Gary Shirley talks Matt Baier’s ‘whole life of trash’ in Teen Mom OG Reunion Part 2 preview


The gloves come off big time in preview videos for Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion!

In this first sneak peek, Dr. Drew asks Matt Baier about Gary Shirley, putting him on the spot over the “deadbeat dad – 7 kids bombshell,” his questionable history, and not being honest with Amber.

Dr. Drew: What did you think about what Gary said?

Matt: I think he’s full of s**t to be honest with you. His motivation for doing what he did was not what he said… He purposefully waited for the cameras.

Dr. Drew: Why weren’t you honest with her (Amber)?

Matt: It was more shame on myself because those are really painful memories for me so I kinda pushed them aside. I think it gets made to be more seedy than it really was.

Next up, things get intense as Matt and Gary confront each other.

Gary: When someone wants to come into my daughter’s life, whatever your motives are, the only motive I have is to be a father. Whether you have 10 kids… I don’t care about that. The point is, you told someone, as far as I knew, that you only had a couple.

Matt: That’s not what happened and for you to make the assumption that, ‘You know what, he had a couple of kids and he just took off’ is wrong… We’re actually talking about last season’s stuff.

Gary: And we’re dealing with your whole life of trash too though.

Check it out as Amber gets bleeped while defending her man:

Catelynn and Tyler are also part of the show. And there’s an awesome moment where Butch breaks down in tears talking about how proud he is of his son, which you can watch here.

All of the drama heads your way Monday night on MTV at 10/9c.

And you know we’d be amiss if we didn’t highlight that elite-level Gary Shirley eye-roll!


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  • Fatmanwalking

    He’s so disgusting

    • Alisson Leech


  • blue9599

    Yea, nothing is ever his fault. It either “isn’t as it seems,” or it’s “I was a different person then, I was a drug addict.”
    Gary isn’t wrong for not wanting this con artist around his daughter. Amber needs to wake up

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Honestly I think he and Gary are both disgusting however I do think Gary has become a good father and does look out for Leah. I do think he still does and says a lot of things to get Amber riled up and I don’t think that 7 kids revelation should have been I front of cameras or with Leah present. Gary may be disgusting but Matt is scum.

    • boop

      Gary cannot do something like that in private with Amber’s history with him. Gary did it in front of cameras for some protection! What if something had happened – then it would be he said she said and the public would turn on Gary cause Amber has “changed” so much (not)

      • Alisson Leech

        Amber would have flipped on him. Her and Matt would have lied about the whole situation.

  • Chewy

    I’m not a Gary fan but I feel bad that he has to worry about his daughter’s well being while around Matt. He’s a good father to be concerned. Amber needs to wake the eff up and get rid of Matt. She can do MUCH better.

  • Hannah

    Why won’t Dr. drew talk about how much Maci & Taylor drink (and her drinking during pregnancy)

    Why won’t Dr. Drew talk about how out of control Sophia is growing up to be

    Why won’t Dr. Drew talk about how Gary doesn’t need to say things under his breath bc he knows it pushes ambers buttons (remember when he said about pushing someone down the stairs)

    These reunion shows don’t ask approach what we wanna know

    • sysmjp

      I have no interest in anything you said

      • Julia

        You’re also the same person who defended maci and Taylor’s excessive drinking so either you are Maci or Taylor or someone who really doesn’t care for this show, but takes the time to comment anyways

      • Idiot

        Thank goodness you’re not the program’s producer.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        well you are in the minority b/c most of the public who watches this show wants to know


        Well isn’t that special

    • Jessica

      It was filmed months ago, she wasn’t pregnant then, or didn’t know, did u see there was no ring, they said they didn’t know about the baby till after the engagement this was obviously films before the engagement

      • Thea

        Yes she was. She’s due in a few weeks.

      • Jane

        She was pregnant then, and during most of this season when she’s binging booze, but claims to not have known. Still, I wonder why she was boozing so much with two little kids to take care of…. Oh… wait… She doesn’t really take care of them. They spend all their time with Ryan’s mom.

        • jcwy

          EXACTLY! ! She has had a drinking problem and it has been elevated being with Taylor. That is the only thing the 2 of them have in common

      • ameliaBedelia76

        yes she was pregnant. she gas been pregnant now for the 3rd time, no one is buying her ” I didn’t know” bullcrap, well…you are

  • Aussie cathie

    Never been a fan of Gary but good on him to protect his little girl!! As for that Matt, what a creepy sad sack is he? Look after your kids you old pus sack!!!

  • Gina

    I’d take Matt over Gary any day. Yep I said it

    • sysmjp

      Hi Amber, lol. The bright side is that you have ZERO competition. Enjoy your McGreasy.

      • Gina

        I’m not amber. I’m actually a fan. I’m just saying Gary was annoying this season. He acts like he cares but in reality he just loves to push ambers buttons

        • Thea

          You need help. No, NOT joking. Please, don’t breed.

        • Ali.P

          He’s annoying because he’s looking out for his child? Any sane person would be highly concerned with Matt coming into the life of someone they care about. It’s genuinely scary you would let him around before Gary. He is despicable.

    • violet Beuregarde

      Show him the money in your bank account, he might just be interested! Hopefully you know beforehand about his little “kink” for sexual assault, i’d refer you to the statements of the woman who charged him but unfortunately, she killed herself.

    • Juanita

      The only competition Matt would win with me would be against a baboon.

      • Regina

        Ehh……. I’d still choose the baboon.

    • savannah

      Ew. I’d rather jump off a bridge. Matts disgusting

    • H.H.

      I’d rather spend the night with my hand.

  • sysmjp

    Preach Gary, Preach!

  • Lucy

    I think Matt is disgusting, and I think Amber is desperate for companionship and love. This sounds very mean (I know, apologize in advance) but I can’t decide if Gary looks like a zit about to pop, or Jabba the Hut.

    • sysmjp

      He looks very sick. I pray his arteries hold on until Leah is 18 because if he dies, leaving Amber as the only parent, being a drug addict and sex abuse victim are almost inevitable with clueless Amber as her only parent.

      • Kendra

        I agree. he is extremely unhealthy. not good.

        • Victoria

          Gary should be on my 600pound life

    • Beezow

      I don’t think the dude has been able to sit without reclining back for years. He’s not even 30 yet, right?

    • Bruja

      Jabba the Hutt.

      The whole eye rolling montage with the tongue lolling thing in this article didn’t help that comparison either.

      He looks like he just consumed a frog, Hutt style.

      • ren24

        You nailed it! Now I can’t un-see Jabba when I look at Gary!

        • Bruja


          I feel bad for his kids though. I hope someday, he takes his health seriously, because at this rate, he won’t be around long at all.

          • Aussie cathie

            Hey doll ?

            • Bruja

              Hiya sweetie! How are ya?

              • Aussie cathie

                HOT!! Oh my lord it’s Autumn and still stinking hot…. I’m emigrating to where ever it’s cold!! ?

                • Bruja

                  We’re looking at getting snow this evening. Come on over. Il’l get the guest room all set up for ya! 🙂

                  The weather has been stupid here too. One minute it’s spring conditions and the cover comes off the ‘Stang. The comes the cold and the snow and the cover goes right back on it! Plus, the sinus issues all the back and forth causes. PLUS..these kitties want out on the darn deck and are throwing fits (check out the fit my big girl had over no deck time allowed in my profile pic!) because I won’t let them out there when it’s cold. Brats that they are, and too big to be messin’ around. I’ll ground their fuzzy arses. No laser toy for her was had tonight! She gave me an attitude…pshaw, I got one of my own!
                  I know, I’ll send my bad kitties to your house, you guys come this way.. they love the hot, and will kill any creepy spider you got..and you guys get a vacay in cool weather minus crazy cats. WIN!!

                  • Aussie cathie

                    Speaking of demonic kitties… I have three!! One is a Norwegian forest cat that I rescued and is supposed to be blind? Blind my arse!! He hates the heat but loves to try and catch all the seagulls that come onto the deck! Then there is Juno aka as Judas that has the worst disposition and temper of any cat on this earth( hubby says she is the cat version of me) followed by sweet little Elanor who eyes are so big she looks like a bat! They are complete and utter arses but I love them to death. How I would love some snow…

                    • Bruja

                      haha! Not blind in our sense of the word, but Rutger Hauer in ‘Blind Fury‘ kind of blind! lol! But Norwegian forest cats are gorgeous. My son wants one and I keep telling him he can wait cause my hands are full! Now I’ll send him to your house. bwahaha! Ah cats, they are demonic, but what would we do without them?

                    • Aussie cathie

                      Hubby reckons a dog accepts that you’re the boss, a bloody cat wants to see your resume! Send your son along , what’s one more in the looney bin of Bondi beach ?

                    • Bruja

                      hahaha! Your husband is right!

                      My son would never wanna leave.. ever! Beach, pets.. he’d be in heaven.

                    • Aussie cathie

                      Also add two pugs and a cockatoo that never shuts up ! Oh and two pythons!!

                    • Bruja

                      heck! He’d be thrilled. He’s a vet assistant. He loves all kinds of pets.
                      That’s why I keep him around here! He’s help galore with the animals (they are a handful), and he’d a darn good kid! I couldn’t be prouder of the boy (lol, he is 25!!)

                    • Aussie cathie

                      That’s cause he has parents that are caring and nurturing!! Besides our wise cracking our kids are no1 priority ?

                    • Bruja

                      Aww thanks, and you’re right on that last part! I’d do anything for my kiddos!

  • Told you so

    You have two very manipulative people calling each other out. Matt doesn’t like that Gary exposed him, so…..Matt is going to attempt to make Gary look crazy

    Regardless, people have to live there lives and live with consequences of dealing with people such as this.

  • BreeMorey

    Gary needs to lose weight and set a healthy example for his daughter…. I don’t dislike Matt but I think Gary is right… There are too many red flags and Amber needs to focus on getting 50/50 custody of her daughter.

    • Sad

      Sadly until Amber ditches Matt, her only focus will be defending him.

  • Mimi

    I’m not at all surprised that Gary looked Matt up. Matt’s around his daughter. My ex looks up every guy I talk to to check their background. He’s actually come up with some serious sh*t before that caused me to cut things off with the guy.

  • Ali.P

    Gary is no saint but he seems to genuinely love Leah and have her very best interest at heart. He raises her and she is a bright, good kid so apparently he is doing something right. Amber is just not meant to be a mother. If she had any type of maternal instinct she would get Matt away so fast he wouldn’t have time to pack the slimy duffle bag he brought with him when forcing his way in.

    Matt is a scary person. It’s not even funny anymore how dispicable and gross he is. At this point it is just scary. And if I were Gary I would wait for the cameras too. Amber would do the same thing. And that way she thought twice about attacking him. It’s a shame Dr. Dingbat won’t actually point any of this out.

    • Regina

      YES. Thank you. I do not understand how this is not being taken more seriously. Matt conned his way into Amber’s life and lied about his ENTIRE past and acts as if he has no children and they were just “mistakes from the past” who apparently no longer exist and Amber is just like “Yeah that’s cool, let’s get married”.

  • Alisson Leech

    Gary is winning right now. Amber sucks.

  • barbinop

    Gary had every right to expose Matt for what he truly is. Gary is trying to protect his daughter from Matt and Amber. I hope Gary gets full custody .

  • Che

    I wonder if dr.drew will ask Matt about him allegedly raping someone.

  • Jane

    I think Gary is a manipulative jerk and partly responsible for Amber’s issues. However he’s completely right in this situation. He has a right to know who Leah is spending time with and if they’re a scam artist with seven abandoned children. If Amber wants to marry this loser then that’s her choice, but if he’s going to be in Leah’s life then Gary has every right to get involved.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    when will Matt give his side of the sotry instead of constantly talking about HOW Gary told Amber? What’s the real story Matt? Where are these kids & why aren’t you their lives? You claim to be clean & sober for years so why not sober up and become a Dad? I wouldn’t want this cat taking care of my daughter while her Mom slept the freaking day away when SHE is the one who is suppose to care of her NOT her boyfriend. Amber can defend her man all she wants but the public,her friends & family know the truth about Matt.

    • Regina

      Exactly! He just constantly deflects any accusations!!! It’s so disturbing how he does it and Amber just accepts it.

  • Pinky

    I really hope Amber doesn’t marry Matt. He’s going to suck her money dry. Not to mention cause her a relapse. This is a HUGE disaster waiting to happen. Wake up, Amber! This guy is a slime ball!

  • Vee

    Do all you people follow the Teen Mom’s just so you can criticise on the smallest of things….I take it every person out there with their negative comments has never done anything wrong or made any bad decisions in their life. Each one of you is a perfect parent? The Teen Mom lives are no different to mine, yours or anyone else’s. It just happens to be MASSIVELY EDITED and televised so everyone can watch and criticise. But if that’s why you watch it then WHY BOTHER???

    • L

      Agree. That’s why I hate this comment section. I understand having a constructive criticism, or discussion, I like that. But I hate it when people are just hating and bashing someone for what they did and not thinking maybe why they did it.

      • Amber favoite couch

        Sites like starcasm and Teen Mom junkies are for people who are not manipulated by the bullshit these TM girls spew. It is a gossip website not their fan page.
        Don’t like it, I suggest maybe visiting their fan page.

    • violet Beuregarde

      Hey Amber! I love how every single time someone defends these girls it’s always the same imaginative, unoriginal “omg u guise dont no wat gos on in there lyffes!!” in always horrendous spelling to boot! And of course you all make them in guest accounts solely so you can leave and never see the replies back of how stupid you are. lol! Shut off the computer Amber, lie to your boyfriend that you’re broke and watch how fast he dumps you, get of your couch, parent your kid, and get a life.

    • savannah

      My life isn’t perfect, but I do have to say my husband doesn’t have 9 children running around that I know nothing about.

  • mreester

    You know I look at both of those losers and think to myself “just what in the hell is wrong with Amber?” Both of them are disgusting! She needs to work on her self esteem because she has none.

  • aimsless

    His body is swallowing his head. Neck is already gone.

  • Regina

    I just want to punch his gross saggy face.
    With gloves on.

    UGH why is Amber being soooo dumb???