Gypsy Sisters’ Mellie Stanley pregnant with third child

Mellie Stanley kids son Richard and daughter Brandi Wyne

Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley is giving her older sister Nettie a run for her money in the fertility department! The 26-year-old reality star revealed to fans that she is pregnant again by posting a photo of a positive pregnancy test on Facebook yesterday:

Mellie Stanley pregnancy test 2016

Mellie didn’t add a caption, but the photo indicates she was 2-3 weeks along when she took the test. A friend commented, “You catching up Mellie lol. One more to go…Congratulations!” Mellie responded by writing: “Hahaha tubes is getting tied this time.”

If the announcement looks familiar to some fans, that’s probably because Mellie also posted a picture of a positive Clearblue pregnancy test to announce she was pregnant in June of 2014. She later gave birth to her daughter, Brandi Wyne, on January 20, 2015. (Mellie’s oldest child, almost 3-year-old son Richard, was born on June 30, 2013.)

Mellie has not revealed who the father is, although she has been posting photos with this handsome mystery man since the middle of last month:

Mellie Stanley pregnant new boyfriend

And I should point out that Mellie and her mystery man were vacationing at Opryland in Nashville, Tennesse 2-3 weeks ago. Sounds like there may have been some boot-scootin’ boogyin’ goin’ on!

* It should be noted that Mellie has joked about being pregnant on Facebook before. “Omg I’m sorry I kept it in to long,” she wrote last July before adding: “I AM PREGNANT VERY EXCITED.” However, that post did not have a photo of a pregnancy test, and Mellie almost immediately clarified in the comments section that she “was being a smart ass.”

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  • Brooke Amber (blen85)

    2-3 on that pregnancy test means 2-3 weeks SINCE ovulation so she’s more like 4-5 weeks pregnant.

    • Miranxa

      THANK YOU. I hate when people misread them.

    • Patricia

      How do you know when you’re ovulating. Do you feel it or does your doctor have to tell you? (Serious question pls don’t make fun of me)

      • Nurse

        Sometimes you can feel twinges or cramps in your abdomen, generally on the side with the ovary that is releasing the egg that month. You can also check for discharge, or cervical mucus… it will increase when ovulation occurs and is similar in consistency to egg whites. You can also use a basal temperature thermometer to record temperature changes, as temperature fluctuates throughout your cycle. And if none of that makes sense or works for you, you can buy ovulation prediction kits in the same area as pregnancy tests. 🙂

        • Patricia

          Thank you so much for answering !

          • Renee L

            I know this is like 6 months old but wanted to add ovulation *usually* occurs about 14 days after the first date of your last period. So that’s another way to know. I always feel it, there’s been times that the pain of my body releasing an egg was painful and I’ve had to take Ibuprofen. But some women don’t feel it at all so they also sell ovulation predictor kits. That’s mainly for those that are trying to conceive.

  • Che

    Tlc stopped filming the gypsy sisters but they still film the duggers.

    • DeeDeDee

      Stopped filming gypsy sisters because Mellie’s ex-boyfriend killed a dog. Stopped filming Honey Boo Boo because her mom hung out with her daughter’s molester. But you sexually assault 4 people and it’s okay because they were money makers and devout Christians. 😉

      • Che

        I didn’t know that about mellis boyfriend

        • DeeDeDee

          Yea. There was a huge debate aboutnit being accidental after the shit she posted.

      • Guest

        TLC are such hypocrites!

      • snark shark

        Gypsy sisters was cancelled because it had very low ratings. Nobody I know watched it I was the only one lol. It was never really advertised online and not advertised much on tv either. It was doomed to fail because they didn’t give it enough exposure. The dog killing happened after it was not being renewed.

      • Jenn

        It was canceled because Nettes step son wash murdered get your facts straight!

        • PCpolice

          It was cancelled due to its extreme vulgarity and violence. Usually reality shows thrive on this, but these Gypsy shows took it to an entirely new level.

      • PCpolice

        “Because they are Christians”? Do you know that Christianity is the only religion in America that’s perfectly okay to bash? To criticize? To make fun of?
        To disrespect? To disregard? To slander?
        There’s no other religion where it’s politically correct to criticize. Heaven forbid a national television show shame Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Humanists.
        There’s calls for boycotts when this occurs, but Christianity’s free game.

        • DeeDeDee

          Cry me a river. That’s because Christians are the only ones flaunting their moral superiority as if it means something. Only to be caught in serious scandals involving sex or adultery, something they vehemently preach about. Kind of like how Sissy, the 15 year old daughter of Kayla, is currently pregnant by her 24 year old cousin. It’s f*cking gross and trashy.

          • PCpolice

            You must live under a rock. There’s PLENTY of material where these other religion’s are concerned, but you’re a blind bigot, brainwashed by an anti-Christian leftist mass media. Yes, 99% of major networks, record labels, magazines and “news”papers are chaired/owned by a couple handfuls of uber wealthy Jews. This is a FACT, not anti-Semitism. Look it up.

            • DeeDeDee

              You’re totally right, because my opinion just HAS to be based on brainwashing from the media, and not from real life experiences. *eye roll* And as always, pointing out the fact that these people claim to be Christians but are the exact opposite makes me a bigot. Keep on with your bad self, defending trailer trash claiming to be culturally rich family one comment at a time. 😉

              • PCpolice

                Glad you admitted it. The basis for your original and ensuing comments has referenced the Duggars. lol..You cannot base a religion’s worth based on failures of humans. I assume you’re a the Islamist faith for example, women don’t have the same rights as men. They’re oppressed and much worse. It’s enforced within the Quran, not its fallible followers.
                “I heard the prophet saying, “The omen is in three things; The horse. The woman, and the house”
                The prophet said, “I looked at hell and saw the majority of inhabitants were women”
                Men ONLY within their temples in Muslim controlled temples. Women must be covered.
                These again are facts that is the faith.

                • PCpolice

                  P.S. Not throwing shade, honestly, but I’m curious as to how you responded instantaneously to a thread in which you’d commented seven months ago. It’s almost as if you’d been steadfastly staring at your comment awaiting a response, lol.
                  Okay, a tad bit of shade.

                  • PCpolice

                    P.S. I’m departing this thread for now, so you may have the last word. Have a great evening.

                • DeeDeDee

                  I am well aware of the fact that religion is sh*t. These people happen to call themselves Christians. Had they called themselves Muslims and acted like this, they’d be receiving the same comments.

                  Also, in reply to your other comment, every time you comment it sends me an email notification. I still get emails when people reply to sh*t I posted 2 years ago.

                  • PCpolice

                    You’re wrong DeeDeeDee. First off though, I must point out again that you’re impugning not only an entire family that consists of a small town, and the entire religion. Certainly you know there’s MANY good Christians. Matter of fact, Christians as a whole are good people. Other faiths as well.
                    It’s the Atheists, Humanists, Pagans absent of the belief that there’s an entity much larger than them, much more powerful than them.
                    They’re actually pretty self-centered individuals to believe they’re at the top.
                    Though an unlikely scenario, it’s thought provoking nonetheless:
                    If you were forced to walk miles through a town to reach another with two possible routes, which would you choose, the route with the highest crime rate, homicides galore, where the majority were people without faith, without the belief in a higher power who knows all, sees all, who’ll decide your ultimate destiny on judgment day, or, the path through a mainly Christian community, with people who believe their every misdeed has consequences even when there’s no human witness, who believe in the ten commandments which serves as motivation to be good human beings or people that believe in nothing, that believe there’s no repercussions to their actions?

                    Again, there’s bad, even evil human beings within every sect of society, within every religion. You must put into context. What’s the religion’s teachings. What’s expected, evil, deception, or goodness to all.
                    Regarding the Duggars, there’s many selfless, good people within the family. They volunteer, aid others, are missionaries who spend years in what’s considered third world countries while aiding it’s people.

                    • Wow

                      You just contradicted yourself. You defend christians by saying “you can’t judge christians based on the actions of a few”, and then you judge atheists etc by how you believe they act. I actually know more christians that are guilty of being self entitled than atheists or pagans, doesn’t mean ALL christians are like that, just like all atheists are not bad people just because we don’t believe in a higher reward. I believe in being a good person and trying to make others happy because this world is not a happy place for a lot of people. I dont care if there is no karmic or heavenly reward waiting for me. I dont need an incentive to do good things.

                    • PCpolice

                      Untrue. When I speak of Atheism, I’m speaking the belief system or lack thereof. I would not say or believe that all Atheists are bad, or as demonstrated prior, that all Christians are good. Again, good and bad exist within every religion/sect/group. The difference is, Christians believe there’s consequences to their actions above and beyond statutes/laws. When there is no human witness to a misdeed, we know the most important being of all, the Almighty God, is. Because Atheists don’t believe in anything beyond themselves, they don’t believe they’ll be punished or rewarded in the afterlife. Again, the definition of Atheism.
                      I said:
                      “It’s the Atheists, Humanists, Pagans absent of the belief that there’s an entity much larger than them, much more powerful than them. They’re actually pretty self-centered individuals to believe they’re at the top.”

                      Believing you’re at the top, nothing above, is part isms=
                      egotism, nihilism, narcissism

          • Loxy moxy

            How do you know that?

  • pmo

    I miss the gypsy sisters.

    • ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

      Yassss me too xD

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Me too :/ miss the drama lol

      • Bruja

        It’d be great, without Mellie.

        • FarrahsCryFace

          They are all just trash bags though. I know several gypsies and the majority that I know are not like the but jobs in the show.

          • Bruja

            I believe you.

            I love the rest of them, especially her oldest sister, but Mellie is a damn mess.

  • Truth

    Three kids, three different dads. Good thing these gypsies aren’t known for their class.

    • aimsless

      Class is not in their vocabulary.

    • snark shark

      Yet on my big fat gypsy wedding they all pretend they are chaste and housewives in loving marriages with superior morals to “gorgers”. Every single one of these women has been divorced lol.

      • Emmy

        Have you noticed how few people turn up at a lot of weddings? There must be a gypsy wedding every single weekend with the divorce and remarry rate. Maybe the gypsies only attend first weddings?
        Will you come to my sons first wedding? He will be baptized in marriage you know so we’ll give him a huge wedding.

    • Pherber

      Yet they are always throwing around the word “classy,” which just slays me.

  • Tink

    I’m glad the camera crews aren’t around to film this pregnancy. I loved the show but I couldn’t stand watching her. Between acting like a bratty 10 year old who didn’t get her way to holding puke in her mouth every 3 minutes and running to a toilet and constantly complaining about her coochie killing her, I don’t think I could deal with it. Bleck.

  • melinehclassy

    Wait they canceled the show?? Why??

    • Bruja

      Because her puppy was killed (yeah, he threw it.. the article is on this site) by her last man-whore and I think the network had just had it with their shit. What was gonna happen next? One of her kids getting wall-tossed on camera by the next man-slore she brings home?

      She’s a straight up mess who should be sterilized before she can create a brood of beer swilling, fist-fighting, foul mouthed, violent, law breaking, system leeching shits.

      • melinehclassy

        Omg noooo!!! How tragic!!!! I hope he was arrested!!!!! Trash dates trash!!!! Shame on them both! Glad they cancelled it!

      • Aussie cathie

        Now tell me how you really feel my friend? Lord have mercy I almost wet my knickers from laughing ??

        • Bruja

          hehe! Sorry bout that, hon!

          She just chaps my butt in ways I thought weren’t due till I was 80 and sitting in some ripe Depends diapers.. nothing worse on this earth than child and animal abuse.

          Hope you and the family are doing well down under!! *loves you!!*

          • Aussie cathie

            Doing great and dying for winter!! I only like to sweat when engaging in acts not to be discussed on this site.. ??

            • Bruja


  • Layla

    the ‘mystery man’ is her husband, his name is George.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Married again? Good thing in gypsy culture it’s rarely a legal union. You don’t have to spend money on a divorce.

      • Bruja

        Just the restraining orders.

        • FarrahsCryFace


        • PCpolice

          No, cuz they never call the muskers, LOL

    • Dee

      That’s not her husband that’s her boyfriend. I think she’s still legally married to Skott

    • Bruja

      The town she lives in should chip in and get her a tubal ligation certificate as a baby shower gift.

      Best. Gift. Ever.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Quick!! Somebody get the draino or trip her down the stairs.

    • Bruja

      ROAD TRIP!

      Mustang just got her first oil change and tire rotation!

  • snark shark

    3 kids in 3 years with different fathers. Absolute trash.

  • jenny

    Yet she claims she wanted to wait until her kids were in school. Yet she waits until her girl turns 1 and gets pregnant, when her son was born she waited 9 months and got knocked up

  • heartbroken4BethLaitkep

    Their brother William Wells Thompson their brother in Virginia is in a custody battle with an outsider after his ex wife died this past month

    • heartbroken4BethPage

      It has made national news they are actually wonderful people who played to the storylines tlc created for ratings

  • Pyaar

    Thank you so much for continuing to update on them. I miss them so much, I hope the show comes back…TLC needs to get it together.

  • Kim

    I want the Gypsy Sisters back I love that show.

  • deaner23

    The first episodes of MBFAGW that had Mellie and Nettie were on are hilariously hypocritical. Mellies now Third child from the third Dad, proves shes exactly like lying dirty Nettie! Thieves who provoke lies and drama.

  • Lorena S

    If they think this puts gypsies in good light – they’re wrong. They look like a bunch of uneducated, backwoods hillbillies.

  • Elle

    I liked the show and wish it wasn’t cancelled. However, Mellie is a trainwreck and shouldn’t have had 1 kid…now she has three. Dallas just had another baby with Jay. (The same Jay that is bouncing back and forth from Dallas to Annie)
    Dallas cared more about getting drunk and shaking her ass like some white trash stripper (exactly like Mellie) than for her own children.