16 & PREGNANT Lindsey Harrison’s boob job by Dr. Miami documented on Snapchat

Lindsey Harrison Nicholson Dr. Miami

It was announced last month that former 16 & Pregnant teen mom Lindsey Harrison (now Lindsey Nicholson after getting married last July) had signed on with GR Media, so we immediately started the clock on how long it would be before Lindsey was going under Dr. Miami’s knife on Snapchat. That clock stopped today at just 31 days as Lindsey received two MASSIVE breast implants — all while the unfiltered cameras were rolling.

Dr. Miami sings “Sunday, Booby Sunday” to the tune of U2’s similar tune just before introducing us to Lindsey. Lindsey says her daughter Aniya is now four years old and that the pregnancy and breastfeeding had a less than desirable impact on her breasts. “I breastfeed and went all the way to double D,” Lindsey explains. She says they later deflated and the result was smaller, less firm breasts and “lots of stretch marks on my boobs.”

Here is a censored “before” photo:

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison Nicholson boob job before

Dr. Miami discusses Lindsey’s fully exposed breasts at length, explaining that they are different sizes and that he plans to put an 800cc implant on Lindsey’s right side, and a 750cc implant on her left.

Soon, Lindsey is under anesthesia and Dr. Miami starts slicing away. [You will have to head over to Snapchat to see it. Dr. Miami’s ID is @therealdrmiami. WARNING! It is EXTREMELY graphic!]

Dr. Miami shared this “after” photo, which we censored as well:

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison Nicholson breast implants after

Whoa! That is a HUGE difference!

UPDATE – Click here to check out photos of Lindsey’s new assets after she healed up from the surgery! Plus, she responds to critics of her decision and answers questions about the procedure.

We’ve been pretty big fans of Lindsey ever since she made her badass kickboxing debut on 16 & Pregnant, and we’re happy Lindsey was able to get the breast augmentation procedure that she wanted. But, we are squarely on the “dem boobs was fine before” team. We’re also squarely in the “huge breast implants are not attractive” camp.

Lindsey follows in the breast implant footsteps of GR Media’s Teen Mom clients: Brianna DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, and Mackenzie Douthit. If she continues following the GR Media Mad Libs formula, the next thing we can expect to see is a bikini photoshoot on the beach (once her breasts have healed) with the potential of topless shots if she is willing (like Briana was).

Then, of course, is the obligatory song recorded with Adam Barta. There is also the potential of some sort of relationship drama story on TMZ — those are pretty standard as well. Of course, the relationship drama story is just a precursor to appearing on either Marriage Boot Camp or Couples Therapy/Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

UPDATE – It seems I missed the fact that GR Media had already used their TMZ hotline for a “relationship drama story” back in February. TMZ did a post about a court decision in favor of Lindsey and against the MIA father of Aniyah. Then, a day after her breast augmentation surgery, the TMZ hotline was in use again to report on the procedure.


GR Media is also big on sex tapes, but it is unknown at this time if Lindsey would be willing to go that far. Of course, as Mackenzie demonstrated, you don’t even really need to actually have one to make headlines with one.

GR Media has quite the history with Teen Mom stars (if you recall, Farrah Abraham was with them back in the sex tape days before having a falling out with the company’s head honcho, Gina Rodriguez), but Lidsey is their first forray into cast members of 16 & Pregnant who did not go on to star on Teen Mom OG, 2 or 3. If there is a good deal of publicity for Lindsey, I’m sure we will see a lot more 16 & Pregnant stars signing up. Get ready Dr. Miami! (I’ve gt my money on Nikkole Paulun as the next GR Media signee.)

Anyways… We’ll wrap up this post with some catch-up photos of Lindsey, her daughter Aliya, and her husband TJ Nicholson:

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      Right lol

  • FrontDoorMom

    Oh god. So MacKenzie never actually had a tape???

  • Linda

    Did they add “dr miami 1hr ago” or is that the new snapchat update? I refuse to update snapchat

    • K A R E N

      Yes, that is the new update. I hate this new update, it’s aweful

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        What about when someone snaps you (not story just regular snap) does it say the name in the top corner? Every snapchat update always sucks

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    That chick is gonna go over like one of those Weebles the first time she stands up. You know, “Weebles wobble, but the don’t fall down!“. Human teeter totter, incoming!


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    Wait, isn’t she the boxer? If so, why would a female boxer want huge jugs like that?

  • Beezow

    Won’t those get screwed up if she has another kid?

    • twelfthnight

      Not necessarily, the implants themselves won’t get screwed up, but they may not look as good because of what is around them. It really is up to your body how the implants will look afterwards. How she gains her weight and how much she gains, the stretching and shrinking of the tissue, etc. are all things that can change the look her breasts around the implants.

      Lots of people just get a breast lift after they’re finished having kids, it makes everything look better and they don’t have to touch the implants at all.

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    She looks like a 12 year old. And now she’s gonna look like a 12 year old with big ole stripper boobies??

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    I don’t even remember her she must’ve been on during the one season I wasn’t able to finish watching because my cable company blocked out some channels because they couldn’t agree on contract renewal and prices. I wouldn’t let anyone snapchat me getting breast implants but then again I wouldn’t be getting breast implants to begin with I think my own breast are too big and they are just d’s which to some aren’t big but to me they are and I would love to go back to a b cup

  • Guest

    800cc? That’s way too much for such a tiny girl.

  • Ashley

    Dr. Miami must be getting desperate if he’s trying toget publicity from 16 & pregnant nobodies who were on the show 4 years ago.

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    There was nothing wrong with her “before” boobs….if so, then my boobs must be hideous lol and they’re not….so she’s fine!

  • AshleyBlack

    Is it just me, or were they 2 different sizes before & after? In the before picture her left boob looks bigger, on the after pic her right boob looks bigger. But it might just be the sensor bars messing with my head.

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    So sad. No need for this.

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    Cause those two weapons are going to make you a better person?? If all else fails she can do a Farrah and go into porn……. Ridiculous !!

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    Is her kid Aniya or Aliya? You have it both ways.