PHOTOS Farrah Abraham Jenelle Evans & Kail Lowry at MTV Movie Awards

Teen Moms 2016 MTV Movie Awards

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards air tonight, but the show itself was pre-recorded last night in Los Angeles (we didn’t get the memo either). On hand at the ceremony representing the network’s hugely popular Teen Mom franchise was OG Farrah Abraham as well as Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry — and all three ladies looked fandamtastic in classic Hollywood glam looks! And the three moms’ had some mighty handsome arm candy in the form of Simon Saran, David Eason, and…Jo Rivera?!

Since Farrah Abraham is the OG of the three, we will start with her. Farrah is rather infamous for pushing the envelope on the red carpet, but she went classic Hollywood glam from head to toe with a strapless form-fitting gold and black starbust dress that landed Farrah on numerous best dressed lists from the event. Completing the look was Farrah’s lightened locks that kept with the classic glam theme:

Farrah Abraham 2016 MTV Movie Awards Farrah Abraham booty red carpet

Farrah’s significant other Simon Saran was his usual casually dapper self in a sharp, tieless look that complimented Farrah nicely:

Farrah Abraham Simon Saran red carpet

Photos not enough for you? We’ve got video of Farrah stepping and repeating as well! Simon joins her towards the end of the clip:

To transition to our next celebrity starlet, here is a photo of Farrah with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans:

@farrah__abraham @mtv #MTVMovieAwards

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

(I cannot even imagine the number of blog headlines between those two ladies!)

Jenelle opted for a sparkly and tastefully slinky backless look:

Jenelle Evans MTV Movie Awards 2016 Jenelle Evans booty red carpet

Jenelle Evans’ date, boyfriend and tall drink of water David Eason, was in all black with well-trimmed beardage similar to Simon’s:

David Eason Jenelle Evans

Here’s a video of Jenelle vogueing for the photographers:

To transition to Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Kaily Lory, here’s a Snapchat photo from Kail’s account featuring her and Jenelle already seated for the big event:

Kail Lowry Jenelle Evans 2016 MTV Movie Awards

The photo (and videos on Kail’s Snapchat) of Jenelle and Kail seemingly having a good time together is a pretty big deal given their recent, very public falling out. But enough about the drama (or lack thereof) — this post is all about fashion and style!

Kail wore an elegant full-length black dress that did an amazing job of highlighting her recently enhanced assets:

Kailyn Lowry red carpet

And Kail’s controversial dreadlocks hairdo is a thing of the very distant past as Kail’s signature long blonde hair is back:

Kail Lowry

Joining Kail on the red carpet was her ex, Jo Rivera!

Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera together 2016

Here’s a photo of Jo and Kail headed to the event, ridin’ in style:

Jo Rivera and Kail Lowry together 2016

Oh man – you know we’re going to be seeing reactions from Vee and Javi about this on Teen Mom 2!

A huge congratulations to Farrah, Jenelle and Kail for looking nailing their looks! You can try to catch them in the audience when the 2016 MTV Movie Awards airs tonight at 9/8c on MTV. And you can catch Jenelle and Kail when Teen Mom 2 airs at a special time before the awards show at 6:30/5:30c.

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  • jen

    She is a horrible person, but I will give farrah that she looked great and classy. Jenelle looks like she got her dress at forever 21, super cheap looking. Kailyn….ugh. that dress was awful, and her boobs were sagging so bad. Also, don’t try and put lip liner outside your lips with a bright color.

    • Hmm

      People on Twitter and Instagram were commenting that her dress was from the Forever 21 prom collection. Don’t know if that’s true.

      • ren24

        If that’s true I say good for her for dressing like a normal person for once. Because I think her dress makes her look like a normal size (instead of a popsicle head).

    • Emmy

      You and I have a different idea of class I guess. Those fake boobs pushed out of that dress up to her chin is not my idea of class.
      When someone would attend a party hosted by anyone I know, she would not get invited for a very looong time after that party. You don’t want people to think you have connections with someone working in a cheap druggy brothel.

      • Kym

        AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTLY AGREE !!! Thats farrahs style and mind set . She thinks shes a high class high paid escort. HAHAHAHAHA . GROSE.

  • Kat ACMilanista

    Is this the one where Jenelle was smoking meth on the red carpet?

    • Booty Fingers

      Lmao what? When?

  • Bruja

    Jenelle looks like she borrowed that dress from Kailyn..Good lord, bitch, buy something that fits!

    Kail.. put on a bra!! Hell, at least tape those things up!

    • LaLa84

      While I do agree that Jenelle dress is too big…

      I have to say, for Kail having big boobs to begin with and to have had two children, I think “the girls” look great. If I’m going to be subjected to seeing plunging necklines, I’d rather see someone with natural looking breasts instead of giant saline balloons that look like they’re about to tear out of the woman’s skin! (side note… ewww)

      • abcayemich

        Like Farrah.

        • LaLa84


      • Bruja

        I’ll concede that. At least she didn’t silicone them to death, but I hope she gets them lifted after she finishes the kiddos., it’s really a should if she is gonna forego the bra!!

    • The Fashion Kid

      Man, I agree. Kail’s t*ts look awful. Either tape them up or tuck them in your skirt, and for the love of christ, don’t show them off.

      Janelle — let’s dress like you make $100K a year. Cover that nasty back tattoo and loose a few bills. The dress is tighter than the saran wrap wrapping my kid’s carrots in his lunchbox.

      Lastly, Farrah.. do I even need to go here? She’s on the path of Joan Rivers 2.0

  • Booty Fingers

    Janelle’s dresses for these occasions are always poorly fitted and hemmed. That dress looks two sizes too big like it’s for someone much taller and slightly thicker.

    • Lacy

      Agreed! The dress hit too low (right below the knee) and it visually cuts off her leg which makes her look stumpy.

      • ren24

        That’s the first thing I noticed too. I’m only 5′ tall and length is the first thing I look for in a dress, and the first thing I notice on other women. Jenelle normally looks pretty good but this look was yuck. Length aside, It didn’t fit her anywhere else either.

        • Bruja

          Her “normal” wear doesn’t bother me. It’s when she tries to dress up that shit goes all wrong. She needs help for event dressing, badly.

          • ren24

            Actually now that you mention it, you’re totally right! I usually think Jenelle looks pretty good, despite what her life looks like. But when I see pictures of her at events, her makeup is almost always super overdone and her dresses are crappy. *Edit: I even think her lip fillers look really good. *gasp!*
            And I know everyone is pooping on Kail in these pictures, but I think she looks pretty. That leg slit is hot. Getting rid of that double-chin thing was the best decision she ever made. I have extra “chin” too (it’s not as bad as hers was and no one has ever mentioned it to me, but I know I have it and it’s always bugged me.) When I found out she had it fixed I was really happy for her. lol

            • sysmjp

              I agree, Kail looks pretty good for Kail. You can almost imagine why some dude might want to hit it. I’d also rather have her boobs than Farrah’s boulders that look ridiculous.

              • ren24

                YES!!!. I think Kail’s dress and makeup are spot on. I know she had work done but she didn’t do anything super crazy. I think it was all for the better. She looks fantastic.
                I also think Farrah looks pretty good for Farrah. I don’t know if she’s gained a bit of weight or if that’s just a hot dress that makes her look super curvy. Except her boobs are totally ruining it! They’re each as big as her head.

                • sysmjp

                  I think Farrah had butt work done. She had the ridiculous big butt with chicken legs Kardashian look while house hunting in booty shorts last season.

                  • Booty Fingers

                    Ferret actually put on a few pounds, she even has a little bit of back roll from what I saw on Radar Online of her at the beach. Im not gonna lie, I think the extra weight looks great on her

                • FarrahsCryFace

                  She had her entire middle and booty done. She did way too much.

                  • Bruja

                    She didn’t need so much, I think she looked good before.. but if she’s happy!

                    I just want her to have a bra.. 🙁

                  • ren24

                    Couldn’t she just eat a few hamburgers and ice cream? Always works for me when I want to put on weight. ; )

                    • FarrahsCryFace

                      Kail had surgery to make her thinner. Thing is if she keeps eating junk she’s going to put it back on but even more awkwardly.

                  • Kym

                    And still FUGLY !!!

                    • FarrahsCryFace

                      Her attitude makes her hideous.

                    • Kym

                      Very much so. When i first saw her on here years ago i couldnt believe her direspect and bitchy bossy attitude. I would dream about being able to meet up with her and knock her a** down a few notches. I cant stand her, jenelle, or leah.

            • Bruja

              Jenelle, for some reason, just really screws up the event look. I almost wonder if she has Babs picking out the dresses, cause that dress would look better on her mom than it does on her even.

              I think for all Kail has been through in her life, if a little tuck here and there made her feel better, more power to her, she does look good, and healthy. I just wish she’d gone a little more classy.. leg or supported boob and better fitting bodice.. maybe a different color for her?

              Plus, she got all the tattoo work done, surely she could have shown some of it! It’s an MTV event! She can take it down a notch for the next one and she’ll be good to go.

              • Nedly Mandingo IV

                Jenelle looks like she shops at Ross. Her dress is all wrong for her height. She also needs to know how to pose correctly on the red carpet.

                • Regina

                  Ah please tell me what Ross is! Everytime I hear that Mackemore song Gold Rush, I wonder what Ross is.

                  • FarrahsCryFace

                    Like tj maxx and marshals.

                    • Regina

                      Thank you!

                    • Kym

                      S**t !! More like garage sales

                • Bruja

                  She should ‘Jordache‘ pose.

                  I’d rock that shit out of that look.

                  Anyone remember that? Lean over, one hand on your knee, butt right out!

                  Oh yeah!

        • Kym

          Okay…haha to everyone…SHES WHITE TRASH…shes always been too concerned about drugs and d**k. She doesnt care about style and how to wear clothes properly. Shes a dog anyway so it doesnt matter she will NEVER look like she has class. I have to say i LOVED the episode tonight where her lawyer pissed her off !! Made my day !! Hell, my week !!

      • Nedly Mandingo IV

        Nailed it Lacy.

    • sysmjp

      The posing needs help too. Who in their right mind would think the pose at :33 looks good?

    • Courtney

      Yes! Jenelle needs to also stop wearing shoes with ankle straps because they visually shorten her legs even more. Her whole look is so unflattering.

    • Emmy

      You can’t always hem dresses that are rented or on loan.
      Everything in her life is a loan, leased or rented, even her partner and friends.
      Even treats her kid like he is leased, not hers. She rents Jace from Babs when MTV comes around to film.

      • Booty Fingers

        Very good point. It probably is a rental. The dress is cute but it doesn’t look good on her due to the poor fit and length. This isn’t her first time offense for a dress that was poorly fitted and hemmed. She just can’t dress for these occasions. Kail looks cheap and super old. She looks like some 49 year old who still thinks she can pull younger men.

  • val

    This is all so awkward.. Mixing these Idiot teens who got pregers at a young age with all these talented actors ( some actors lol). Its just weird. Its like MTV is promoting getting pregnant at a young age,

    • FarrahsCryFace

      They are promoting it because it gets them ratings and ratings equal money.

  • beba

    But why are they there????

    • ren24

      Well it’s the MTV Movie Awards.. And they work for MTV. This is probably the least questionable red carpet attendance for any one of them.

  • Thea

    Kail looked super cheap, I think she looked worse than Jenelle.

    • Lola

      I don’t mind Kail’s boobs because those are how boobs are supposed to look FFS. People need to stop with the “omg saggy” shit. That being said the Angelina Jolie copycat dress looks ridiculous. You are not being nominated for an Oscar girl, you had a baby as a teenager. Just no.

      • Dina

        Yeah but how else is she supposed to show off all the plastic surgery she just got, unless it’s in a trashy dress. Lol!

      • Thea

        I have big boobs myself (DDD to E, thanks mother nature), and I know better than to wear a dress like that. It’s not just the boobs either. Kail does not have the figure to pull it off. It’s slutty looking. Not sexy.

        • Bruja

          Exactly, Thea!! I have what I consider a bigger set of ta-tas (thanks reconstructive surgery, lol!), for my frame (I’m a size 5, 5’8″ and go about DD) , and even though they’ve been “helped” surgically and generally stay put, I always wear a bra, cause that’s how I was done brought up! I’d get uncomfortable being braless even knowing these darn things don’t even jiggle. I’d flip my shit if they flounced damn near to my tummy at a red carpet event (cause I go to so many, lol).
          She’s in danger of stepping on them in that dress. She looks tacky in that..from the boobs, to the leg, to the poorly fitting top part (see how it’s all gappy on the sides? looks like it is intended to support higher boobage) She could have done much better.

          • ren24

            LMAO your choice of words always makes me laugh!!! “I’d flip my shit if they flounced damn near my tummy… Because I go to so many” LOL
            I thought Kail looked horrible at first too. But the more I keep looking at her pictures, the more I think she looks good. *shrugs* I think getting rid of her double-chin really lightened up her resting-bitch face. Again, if you read my previous comment, I have a similar issue and I wish I could fix mine too. But I do agree that the dress was made for “higher boobage”. However, the slit looks awesome in my opinion.
            We also have to consider, these girls don’t have the professional stylists that real celebrities do. … It’s kind of obvious. They’re dressing themselves from the mall like the rest of us. Designers aren’t exactly rushing to dress them. lol

            • Bruja

              hehehe! I type out what runs through my head, sometimes to my own detriment cause it doesn’t always come out right, but sometimes, it’s amusing, lol! 😉

              Resting bitch face!! You nailed it exactly! I think Kail has a really pretty face, and I think if she’d picked the boobs (with support, she needs those nips, her future kids gotta eat and they can’t if she’s done trampled her nips under her heels!) or the leg-slit, she’d have been peachy, but both was too much for just a ‘Teen Mom‘ sans glam squad to pull off properly, like you said. We remember that, but they need to, cause we’re not the ones who will be on the E! after show getting their lifted arses handed to them for days after one of these events.

              Heck, Kail would have looked great in a dress similar to Jenelle’s dress, but I think she was trying to hide all of her tattoos. It was a bad choice, but one she hopefully fixes for the next event.

              • ren24

                Oh yeah those tattoos… I honestly forgot about them until you just mentioned them. Now THOSE are a mistake!
                So I guess now I love the dress even more because they legitimately made me forget she had all those tattoos. (For the record, I think her tattoos are beautifully done, but they just don’t suit her at all. They look awkward.)

  • Lola

    I think Farrah looks good in a plastic psychopath way, Jenelle looks like shit, and Kail… well is Kail. But good for her for going with Jo and hopefully acting like an adult. I hope poor Vee isn’t too jealous!

    • sysmjp

      I was surprised to see Jo there too. Even though she is a major douche bag, they seem to have pulled off a decent co-parenting relationship.

      • Nedly Mandingo IV

        I agree, I bet Javi is going to give her the 3rd degree for being around Jo.

        • FarrahsCryFace

          Rumor is Kail and Javi aren’t together.

  • Lacy

    Kail and Jo fight a lot but eventually hash things out and are good. I do see Kail giving a lot to make their coparenting relationship work, like taking Isaac over to see his new sister, not forcing Jo to pay more child support, doing family meals with all of them. I just don’t get why she can’t be as forgiving for her own husband.

  • Ali.P

    Jenelle has never been able to dress herself flatteringly. She is always wearing very ill fitting dresses that are bad lengths for a girl her height. Why does no one try and push her in the right direction? With either her clothes or her life. Any would help.

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      I don’t think anyone can push Jenelle in the right direction.

  • Hahaha

    Jenelles “glam” squad hates her. Set rows of eyebrows for a total of 4 eyebrows. Zoom in. HAHA she’s hideous, inside and out.

  • Holly

    Okay am I the only one questioning why Jo was there with Kail? I’d rather went by myself then with my ex! Especially if I was married!

    • Bruja

      I think, but not sure on this, I think Vee wasn’t invited, which to me is complete bull.
      Though Vee seems pretty humble and likely would have stayed home with her new baby anyway.

      • ren24

        I think MTV exaggerates Kail and Jo’s problems. Of course they have issues, but I think the show blows them out of proportion. Vee is probably at home with her baby and is fully on board with Jo going to the show with Kail. I really don’t think it’s anything more than that.

        • Bruja


          I also think Vee has always made it a point to not play into the drama, and does her best to stay out of stuff, other than appearing on the show. She gives them space to agree to disagree. I think even more so now than she has ViVi.

      • Heather

        I didn’t think any of them could bring dates, yet there they are.

        • Bruja

          Oh, yeah, you’re right. Old ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah is there!

          • Heather

            He’s got chipmunk cheeks! I mean, I don’t care one way or the other if they brought dates. I just wish they’d stop calling them the “stars” of Team Mom, and call them what they are: reality personalities. Star implies something they will never be.

            • Bruja

              Preach it!!

              It’s his eyes that just mess with me.. he looks like a cartoon. A tall, sinister, corpse’ish, cartoon.

              • Heather

                I can’t stop laughing. 😉

  • Aussie cathie

    Two hung low ……

  • Chewy

    Jenelle looks STUPID

  • ann

    Farrah looks stunning. I think Kail looks like the slouching a bit. Perhaps it would be better if she wore it with more confidence. Chest out shoulders back!

    • ann

      *she is

  • Ashley

    They all look like trash, but I do like Farrah’s dress.

  • jb

    Farrah has completely overdone it with the implants. I know she’s a very slim girl, but she looks more matronly than curvy. She looks about 30 lbs heavier than I know she must be. The dress and styling are quite lovely, but I just can’t get over the fact that she looks so chunky.

    Jenelle needed to spend $25 on a tailor to make that damned dress fit. A few minor adjustments and she’d have looked quite stunning. As is I’m wondering if she’s hiding another pregnancy.

    Kail’s dress is a little vampy for my taste, but the girl looks great.

    • Booty Fingers

      Ferret actually put on a few pounds. Im not mad at that because for years she looked like a starved horse that was standing upright, especially during her porn release days.

  • whatdafuq

    Nobody’s going to say anything about the lack of wedding rings on Kail?

    • Je_suis_moi

      Or the fact that she’s posted countless snapchats with Jo this weekend… I’m pretty sure that hanging out with her ex in that outfit wouldn’t have bode well with Javi if they were still together, which I’m 99% sure they aren’t.

      • Demona

        I know the rumors but jealous issues don’t just step aside bc the situation is “off” atm. He seems like the kind that will harbor them for awhile or use the situation as an “I told you, she was cheating the whole time”

  • JackShepardsTheWorst

    what happened to jenelles neck. it has up and left this bi*tch

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Jenelle shouldn’t do that pose with both hands on her hips, she looks stupid doing that. What is she like….4’11? She looks like a kid next to her Tinder date. That dress, I just can’t with that one. It looks ridiculous on her. Her dress is made for a woman who is tall.

  • starlight02

    I can’t be the only one who thinks Jenelle is pregnant! The way she’s standing with both hands on her hip trying to pull her belly in, also her arm blocking her belly on her side pose. Plus she looks a little fuller in the face which happen with both her other kids. Plus the baggy dress.

    • Kir

      Nope, not the only one. That is exactly what I thought. Looks like she tries really hard to cover up that region…

      • Regina

        Oh god

    • Je_suis_moi

      I immediately thought about that too.

  • twelfthnight

    Nailing their looks? Are you guys on their payroll now or what?

    Jenelle looks like a 12 year old who got to borrow an older sister’s dress for a middle school dance. It doesn’t fit her (too long, makes her look stumpy, and the back is loose), it’s 2002 tacky-chic, and it isn’t even close to tailored to look right.

    Kailyn looks like she’s going to the Adult Video Awards, not the MTV movie awards. It’s like something a mid-range hooker would wear. Something above “Lick your pickle for a fiver”, but significantly below one of those ‘classier’ escorts who are more like sugar babies. That dress needs armpits in it so she can tape her boobs up like KK, which I assume is what she was going for since she’s ‘voluptuous’ but put on a fricking bra, nobody needs to see that.

    And Farrah… well, of the three, she was the best dressed, except for her ridiculous spill-over boobs. That looks tacky, stop. Buy something that fits and stop trying to pop those water balloons. Her face, though, is absolutely atrocious. Any side-angle photos of her make it instantly obvious that she’s messed with her face.

    • Regina

      Yes yes yes

  • Demona

    When Javi sees her in that dress next to Jo he’s going to detonate

    • Je_suis_moi

      Kail made it a point to post countless snapchats with Jo this week end. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened if her and Javi were still together.

  • Regina

    Erm, they did not all look their best. Jenelle needs a different cut or silhouette or something because she looked just terrible in that outfit.

    Kail looked nice, but Farrah’s boobs were a bit too pushed up for me. Looked painful.

  • Lipstick Lezz Bean

    Farrah looks like a porn cartoon drawing… all these women look horrible…

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Duhnelle looks like she needs to poop. Garbage Kail just looks horrible, pretty sure if she walks to fast you’ll get a peek at her not so goodies. Sadly I think Ferret looks the least terrible.

    Also until this point I swore Garbage Kail got her boobs done but now I see she didn’t. It’s also clear she’s still I love with Jo and she’s not wearing a wedding ring.

  • aimsless

    Farrah looks like Jessica Rabbit. Sorry, Jessica Rabbit. I somewhat like her dress though, minus her chest looking like a pigs butt.

    Jenelle’s dress was kinda frumpy.

    Kail should’ve taped her breasts up or something.