebag.
      he’s worth more than a toke.
      he is an innocent life who doesn’t have a say in being exposed to drugs and illegal substances and smoke.

      Would you sit and blow smoke on a newborn baby?
      Probably not.
      Then why would you do it while pregnant?

      Answer me that


      Jenelle needs her goddamm tubes tied, and that baby taken away and given to a couple who would love and cherish that sweet boy more than a freaking gravity bong hit.

  • caitlin

    hey jenelle i think that you could be a good mom if you set your mind to it and you should take more reasposibilty for you’r child or you should not have kept him couse it seems like you want the best of both worlds and you can have that when you have a baby…
    i hope you do better and dont make an a$$ out of ur self..
    also if u smoke thats ur deal but you shouldnt post in all over the internet at all thats not smart…

    • I agree she could be a good mom if she really wants to be…but cant be going out all the time and leaving her baby with her mom that’s her responsibility! She really needs to get her act together…makes me upset im a new mom and I could never treat my son like that.

  • Shannon

    I have a friend with a 2 year old son, who is one of the smartest 2 year olds i’ve ever seen. and she smoked weed while pregnant with him. and honestly if you want to insult people maybe you should learn some proper grammer. you just make yourself look like a twit.
    I don’t even smoke marijuana and i HIGHLY disagree with any laws and such against it and the bad word about it. why are people so worried about the least harmful drug in america when there are worse drugs out there that should be stopped. people are such idiots when it comes to the so called “war on drugs”… get a grip.. when have you ever heard of someone going out and doing something to harm others or themselves because they smoked marijuana? hmm.. oh you haven’t? gee, i wonder why?

    anyway, point being.. just because the chick smokes weed doesnt make her any less of a person or a bad mom. i have a few friends with children and they smoke weed and their kids are the happiest little kids in world.

    do some research before you make accusations. and wikipedia doesn’t count. ask doctors and such.. REAL research.

    • Bender

      I’m in the military, and a few years back we kicked a guy out who got really high and pulled a K-bar out on someone, which is a type of knife. He was detained by the base police and processed out shortly after. So there you go. Don’t assume all smokers are mellow. I’ve got no problem if someone wants to smoke out as long as they keep to themselves. I’m more of a libertarian, don’t bother me and I won’t bother you. But IMO, introducing substances in your body which will in turn be introduced to an unborn child is just wrong, period. You can defend it all you want, but is it really hard to just put a pause on that stuff for 9 months? I mean as someone else said earlier, it’s not addicting, so why not stop for a while? Is it that hard to stop?

      • Bender

        Oh, and it’s spelled ‘grammar’, not ‘grammer’. Hope that helps!

    • KAREN

      Um, honestly shannon, learn to spell before you try and call people out on their grammAr. Geezus. If you smoke pot, ingest any illegal drugs or drink while pregnant, then YES, you ARE a BAD MOTHER.
      Medical marijuana is useful, just not for pregnant women. And if anyone here who is defending the practice of smoking pot while pregnant had any semblance of intelligence, they would know that medical marijuana for LEGITIMATE usage is not smoked.

    • Yessie

      Shannon,I know I don’t have the best grammar in the world but at least if i was calling someone out on Grammar I would know how to spell “grammar” and capitalize my “I” and capitalize the start of a sentence like you failed to do but I have basis behind my argument so I don’t have to call people out on grammar. I find it funny how everyone has these fantastic stories on how a mother smoked pot while pregnant gave birth to the next Einstein.If these stories were to be true these “smart” children would be the exception and not the rule. If you read everything I wrote and not just proofread what I said you would know that I have no problem with people smoking weed but weed is still a drug and no one who is pregnant should be doing drugs.

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  • Yessie

    This twit is the prime example as to why there should be mandatory birth control for teenagers. I could care less if you smoke weed on your spare time but to do it when your pregnant is completely irresponsible but what would jennelle know about responsibility if she leaves her poor son with her mother to go party! To the people saying leave her alone she decided she wanted to put herself on national tv therefore she is fair game. It seems like the people defending her are as trashy as she is.

  • Jamie

    Hey gurl,
    I smoked a few times while i was preg an my daughters perfect an i smoked cigs the whole time, they do recommend it to people if they are sick while preg, my friend had to do it. I don’t see why everyone is f**Kn with yu noones a angel. Everyone thinks they need to be Control freaks while preg. as long as you are not drinking, taken crack, heroine etc smoking will NOT harm your child. You’ll be a good mom dont worry about all these a**holes. Its noones business what you do and shouldnt be all up in your Youtube an myspace. As long as you an your son are happy thats all that matters. Your son is happy an healthy an people need to get off your case. Can’t wait to watch this episodes of 16 n preg. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! <3

    • Kelli

      Just by reading your writing, I can tell you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I will try to dumb this down for you. Did you obtain your “medical marijuana” for morning sickness with a prescription from a pharmacy. Please, please post your doctor’s name, because I think he needs to be reported to the Medical Board for licensing.

      If you think smoking doesn’t affect your baby, you are an idiot. There are studies that prove this. I bet your baby was a little thing…do you know why? Because smoking causes a physiological process that causes vessel constriction. Want to guess what supplies baby with nutrients and blood flow through the placenta? Yep, you guessed it, blood vessels…you know, the ones you are constricting when you smoke. Those blood vessels then oxygenate this important organ called the brain, you know, that thing you fail to be able to use. Did your mom smoke when she was pregnant for you?

      Please do not spew this ridiculousness over the internet for other uneducated young girls to see. You have no idea what you are talking about. I just hope you have the foresight to notice signs and symptoms of ADHD, behavioral problems, etc as your child ages. As the previous poster (a doctor!) stated, these problems don’t generally show up right away.

      • Chloe

        If I see “YOU” spelled “YU” one more time, I’m going to scream. Does anyone know how to spell anymore or use proper grammar?? No wonder there’s so many babies having babies, CLEARLY education is awful now!

    • Sarah

      Another member of the idiot parade.

      • Sarah

        Sorry, I ment to quote Jamie.

  • Mother

    Just because a website says something does not mean anything. That is what is wrong with this new generation, the internet. I am a Dr and there is a very intricate process taking place from embryo, to fetus to baby. The child does not have the blood brain barrier we have and when you supply it’s blood with TSH you are killing it’s brain cells faster tahn you can create them. You may not see it at 2 years old; that is just nonsense. I am talking 13 or 14 when they need to do algebra, or make a decission to go with the bad crowd or stay home and respect their parents and GET OUT of the house at 18 and go to college, get a career and then maybe get married and have a child. Perhaps when they try pot for the first time and it will be all too familiar and bam a gateway to more unprodcutive humans. Janelle is a disgrace to Americans. She has no clue. Her mother is to blame as well. If she wants to threaten to leave, then be my guest sweetie. Maybe then you will get a taste of what reality is. janelles friends are losers and they will never be productive in society. It’s the times of what are you going to do for me. It’s a shame because jace is well on his way to being a loser too… Great. Please make more babies, someone will take care of them…someone.

    • Caitlin

      I doubt you are a doctor, because do doctors really say stuff like “Jenelle’s friends are losers..” or “Jace is going to be a loser too.”? I didn’t think so.
      Why don’t you go work on treatment to cancer if your a doctor instead of spending time ragging on Jenelle. Her life is her buisness, not yours.

      • Jessica

        So you think this lady doesn’t sound like a doctor because she called someone a loser? Doctors don’t always talk medical jargon they have opinions like anyone else about random things not directly related to medicine.If her life was her business then she shouldn’t of stupidly put video of herself on you tube or signed up for a tv show view by thousands of people.

    • Faye


  • Amanda

    my mom smoked weed when she was prego with me and my sister, we turned out perfectly. Honor Roll students and we both have good jobs…i dont see what the big deal is. On the dollar bill is says “In God We Trust”, well God made Marijuana so as United States citizens I guess we do not trust God? Janelle, dont listen to all these haters they are just jealous!!! Everyone needs to just mind their own business and worry about their own lives.

    • Sarah

      Oh damm, did ya’ll hear that? Amanda and her sister came out fine even though their mother smoked while she was pregnant. Well sh*t! I guess we all should do it too.
      A lot of babies are born fine to mother who smoke crack too, does that mean we should all smoke crack? Just b/c you were lucky enough to have been born fine, doesn’t mean every baby will be or ha been. You don’t take the risk just b/c sally down the street did it and her baby is fine.
      Amanda, you are an idiot.
      And WTF are you talking about w/ that bull s**t about in god we trust? I think that was one of the single most stupidest things I have ever read.
      That sh*t didnt even make any sense.

      • jamie

        I can’t even believe you’re trying to compare weed to crack.

        And In MOST cases,crack babies have severe issues at birth.
        Pretty much everyone i know smoked during their pregnancy and had no issues at all.

        • Sarah

          I’m not comparing Crack to weed you dumba$$.
          If you had any comprehension skills (which you obviously smoked away) You would see that I was comparing your dumb a$$ logic.

          Your saying “well I came out fine so so whats the big deal?”
          My point was, a lot of people do alot of stupid, and dangerous sh*t and the come out fine, but that doesn’t mean you should follow their example b/c they were lucky enough to not have anything awful happen.

      • Amanda


  • courtney

    you can say all you want about research that smoking marijuana while pregnant won’t hurt your baby, but what about all the research that says it will, if there is any chance at all that it might hurt your baby, why would you even take that chance? i don’t understand how anyone could risk even potentially hurting their child when it could be avoided, that is just stupid and selfish

  • Carrie

    All i can say is i am SO glad she doesn’t live around here..
    Poor Jace.. Only if he could be put into a nice LOVABLE CARING DRUG-FREE Home!!!! No child should be in the hands of someone like her.. end of story..

    • Amanda

      do you take pain medicine when a doctor prescribes it to you?

      • seriously?

        Your not suppose to take pain medicine when your pregnant either…but nice try

        • Amanda

          that was not my question seriously….i never asked if you take it when your prego. i asked do you take it when the dr prescribes it to you?

  • Amanda

    I’m a pot smoker and I had the logic to quite smoking when I was pregnant. Why? because I am smart enough to know that weed could harm my child. To me this little girl was to busy partying and being an all around ingrate to realize the harm she will be doing to her child.

    • samantha

      Actually studies done on women in Jamaica show that not only does smoking or eating cannabis (marijuana) NOT hurt the baby, but it actually helps.

      Look up: “Melanie Dreher” (she’s the one who did the studies)

      • seriously?

        I love that people are quoting “Studies” there weren’t even done by medical professionals. All REAL research done by medical doctors have shown pot caused developmental delays, at risk for SIDS, and many other risk factors. Use common sense, it’s a drug! How in the hell can a drug be good for a developing baby. They don’t even wont you to eat tuna anymore, but pot is ok? I feel sorry for the retarded kids born to idiot fools who are so selfish they are willing to retard their baby for a quick high. There cannot possibly be a more selfish looser thing to do, to impair the development of you own child. So messed up!

        • samantha

          Sorry, this study was done by medical professionals, Melanie Dreher is a PHD Nurse, commissioned by a group of doctors called “Patients out of Time”.

          Cannabis is an Herb. You have been brainwashed into thinking it’s bad and dangerous by your government. This is because dangerous pharmaceutical drugs make a lot of money and the pharmaceutical industry has 2.3 lobbyists for every congressperson – if marijuana (cannabis) were legal, they would loose a lot of money because cannabis is safer than Drugs and works better without side effects.

          Educate yourself. Think outside of the box. Watch the History channel on how marijuana became illegal. Search “Marijuana: illegal drugs and how they got that way”.

          Also see:

  • Amanda

    Who are any of these people to judge? The only things people see about Janelle and Jace life is whats seen on tv. What about their lives once the cameras are turned off. I said it once, ill say it again EVERYONE NEEDS TO MIND THEIR BUSINESS AND WORRY ABOUT THEIR OWN F**KING KIDS AND LIVES. LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE!!!!

    • Faye

      Like I said before, if she didn’t want feedback on this subject she should have not made her life sooooo public dummy!!! So please think before you post something saying her life is no ones concern.

  • Kelli

    Oh and here you go:

    here’s some research from a reputable source.

  • Abigail

    She’s not defending her child… she’s defending a habit she thinks is acceptable. It’s not. It’s harmful to the mother and the child, no matter what kinds of medical oppositions have been published. A doctor would only prescribe marijuana to a pregnant woman in VERY SPECIAL CASES. I have nothing but doubts in my mind that Jenelle was given medical marijuana.
    She’s reckless. She cares too much about herself. That’s just the way it is. As a psychologist, she is absolutely putting too much effort into making life acceptable for her.
    What Jenelle does is ILLEGAL. You’re putting yourself in medical and legal trouble by following in her footsteps. It’s a wonder she hasn’t been arrested on television yet. That child should be taken away from her, whether she smokes around him or not.

  • Amanda


  • Mo

    Ok, so you don’t have any issues with her smoking pot, so therefore to you, she is a good mother. What about the fact that she spends so much time away from her son and leaves him with her mother? She CHOSE to have sex, she chose not to give the baby up for adoption, so it is HER responsibility to raise her baby, 100%. It is not your mother’s job to raise your baby because you chose to have sex.

    Not being there for your child doesn’t make you a good mother. I am not calling her a bad mother, but it certainly does not make her a good one. It is not grandma’s job to raise her child’s child. Never.

  • Lorena

    I am 19 years old. I have a 9 month old baby. This girl makes teenage parents a bad reputation. I have never in my life smoked, and never would, specially if pregnant. I was married before I got pregnant too, yes I was 17. Also, I know somebody who smoked cigarettes and weed while pregnant, as her baby was coming out, the umbilical cord was deteriorating, and the baby has severe asthma and is a little slow, although she looks normal, but just does not learn the same. At 12 months this baby weighed almost as much as my daughter when she was 4 months. 15 lbs. When most babies are way bigger, and she drank the same amount of formula as my daughter. This is irresponsible, and is low. You do not do this to your kid. This girl even admits to spending less time with her baby than her mother. Pathetic. Sorry honey, but if you wanted to spread them, then take care of your responsibilities.

  • Megan

    You all are f**king stupid for fighting about such a waste of human flesh. This girl Jenelle is f**king trash. Child services should definitely be called on her, and that baby should be removed from her custody. DRUGS ARE BAD FOR BABIES, get that through your thick, idiotic f**king skulls people. Regardless of if your baby comes out with 5 limbs, or 3 eyes, why the hell would you risk it by smoking pot, drinking alcohol, or doing other recreational drugs while pregnant!? Its just stupid and irresponsible. Any woman on here, or anywhere who says its ok to do these things during pregnancy, should just terminated it when they see the pink + because obviously your just too f**king stupid and daft to see how your putting that baby at risk. I really hope all of you never have children, and if you do, I really hope theyre not in your care for their entire lives. They deserve to be raised by someone who has their HEALTH as a priority, not a blunt or a bong. F**king losers.

  • Paige

    First of all, that isn’t a joint. It’s a blunt ๐Ÿ™‚ and second, smoking weed has no negative effects on the child whatsoever. So stop wasting your time posting dumb things like this. Research it a little next time. Y’all are totally overreacting, why do you even care what she does?

  • Caitlyn

    It amazes me how these girls on this show, can go from being pregnant one moment, to the moment they give birth they say “Yea, i’m a mom, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still a teenager too.” and think that is an acceptable thing to say when they want to go out.

    Um, news flash b**ches: THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS.

    If you were ‘adult’ enough to have sex and get yourself pregnant, and after weighing your options, decided to have/keep and raise the baby YOURSELF, then you are basically relinquishing your ‘basic rights’ as a teenager to go out and party, because everything is going to be different for you from here on out. So, yes, you are a mom and YES that means for at least the first year of your child’s life, your social life takes a backseat and your child comes first. They aren’t the baby dolls everyone got when they were little, it’s real life and it’s an infants life, they don’t have the say in how they are treated, and that is why they should always come first. It’s clear Jenelle is not doing everything she can for her child, she is too preoccupied with partying, boys and having fun. Her child should be placed in the custody of her mother. And she should get a big kick in the a$$ and sent to a reform school.

  • People shut up its her life, if she wants to smoke weed then let her do it. I agree doing it while pregnant not a smart idea but, you cant judge her on what you see on TV. I’m a single teen mom and when i go out at night I have fun. Yess I worry about my daughter but I know she’s in good hands. Jenelle has done better she stays at home with Jace and on a Friday or Saturday she goes out is fin. That’;s normal for a single teem mom, we need that night out. She can do whatever she wants that night, it’s her life. She said she’s not high when she comes home then she’s not. Getting high relieves a lot of pressure. Leave her alone she’s a good mom.

    • Garion

      Hey there people, You have sucked me into this conversation about smoking pot and having kids. First I have to say it’s probably not the best thing to do, neither is coffee, booze, painting, skydiving, or kickboxing! Second I have 2 kids and a 3rd coming and my wife does take a hit every once in a while. I think everything in moderation isn’t a bad thing…having a puff maybe better than having a drink. I know some woman who think it’s ok to get drunk while pregnant (much worse imo). My wife smoked during pregnancy, and maybe twice a week had a hoot. My 2 year old little girl can recite her ABC’s, count to 12 and is potty trained. she also came in at 6’12oz. Average size I guess and healthy! We used to have a cat and it was more of health concern than all of the above.
      Anyways, Moderation people!
      Peace, Love, and Happiness!

  • Liz

    She is so unresponible and really she should give that baby boy up for adopation like i can’t even stand her!She is such a b*tch and smoking pot while pregnant??WTF?I mean really were you thikning of your baby?Seriously get a life or maybe maci who is awesome should give you tips about being a good mom.Your mom does more than you do she is more of a mom soon he will be calling her mommy and i hope she does.F*** you!!

    • anon

      Her kid should soo go to adoption. That poor baby. But I mean honestly the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Her mom obviously didnt take enough time with her to tell her that she loves her and that she deserves much better. I am a single mom and have No familyl support and still there is no reason for her to act that way.

  • Allee

    Janelle is a stupid b*tch. i feel sorry for her mother, and her baby. She actually stole my friends ipod once, haaaha.

    • kaylaaah

      i think you should rethink your thought about jenelle cause she’s relle nice and a relle good mom soo rethink that hunnee kks.

  • Don

    This girl is crazy! How can MTV put this crap on TV? Really what is showing? This is insane, these girls documenting their pregnancies at 16,17, and 18 years old need help. They all come from messed up MOMS!!!!! Geeez. What a joke MTV!

  • Lily

    I’m sorry, but this is not a real interview, an interview is professional and seeks real information. But in this case, both the interviewer and the mom are more arguing like a pair of spoiled brats. No one can take this seriously, this isn’t a news story, it’s a bunch of stupid drama that doesn’t give support to either person’s opinion.

    I say this to both the mom and the interviewer
    Grow up

    • admin

      ****Just a quick note – The questions and answers in the post were taken from Jenelle’s previous Formspring account. We didn’t ask the questions, they were asked by various Formspring users.

  • Social Services

    I wish social services would see those videos and investigate or maybe “someone” should report her. That baby is the one that is suffering the second hand smoke is worse then her putting that blunt in the baby’s mouth. I better go I have calls to make.

  • n8whit

    This is why I support drug testing for all welfare recipients…

  • scott

    all i got to say is leave this girl alone she isnt hurting anyone and besides if she wasnt on tv show none of you would even care if she was smoking pot or whatever theres nothing wrong with smoking weed i do it everyday all day and iam just fine and if you judge me or her for it then your all just pathetic and need to get a life!

  • yazmine

    Motherhood is not just about tickling your son and make him giggle!! You are not a good mother when your mom is the one taking care of your child 24/7 and you just play with him and buy him a toy every so often! its also sad that she is soo unrespectful towards her mother that just wants the best for her and for her grandson. Jeanelle is manipulative and she likes to make excuses for every single thing she doesnt do right… she is just flat dumb and rude… I hope she grows up before its too late.I really feel bad for that little boy and for her mom cuz she is the one putting up with that crap.

  • Jessica

    I can just see her “tickle tickle jace I AM SUCH A GOOD MOM!”
    WHAT AN IDIOT!! Wow and what is sad is that she is not the only one who thinks like that there are more dumb @$$ out there that think they are the best mom god has created but yet only spend enough time to tickle them lol omg I’m just in complete like aaawwww

  • Jessica

    I dont think that its good to smoke weed or to have kids around it but i cant really say nuthin cause i smoked weed after i had my kids and before but it was occasionally and it was only wen i was stressed out janelle i liked ur show and i kno wat ur r going through im a single mom of two livin wit my dad and wish i had a joint rite now oh n also ur son is real cute

  • Amanda

    I think its hillarious that she thinks she’s a good mom because she tickles him and buys him a new toy every month. He’s a BABY, you moron. He doesnt care about toys or the beach or any of the bs you listed. He needs LOVE. And I saw her episode, the only thing she loves is herself, bad hair-dye, and cussing. Her mom has taken all of the responsibility for Jace, and its only a matter of time before she has no one but her son. And if she keeps doing drugs, she wont have him for long..

  • kaylaaah

    uhmmm can everyone shut uhhpp please. she’s such a good mom. smoking weed umm not that bad. everyone’s blowing this hole thing out f paportion just shut uhp and let her do her thing i liked her i’ll continue to like her idc what anyone thinks about this comment because she was great soo people please get a life grow up and stop picking on people about there parenting skills go work on your own.

    • Kari

      Sorry, girl, I know you posted this a while ago, hope the response isn’t too annoying. Honestly, I think people who say she is a bad mom are just going off of what they see on the show, which was probably all of the dramatic parts (which did show her in a very bad light). I’m not going to judge her as a person or as a mother in general, because I don’t know her, but the clips shown on her episode do make her seem selfish, immature, and even more selfish, especially when you compare her to most of the other girls interviewed, who seem to spend more time with their kids. She seems ungrateful to her mother, who, while perhaps overbearing, pays the bills and takes care of Jace (seemingly more than Jenelle, herself). I don’t care if she smokes now when she isn’t with Jace, I think it should be legalized, but during pregnancy isn’t the best idea. So judging her parenting based on what the episode shows, I would say she is not a very good mother at all. That said, I don’t know her, so if you do know her and she is a good mom, that’s great. If you don’t know her, I don’t think you have any reason to say she is a good mother.

  • Leanuh

    I REALLY had to laugh at this comment she left back:

    A: yes i am a pothead and im PROUD. yah yu are jealous that im on the show. i have a beautiful son that loves me very much and thats all that matters. i buy him a new toy every month, i take him to the beach, i tickle him and make him giggle. so yah yr most likely jealous of everything i just listed.

    I am pretty sure no one in their right mind would ever be jealous of someone like her. Hmmm, I can’t name anyone off the top of my head who would want to be a drug using, trashy, neglectave mother who is now the laughing stock of national tv. That whole “your jealous” line is nothing more than an excuse for her to make about what people say or a form of her own denial. Also why would someone be jealous of someone being on a tv show that is basically making an example of people who do nothing but make mistakes. (Minus Maci and a few of the girls on season 2). That is like saying “You’re just jealous I was on to catch a preditor last night hater.” It makes me laugh.

    When her child grows up to resent her and she is left with no one but her beloved pot we will see what happens. And news flash being a mother is more than just buying him a new toy every month and making him giggle by tickling him.

    I feel bad for her mother and her child. She is just a sad excuse for a person. Chances are she will just end up pregnant again and end up on welfare or something.

    I hope she knows she is not impressing anyone with her whole “Look at me I am a pothead” thing, she just proves everyone’s point that she is a terrible mother and person.

  • AmPahn

    Hi everyone. I’m new here so I just wanted to say hi

  • tiffany

    Jenelle is a irreponsible mother who in the f*cken world smokes pot when their pregnant!

  • A GOOD mom

    hello….Social Service?????? This baby needs a good home…not some pot head for a mom….she really has smoked herself stupid….nothing but white trash…

  • annon mommy

    You really need to get a mentor. One that is a good example, if not for you, do your baby a favor. Im a mom that sometimes watches 16 and preg. and it is heart breaking. Your son will only do as good as you provide him, while under your care, and these circumstances are horrific for him. Please, for the love of your baby, get a mentor. Pull it together or everyone around you will eventually run away from you, I bet they already have. Yoy should really respect your mom more, I think that will come when you start respecting yourself more. do yourself a favor and watch yourself, no child should have to live like that.

  • S

    Did she ever heard of brains?
    Maybe she should get some,
    Poor kid.



  • lisa

    You DO NOT deserve 2 be a mother!!!! Grow up little girl!

  • anonimous

    how irrisponible!!!! poor kiid:( he is probably going thru alot!!!!

  • Shelly

    Well, I just wanted to say a few things on here. I have read through all of the comments posted and am quite shocked. I do not support any type of drug or alcohol use while pregnant, however after the child is born it is a different story. I myself do not smoke pot, but I do have friends that do. I do not judge them or hold it against them, because it does not affect their lives negatively. They do have children, they do not do it around the children and are not high while their kids are in their care. As long as the child is not affected and it does not affect the mothers daily routine, then there is absolutley no reason to make all of these comments. You people do not know this girl and have no right what so ever to judge her parenting skills.

  • Kelsey

    How goddamn irresponsible is that? Just because you don’t smoke weed AROUND your son doesn’t make it right. I am a young mother myself and would never even think about doing drugs, it didn’t matter if my son wasn’t with me at the time. The fact that she has her mother watching her son overnight so she can go out and smoke weed, grow up. It really shows that you are a sh!tty mom when your friends are supporting your drug habbit lol. It also shocks me that in NO comments did you ever say you love your son. Buying him a toy every month? Woww, welcome to the world of parenting. Materialistic things are good, not essential. You do also know [since you think you are grown], that if child services was to drop you for a drug test, they would take your son away.

  • barbie

    omg how stupid janell are you nuts no dr recomends smoking pot to anyone dang gone you are a messed up chic go get you soem mental help there kid and thats what you are a KID !!!! grow up you got a kid now stop acting liek your still 14 cause ya not

  • big miz

    i love how all these people call her stupid, and meanwhile can’t spell for sh!t and don’t know a damn thing about pot other then what the church group tells them

  • lalaloud

    I doubt her doctor recommended that because I live in North Carolina and I don’t think marijuana will ever be legal-medical, decriminalized, whatever. that’s the beauty of living in the Bible Belt I guess. she’s an embarrassment to the state-first Kelly Pickler and now this knocked up idiot.

  • anonimous

    who cares it her life her mom takes care of her kid anyways



  • Karissa

    That’s so pathetic someone would even smoke pot while having a baby. Yeah you might smoke on your own time, but what if something were to happen on day BAD and your all toked up? Have you ever thought of that? You really need a lot of growing up to do. Sooner or later YOUR child is going to get taking away.

  • Carly

    Jenelle i would just like to say YOUU ARE THE SH!T!! ahah, personally i do not smoke pot at the moment, But i DID THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS PREGNANT, i also had 6 DOCTORS TELL ME MY BABY IS PERFECT. His sight was perfect, his hearing EVERYTHING. My baby is almost 2 years old and he started walking at 10 months old. HE IS VERY SMART:) and talking like crazy. VERY GOOD AT WORDS TOO MIGHT I ADD. We also have his check up every 3 months and his doctor said hes doing wonderful!!! I would just like to say to all the dumb people out there who dont know a single thing about marijuanna, you might want to do some more research before you go pointing fingers. MANY of my friends also smoked while they were pregnant and their babies are PERFECT AS WELL ๐Ÿ™‚ She is not a bad parent for that, and everyone has their own opinions on parenting, havnt you ever seen the tyra show? ahah plenty moms stood up on camera saying they smoke too. DONT BE ASHAMED PEOPLE. MARIJUANA MAKES YOU HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT ๐Ÿ™‚ F*CK THE HATERS!!!!

  • Courtney

    What ever happened to people being able to make decisions for themselves? I think everyone should mind their own business. Those of you who think smoking marijuana while pregnant is bad need to shut the hell up. I have a friend that smoked it while she was pregnant and her son is perfectly healthy and he is actually very smart. It has not been proven whether marijuana is harmful to babies or not. I have heard several pregnant friends, who are not “pot heads”, say that their doctors told them it is just fine to smoke marijuana while pregnant. Sh!t happens and how people go about dealing with it is their business. I watch 16 and pregnant and I saw Jenelle’s episode and it sure looked like Jace was a perfectly healthy baby. If Jenelle wants to continue smoking weed thats HER choice. You only live once so enjoy it. No one has a right to judge someone they don’t personally know especially when they say she is a bad parent. Jenelle I think that you are doing just fine as a parent. I have a few friends who are single parents/young mothers and I see that it is very hard. I wish you the best of luck and I hope people eventually learn to keep their mouths shut. They might want to learn how to spell while they’re at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Emily

      yeah, i highly doubt any doctor would reccomend smoking weed or say it’s okay. you know why? because it is ILLEGAL. you f*cking dumbass.

  • anon

    She’s a f*cking idiot.

  • Jamie

    I am not going to get into a big ass debate about this but all of you dumb bitches that think its ok to get high while your pregnant and are basing that on the fact that your children are 2 years old with no problems why don’t you bite your tongue until your children get older . i work in daycare and have personally seen the effects of stupid bitches thinking its cool to smoke and drink while they are pregnant . F.Y.I birth deffects can show up in all aspects of a child’s life any time until they are fully developed so hopefully it doesn’t but when your child gets ready for kindergarten and cant read then I can say I told you so … Buhbye

    • LT

      Agree, the effects can develop later on. I believe that when you have a child, it is time to mature and take on the role of a parent. That means to stop partying, smoking weed, sleeping around—everything. Once you have a child you have entered parenthood and need to take responsiblity.

  • Audrina’s soon to be Mommy

    Really pisses me off when people say if you smoke weed, you’re a bad mother. That is like me saying if you drink, you’re a sh!tty mother.
    As long as you don’t smoke around your child, there is NOTHING wrong with it. Smoking weed is very calming and relaxing, something mothers do not tend to be very often, especially teenage mothers. I am 16, and 8 months pregnant. And I plan on smoking weed, and being a GREAT mom.

    There is no problem with her smoking weed now, as she said she doesn’t smoke around her child.
    It is not a big deal she smoked while pregnant either.
    I smoked the first 4 months of my pregnancy, told my doctor and she said that I should cut down or stop, but they’re should not be any damage other than that she may be 1/10 of an inch shorter than most newborns.

    Most of the people here literally have no common sense, or the ability to spell and use punctuation. There fore obviously have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

  • LT

    That child should be taken away from her and placed into custody of a RESPONSIBLE adult. Smoking weed or cigarettes is not healthy during a pregnancy. It can cause health risks in the baby’s development. Why would anyone who “loves” their child be wiling to take that risk? Let’s hope this Jenelle “woman” gets caught with cocaine, then she won’t have her child anymore, which will do society a huge favor.

    The wrong people are having children.

  • notsaying.

    What a selfish, immature bitch. Yeah, I have read the pros and cons on weed and I’ll admit, it is better than smoking cigs. Still, are you forgetting everything else??….uhm how about if you get caught YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR CHILD…i mean is it really worth that? and how about going to jail too? oh..maybe the effects of smoking while pregnant don’t show now…but the child is not fully developed….are you f*cking serious?? it f*cking kills ur brain cells. what a f*cking idiot. grow up. when you have a child, you need to make sacrafices. DUMBASS BITCH.

  • Denise.

    Well first off, i dun really know that a doctor would reccomend smokin weed while prego.. But i know that if i was prego i would wait til i had the baby to continue smokin or drinkin.. But haha i just wanted to say the picture WHERE SHE had the giant lighter is hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚ where the hell did yhu get that ha ha? && ya i do think jenelle shouldn have her mom watch the baby. Yhu had him, its yhur responsibility. Yhu don’t want him growing up saying he was raised by his g ma cause his mom couldn do it do yhu? I mean don’t get me wrong i like jenelle. I just know she could be a better mom then the show was portraying.

  • lyla

    Can we sayyy WHITE TRASH.

  • danny

    not really my dad is a doctor and he says yes they do say they can smoke weed because cancer people smoke weed so they dont throw up all the time and it gets them hungry and for a pregnant lady its fine it does nothing to the baby actually ik i was like wtf are you serouis because i guess throwing up all the time when your pregnant is bad for the baby because spmetimes when they do throw up it comes up then back down and tht can kill a baby

  • Laureena

    Wow grow up already little spoiled ass bitch little girls wouldnt know responsibility if it bit them in the ass

  • Linz

    She’s obviously a very selfish person.

    • This girl i know just lost her kids because they found weed in the babys system so i dont believe doctors suggest it 0.o

    • elliottking

      I love smoking weed, but I stopped when I got pregnant. Not because I thought weed itself is harmful but because it has been 100% proven that smoke inhilation (cigarettes or otherwise) has a negative effect on a babies development. The smoke itself deprives the babies brain of oxygen wich can lead to many problems. Im sure Jenelle is a nice girl who just is NOT mature enough to cope with the responsibilities of motherhood. But there is no denying that the choices she makes are selfish. Many teens get preggo and change their whole lives around for the child. She clearly loves herself more than Jace and is still living a pre- baby lifestyle. Im not hating on Jenelle as a person, but her choises prove that she is selfish.

  • Me

    She Is Such A Sh!tty Mother!! If You Ppl Really Think Its Cool To Smoke While Being Pregnant Then You Shouldnt Be Having Kids! Obviously You Are Immature Little F*cks That Could Careless About Anyone But Yourselves. GROW UP And Grow A Damn Brain!! Your Children Come First And Thats It, Putting Toxins In Your Bodies While Carrying Your Child Is Just So Selfish And Disgusting!!! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!! Oh And The Fact That Her Mom Watches Her Baby All Time Just Proves That She Shouldnt Have A Baby. I Hope DCF Gets Involved And That Cute Little Boy Gets Placed In A Home With Ppl That Will Be Responsible And Love Him.

    • Ashley

      Why don’t you just wory about your own life and let her live her life the way she wants. It’s not hurting anyone. I know plenty of people who smoked while they where pregnant and the kids are actually alot calmer than others. My little cousin is actualy top ten in his class and his mom smoked with him! Just saying.

  • alyssa lawson

    i honestly think that everyone needs to leave this girl alone seriously?? what she is doing as a mother isnt hurtingg you? so STFU AND LEAVE HER ALONEE!! <3

    Jenelle love u babyy.. smoke up!

  • Tabatha

    There is not a problem with smoking weed sh!t I do it and it helps my pain. I also got straight A’s while smoking. I never smoked while I was pregnant but my sister and sister in-law did and both my niece and nephew are smart as hell. This is just another thing that everyone(who dont smoke) thinks because its a “Drug” its bad. Over half of the population smokes or have smoked and they will agree weed does not make you do anything dumb like kill someone or steal, its all LIES that weed makes you do dumb sh!t so until you try it and know for a fact people need to shut the f*** up grow up and worry about your own life leave people alone, you have to learn things for yourself without dumb a$$ people getting pissed about something that dont affect them… Also why does everyone gotta say something to Jenelle what about tell the few other million people who smoke weed how bad they are and how they suck as parents, ooo wait if you do that you would have to talk face to face and you are scared of getting your a$$ beat… So leave this poor girl alone quit being pu$$y and tell someone how bad they are FACE TO FACE get your a$$ beat and be done with it……

  • Jeanette

    Ok so this is her life. People honestly HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE to do worse. I know someone who took pills and did meth. her baby is so messed up but no one will bitch about her, just feel sorry for her kid. If shes being a good mother that should be the only thing that matters. Butt out and leave this girl alone. Haters!

  • cindy

    No wonder she got pregnant.”Iโ€™m Very Sexual, and I Can Be a Perv. Also, I Have a Dirty mind<3 Oh, and Iโ€™ll always Say whatโ€™s on my mind! Even if it is Sexual." Ahha. &' for who ever said marijuana makes your babies smarter…. wow. Just trying to cover up the truth ehh? x) Son pinche marijuanos tambien. Ya lo tienen en la sangre. Marijuana is mainly used as a medicine for cancer. Not pains. It seems like it 'relieves' it because of the chemicals that you inhale and it gets released into your brain &' body system, which mainly just is a hallucinogen, stimulant, &' a depressant. So it'll get you that 'high feeling' , slow down your body, &' makes your heart beat faster which could kill the baby, &'/or affect the baby. It'll be a slow process though for your baby to show the signs, or the signs will show when the baby is born, or some weeks old.

    • Hahahahaha this is sooo true!!! vallanze todas ala verga la neta iused to be a smoker my self as soon as i got pregnant istopped!!!!! how the fuk can pot make ur baby smarter when it f*cks ur brain cells up come on now ppl quit being stupid!!! my son is 5months old i go to high school n all my friends are smoking do i smoke?NO ihavent even drank or had sex since i was 4months pregoo so all u bitches fuk off

  • Bryanna

    My doctor recommended smoking a joint while I was prego for the morning sickness. Now I never did, because I didnt want to take the chance of hurting my babies. But I have friends who have smoked while being pregnant and their babies are just fine!!

  • Darla

    It’s absolutely tragic that we feel superior to other people and pass judgement on them strictly because they are plastered all over the media. ALL of you need to recognize that unless you WALK IN THIS PERSON’S SHOES and experience what they have or have not witnessed then you have no RIGHT to judge and enforce your own personal opinion which is based on your personal perspective!!! Don’t get it? Then get your butt back in the books where it belongs and stop commenting on others’ lives which you know NOTHING ABOUT!! I do not smoke pot because I am an asthmatic so trust me, this isn’t about defending cannabis. I am simply saying that whether or not I agree with someone else’s choices is NONE OF MY BUSINESS and you know darn well that if someone were to put a camera in your life for 3 months you would be defending yourself too because NO ONE IS PERFECT! I don’t agree with smoking while pregnant, however, I can only make suggestions to this girl, not act like I know what she has been through. SO SHUTT UPPP cause allof you have little angel halo’s THAT ARE SLIPPING!

  • it’s not anyone elses life, it’s HERS. so let her do what ever the f*ck she wants. i don’t understand why everyone is judging the damn girl, if you don’t like her, don’t watch the damn show! my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and i am perfectly fine. straight A student. im pregnant right now, and i dont smoke weed so i cant say i completly agree with it, but im just saying its her damn life, let her live it how she wants!

  • alliekinz

    everyone has there own thing they beleive and find to be the right thing. but if you research it there is nothing proving that smoking weed harms a unborn child. Also there are doctors that do recommend smoking marijunna during pregnancy to control morning sickness expecially in the state of california….alot more states are decriminalizing it and have legal medical weed.

  • Ashlie

    My doctor recommended it for me and I found out my friend’s doctor did too. It helps with morning sickness and makes you hungry so you will eat and keep your body healthy and pot, really doesn’t effect much.

  • morgan

    my doctor told me that smoking pot is 100% better than cigarettes pregnant or not. i lost 10 pounds the first 4 months of my pregnancy bc i couldn’t keep a bit of food down. started smoking pot again and i ended up with a very healthy 10 pound boy who to this day is very smart, honor roll student, so it obviously has zero effect on development and growth of a child. No need to knock on what you have NEVER experienced or even have the first notion as to what ‘mary jane’ is really capable of. A man with a shut mouth is far more wise.

  • Abby.

    Why Would You Smoke When Your Prego Anyway!!?? Dumbb B****hss Theses Dayss , i Swearrrrrrr !

  • J+R

    Okay weed does kill your BrainCells. But thats only when you do it all the time. She said she does it on her own time. SO WHO CARES! If she does do it all time then yea she would be stupid but she said it her self “i do it on my own time, when my mom is home and jace is in bed” Whats wrong with that?!!! I’ve smocked, I havent in a while because i just moved to Indiana. But in California i would be around it most of the time and trust me my friends are not rettarted & neather is my famaily! They have their own jobs and have a house +a nice car THEY DONT DIPEND ON WEED!
    Smocking while your prego i dont know about that i dont think its bad but i know i wouldent do it unLess a doctor would recomend it to me.
    when you smock think of me i havent blazzed it in a long time!!!!!

    • georgia

      its smoke not smocked…wow u must smock alot

  • vicky

    1 question – what are we suppose to be hating on ?! Let’s see maybe the fact that u had a baby @ the age of 16 and got a show ?!no wait maybe because you & ur bf broke up OR your horrible relationship w. Your mother or because u smoke?!

  • Ani

    This is a discrace! Smokin weed when preg is just not right! So a doc tell’s u its all good.. U gna risk doing harm to ur baby.. When potentially it COULD cause damage?? I wouldnt be betting on something like a childs health. If ur doc told u to jump off a bridge im sure u wouldnt do it, so why smoke weed preg when dec tells ya its all good, u think that he/she really cares.. Coz it dosnt sound like it if thats the advice their givin ya. Use ur brain ppl!

  • OB

    Any OBGYN that advised any patient that smoking weed was okay or even recommended during pregnancy is risking their medical license and is completely insane. I don’t believe for one nano-second all of these claims of physicians that recommended weed. Not for a second.

    If you are claiming your OBGYN told you to smoke weed or said it was okay please post the name of the OBGYN and where they practice. I will personally call them and get their opinion on the matter. Something tells me not a single person will meet this expectation. Impressionable people read this crap. Be responsible. You know you are lying if you are saying that….

  • brandon

    Ok first case this girl is messed up in the head. I don’t care what she does as far as smoking weed on her spare time, what I do have to say smoking while prego is dumb, and everyone saying its not our business well when it is on my tv on my internet well they just made it my business. I am a father of 3 girls and I know raising kids is hard but it is called life u have to deal with it. You have to make sacrifices for your babies and repects those who got you there. Like jenelles poor mother raising that baby while her dumbass daughter goes out and parties all night. That lady don’t deserve that and if jenelles dumbass didn’t want to take on such a big responsiblity well she should have used a condom or remembered to take her pill cause let me tell you my wife wasn’t ready for our first but she stepped up to the plate and did her job as a mother and I am so ever proud of her so I don’t want to hear I can’t stop going out cause I need some me time. That’s a bunch of bs and its time to grow up and raise that baby and if u don’t like it then close ur legs. I give respect to all u trying parents out there and respect to jenelles poor mother who should take full custody of jace and kick out jenelle.

  • brittani

    doctos will suggest t or just tell you to do it. i have a child and smoked with hiim till i was 6 mnths prego. and he’s y7 and PERFECT. So F*ck the haters jenelle.

  • erica

    i think your a great mom. you should be able to do what you want to doo. i think people need to stop bein an ass to you its not right at all. watever you do should be your bussiness you know what i mean. but i jus think your a good mom. im not going to hate on you since you smokee. =}

  • Jediann

    Janelle first of all you are very aggressive and disrespectful to your mom.. and second it was very irresponsible of you to smoke while pregnant… you will see the consequences not now but later..okay of u smoke at ur own time, not everyday ! but i really think ur irresponsible sorry to say..

    • shi shi

      u r a very disrespectful child to ur mother! ur mom is trying to help u out and all u do is party and gettin high! u need 2 step up and take care of ur baby!(doubt u will do tht) if i were ur mom and if you talked 2 me like u talked 2 her like tht u would hv been pickin ur teeth off the floor and u would be in a coma! i dont play dat! u need 2 check nurself! ur mom should take custody of ur baby!!! dont be boo hoo cryin when ur baby later on in life become retarted! watch urself!!!! ur not a god mom!!! ur mom is a better mom 2 ur baby!! its a shame!!!! u should be ashamed! but u dont care! go get high!!!!!u dont care either way!!! shame on u!!

  • DntTrip

    Honestly , give the girl a break . You wouldn’t want anyone to tell you what you can & can’t do now would you ? So what if she smokes , at least she isn’t getting her son high .

  • TT

    Ok so I came under fire for the whole smokin pot while pregnant thing. PPL DO YUR F**KING RESEARCH. I had real bad morning sickness & a few puffs of a joint were the ONLY thing tht helped and gave me a appetite. My child is one now & QUITE healthy & VERY smart. Stop being so judgemental. I do agree she needs to respect her mom & stop partying quite so much.

    • Mithra

      While I would not advise getting high just for the sake of getting high while pregnant, I will concede that a few tokes is helpful for morning sickness and – yes, I have done my research, and plenty of it – it is most likely harmless. There are women out there who have lost their babies because they were unable to maintain adequate nutrition in their bodies during the first trimester, who were able with the help of marijuana to eat, keep their food down, and keep their babies thriving. This was the case with me and my oldest son. He’s seven now and is astoundingly smart. I also can’t imagine my life without him…so please be careful when you judge. What some consider poison may be a godsend to someone else.

  • Sarah

    I have to say something … If you realize any of the photos coming out Jenelle, smoking do not teach that part of the belly, I mean that it does not approve of Jenelle was pregnant … If smoking goes wrong! but smoking pregnant worse and I know no one has evidence that at that time was pregnant.

  • Courtney

    honestly, everyone can f**k off its jenelle’s life. let her do what she wants!

  • Tweet Monroe

    – i mean let Janelle do what she wants ‘ uu wouldnt want nobody too put uu out like that ! damn .

  • okay ur such a good mom actually no offense to ur mom but uur better than her.. she puts alot of pressure on you. soo does ur mom actually get custody of jace

  • babymama2010

    u r a b**ch im happy jace got taken from u if u call urself his mother and u say u take care of him he wouldnt be in ur moms hands now how could u just do what u do and call urself a real mom i mean come on im 21 and have a lil girl and i dont even go out and party i stay home with my child and take care of her now im a real mom but u no ur nothing

    • asia

      i totally agree

      • Bre

        WOW ppl r being so rediculous…. any1 who has a kid is not gna spend EVERY WAKING MINUTE with there kid… there will be some days u have some1 watch ur kid and u go do ur on thing…. and a bunch off ppl drink… and idk y ppl think drinking is ok and weed is not… the only reason its illegal is beause they cant tax it… so instead they make legal weed that they can tax that is REALLY not good for ur body….. so what if every now and then she smokes a blunt?…. and ppl she was lighting a big ass blunt… not a joint? a joint is paper… but anyways so some ppl drink… some smoke weed… some do other things… and so do nothing…. but as long as ur not doin it with/around ur kid then wats the big deal… i aint talkin like hard core drugs like meth or somethin… if u do meth u shouldnt have ur kid… but weed is less harmful then alcohol… and wen ur high ur just calm… and wen ur drunk u can become angry and violent and stupid…. i mean idk im almost 20… i dont have kids but i mean its weed GET OVER IT!

        • Bender

          So do you have a kid? You’re almost 20, so obviously you’re wise beyond your years… flash, most responsible parents spend 24/7 with their kids, especially newborns. There really aren’t any days where someone watches your kid so you can ‘do your thing’, whatever the hell that means. Maybe you meant it as the parents go to work to support their child, then I can understand that. But somehow, based on your wonderfully educated post, I highly doubt that’s what you meant. And it looks as though Jenelle isn’t stepping up to the plate either…her mom is doing everything for her. Jenelle couldn’t care less about her son, if she did she would never leave him every night. No responsible parent would do that.

  • Loner

    I think that shes both a good and bad mom. I understand she wants some time for herself but she can’t always depend on your mom. Shes not the one that opened her legs and got pregnant and you can’t blame her for you getting was your choice all along to have sex with your ex. It’s good that you put your son to sleep and bathe him and all but u need to stay home with him. Regardless if he’s sleeping or not. Instead you should be thankful that your mom helps you as much as she does. I would want to see who us depend on if your mom wasn’t in the picture. The only thing I’d say that your good at is to bathe him and feed him but that’s not bein a real mother at all. You need to respect yourself and you need to completely respect your mother because she’s the one that helps you. No one else. And to all the people that are saying let er live her life, that’s fine she can but she’s just making a fool out of herself and ruining her life and her sons. Her mom did the right thing to take custody. Everyone needs to understand that you should always want the best for your child and janelle just cares about her social life. Just because she stays with her son once in a whole doesn’t mean she’s the beat mom. Respect your mom, get your priorites straight, forget your social life because those people obvioulsy don’t care for you or your child all they want to do is go out. And give your son what he needs. Not a part time mom in the morning and at night a completey different person. Your mom cares about her grandson! You need to stop complaining about your mom doing this and that because If she doesn’t do it nothig will get done. Step up honestly. Not everyone is perfect but you need to change your life style for you son. He derserves a great mom. Because he didn’t ask to come to this world.

  • she aint as bad as yall make it seem everyone isnt pertect neither am i but i havent had a baby but still leave her alone

  • msjackson

    I used to be against women who smoke while they were pregnant, and I thought “wow what a dumb b****.” Then I moved to NC and my friends sister was pregnant, a total pothead and during her pregnancy check ups she asked her doctor if she could still smoke weed. His reply was that he doesn’t condone it but isn’t aware of any harm in it. Much to my surprise her baby came out healthy as ever. My sister’s girlfriend also had a baby, and during her pregnancy she smoked weed, her doctor did not recommend it, but brought up that smoking marijuana does help with nausea and it helped her eat more. I wouldn’t smoke while I’m pregnant just because of how paranoid I can be, but I have now seen the proof that marijuana has no danger to it….unless it’s laced!

  • Liz

    That’s bs . When u bring a child into this world u grow the hell up and take care of business. U stop acting like a child . Shedeserve her mom taking that child ! She’s stupid and needs to grow up . U can actually lose your child if a doctor fond out u are taking drugs while you are pregnant ! This girl treats People terribly . And FYI jenelle is u ever look at this one toy a month ain’t sh**! wahoo mom of the year hah buying a kid 1 toy a month doesn’t make u a good mother

  • Stephanie

    Jenelle, please dont take to heart any of these nasty things people say to you or about you. You are a beautiful girl and there is a good side to you, I can see it when I watch your show. Im 26 years old, have never had a child yet, but I would love to. You are blessed to have such a beautiful son…and I know you might not do things exactly the way these other “perfect moms” (bullshit btw) do things, but you are human and people make mistakes. Theres nothing wrong with that. Jase seems to have a loving family and all the support he needs…yes, eventually you might need to straiten up a bit more, but hey, youre young and you just wanna live your life. Just because you had a child at a young age doesnt mean you need to become a nun….and all you little girls out there that wanna bash her for being a “bad mother” go screw yourself…smoking pot isnt such a big deal…and this country is so ridiculous about pot anyways…lay off…if you dont like it, dont watch the show, and stop surfing the net for gossip…get a f*%$#@g life already….

  • Alex

    Honestly I just find this to be what any normal teenager does, she has a kid so she needs to mature but you cant expect someone to change just like that…you need years to mature and this is just a normal part of growing up even if people dont want to face reality most people experiment with drugs, dont get along with there parents, and are irresponsible at that age.

  • Alyssa

    I think Janell has made some poor disions but it is her life and think about what she has gone through and the show clearly states that she is a good student. She is going to college and got a job. Did you know that on average 85% of americans go to jail at some point and 78Z% is for drugs and drinking underaged and while driving. it is not un common and she will get over it. If not that is her decison as a person and a mom. she is a great mom and her own mom cant see that. Whenever my mom and I watch the show we think how sick Janelles mom is she wont even let janell feed him and then asks why she dosnt help! so janell trys but it is never good enough and I support her 100% always

  • Alright if most of you people have not noticed smoking pot can help kids. If they have anger problems you smoke pot and become really chill and your anger goes away. What about the people that are suicidal..smoking pot does calm them down and clears the world of all its problems. You all know how parents smoke cigs when they are pregnant. yeah well thats worse for you then pot so why dont you go bother those parents and not someone that is actually doing something better.

  • Rebecca

    K so my opinion is that she is making bad desicions, She is making horrible mistakes and sooner or later she is gonna wake up. Look point blank and straight up, Young teenagers shouldnt have kids, They dont understand what it takes and yes I would no from experience, I have two daughters,I was pregnant at 17, I didnt make mistakes like she has but i bet other moms didnt make bad mistakes like I did. Straight up to Jenelle, Look girlie, your gonna regret all of these bad mistakes sooner or later you are gonna hate what you have done and you are the one who has to live with it Not any of these damn haters on here!! Point blank its her life, she did what she did and she is just gonna have to live with it, if your son comes to you later on in life and says wow mom you were the worst mother ever that is all on you, I hope to god you grow up before that but thats on you. What your doing sucks and you know this and your mom is freakin crazy!! she is hurting Jace just as much as you are but here is the difference, you can change it because your young, your mom will never change because she has been a freak her whole life and she thinks there is nothing wrong with her which is totally false she is off her freakin rocker!!! Anyways I hope you get it, when you miss out on all the small stuff it will change you into someone else and you can never get that back. You can change but only you can make that desicion, not just for your son but for you too. Prove your mom wrong, most of all prove yourself wrong!!

  • Cassie Stage

    I dont know.. I think she should do whatever she please. I think weed is just a plant and it comes from our earth. we dont put chemicals all in it. You know what ur doing when u smoke u just laugh alot. it doesnt make ur heart race AT ALL! because if it did ud be up and about. it makes u tired and sleepy. So idk how the hell ur heart would be racing. ya she smokes weed but really who doesnt??? and shes trying. shes at least going to school and working. her mom never showed her love so how the f**k is she supposed to know how to show jace love? dont judge people. its rediculous!

  • Cassie stage

    im not saying i doo. cause i wouldnt put my son in that situation but thats what i hear. and i know its true so get off her case!

  • Jennifer28

    It may be her life but when ur pregnant its not just her life. She will be left alone when she isn’t on tv thats the choice she made. She is a terrible mom and should feel bad I have 2 kids and no “me time” i’m a single mom, but my mommy isn’t there to take over when I wanna go do my thing. Her mom may be a b**** but if that was my kid I would be to.

  • hey janell im so happy that you got into college that is good. now for your love life i dont think you should see keiffer anymore he is really holding you back and you dont see it yet but he is just using you for a place to stay and your car and for your money you just need to let him go and focus on your beautiful son jace he is a very cute little baby

    • tina


    • SUM1REAL

      i think thats so truee. she needa open her eyes ASAP !!!

  • Josh spencer

    i think that anybody who smokes pot knows what they are doing and if pregnant what they are doing to there child. I think people need to stop spending so much time in a chat room get a real date a real job maybee even a real life and when you find some quiet time spark one up you spineless turds.

  • tina

    i love jace but i feel like barbra took jace from his momma and is acting like a bitch she cant get mad cause janelle wants to go out and have some fun. so its all barbas fault. so yall ned to stop blaming it on janelle cause she tries to take care of jace

    • BooBoo

      I do not agree with you when you say it is Barbara’s fault for the way Janelle is acting. Yes Janelle is young and should be able to go out ( IF SHE DIDNT HAVE SEX AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE AND GET PREGNANT ) Janelle had sex and sex has consequences. If you have sex you know that there is a possibility that you can get pregnant therefor do not have sex if you can not deal with what happens. Jace did not ask for Janelle and Andrew to have sex and create him and as a mother you have to make huge sacrifices and it is no longer all about you anymore. So yes Janelle should be willing to sacrifice her social life for a while to take care of Jace and be there for him 100% of the time. How do you think Barbara feels watching her daughter go down the wrong path that could lead her into a bad life and how do you think she feels knowing that her grandson is not a first priority in Janelle’s life. Im not hating on Janelle because she is young and everyone makes mistakes. I feel really bad for her and I think she needs help to get her life on track… I think she is just young and careless and has a lot of growing up to do. If Barbara didnt take Temp.Custody of Jace where would he be? Living in a car or a beachhouse or a different place everynight? Barbara stepped up as a grandmother who clearly loves her grandson and daughter and did what was right for Jace because Janelle is being to selfish to do what is right for her son.

  • Kiley

    Look, it’s her life. Let her live it to the fullest. Whatever she may be doing. It shouldn’t have to have all of you trying to ruin it for her.


    Ok. we all kno that janelle is a wonderful person, buh she also is talented and doesnnt know it, honey yuh needa grow up, and take care of that precious son of yours. jace is gna grow up tellin evryone how he hates yu fo abandining em yu dumbass. like srry fo beinq harsh but its time to grow up. YOU OPENED YOUR LEGS && NOW ITS TIME TO DEAL WITH THA CONSIQUENCES …. jus sayin. nd oh kieffer is a piece of SHIT. nd makin yu look lik one also. yu was doin so gud in collage and ur job. nd it went down tha drain cuz of em. girl keep yur head up nd do wats best. nd stop tha POT. it aint cutee.. &&& this is cumin frm a Pregnant 16yr old, who is responsible and watch yur show nd think u needa learn frm me.. !

  • Erica

    People need to realize that smoking marijuana is not just something dumb teenagers do. It is a spiritual practice for some people, such as Rastafari women (and they do continue to smoke during pregnancy). I encourage people who are interested in the subject to research the extensive studies (30 years worth) done by Dr. Melanie Dreher. America has criminalized and demonized something that should be neither. People need to leave this poor girl alone.

  • Erica

    Sidenote: I think Jenelle is a terrible mother, just not for this.

  • Bellasmomma1207

    I just want to say that alot of people are hatin on jenelle because shes on tv. There are plenty of girls who smoke while there pregnant in my city & are just as young with the same situations if not worst. I dont know what kind of fantasy world people live in but smoking pot is normal. People only hide it because society has taught them that is a horrible drug. When in fact it was only Horrible when people where using it for the wrong reason. Shes not lieing if you are a cronic pot smoker and your become pregnant, the doctor isnt going to tell you to stop cold turkey esp if you become nauses or if your eating habits depend on it. I myself have smoked but decided to stop when i found out i was pregnant, only because I WANTED TO. Once she was born, I ocasionally smoke with my fiance or a friend but never with my daughter around or when I know I have to go home to her. Everyone is entitled to there opinions & just because shes young and foolish at times doesnt mean she doesnt love her son. Shes F*ckin 18 now for God sakes, she can only be who she is. Im 23 and my daughter is 4 months, I am amazed by anyone who is younger than me figuring this out. At least I finished college & found a job before everything changed and I still feel too young. Dont judge others because them camera show her moms there but when have u ever seen her mom really support her and tell her she loves her. Shes angry at something and no one is to judge her life. Go Ahead Jenelle!!

  • mel

    dude i’m pregnant, and smoking with your baby has to be the most dumbest thing ever, theres woman out there who DESERVE to be a mother, that are completely healthy and their babys come out with effects and shes just a stupid bitch and obviously doesn’t care about her baby or herself. she has no respect for anyone, and i wasnt going put my opinion out there but it bothers me so bad of how horrible of a mother she is. And the worst part, shes getting fame out of it. ITS DISGUSTING.

  • Alexxx

    I smoked till I was 4 months pregnant , I also couldn’t keep anything down but that is no exuse because there is so many risks smoking while your pregnant . My son now has Asthma from my stupidity. So I definatly would not recomend it .

  • manda

    hey i think there is nothing wrong with smoking pot while prego isnt bad i did it with my 1st daughter and she is now 4 and let me tell you she is very happpy an extremely smart!!!! an jenelle i think ur doing ok besides tha fact every tennage mother makes mistakes……trust me i have three kids now and being a teenage mother with my first one……you will make lots of mistakes and you will just learn from tham as you grow!!! jenelle dont worry bout all those haters out there talking there shit! INGORE THERE shit taking mouths

    • Perry

      Well, the good news is that marijuana clearly cannot effect your spelling. Please do continue to smoke while pregnant. We all know the world needs strippers and janitors and you’re just doing your part.

  • lc

    who would duh tht?

  • phelicia

    I love jenelle and for everybody talkinq trash to her is kinda really pathetic because she made a couple of mistakes in her past so she smokes weed biq deal im sure there are more then thousands of mothers who smoke or possibly do worse thinqs she loves her baby maybe yu all are mad cause yur parents didnt pay attention to you and casue she only byes her baby a toy every month doesnt mean she is a bad mother you know dummys maybe yur mom and dad still take care of you but when you qrow up there are thinqs called bills that you have to pay anyways my sister smoked thru two of her pregnancies and there is absolutly nothinq wronq with her kids they arre very smart and active the little one knows probably more then yu did at his aqe so just leave her alone its not you so what are you talkinq for even if she isnt doinq a qreat job at least she is tryin to be a qood mother qet a life off the internet and stop buttinq in to other peoples business

  • Andrew

    Janelle your a cutie! Keep lighting up<3

  • Narvechia

    Im a 31 year old mother of 2 Jenelle smoking weed does not affect the unborn and as far as your doctor tellin u to smoke mine didnt but i could do without it cuz i stayed nausea so to everyone who has a problem wit it tell em BLOW IT OUT THEY ASS………cuz at da end of the day you have to deal sit the choices you make –much love