LITTLE WOMEN LA Briana Renee back home after hospital pregnancy scare


Good news for Little Women: LA star Briana Renee!

After being hospitalized last week, Briana, who is six months pregnant, has returned home and is on bed rest.

A source told People that doctors “were successful in slowing down labor and eliminating [Briana’s] contractions,” adding, “She hasn’t seen her daughter [Leiana] in two weeks and is anxious to be home and hug her firstborn.”

And the source confirmed the best news of all. “Mommy and baby are healthy.”

Briana herself verified the news by posting the following status on Facebook today:

Thank you for all of the love, prayers, and support during my most terrifying life experience… ??❤️?#‎littlefiercemama‬‪ #‎alwayslookingup‬

In other Briana news, she directly addressed her dad’s comments about husband Matt allegedly keeping her family from contacting her during this ordeal.

I am the one who decided to not allow any family and friends hospital visitation rights, knowing that both Matt and I needed to focus on the health of our baby. My family has never supported my marriage nor my pregnancy, and thus has not earned the privilege to feign concern for their own personal gain. My dad was completely out of line and totally misinformed, and I could not let another moment go by without setting the record straight. No one who spreads lies is allowed in my life. Or the lives of my children.


Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana, a two-hour special featuring the couple, will air May 11 on Lifetime.

  • Jessica

    This girl needs to get a clue if your parents and friends don’t like your man you need to run run fast run run Forrest kind of running

  • Nana to 3

    Wonderful now she needs matt to take care of her. That jerk isn’t going anywhere for now anyway

  • Itsallgood

    She makes excuse after excuse for that piece of shit she is married to- yet she holds a major grudge against her family for being concerned about her relationship. At this point I don’t feel sorry for her- she has chosen to live with a cheating, lying, unemployed loser with a record of domestic violence.

    • Courtney

      Exactly! Seems like she had a very close and loving relationship with her family until Matt entered the picture and started to get Briana to turn on her family because he saw that the family was seeing right through him. He can control her better when she only has him and she depends on him for everything, especially love. (But he doesn’t love her it’s so obvious!)