VIDEO Little Women: LA stars Briana and Matt receive their own two-hour special after he confesses to cheating on her

Matt and Briana Cheating Fight

At the end of season 4 of Little Women: LA, a major bombshell was dropped when it was revealed Matt has been cheating on Briana throughout the duration of their marriage. To make matters worse, Briana is pregnant with his child.

News of Matt’s infidelity comes as a major shock to some viewers. However, those closest to the couple aren’t surprised. Friends have been warning Briana since the beginning of their relationship that Matt was up to no good.

As a result of all the drama surrounding their relationship, the couple received their own two-hour special: Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana. The show will chronicle the fall-out from his infidelity.

There’s no denying the preview clip is pretty dramatic, but some viewers aren’t buying it. They believe the couple is faking the storyline (and the crocodile tears) for the cameras.

(If you aren’t able to view the preview clip from your mobile device, click here.)

What are you thoughts about Matt cheating on Briana? Is their drama real or F-A-K-E?

Don’t forget to tune into Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana when it airs on Wednesday, May 11th on Lifetime.

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  • Hagiographical

    I would be making up crap and getting money from me being on a show too. Good for them! The sad part is that people actually believe it, feel sorry, and continue to watch. Get those coins Matt and Briana!

  • BreBreezieBre

    It was a shock to no one that watches the show but honestly I don’t know if I believe this cheating scandal or the way lifetime set it up was real suspicious all of a sudden when the girls were gonna tell Briana what was going on Matt just happened to come clean around the same time

  • Oh

    I don’t believe it this time around. I definitely think this is staged, fake. Why would Matt do this again knowing the girls would find out and tell briana. And have to hear that whole saga again and have those girls constantly on briana’s case. I used to love this show but now it’s just the same old story. Terra is the star and every one else are her henchwomen and they’ll do what she says and next season will be nothing but matt is a douchebag and you need to leave him, Yada yada. Same as this season. They need a better storyline.

    • Lawmk

      Yep i agree i dont watch it anymore i think i watched a few min total of a couple episodes and that was just because i was channel surfing. I SAW THIS IN HIM FROM THE BEGINING !! The first thing i thought when he came on the show was she was just like a fetish for him and he just wanted to be on t.v. I NEVER felt like he really gave a crap about her and that he was just using her.

      • V. Stubbs

        Yea he did not seem genuine. He seemed weak, nothing to contribute. Came in as an underdog. He should have been taking a course to be certified in something or even doing volunteer work.

  • Suzanne Parvin

    No. This is is real. Real in the sense matt is a Douchbag and briana is clueless. I’d like to see what women actually participate with Matt. They must be qualy women. Cream of the crop. Briana there are free clinic’s everywhere. Use protection. Im sure this husband of yours has every STD on the planet.

  • Jree

    I don’t know if Ericsson cheated on Rhianna or not and frankly I couldn’t care less.I do think he is a scumbag and that he is using this show to stroke his twisted ego and gain his 15 minutes of fame. Sadly I also think that lifetime is mixed up in this…hence the two hour special….I don’t understand why they would give this scumbag a two hour special and why Rhianna would agree to it. Hasn’t she been humiliated enough on national t.v. I have no intention of watching something that is only going to further humiliate Rhianna

  • Jimmy

    So sorry Briana to hear this you deserve to treated right. hopefully someday you will find a good man to care for you and your daughter without the heartaches.

  • Flower

    I feel sorry 4 Briana, but she was so desperate 2 find someone. She should’ve waited. Matt probably doesn’t have a job yet, so he probably promised Briana all this crap just 2 be on the show & smooch off Briana. Why get pregnant so soon after the last reunion?!!. Briana, needs 2 move on, she’s tough although Matt will have 2 be part of the baby’s life. So sad Briana didn’t listen.

  • Amy Woods

    RSN saved my life, i was in a custody battle situation with my three year old daughter and my alcoholic ex-husband. He continues to defy safety restrictions and court orders, and I never able to catch him in the act. I was referred to She totally understand my situation and guided me every step of the way to put a tracker on my ex-husband phone where i could track him from his phone, knew exaxtly what he was up to directly from my phone. Tell her from amy, she can hack anything..

  • moms2cool

    Matt says he will never let anyone hurt her ever. Such B.S. since he is the one hurting her the most.