PHOTOS My 5 Wives’ Rosemary and Brady Williams graduate from college together

My 5 Wives Rosemary and Brady Williams college graduation

We have a great update from the Williams family of TLC’s My Five Wives: husband Brady Williams and his third wife, Rosemary Williams, both just graduated from college!

As seen in the photo above, Brady and Rosemary were both in cap and gown to walk the stage at Utah Valley University’s graduation ceremony on Thursday. Brady shared the next photo on Facebook and captioned it with, “So…this happened!”

My 5 Wives Brady Williams college graduation

Brady and Rosemary didn’t “just” graduate, however, as both graduated with honors. Here’s Brady’s certificate for the Utah Valley University Philosophy Department’s 2016 Outstanding Graduate Award:

Brady Williams Utah Valley University Philosophy Department award

And, last weekend, Rosemary showed off her “grad swag,” which included a medal and an honors ribbon:

My Five Wives Rosemary Williams graduates college with honors

In addition to her graduation bling, Rosemary also showed off…her blonde hair!

My 5 Wives Rosemary Williams blonde hair

Can you say RoseMarilyn? (Or maybe Marilyn MonRosemary?) OK, back to academics…

As you probably surmised, Brady Williams got his degree in philosophy. Meanwhile, Rosemary got her degree in music education, which had her not only doing a bit of student teaching, but also singing and composing music! Here is an audio clip of Rosemary performing Soupir (“Sigh”), with lyrics by Sully Prudhomme and music composed by Rosemary herself. The performance was recorded last year as part of her junior recital:

And, just so this post remains fair and balanced, here is Brady Williams flexing his philosophy muscles (at least in part) as he offers up his take on “Fundamentalism vs. Progress:”

Congratulations to Brady and Rosemary! Perhaps the Williams family should pitch a new concept to TLC for a show called My Five Degrees. 😉

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  • Lola

    Wow philosophy and music education. They’re sure going to be bringing the bucks now with those degrees…

    • Alisson Leech

      Lol. Both will probably teach.

      • Je_suis_moi

        Nothing wrong with that.

    • Je_suis_moi

      You can’t knock on people for wanting to better themselves and not aspiring to make millions. If they want to teach, then let them teach! As a music teacher, she will get great benefits and a ton of time off to take care of her family. I myself teach and I love it.

      • Lily Mathers

        You do understand one only receives a degree, not a shiny new job with a degree, right? She will not just immediately find a job, especially as many schools in the US have cut their arts programs, some completely, which I find very sad and unwise.

    • Lily Mathers

      Lola is so right! It is pointless to pay the money and spend the time to earn a degree in something that does not prepare you for anything. Music Ed actually can translate to a teaching job, but that is a competitive field and you must be able to relocate if there aren’t schools with an Arts budget nearby.

  • melinehclassy

    oh yay! good for them considering they have 89790707 kids!

    • Lily Mathers

      Why? I guess I am missing something here, and I grew up with two parents who are (were, as I lost my Mama last year) University Professors. We are not rolling in dough by any stretch of the imagination and I am also the only child.

  • Alisson Leech


  • Je_suis_moi

    Outstanding accomplishment to be graduating later on in life, considering how much they have on their plate. Kuddos to them! Can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

    • Lily Mathers

      My Papa says his older students have a much easier time since they understand about work and meeting deadlines better than many 18 year olds do. But hey, if you feel kudos are deserved, OK. What did he do with the oh- so- useful Philosophy degree?

  • Gue

    Brown hair suited her better IMO.

  • Joyce Konrad

    Love rosemary.

  • Lily Mathers

    Just from a logical place, if this were truly the right way to live, how would there be enough women to go around? There are more women than men in the United States, so what did whoever made this up envision for how to find 5 women for each guy?
    This is so gross for so many reasons. Yes I am judging, as a woman who knows I have worth, as do all humans. But we cannot expect to find it in another human, especially when he is only devoted to you for 20% of his time. These women all seem to end up overweight and depressed. Gee, I can’t imagine why. :/

  • Lily Mathers

    Did he earn a degree? That just said something about an achievement, not a Bachelor of Arts or other actual Uni degree??