Josh Duggar is home from rehabilitation, reunited with wife and kids

Josh and Anna Duggar Together

The Duggar family has welcomed Josh Duggar back home, more than six months after he entered a residential rehabilitation program for issues related to sex addiction. The family confirmed Josh successfully completed treatment at a facility in Illinois — but added he will continue to receive counseling.

Here is what the Duggar family said in a statement on their blog:

Josh has completed his residential rehabilitation program. We are so thankful for everyone who worked with Josh in this program. It was a crucial first step in recovery and healing for Josh. Josh has now returned to Arkansas, where he will continue professional counseling and focus on rebuilding relationships with his family. We look to God for help and guidance and place all of our trust in Him. We are forever grateful for the love and prayers offered by so many and hope you will continue to pray in the days ahead.

An insider confirmed to People that means Josh is reunited with Anna Duggar and their four children. The source said, “If nothing else, this is a happy time for their kids.”

Anna has not addressed Josh’s homecoming, but sister Jessa Seewald told People this week that she has “definitely” forgiven Josh — who previously admitted to sexual indiscretions with four of his sisters before the Ashley Madison leak outed him as a cheater, too. Still, Jessa admitted moving forward is a “process.” She explained, “And trust is not quickly rebuilt. It is something that takes a while. We love him very much, though, and we are very hopeful for the future.” Sister Joy-Anna Duggar added, “I have forgiven him and I feel that, but the trust is not there.”

It’s unclear whether Josh will appear on the upcoming season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, which premieres on TLC on March 15. The other older Duggar children will be heavily featured in the program.

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  • pmo

    omg she is more an idiot than she looks like, who would take him back!

    • NJJuls

      Only she would because she is a brainwashed freak.

    • Jessica

      She’s not an idiot. Sadly she is completely brainwashed. She is unable to think for herself and if she did she is not allowed to. It’s heartbreaking.

  • Alisson Leech

    Anna will be pregnant soon.

  • BeautifulBrownBrainiac

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife (Antoine Dobson voice), lol!

    • FarrahsCryFace

      For real doh!

    • Dani

      And hide ya husbands.

  • Chewy


  • Sara

    Josh josh josh its all about josh

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Well he is the oldest boy her probably holds the highest value to them. Sad.

  • Hannah

    Do we have an actual proof he went to a rehab or did they just have him lay low for months

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Probably roofing houses lol

    • Alisson Leech

      I don’t think he went to any rehab either.

  • Rita Kountz-Gunnoe

    Anna needs to hide her daughters!! If he molested his sisters what would keep him from molesting them?!! Think about that Anna!

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Think? She’s not allowed to do that.

  • C

    Poor Anna and the kids.