Tila Tequila starts new “secret” Twitter page, TheRealTila, three days after quitting


We all knew Tila Tequila couldn’t stay away from Twitter forever, we just had no idea she would wait a whole three days before getting a new account. That takes resolve.

Around 3 a.m. PST (6 a.m. EST) Tila Tequila send a text message to thousands of her Army members to alert that she’d started a new account. Here’s the message:

“I made a new secret Tiwtter[sic] page! Everyone add me at @TheRealTila Woohoo! Tell ur friends im on now!”

At the time of this posting she only had 300 friends, but she’s trying to drum up 1000 followers in one hour by promising a special “secret.” Her followers didn’t make it.

Tila’s new about info: “I deleted my Twitter page. The world Stopped Breathing. So I came Back and Everyone is happy. The End.” Not sure if the world stopped breathing, but Tila probably did. Tila doesn’t breath oxygen, she breathes wireless internet signals and feeds off of Twitter replies. It’s good to know she’s back to getting nourishment, her baby needs it.

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