Is Cardi B pregnant? Love & Hip Hop star sparks fan gossip with social media updates

Cardi B pregnant 2

Is Cardi B pregnant? Could it possibly be? Cardi B pregnancy rumors are starting to gain steam, thanks to the Love & Hip Hop star’s recent acknowledgement that she intends to marry boyfriend Tommy while he serves out his time in prison–and to a series of eyebrow-raising social media updates Cardi B has shared during her ongoing fight with detractors.

“Cardi B pregnant” became a thing this week thanks to last week’s ongoing “Cardi B wedding” controversy. In the then-most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop, Cardi said she couldn’t deal with “bridesmaids and bouquets” and would prefer to wed her beloved where he is: behind bars, at a federal prison in Pennsylvania. That comment sparked something of a backlash from LHHNY fans, and Cardi took the offensive against them all last week. In doing so, though it seems she’s given birth to at least one thing…namely, the rumors of a Cardi B pregnancy.

For starters, Cardi B visited Tommy last weekend, and has since deleted two Instagram shots from the visit. The first was an image of herself outside the jail, pointing to the tiny upper-story window that belongs to Tommy’s jail cell. The second was the following Cardi B Instagram update, which she appeared to share almost in response to a dare from a fan:

#CardiB better let us see her jail boo

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Following that update, and in keeping with her elevated response to the ongoing Cardi B wedding backlash, the breakout star of LHHNY Season Six shared two more posts. One promised a whole lot more forthcoming drama…

…and the other related to, of all things, product placement for a tummy-flattening tip:

At this point, it looks like all of the “Cardi B pregnant” rumors are just that. It might also be worth pointing out, though, that this season of Love & Hip Hop has baby fever like no other, thanks to Tara Wallace’s surprise pregnancy, Amina Buddafly’s surprise second pregnancy in six months, and Remy Ma & Papoose’s announcement at the LHHNY reunion taping that they’re pregnant as well. The Cardi B pregnancy rumors also raise some interesting logistical questions–like whether her visits with Tommy are conjugal. And whether VH1’s cameras caught any closed-door footage of the conception…

Love & Hip Hop airs Monday nights at 8 PM on VH1.  

(Photo credits: Cardi B pregnant via Instagram)

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