Ashley Salazar from 16 and Pregnant Season 2B blogs her entire pregnancy and eventual adoption

Ashley Salazar blogs photos of herself in various stages of pregnancy

One of the young mothers-to-be on Season 3 of MTV’s reality series 16 and Pregnant is 17-year-old Ashley Salazar of McKinney, Texas. Just like Catelynn and Tyler in Season 1, Ashley plans on giving her daughter up for adoption. But, unlike Catelynn and Tyler, Ashley’s baby daddy Justin doesn’t really want anything to do with the child.

Deciding whether to have the baby, give her up for adoption or have an abortion was a heart-wrenching decision for Ashley and she detailed the entire process on her blog at

The blog starts in Ashley’s eighth week and follows her entire pregnancy up to the present day with posts that include detailed accounts of her feelings, random thoughts, songs and photos all along the way. She even talks about watching the first season of 16 and Pregnant and crying throughout Catelynn’s episode, writing:

Tonight I watched sixteen and pregnant, the finale. It was about this girl, giving her child up for adoption. I have never cried that hard at anything in my life. I’m not exaggerating; I literally cried my eyes out. … I am not as strong as that girl on TV. Or anyone who has done this. At least, not yet. Only time will tell though.

Ashley Salazar
16 and Pregnant‘s Ashley Salazar from her Flickr account

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m a big fan of the show (and even bigger fan of the follow up Teen Mom) but the episodes are just an hour and there’s a lot left on the cutting room floor when you’re talking about nine months! Ashley’s blog does a fantastic job of filling in the blanks. Plus, it seems less “edited” and more of an accurate reflection of what it was like to go through this ordeal. Here’s part of another entry from early on:

And I just feel awful and guilty even writing this. This baby is kicking now. Innocent, happy, healthy, content, in the safety of its mommy, and, it has no idea that I am talking about it, and even considering the fact about giving it up. Maybe it will be happier that way because I wont be able to spoil it. I wont be able to devote 24 hours of my time. It will have a struggling mom, and It wont have a daddy. But I am finishing school, or my mom wont help me with anything, baby or no baby. So, later, when I do finish, and want my own kids, maybe it WILL be worth it, because I know I can give love and spoil it with everything, and give it happiness. This is crazy.

For being just 16 and 17 at the time, the blog is incredibly well written. Ashley’s able to convey some very complicated feelings and emotions, and she does so without constant grammatical blunders or the reading speed bumps of IMglish. (Her tendency to insert “Ha!” often was off-putting at first, but just seemed authentically quirky and charming by the time I finished reading the entire blog.) She’s not afraid to be angry, she’s not afraid to be wrong and she’s not afraid to be uncertain. In other words, she’s not afraid to be honest – in her writing and with herself:

I don’t know. Maybe I’m resentful, or bitter, or hurt, or angry, or happy, or carefree, or neutral, or all of those mixed. I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t care. Maybe I don’t. I really, really don’t know. This whole experience and past half of a year is just unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. And, I just had to get all of that out.

Ashley Salazar's baby Callie from 16 and Pregnant Season 3
Ashley’s beautiful daughter Callie from

Throughout the blog Ashley includes photos of her belly as well as sonograms of her baby in addition to a handful of videos and some embedded MP3s to set the mood. Also through the blog are responses to the inevitable comments by readers both praising her decision and condemning her for putting her child up for adoption. Ashley attempts to be dismissive about the particularly brutal things said, but you can tell the meanness affects her:

and oh my gosh…for those of you that say all kids resent their parents for adoption, that’s not true. i almost want to prove to you that that isn’t true. of course i would never base any decision out of spite but I know plenty of people who were put up for adoption that are so happy that their parents did. seriously, your pain isn’t the same as others and trying to inflict it on other people…i don’t even know. Just, wow.

In addition to writing a really great blog, further evidence of Ashley’s intelligence is the fact that she finishes high school early after finding out she is pregnant, and even enrolls in college classes before she graduated. Her decision to give up Callie seems to be an informed one, just as it was with Catelynn and Tyler. Ashley’s not just shirking responsibility, but really struggling with trying to do what is best for her daughter – which is taking responsibility ultimately.

Ashley Salazar and Justin Lane, the father of her baby
Ashley Salazar and Justin Lane, the father of her baby

Ashley visits an adoption agency but finds out her aunt and uncle are interested. According to Ashley, her aunt and uncle are fantastic parents to their two children and are both home at all times, which I assume means that one or both of them works from home. SPOILER ALERT Ashley signs the adoption papers a couple days after giving birth, but soon realizes she has made a mistake:

I’ve been thinking about it, and I am going to be completely honest. I might have said this before, but sometimes I feel like I made the TOTALLY wrong decision. I feel so angry and horrible and depressed and I cry all the time. Sometimes I just want to sleep all day and night and never get up. It’s like my world has been torn in two and I have to stop living.

Ashley winds up taking Callie back! (This episode is going to be one heck of an emotional roller coaster!!!) She struggles with trying to be a good mother while also trying to apply to colleges and find a job and it all proves to be too much. Soooooo…Callie goes back to the aunt and uncle! Reading about all of this from Ashley is just heart-breaking. Tyler needs to become part of a polygamous Mormon sect so he can marry all these girls!!!

Be sure to tune in October 26 at 10pm for the premiere episode of 16 and Pregnant Season 3 on MTV! Here’s the full preview trailer from Season 2 that featured Ashley when they thought she was going to be included last season:

To read all the details of Ashley’s pregnancy and birth, including details about the baby daddy Justin Lane, visit her fantastic blog now! (I think it’s better than watching Juno!) And here are some more Ashley Salazar links for you:

Ashley’s myspace:
Ashley’s Facebook fan page:
Original blog site:
Myspace blog:

I’ve also done posts featuring 16 and Pregnant Season Two cast members Jenelle Evans and Nikkole Paulun, just click their names to find out more about them! I hope to update throughout the season to include all the girls, so stay tuned!

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  • Marissa

    I have been following her blog :) She is so mature and selfless, I think she is wonderful :)

  • Poor baby

    Her baby will grow up to be a woman who hates her.

    This infant was exploited by her own mother for the sake of reality TV

  • heather

    Why would you air your drama on TV? And a blog? Give me a break. There are better ways to get on TV. Ashley’s parents should be ashamed to let her document this in public. Obviously its for attention. I am appalled at the immaturity of giving your kid up and taking her back and giving her up again. What a confused 18 year old girl!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Ashley is brave & articulate. Being a pregnant teen is not easy or fun, or glamourous, no one would do it on purpose. AShley used the blog as an outlet for her feelings and used it well. I wish nothing but the best for this girl & her family.

  • Kaycee

    Ashley is amazing, very smart and very strong. What she has done is unexplainable. & for all of you who disagree with the things she has done from documenting her experience to giving Callie to her Aunt and Uncle, i say screw off & leave her alone. She is a good person, and only means well. I love you ashleyyyy! see you soon.

  • Mandy

    This is to Heather…If you don’t like 16 and pregnant, or for any series you don’t like, Don’t watch it, don’t read it. No-ones making you, so keep your mouth shut and your negative comments to yourself!

    • heather

      Ummm when you put your drama on TV, it becomes subject to judge! I am allowed to voice my thoughts! Its not all hugs and kisses. This girl has given up her kid, taken her back, given her up again! She says its because of money, well she shops, gets hair extensions, has a pretty expensive MAC computer. Its all about HER! She wants to go to New York to go to school, $50,000! She got pregnant, had a baby. Take responsiblity and raise it! If not move on, no one cares if you give up your baby. Her story is different than Caitlyns. Ashley wants the attention, everyday, it is I want my baby back, um nevermind. Selfish and immature. 18 year old girls can raise kids and they do it all of the time! She isnt 16 and pregnant she is 18 and confused.

      • amber

        heather get a D@MN life. if she chose to give her baby up for adoption thats her issue.. not yours!! its not your baby so just SHUT THE F*** UP!!

  • Aunalee

    Okay wtf she has her own website and s**t? So obvious she went on the show to be famous and try to be like Catelynn and Tyler….

  • George

    This show is trash! No one is learning anything from these girls. They all say how much their lives have changed since doing the show. What does this promote? I see more and more girls not taking it seriously, they feel like if they get pregnant no biggie, just email MTV they will give you publicity, or better yet make a web site and blog. All of the girls do have one thing in common, the mother’s of the teens on this show are all pretty messed up! BTW being 18 and pregnant is not that big of a fricking deal.

  • Kira

    You seem so well informed about these girls, pity you couldn’t be better informed about Mormons.

  • Addy

    Read her blog now, she wants her baby back. This is a big circus. This poor infant is being thrusted in the spotlight for what? Can someone please tell Ashley’s parents to give her guidance and figure out what the hell she is going to do? This is not a game! You had a kid, your 18 years old. Raise your daughter and go to school like millions of other 18-19 year old’s do! Or continue to write daily on a blog, I think she is creating more and more drama just so her story won’t end. SHe gave up her baby for adoption case closed, go on with your life, go away to school and do what you wanted to do when you gave up your kid. Stop playing everyone!!!!!!!! Enough Already!

  • AlyssaLoo

    ummm heather sounds like some one is jealous….poor little heather dont have crap so she picks on the girl that isnt selfish and knows whats good for her baby….yeah you go girl heather NOT!!!stfu and grow up!!!GO TEAM ASHLEY!!!

  • amber

    i think all of you need to but out. callie is not your daughter and you dont even know ashley so get over it.

    • DUhhh!

      Ummm, well when you say its none of Heather’s business. That is so funny. Ashley put HER business and CALLIE’s business on fricking TV and on the fricking web! It becomes everyone’s business! There are alot of girls raising kids that are far worse financially than Ashley Salazar!


    Heather. I really hope you never have children.
    Macbook that Ashley didn’t even buy – $1800
    hair extensions (clip on) – $80
    college – expensive but it has to be done, especially if she wants to be successful
    Shopping – $500
    If you think that amount of money could raise a baby and send the baby to college and everything, you are a complete idiot. Your children are going to have a terrible life if you plan on spending $2,380 plus your college money on it. People are so dumb. I love you Ashley. Stay strong!

    • Don

      You are a kid yourself Lorin! Doesn’t Ashley live at home and doesn’t Ashley have a job? Nikkole and Janelle are raising their babies fine. Just have to figure out what is more important. You get pregnant, accept the responsibility. This back and forth crap is enough. Seems like Ashley is just trying to get attention, she gave her baby up already! The whole world knows her and her families drama thanks to MTV and her blog! How long is it gonna keep going?

      • LORIN

        Excuse me? I never stated my age. How do you know I am a child? Nikkole and jannells situations are completely different. Ashleys mother can’t stay at home and raise ashleys child like janelles mom is. People have different financial, family, and home situations. Ashley, as the mother of Callie, is the only one who knows what is best for her daughter. And Ashley isn’t TRYING to get attention. Stupid people like you and heather are just giving it to her. She is just trying to inform other teens who have had, want to have, or are about to have children that is isn’t all glamorous like Juno and secret life show. Why would she put herself through ALL this pain to be on tv and get attention? That is so dumb. Ashley is a really smart girl. If she wanted be famous and be on tv, she would find other ways to go about it, not teen pregnancy. Everyone needs to get a life a d stop dwelling on others.

        • Addy

          Lorin, I am sure Ashley is a great girl and a great friend. Her blog makes it seem like she was rasied to always be the victim. She plays that role well in her blog, not sure what it will look like on her show. Always saying poor ashley, poor poor ashley is not doing any good for her. She needs to accept her decision and stop playing everyone. If she really wanted to keep the baby, I am sure her mom would have watched Callie at night so Ashley could work then. Ashley could have gone to school online during the day with a baby, they sleep a whole lot the first two years! She and her mom had 9 months to prepare for Callie, she didn’t just come overnight. I agree if you put your drama in the public be ready for public opinions! Anyway, hope it all works out for her, this MTV show is pretty stupid!

          • Stephanie

            Addy, coming from a newly single parent, no babies do not sleep alot the first two years. my baby is a month and a half and he is up all day during the day and still doesn’t sleep through the night. Babies need constant love and attention. If ashley wanted to keep all her grant money for college she isn’t allowed to take all online classes. The majority of your classes have to be taken in the classroom. Working at night isn’t the issue either. I’m sure Ashleys mom would help as much as she could. But the point is. You don’t know ashley or her situation so you sitting her telling her she plays the victim is very uncalled for. And who are you to say the her mom isn’t supportive. Who was there for her for her ENTIRE pregnancy, which is 10 months not 9, and yes i will throw that 1 month in there because it is hard and very difficult. SO what if ashley wanted to go away to school, not because it was easier because she is obviously having a hard time, but to make something of herself. Look at the “adult” who is on here commenting on an 18 year olds “blog” about HER life and HER pregnancy. If you honestly don’t like it that much DON’T READ IT! its not that hard. No one was “exploited” and no Callie won’t hate her. Maybe if you knew all the reasons behind Ashleys reasoning you won’t be so quick to judge. Catelyn gave up her baby but its okay but the minute Ashley does its not? Its a hard process and having all you ohhh soooo mature ADULTS telling her how horrible she is. how would you like it if someone did that to your daughter or son??? Look at the big picture. You are adults sitting here criticizing ashley for her own actions and decision. Grow up. Take a look around. And realize you are adults making this girl upset for no reason other then to boast in your rudeness.

        • Mindy

          I am a 19 year old mother and I am doing it on my own just fine. To see these girls complain about how difficult it is to take care of a child sickens me. It is not impossible, it just takes someone who isn’t completely self absorbed. Like many of these girls appear to be. And to be clear Janelle’s mother does have a job. I could understand Catelynn and Tyler’s reasoning for choosing adoption, I wouldn’t want to raise my child around their parents either, but so far it seems as though most of Ashley’s reasons are selfish ones. I feel terrible for Callie. I wish her mom could have grown up enough to raise her.

          • LORIN

            Ashley DID prepare for her baby. She chose adoption at the beginning and stuck with her choice. She didn’t just make that decision the night she had the baby. Ashley wanted Callie to have a father figure in her life. Not just a mom and a grandmother. She wanted Callie to have the very best life. And it’s ashleys child, she’s 18, it’s not ashleys mothers responsiblity or choice. I am sure Ashley could have raise Callie just fine but she wanted Callie to have more than what she could give her. And her blog might be talking about how upset she is but I am sure she isn’t looking for sympathy. She is writing her blog to let teens know the truth about teen pregnancy. She can’t leave out parts of what she is going through If she wants people to know exactly what it is like. You guys are so ignorant.

          • Addy

            This is hard for Ashley I am sure. There is nothing wrong with being a single Mom. Look around lots of women do it everyday! I am sure if Ashley’s mom was a little more supportive and helpful it would be easier on Ashley and Callie. From her blog and the comment her mom makes on the trailer,(telling Ashley not to bond with Callie! That is so sad, that her own mother would say that to her daughter who just had a baby.) They prepared for adoption, so their lives would not have to change. You see other teens that got pregnant accepting responsibility and living life. This blog is getting to be such a circus! Legal battles with family? Writing a book? (She could use that money to help raise Callie) Ha! Ha! But whatever! I am sure there will be more drama, that is the only way she can make money! Maybe you can write a book too, about your experience with Ashley! You can’t call people ignorant because they voice their opinions.

  • sukaylah

    I agree with Heather, you are confused seriously and your baby will be too. You can buy this and that and can’t take care of your child? The system is available, they have plenty of people living off the system cause they love their children but no, you think theres no way. you wanna be selfish and enjoy your youth while someone else watches your child that’s ignorant. you need to grow up. yes you made a dumb decision hopefully now you’ve learned what protection is after seein what playing house got you.

  • Ro

    There is so many children in the world in need of a good home. Then we have all these young girls, popping out babies and putting them up for adoption because ‘they can’t give them the best life possible’. You wouldn’t feel the same about your decision if you had to explain it to someone who spent their entire life in the foster care system because their parents actually COULDN’T raise them. You COULD of raised your daughter. Your a joke.

  • Jared

    I know Ashley. She is a great and strong individual. Some of you may not like ashley for her decision to adopt, and i am glad you have your opinions. Ashley emotionally and instinctively want s to keep her baby. She obviously cannot logically which is what is going through her head right now. Ashley giving up the baby for adoption is a great choice in my opinion. Most of you who are telling her to keep her baby, i am sure you’re thinking it because it is her “responsibility” in all honesty you just feel like she should be punished for having a baby so young. Her punishment is the emotional turmoil of going through her pregnancy, having a beautiful baby, and having to give it up. you call her selfish for giving up the baby when she would be selfish if she kept it. you logic is backwards. ashley wouldn’t want anything more than to keep her baby and go to college in New York. but that can’t happen and if she keeps the baby both callie and ashley will be held back from normal and successful lives.

    • Jessica

      How can you say keeping her baby would be her punishment? That is sad the way you think? Don’t you think that sacrificing things material and like going to college out of state is a good trade for raising the baby that Ashley has? Ashley wanted to have things instead of having responsibility of a child. I am sure if you ask Callie when she can understand all of this, she would have rather had her mother instead of THINGS!!!!! Now she wants to write a book, this is absolutely absurd! What kind of attention is she craving! Now did she plan all of this, no I sure she did not. But geezzzz profit off of an infant abandonment is disgraceful! Ashley is right up there with the crazy ladies like the Octomom! Lol! Get a real life. YOU GAVE YOUR BABY UP, YOUR CHOICE!

    • Anica

      There is a Season 3, now! This is out of control. This girl is dragging her drama on and on. She is not going to be on season 2 but on next season! MTV needs to stop this crap! More and more girls are doing this for the 15 minutes of attention! Give her up. Get her back. Give her up. Write a blog! Write a book! Give me a break!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    Everybody keep discusing about ashley being selfish or not. At least she didnt have an abortion as maaaaaany girls DO, good fo her that she did a resposible desicion for the baby and for her, not just her.

  • jennifer

    Regardless of a person’s decision to go public whether on TV or the web, unless you are in a person’s situation 24/7 with all of the contributing factors that don’t make the show, you should treat that person with respect and dignity. Negative comments do no one any benefit. They make an atmosphere of judgement and belittling towards any person whose decision does not agree with yours. This is a bigotted and small minded attitude. The situations portrayed on this show are designed to inform young women in the same situation how others handled it. Please consider how your actions and words affect others before you spout them. This is especially intended for Heather. I would be curious to know how old you are and how many children you have.

    • Anna

      How is this informing teens? It is stupid. I agree with the others that share my opinion. If you put your drama out there, be ready for judgement. It is not going to be all hugs and kisses. There are many teens that are watching these shows thinking they too can be on TV. Reguardless of Ashley’s reasons, she is promoting the fact that she got pregnant, she gives up her baby ok fine. But to get her back again and give her up again and to play her readers as to what she will do next is a little irresponsible. It is hard raising a baby. Girls who respect themselves and who are taught that you do not give up a child because it is too hard! Girls that give up a child because they want to go away to school? Or want to have an easier life? Where are Ashley’s moral’s? People are not going to agree with this girl 100%, not when she is out there parading herself as some kind of a role model. Please, I would not want my teens getting advice from her, who decided she should be influencing young teens? MTV is doing it for the ratings and the money. Most people are laughing at this girls. Because they all look so ignorant.

      • jennifer

        You have missed my point. Nowhere in my comment do I state that I either agree or disagree with the girls or MTV at all. In fact,I don’t care about the concept at all. My point was that negativity for negativity’s sake generates and perpetuates hatred. I wanted Heather to realize that spouting ill conceived and poorly thought out (not to mention grammatically incorrect and poorly spelled) statements is irresponsible. I am trying to get to the root of her deeply repressed and poorly articulated underlying issues. As for girls thinking they can get on TV after seeing this show, this will be true for future seasons, but all of the girls in season 2 were pregnant prior to the airing of the 1st season. Do the math. As for informing teens, this show is being utilized as a teaching aide in several pregnancy classes for teenage moms in the health system in which I practice. You and your peers may not be using it for educational purposes but it is being used in this manner. As for questioning her morals, that is not for you to do. By their very definition, morals are individual and belong to each person individually. What you would do in a morality situation differs from every other person in the world just as your experiences differ from theirs. I am sorry that you felt strongly enough to be offended by anything I had to say. Once again I was attempting to open a dialogue with Heather so that I could help her to get the help she, in my professional opinion, is screaming out for.

        • Anna

          “As for girls thinking they can get on TV after seeing this show, this will be true for future seasons”
          Point well made Jennifer! These girls are promoting teen pregnancy and adoption! As for your grammar lesson, this is a blog!!!! Not an English class! You should be trying to help Ashley not Heather.

          “As for informing teens, this show is being utilized as a teaching aide in several pregnancy classes for teenage moms in the health system in which I practice.”
          Whatever class you are teaching, I would not want my daughter participating. Teach health? You should be teaching these girls to keep their legs closed! Isn’t one of these girls from season 1 pregnant again? Are they filming a Season 3 already? This is a trashy way to get on TV.

  • lauren

    I’m not going to get into a long drawn out arguement! all I’m gonna say is to all of the people who criticize her, leave her alone. you don’t know her situation and what she’s going through. I am blessed to have ashley as a friend! and I feel very sorry for you…because you can’t see who she truly is! and if you did…you would love her just as much as I do! =]

  • Ashleigh

    Ok it’s as simple as this….if you don’t like what you see…stop watching the show. All of you “Negative Nancy’s”, you know who you are, have really got to work on getting a life. As for her decision, I don’t agree one little bit. Then again I believe in keeping it in my pants ’til marriage unlike most of the trash talkers in this argument. However, I understand having that “fml” type of luck…not to the extreme but life happens. So don’t talk smack and act like you haven’t been runnin around. You have just been lucky….one day your luck will change. Until then leave the girl who had the MATURITY to do what was best, alone. So to Heather, Aunalee, DUhhh!, Don, sukaylah, Ro, Anica, Anna, and Poor Baby, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”….and that my friends is where the argument should stop.

    • Lucky

      I don’t think any of the comments made are doggin Ashley as a person. I think they are questioning the decision to put her private drama on TV and contemplate writing a book. Girls get pregnant everyday in America at 17, 18, 19 years old. They deal with it. Privately. Putting this on TV does glamourize teen pregnancy. Ask yourself how many girls want to be on TV and get attention? This is the wrong way to go about getting attention. They are all making fools out of themselves while MTV gets a fat wallet! Stop the madness. I am sure Ashley is a great girl and made the best decision for her baby. But if you put your life out there for people to judge, PEOPLE ARE GONNA JUDGE YOU! Not everyone is going to support her decisions. Ashley made this public. You can’t get upset for people voicing their thoughts on the matter.

    • Ashleigh

      Well lucky i do agree with what you are saying and i definitely appreciate the way you said it. TV in general has gotten absolutely horrible about glamorizing situations like teen pregnancy and i really hate reality tv and what it has done to our idea of entertainment. To be honest, I don’t watch any of it. As previously stated, I don’t agree with her decision but i don’t like how people judge Ashley and others like her. After i got to know her, I realized that she didn’t have the same motives as a lot of the girls, i don’t know them so i can’t speak for them but as for ashley, I really think she just wants her side of the story to be told. Now, I could be wrong but that’s the way it comes across to me. If it was me, I would have done things quite a bit differently but what’s done is done and no matter what is made public, there is only one Man I know that has the right to judge.

  • Less

    ashley wants attention!!!!! She is on YOUTUBE and says she is bored. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is cool, huh?

  • Laurie

    Ashley is not on Season 2 16 and preggo! Is this whole thing a scam? What is the deal?

  • Shelby

    All of the girls that were selected for ALL THREE SEASONS were pregnant before season one even aired!

    • Chelsea

      MTV really needs to stop and think about what they are showing young teens. Reguardless of when these girls got pregnant. The idea is disgusting. These girls all look confused and obviously come from broken homes. To allow your daughter to display herself on National TV in this manner is apalling. When the 15 minutes of fame wears off and it does, because MTV will continue to do more and more seasons, because there will be more and more teens popping out babies. One girl from Season one is pregnant again, what kind of message does this send? How can you be proud of yourself to be on Season 2 or Season 3? Get a life and educate yourself on safe sex or how about no sex? This whole thing with Ashley giving her baby up and taking her back and who knows what is all a hoax to keep her blog followers reading her drama. Get off the computer and get a job!


        TOTALLY AGREE…this girl craves attention…she thinks she’s a celebrity because she spread her legs and got pregnant and gave her baby to her aunt and now she wants it back….yep..i’d rather have her make me a burger at mcdonalds than listen to her moan about her wanting her kid back…

    • rachel

      okay…wow you are dumb! lizzie and kail just had their babies in like march and april of this year, and the shows just aired so no they were not!

    • http://Facebook Chels

      Okay shelby u are so f*cking stupid it shows the date the babies are born if u actually watch the show u would know that and Laurie it was prolly a type-o god ppl get over it.

    • ashley


  • kaylaaah

    who is she?

  • Samantha

    I really agree with most of what Chelsea says..I think it’s wrong to be broadcasting teenagers who are having babies of their own. I mean sure, it shows you what it’s like..but it also makes it seem like you’re going to get support and have fans and it’s a good thing to get pregnant because then you can get on T.V. Plus, if I were to get pregnant at FIFTEEN, merely a a$$ would’ve been kicked, I wouldn’t have gotten to be on T.V. to ‘show people what it’s really like.’ I honestly think they should pull this show off of the air…or not even came up with the idea in the first place. My fifteen year old cousin purposely GOT pregnant because of this show..she told me she thought it was cool and since her parents have money they could take care of her baby. And now her boyfriend feels obligated to stay around and my cousin is just feeling really depressed all the time and doesn’t have a social life. It’s just sad.

  • em

    I’ve seen all of the episodes of this show and she has not been on. I kinda feel like she’s a fake attention wh**e. And going to college in NY? Really. Fake.

    • admin

      She’ll be on Season 3.

  • idiots

    idiots watch the trailer on this page and you will see she is clearly on it…but its going to air on season 3 there is even another black girl that didnt show up on season 2 with a guy with dreadlocks watch the trailer again idiots…so that makes two people they didnt show…at least yet…

    • picuvhods

      thIS is NOT fake ive seen ashley around and stuff and i think everyone should admire her for moving on.

  • Lindsey Nicole

    Ok first off I would like to congratulate all the moms with their new babies. I was 15 when I had my first child also a single parent. Unfortunetly I dropped out of high school to take care of my baby. Less than three months later I got married with my parents consent but not to her father. I was not looking for anything but love because I felt like I had some kind of void in my life.I felt empty. As of today I am divorced, in another relationship with three beautiful children ranging from 12- 6 years of age. I am a full time mommy and a full time college student studying for my associates degree inmedical office management. My advise to the young mothers is that its a struggle raising children alot is taken away from you. Forget th girls nites out you use to have, your focus should be on your baby watching him/her grow dont let anyone talk down on you stand up for yourself. You live your on life take it from me I know I’ve been there and it was a long hard road for me. I have never ever put a man before my children. Well I kow some of you are bored reading this so Im goin to go for now Toodles!!!

    • itsDe$ (:

      Wow , so how did you live life like that?? Was it just all difficult and stressfull?? I would really like to know how you dealt with being a mother at such a VERY young age

  • Taylor

    it seems watching the trailer that they replaced Ashley and the black girl with Lori and Kailyn on Season 2 and that the other 2 will be in season 3 instead. I wonder why they decided to do that????

  • itsDe$ (:

    Ok so I’m 13 and I really really want a son :/ I don’t want one now , but when I turn 16 or 17 I really want one. 16&Pregnant/Teen Mom has really gotten me into babies and has encouraged me to want one. Ugh , I really wish they never aired it on MTV because it js makes other young teen girls want kids and then they end up suffering. Seriously, whenever I see a pregnant teen , I get so jealous >.<
    Anyways , I just wanna know what it's like to have a son. Like Maci Bookout<3 she's probably the best mom on that show. She goes to work and school for her son Bentley<333 she's moved out of her parents house and has her own place. She's a mature teenager and I wanna be just like her (:
    BUT I DO NOT WANT A GIRL FIRST. I would cry my eyes out and die if I were to find out I was having a girl.
    Just out of curiosity , what's the best wAy to have a boy?? If you understand what I mean. If not , I'll reply and explain it better (:

    • Mom of 2

      WOW!! I don’t know how to start this off. I believe that MTV purpose of recording these teen mothers was to show the difficult times and every day struggles. I highly doubt that it was to make their lives seem grand. It is natural for you to start thinking about babies. You are 13 and in the middle of still developing. I’m not going to get all holly on you or anything. I just think you are confused. You should really talk to someone. I know you don’t want to talk to your parents about this who would. But there are hot lines that can help you figure out why you are having these thoughts of children. It’s not all the show.
      Don’t get pregnant until you find the right person and is of a desent age. I’m 24 years old. I have 2 baby girls and 2 step sons. I fell in love with my husband (soon to be ex). I ran off with him and eloped. To baby girls came along. Then he left after a long abusive and verbal relationship. I was young when I met him. Studies have shown that a females mental state isn’t fully developed until the age of 23 or 24.
      Give yourself time. You will be a great “someday”. Now is not the time. Focus on going to school. Furthering your education. Set goals of what career you want. Persue that career. —-All of that can be done to prepare for the future family you will have one day.

    • Amy

      You are clearly crazy. I do not understand why u arent playing with dolls at 13? Get on the shot and stay on it till you are older and married. I am 29 and divorced with a five year old and it is so hard. I did not even have sex until I was 17. I truly feel sorry for the mans life u will ruin. Ur an idiot

    • erik

      If you are even really 13 n not a troll. You can’t even work yet. Teen moms suck and no guy is ever going to want a single mom with 0 education. No why I love my fiancee? Cus she just got her RN and im 5 months from being an OT and when we decide to have kids we will be financially stable. Bringing a kid into this world before you can provide him or her with the most is greedy and irresponsible. If you’re willing to trade the best years of your life (bill ffree, responsible free) for dirty diapers and waking up 1234567am to care for a baby you ma’am RSof**kinstupid

    • QueenK

      Are you really that stupid? My god a baby is the last thing you need idiot!

  • Jessie Hannah

    okay, alot of people judge teen moms. i think you should think about if you were in that position before you talk. and everyone says if they were 16 and got pregnant they would get their ass kicked. well duh, no parent that loves their child is going to be proud and happy at first. but it happened, and if the teen is lucky, and their parents love them, they will support them in whatever decision they make. And yes, everybody does know the concequences of getting pregnant, but sh*t happens. i’m 16 && i’m pregnant. and i am going to be a great mom and my baby has a great father. I have mental support and i’m very lucky for that. but basically, the point i’m trying to make is if you want to judge these girls, then don’t watch the show. i doubt you would like to be judged, because i promise you this, NOBODY is perfect.

    • itsDe$ (:

      you’re so right.
      What’s it like going through pregnancy at 16??

  • paula

    I was all enjoying the article and then there is this weird reference to mormons in there that totally killed it for me. You need to do some research. Mormons aren’t polygamists, genius.

    And, just to stay on topic…
    this girl sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders and she is really lucky that she can see that baby whenever she wants since it’s still in the family.

  • Leza

    Ashleys story is not at all how it is portrayed by MTV and her blog and everything else she does to self promote. She used this baby once it was born for attention, like a tug a war. She knew it would get good ratings to be so undecided. This is why they moved her from Season 2 to 3. She is a spoiled little girl, who BTW turned 18 when she had Callie. Far from 16! She has a $700 camera, hair extensions, a Mac computer, an Iphone, and went to New York for College. Give me a break. Her mom obviously did not raise her right, as she points out her bio dad was never around. We should all feel so sorry for both Ashley and her Mom. Ashley goes on to say how her sisters bio Dad was in her life and now her mom has a boyfriend. Nice influence Mom! This info is all from Ashleys facebook fan page. So please gimme a break, she gave up her kid because she wanted attention and she wants a pity party and she wants to somehow makle money from this whole thing. The book that she is writing! Ha ha. If its not about the money, Ashley should donate it all to help stop Teen Pregnancy. She even sells her used stuff on ebay. Ha! Now girls are gonna get pregnant hope to be on MTV, give their kids up, and write a novel. OMG! Ashleys mom should be ashamed of herself for raising such a selfish, heartless daughter. I hope they both enjoy their empty lives. Like mother like daughter. Keep posting your every move out there and your families history, I am sure they all appreciate it. Your sister goes to school and she is That Girl, the one with the sister who is on 16 and Preg. How embarrassing. And how embarrassing for Justin’s family. Their son is portrayed as an idiot and their family is drug throw the mud with Ashleys. What a shame. I look forward to watching the show, but remember its not all really that bad. They should have a show just for Justin with the real truth! Now that would be a great story.

  • jesse

    I think Justin is in the Military. I dont think he can comment. I feel badly for him, this is certainly not his fault. It takes two to make a baby. I bet Justin’s mom wished she would have kept Ashley away from her son. I agree that it is sad that is being played out on TV. It will follow them all for the rest of their life. Including Callie, what a sad shame!

  • ashley

    teen moms need to grow up and learn from ther problems. That doesnt mean that there stupid though so dont judge them.

    btw im 11 tears old!!!

  • Jediann

    dear ashley, i am a teen mom myself! i know this episode was a year ago but it just came out on the tvee… Girl i cried on your episode! with my son on my chest ='( i totally understand your pain but idk why you gave her away ?? she is soo beautiful God my bf wanted her when he saw her lol he said he wants to make a baby like her.. well no turning back but i wish i was yur friend by that time… A baby does not need nothing else but their mother with them, i know you rather have your mom with you and live poor than be with an adoptive parent.. i wish you can take her back!! But i support you! like for real i am just in pain with you because that hurts, i cant see me givin my son away.. And like atleast you had your mom i am a teen mom/wife/ student and its not easy i have to wake up to breakfast for the bf and food for the baby then school then pick up the bby and go back home, study! sso much but hey my son brights up my day when i am depressed.. do you have facebook or anything?? hit me up we can talk!!

  • Kristina

    I just watch the show. And i Feel like Ashley was convinced by the people around her to give her baby up. I really feel in her heart that she wanted to keep a baby. I was 18 when i had my son and i am doing just fine. I really wish she would have gone with her heart. Instead of listing to everyone elce. I hope Everything is well with her. This is a really sad situation.

    • Jay

      I Fell the same way as many other viewers..I felt like she was pressured to give away her baby by all the people surrounding her (especially her mother). It shocks me that her mother knowing what it is to have a baby young and still not supporting her daughter!
      I got pregnant young too and my mother was there to help me and support me. I finished school and went to college. And I look at my daughter and I am thankfull for having her. You can still have a child and still finish school and fullfill your dreams ( its harder for sure but still is very possible).
      Her mother was not at all supportive and I blame mostly her!

  • erik

    Oh and what was garbage about this show is it displayed how you can run away from problems. So this this girl makes a mistake and is rewarded for it. Her family had money. Her mom said she could hire a nanny. She chose adoption because it let her go to the college of choice w/o having to provide for the baby awaay from her family. Look at all the gifts she got at that dinner. Sex was conveniant and raising the result wasn’t.

  • Lily

    Just finished watching the last episode of 16 and pregnant with ashley,I didnt think it would be as sad as it was. my eyes are watery just thinking about how sad it is for her to live without her baby.

    Her mom seems really great, but the part when she mentioned her just getting on with her life and just forgetting about the baby really upset me(not sure of the exact words but it was along those lines). how can anyone just forget that they gave birth to a baby.

    Very sad, hope one day Ashley gets her baby back.

  • Mia

    I watched your episode and have to say cried my eyes out almost the whole show, I have to say u are a very strong young women with a head on your shoulders, don’t listen to the haters cause in life there are always a few around. What you did I know had to be very very hard, but I think for your age you did the right thing, and at least the baby is still in the family. Lots of Luck to you in the future.

  • Lupe

    I just watched your spot. I can’t say I feel bad for you. We live in a country where birth control and sex education is available. For a young lady that can carry on a blog, you are a stupid girl. I’m sure you’ve seen the last two years of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. It’s not a surprise, it’s not an oops, and you knew every well of your actions and their consequences. Disappointing you and your mom punked out on your own responsibility. Your mom knows better but she went and took the easy route. So spare me your tears and remorse. I hope that when your daughter grows up she sees that her mother was nothing more than a selfish, worthless, stupid girl!!!! Life is about struggles sometimes and you gave up because you had an outlet. Someone else to worry about your “mistake”!

    • isel

      im with you on this girl! this girl figured someone else could take care of her daughter because she was a kid herself! did she think about that when she opened her legs!!! het mom shes so fake she just wanted to get rid of the baby she did not want to be involved that is all them crying is so fake!!! i can fake it better!!! she could use all that time she spends on facebook and her so call blog taking care of her daughter!!! instead ugggg im so mad !!!

    • K.D

      are you going to sit there and tell me that EVERYTIME you had sex you used birth control or a condom? didn’t think so. don’t point fingers unless your hands are clean.

    • http://Yahoo Rachel

      Girl do u still live in Mckinney? I would like to hang out with u! :/ Fyi dnt listen to all these negative, ignorant, stupid people that have most likely never been in ur situation! Message me back if u can! :)

  • Skeptik

    It is such a coincidence that she has a blog with pay-per clicks and already had a very strong idea she was going to cop out on motherhood from the begining. 16 & Pregnant should be 16 (minutes of fame) and Pregnant.

    MVT has little to no morals and I have a strong sense that Ashley is one of the worst for birthing an unwanted kid for personal gain. A mother sacrifices a lot for a child… except that pricey cam, the move to an upscale neighborhood in NY, the roomy home in TX… Please! What a message to give the kiddos – spread your legs and land a segment on an MTV show. Parenthood, optional!

    • Skeptik

      Anoter thing: I visited her blog and noticed all the warm fuzzy comments are all you see. Seems to me like she’s still running from reality.

    • K.D

      i have never read such a disgusting thing in my life. For the people who can actually sit here and criticize Ashley for doing the right thing for her baby should try and put themselves in her shoes for just five minutes & maybe see what it’s like. i guarantee almost all of you that are running down her decision, never once had to go through what she has been through. I personally think Ashley did the best decision anyone could possibly make. If you KNOW that you cannot support your child, physically, emotionally, & financially, the most selfish thing that you could do is keep it, NOT give it up for adoption.

      • Latisha

        Ashley didnt give her baby up because she couldnt afford her, she. Look at the big mansion they lived in, they had money. Ashley nor her mother wanted the responsibility. Her mom was so fake in this show, she wanted her child to give her up. What a shame, you day down and f**k and have fun doing that, but when the child comes into the world, you back out of it and hand her off to strangers(any who isnt the birth mother)to raise. She turned out to be a beauitful lil girl, now she can only call the girl her cousion or someting becasue its not longer your daughter, you signed that away with your mom and dead beat sperm donar to cheer you own. Did your mom or aunt or deat bead donar carry your child for 9 months and have that instant connection?? NO you did. So now your gona have to explain years from now why you gave your child away to go to college in the state you live in..Doesnt make sense to me, but since Ashley is week an gave into peer pressure by her stupid ass “mom”, she will have to deal with it later in life. I hope no more blessings come to you like that because babys are blessings adn you just gave your away!..

        • chris

          hahahaha learn to spell before you talk shit

      • Kim

        oh my goodness. Thank you for being so sensible! I was reading these comments and I as ashamed for these people! How could they say such horrible things. Giving up a baby for their well-being is the hardest thing a parent could do. I can understand that if you have sex and aren’t safe about it, then yes, someone needs to grow up and take their responsibilities for their actions. But its like you said, if they can’t support them with every fiber of their being, then its best to give them to someone they know can. It’s a very selfless desicion in my opinion. It broke my heart that she had to because you could tell she wanted nothing more than to keep her baby. But I’m sure the little girl will understand in years to come.

  • Ness

    Wow you people have some nerve talking down on her like that. She is a stronger person then either one of you! Yes she should have been more responsible about having sex and being protected but things happen. Instead of her being selfish and keeping her daughter knowing that she would not be able to give her the life that she deserves, she acted selfless and thought about what would be best for her daughter rather then what she wanted. I give her more credit for doing that because it takes a caring, selfless, giving and strong person to be able to do something like that rather then someone that would rater keep their child knowing she cant support her. Before you go and talk about how she is stupid maybe you should think about how hard that had been for her. You can not sit there and say that she is fake because you dont know her and you have no clue how she feels. Her being on her blog has absolutly nothing to do with her parenting skills, she is talking about how hard and how much of a struggle that was for her. plus she is bettering her self and going to college, not just sitting around and doing nothing. So maybe you all need to have a little more heart and be a bit more understanding and respect her decisions as a parent. She had and has every right to do what she did and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Melissa

      I just think this is some BS because its not like she gave her own baby up for a good reason. They lived in a mini mansion and your telling me she couldnt raise her own baby that she laid down to have?? I think not! She could have make it they wasnt hurting for anything, with a part time job, and going to school too, woman do it everyday so whats her excuse???? Theres not a good reason, her mom and the social service lady was pressuring her. You can tell she wanted her baby, but with her being young and dumb ass selfish parents like her mom who isnt supportative 100% of course she is gona give it up because she knows she needs some type of support. She had non, not her mom, not nobody. Shame on Asley for spreading her legs to make the baby but couldnt be strong enough to take care of her own daughter. Shame on her mom for not being her backbone. What a message to send MTV!

    • Katie

      MTV is wrong for sending out the message that its ok to lay dow and make the baby but you can just take the easy way out and give it up for adoption. Nobody should feel sorry for Ashley I can understand if she gave it up because she wanted to go off to collge and wouldnt be able to take care of daughter, but NOOO she went to a collge in the same state(Texas), whats the reason why she couldnt go to shcool and parent, millions of people do it everyday in the world. Thats why I look up to Maci she laid down to make the baby, but she handled her responsibilities like a woman and took care of her child, and went to school and worked to support her child, and she is the best mom and should be proud. While Ashley gave up her baby because her mom pressured her into adoption with there fake aunt and uncle who acted like they supported her but just wanted to take the baby. It not right that she gave her baby up for her own selfishness. They live in a rich people neighborhood so money is not the problem, laziness was the problem. What kind of mom naggs you and naggs you about giving the baby up. Pray for them. Thats why Asley isnt gona feel good about it because she know wht she did was cruel.

  • Kim

    This was the saddest episode I’ve seen so far. It broke my heart when she signed the notary papers and gave her baby up at the end. I think she is so strong and such a great person for doing what she did. Even though she may have doubts at times, she really did do the best thing for her daughter. God Bless her.

  • Irmaris

    This episode was so sad! OMG I cried a lot. I have my daughter when I was 21 because I wanted to have a family of my own and now I’m 24 and I’m still married, very happy and my daughter was the best thing that happened to me. I don’t know what it would be like when the daughter grows up and find out that she was adopted. That’s very sad and I think and know parenting its no easy but everything is possible when you have faith and you really want things to workout.

  • erik

    You people are idiots. Her family has $ . She could’ve raised that kid but simply didn’t want to because it would stop HER plans. You congratulate people who run from problems? Her mom offered to hire a nanny. She didn’t have raise the kid but time to blog and make youtube videos. Real courageous huh. Chicks a reason why birth control should be force fed to minors.

  • rachel

    Seriously, who takes home a baby home from the hospital and then four weeks later decides to give it up for adoption? Ashley’s story was heartbreaking! I have no idea who these people are and it was so painful for me to watch, I could only imagine how painful it was for the people involved. I don’t understand how Ashley’s mother could be so insensitive and unsupportive of her daughters decisions. I mean, she put on a good show and all, but you could tell it was her mom who didn’t want the child. Oh it just makes me sick thinking about it.

  • sarah

    This story was by far, the saddest episode ever! The decision for giving the baby up for adoption was purely out of greed! I’ve seen girls with way less raise happy, healthy babies and are doing just fine now. Sure, they struggled a little, but who doesn’t in life? Ashley’s mother is disgusting, selfish and was thinking only of herself. If karma really does exist, she will surely pay. I just feel sorry for Ashley as she will have to live with this for rest of her life. She will never know the love she would have had for this child. She will miss the sounds a precious 9 month old baby makes and the silly things a three year old says. She will miss it all because of a powerful thing called greed. For those of you who say she made the best decision for this child–whatever! This adoption was a bailout for her and her mom.

    • Jordan

      Ashleys mom is ugly inside and out! She forced Ashley to give up her baby and wanted Ashley out of the house so she could move in with her boyfriend! They didn’t show that part! Ashleys mom is gross and pushed her own grandchild away! Shame on her!

  • Holly


    • Maggie

      If you’re 29, you should probably type like an adult.

  • Brittany

    Ashley can tell you i know how you feel i have a baby and sometime i wish i would gave him up. so he can have a mom and dad together.

  • Anica

    I know Ashley from school, this is a selfish family. It is all about greed and laziness. ashleys mom has 3 kids from different dudes and is with another dude now. She didn’t want to be a grandmother. She didn’t want to take responsibility for Ashley. ashleys m makes money off the child support system. Three kids, different dads. I know she gets money from Ashleys real dad, alot! She is a bs mom who didn’t want to help her own daughter raise a baby. Adoption was forced, Ashley was brainwashed to believe she needed to give the baby up. Ashleys mom said don’t bond with your baby! omg! Heartless and selfish! All of the posts on ashleys blog are warm and fuzzy because Ashley controls the blog. Gimme a break, selling stuff on eBay, computers, cameras, trips our of town, iPhones, Mac computers, concerts, school on new York, hair extensions and the list goes on. Ashleys aunt and uncle look an odd couple. Everyone who knows Ashley and poor Justin know the real story. Ashleys mom should be ashamed of herself! She set a bad example and needs to grow up. Ashley will have to deal with this for the rest of her life now. Ashley has no friends here in her home town and neither does her mom. The story was portrayed one sided. But I am sure the real story will surface one day not that anyone cares. Ashley even has her own apt now! Tell me shouldn’t have kept Callie and worked and went to school? So many girls do it, may be a struggle but not for long. A few years of struggle is worth a lifetime with your kid. This story is so wrong and the real selfish and dorky Ashley was not portrayed at all. It’s always poor pity me Ashley but she learned that from her mom. Ashleys little sister is having a hard time at school. No parents want their kids hanging around her, poor girl no friends! Don’t always believe what you see on tv!

    • Jennifer

      I agree. As a former young mother, I think her actions were completely shelfish. I foresee her regretting this greatly when she realizes what could have been. I agree with adoption when a person has a crappy family and no one else. However, when you go through her blog she talks about being relieved that she can still go on family vacations now that Callie is taken care of. Come on! There are many mothers out there with better excuses.

  • cdm

    Ashley’s mom was reprehensible. She pressured her daughter into believing that she’d be selfish for keeping her own daughter, saying “do it for her. If you do it for you it’s the wrong choice.” What kind of mother does that? Then, when Ashley brought the baby home, the mother leaves the table in frustration, making it clear she was the one that really didn’t want the baby. She forced Ashley to give her baby away permanently. I liked the lady at the hospital who told her yes, Calle would have two birth certificates. That seemed to register with Ashley.

    • Anica

      She totally was made to believe that giving up her baby was the only choice. Of course her mother wanted ashleys baby out of the house, she didn’t want to help take care of Callie. Look at all of the other teen moms, most of them had the support of their moms. And yes, most were single moms! Now single grandmoms! Ashleys blog says she has an apartment now. What the heck? Why couldn’t ashleys family support her and help her with Callie? didn’t they know that Ashley would be miserable forever without her daughter. There is a lot more to this story. Ashleys mom got

    • Anica

      She totally was made to believe that giving up her baby was the only choice. Of course her mother wanted ashleys baby out of the house, she didn’t want to help take care of Callie. Look at all of the other teen moms, most of them had the support of their moms. And yes, most were single moms! Now single grandmoms! Ashleys blog says she has an apartment now. What the heck? Why couldn’t ashleys family support her and help her with Callie? didn’t they know that Ashley would be miserable forever without her daughter. There is a lot more to this story. Ashleys mom got pregnant when she was 19! I think ashleys mom regrets keeping Ashley, she wanted to party and she couldn’t she had a baby to take care of! This whole situation is sad! But Ashley had Callie when she was 18! She could have kept Callie if she wasn’t so selfish!

  • Janet

    honestly i think she should of kept her babygirl !shes soo adorable and i think anything is possible if you put your mind to it .i know theres all kinds of moms out there and i respect that !but trust me one day she will want her daughter back and it will be too late.In my opinion if your going to have sex know that there is consequences Condom or not birth control or not .theres always a risk so if you absolutely dont want to get pregnant dont even go there …

  • Steve

    Her mom made Ashleys stepdad give up rights to his son from a previous marriage. This mom is a selfish, selfish, immature lady! She want no responsibility and made Ashley choose adoption so it wouldn’t interfere with her life with her many boyfriends! It’s all too convenient to give up a baby so you don’t have to accept responsibility! Phewy, it’s about giving Callie a better life! Bullony! Not true! It’s about giving themselves a better life! Ashley and her family didn’t want to make the sacrifice of raising a child so they pushed off on someone else! This story is misleading and sending the total wrong message! Selfish family, they didn’t want it to interfere with their vacation schedule and trips to the mall! Look for more antics from this family, I am sure they will milk the attention for as long as they can. The dad Justin got a bad wrap, he had no choice to stay away from this crazy family! He wanted nothing to do with MTV and the Salazar family! At least someone has some class, good luck Justin, move on with your life!

    • Sara

      I agree, this story is a bad excuse for skipping out on responsibility. Look at how many moms let their daughters give up their babies! Not many! Ashley is so selfish to give up her kid on national tv! Wow! This teen mom crap is getting old! Lots more teen moms out there! They all do fine!

  • nlee1

    Please, stop blaming this girls Mother for the foils of her daughter. Her Mother had already attempted to raise Ashley.
    When you give someone a present, it is not usually a baby to take care of. Stop blaming these girls Mothers for the problems of there daughters. Ashley was not selfish to give up her child….that was a loving unselfish provide a loving nuturing home for the child. To those of you that are finding fault with Ashleys Mother. I am sure that Ashleys Mother was no where around when Ashley was out there giving it up. Mothers today are not like Mothers of yesteryear. Mothers today work and have full lives, and full plans for their lives. Was Ashley’s Mother suppose to stop…and put her life on hold for Ashley’s mistakes. Give me a break! And to Steve, what does Ashley Mother and the stepfather relinguishing custody of his child have to do with this…..don’t get this twisted. Everyone on this thread is looking for someone to pen the kid on….completely overlooking Ashley. Ok Steve, you may have a point in saying the family did not want to give up their vacations and going to the mall…well, why should “they” have to give up anything. Ashley had the baby…not the entire family. Even an animal would not go down with a sinking ship.
    And to say that Ashley Mother wants no responsibility…well she was reponsible for Ashley until Ashley brought home a surprise. When your parents are almost done raising you, they are not just sitting around waiting for someone else to raise. Why should Ashley parents put themselves on the line for the next 18-25 years. And Anica, yes you are correct most of the teen moms do have the support of their Moms…and sometimes this is not possible. You cannot just arbitrarily say what someone else should be doing to support another person. Ashley did not just bring home a stray cat…she had a child. No one would even bring a puppy home without a plan. The only person plans that should have changed was Ashleys…not her parents. CDM, let’s not get this twisted. Ashley Mother told her do it for her child…and not for herself. When Ashely gave the child up, that was for the sake of the child. When Ashley backtracked and went and got the child from the Aunt and Uncle, how may weeks did she keep her before she returned her to the Aunt and Uncle..that was selfish. This show should deter young girls from having babies based on the fact alone that they will not be able to care for them in the majority of cases. Instead, fingers are being pointed at everyone but the Mother of the child…..and no one is mentioning the Father of these kids…who is equally responsible. These girls Mothers are getting targeted as if they are the ones responsible. Go figure!

    • wiz23

      is this ashley mom

  • Kathy

    I am proud of your decision to let your baby be adopted and that you have given her a better life that what you could have given her. I wish you would be happy with your decision and move on with your life. You have a second chance at doing something with yourself and for yourself. This was not your time to be a mother. The right time will come for you and you will be a great mother. Please let your baby be happy and get what she deserves from her loving parents. Doing what you did is the most UNselfish thing that anyone can to for their baby and the loving parents that will provide love, opportunities, and everything she needs. You cannot to that right now so be happy and content with your decision. We need more teens to be as generous as you to both their deserving babies and loving couples just waiting to provide for these babies.

  • Amber

    I just watched dr drew’s adoption special and the part where ashley said that alot of people say mean hurtful things about how she is selfish for doing this… well this is my response to those people,
    ADOPTION IS THE MOST SELF-LESS thing you can do, you are giving that child a chance of a lifetime and someone who has desperately wanted a child their entire life a chance to be what they want to be. Ashley and anyone else who has made this choice, you are angels and deserve nothing but happiness for being such wonderful people!!!!

  • Bridget

    I don’t know you, but I watched you story on Teen Mom. Ashley you made a very unselfish decision, and probably one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make in your life. Knowing your daughter is in a good home should make you feel proud. I became pregnant at 16, and had my daughter at 17. She is now 17 years old and a senior in high school, I never thought of giving her up for adoption, because her father was and still is very supportive. We are not together, but have another daughter together. He is the best dad in the world, and loves his girls more than anything. My aunt made that same decision you made, she was young and this was many years ago-back in the 70’s. Her child was a product of rape, but she still wanted to keep him. She adopted him through family friends and never got to see him after he was born. It broke her heart, that she passed away not ever knowing him. We are still searching for him, so we can tell him how much his mother loved him and that is why she gave him to a family that could provide the life she could not. I think you are so brave. I thought about adoption with my last daughter, I truly did and even picked a family. I did not think I could raise her on my own, I had two children already. The wife of the family got pregnant and they did not want to adopt any longer, the second family fell through because I was having a girl, and a boy became available. I felt it was meant for me to keep her. I love my girls, and struggled with them. I did graduate high school and am finally going to college. It was heartbreaking to watch your story, and I just wanted to go through the TV and give you a hug, and tell you that you did a brave thing and a very unselfish thing.

    • Mandi

      Bridget, you too have something to be proud of. Hang in there you can do it!

  • Mandi

    I just want to say, adoption is the most selfless thing a person can do for another and parent to parent, I respect you. To admit you cannot be the parent you dream of for your child takes a strong person. I’ve watched you hurt and I’ve hurt with you. I too was 16 and pregnant and had a son, a beautiful son might I add. I am not your average statistic and I was able to do this on my own because I have a supportive father for my son and a wonderful family. The comments people have made are sickening, but they do not define who you are, they define who they are. People will never understand what you went through because of your choices and will always judge you and often, they things they say will be ignorant and bias. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter at the point you became pregnant what you were thinking when you “spread your legs”. It is about what was best for your child and her future and the choices you make from here on out. You are an amazing young girl and I see you as being inspirational. Keep your head up, stay strong, and remember that your little girl is safe, healthy, and happy.

  • Lilly

    You guys are disgusting. Get over yourselves. Ashley is sixteen — bringing her integrity and capacity for independent thinking into question is immature and conceited. Calling her worthless and stupid? Grow up. You’re no better.

  • Ashley Salazar

    I had an idea for ashley i think she should go to school by her aunt and uncle and then she could live with them and help raise the baby they adopted from her

  • Brandie

    I just watched this episode and honestly WHY would you give up your babygirl???? I had my daughter when I was only 18 years old. I stepped up and took responsibility for her. Never ever did adoption run through my mind. It maid me bawl my eyes out to see you just give up on your daughter. You laid down, you opened your legs so TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! You make the rest of mothers who had kids at a young age look horrible! And for your mother to agree with it? She should be ashamed of herself too!

  • Brandie

    Im sorry people but if you think you cant somehow support your children you go out and get a damn job. Stop feeling sorry for this girl. She could have done what was best for her daughter and raise and support her, but of course she took the easy way out. What a damn joke.

  • jessica lombardo

    hey girl i wanted to tell u ur not the only one whose been threw this no one will ever know what its like to be in ur shoes ive been threw it to but not excactly like u did my daughter still knows me as mommy nd i see her all the time u mde me cry so bd bc i know wht its like to not have the babys father there i love u wanted to tell u everyone who has been threw it loves u to and dont listen to none of these kids on here who know nothing about being less selfless and wanting whats best for ur baby​jessicacody.lombardo

  • Kelsea

    Hey hun I look up to you and I want you to know that. I’m going through what you went through with Callie I gave my son up because I know he deserves better then what I can give him. But I watch your show all the time because it makes me feel okay cuz I;m not the only one going through this and that we could relate, But I jist wabted to sayy she is cuteee..