Beyoncé’s dad reacts to Lemonade: I have never in my life hit my daughter


You can now add Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, to the list of people weighing in on the pop superstar’s visual album Lemonade.

During a radio interview this week, Mathew addressed the following lines from poet Warsan Shire that his famous daughter recites before the song “Daddy Issues.”

“Did he convince you that he was God? … Are you a slave to the back of his hand? Am I talking about your husband or your father?”

Mathew said, “I can say I have never in my life hit my daughter. So she has never been a slave to the back of my hand because I didn’t believe in that.”

When he was asked about who he thought the bigger narrative in Lemonade, of a woman coming to terms with an unfaithful man, was about, he knew better than to go there.

“There’s no way we can get into the mind of Beyoncé. Only Beyoncé can answer specifically who she was talking to. … I would rather not get into speculation. My answer is I don’t know,” he said.

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  • Charla

    It sounds like Beyoncé was asking another woman these questions?

  • Alisson Leech

    What is this Lemonade crap I keep hearing about? Can someone explain it to me, because I have no interest in google searching it?

    • MsAwesomePants

      You’re in the same boat as me. I’m half interested in knowing what the buzz is, but not enough to actually look it up.

      I’m pretty over Beyoncé. She used to be a great singer. Now she just seems to do these attention-seeking antics.

    • Ali.P

      I genuinely thought she was coming out with a lemonade drink. This article makes it sound more like it’s an album… I don’t know or care too much. Beyoncé is very overrated in my opinion.

    • kate

      You writing this comment took longer than a google search would have.

      • Alisson Leech


  • twelfthnight

    Does anyone even believe Beyonce writes her own songs? I believe she has “co written” songs but I really doubt she is a songwriter on her own.

    • Jeezy

      No i dont think she can write her own songs. I dont think shes very talented at all. I dont think she sings that well and the poor girl definatly cannot dance. I think she got to where she is by her looks and wjo she knows and thats it. Maybe she will continue tk fade into the distance as a has been.

      • Raquizzle

        LOL yea she will definitely fade into the distance with a sold out world tour, a new # 1 album, a superstar husband, and a clothing line. Rather than worrying about whether she can dance or not, maybe you should focus on your spelling because you “definatly” can’t spell.

        • Jeezy

          Okay. I never said noone likes her, i gave MY OPINION on what i think. Kate stated above she has heard people argue over her singing and song writing abilities and theres no difference those people have their opinion as well. She may not hear many people say Beyonce cant dance because they are too busy focusing on how bad she does in the main part of her career and that is singing and songwriting. A clothing line thanks to her mom, and so what if she has a so called “superstar” husband, does that mean what he is makes who she is like she is riding on his name.

      • kate

        “the poor girl definatly cannot dance”

        uh…WHAT? I’ve seen people argue over her singing and songwriting abilities, but I have NEVER seen anyone say Beyonce can’t dance. You don’t have to like her, but if you make up ridiculous lies, you make yourself look dumb.

        • Jeezy

          How can you say me stating MY OPINION is making up lies ?? I am not the only one with that OPINION. she acts like she struggles like she has to concentrate on her next move, she looks stiff, she looks like shes trying to remember a routine she learned, and guess what ?? I have heard the same thing for years by many other people. Also, you look dumb by saying my opinion is a lie and by saying you NEVER seen anyone say Beyonce cant dance….shouldnt you HEAR someone SAY something.

        • Lawmk

          Did you join in on the other issue where people were voicing their OPINION and also ragging on her about her talent, or lack there of ??? You would have had a ball if you did miss out. They were talking mad s**t about her alot of black women( maybe jealous, who knows) but they made it clear they were black women and didnt like her at all and thought she had no talent and all kinds crazy stuff.

  • Jennifer Jameson

    I think people are reading too much into it, IT’S JUST A SONG!

  • Vanessa

    beyonce sucks

    • Lawmk

      Beyoncw does suck !!

    • Lawmk

      Sorry, *Beyonce