Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? Spoilers offer strongest evidence yet

Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure 1

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Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? The increasingly popular History Channel show has its legions of fans on the edges of their legions of seats, thanks to a new season that’s drawn critical raves and brought the Lagina Brothers closer than ever to Oak Island’s mysterious, elusive booty.

But did the Brothers actually find the damn stuff? It’s fair to say that, other than the question of whether or not Curse of Oak Island is fake, the question Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure is the most popular query related to the show. History Channel has just released a new trailer for the Season Three finale, which looks as promising as any episode in the show’s illustrious history, treasure finding-wise. Most recently, the Oak Island crew managed to stick a diver up into the 27-inch base of Borehole 10-X, and it’s possible that that wet-suited fellow in turn got past the jammed-up drill…and into open space.

The History Channel synopsis for tonight’s episode certainly takes the “Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure” question seriously: “Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina finally get answers from the bottom of borehole 10-X just before making an incredible discovery deep inside the Money Pit.”

And the aforementioned teaser does a fantastic job of dragging out the answer to the simple question:


Season Finale | Tonight at 9/8cIt’s all been leading to this. Catch the season finale of #OakIsland TONIGHT at 9/8c, followed by a sneak peek of the new series #BillionDollarWreck!

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So–Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? We may well find out tonight, when the finale airs at 9 PM EST on the History Channel.


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  • Akbar

    I don’t think Blake gives a shit…

    • Jerry Fox

      He’s just there for the face time and the money.

  • Nope. Nada. Zip. Zero.

    • Mike Garber

      Oh Shit, lol.

  • MikePM

    Do folks believe or not believe the McGinniss sisters with their 200 year old family secret story of the treasure chests and the gold cross?

    To me, it came off like one of the most preposterous and hard to believe plot devices I’ve ever seen, for the purposes of setting up another season.

    • DVM

      I think, at this point, oak island itself is just a preposterous and hard to believe pot device, for the purpose of setting up more seasons! But, that’s just me lol

    • Jerry Fox

      I don’t believe the sisters. Why did it take them so long to share the cross? Why didn’t they provide documentation of the age of the cross….instead of vague claims of showing it to jewellers?The sisters story doesn’t seem authentic.

  • NotMamaCass

    If the ratings are good, then no, they didn’t. They’d have to extend the “search” for as long as the ratings are good.

  • common joe

    I really do enjoy this show but at some point after you’ve seen them buy tractors and talk about draining 10-X and pay scuba divers to go down etc. etc. you have to stop and ask the simple question……..why not buy some expensive high tech gadgets and just leave them down there on a video feed. Water clears up and you can just see what is there. I think it’s because they know there is nothing. The money pit itself is a similar question. Put a hole down the middle just big enough for a camera and leave it down in that hole…….if you ever find something THEN buy the expensive stuff. I think i’m done and no, i’m not watching money ship or whatever that show is…….

    • Mike Garber

      It’s no fun being teased but it’s so intriguing I’m shocked no one turned it into a P T Barnum routine long ago. It’s just such a great story that deserves respectful investigation. Your idea is certainly sound in the long run!

  • Dave Thomas

    If there was ever any hidden treasure on Oak Island it has been found by now. 10x is empty and seems to me to be a naturally formed cavern.

    • Reese Daniel

      I personally think the former black slave who bought all the lots on Oak Island and became mysteriously wealthy found the treasure. Locals said that he made purchases with very old spanish dubloons or something like that.

    • Rudyblue1

      I agree. All the low hanging fruit has been long gone. there maybe an additional treasure 1000 ‘ft down, but they’ll spend 50 million finding it, was it worth it? The government would seize it immidiately , then what

      • Zach Nasty

        the government couldn’t seize it, the own the land, they might give some to back to the area they’re from, but the government wouldn’t seize it,.

        • Rudyblue1

          I know the local government sent them a letter from the city council that they are considering taxing anything they find on the island. I think the brothers wrote them back and said, in that case, would they consider participating in the cost of finding it, last season. And, if they could tax it, then the other levels of governments need money too. I know in socialist nations, taxes can be 75 or 85%. I know a worker who came down from Canada to where I live said it’s like working for nothing up there. They government takes everything and gives you free healthcare, etc. some housing if you need it.

          • kobalt staub

            I’m a Canadian and you can be sure if millions were found the government would find a way to grab at least half of it. This is a friggin socialist government as you said, they would even invent a new law to be able to get what they want

  • HoosieriniowA

    I think there is a tunnel in the money pit that leads to Geraldo Revera’a empty Al Capone room. Al stole the treasure.

    • Dani

      As well as the KFC Original Recipe.

  • GregM

    “Could it be” that the body at the bottom of 10-X sank into the clay, causing the depression? I can remember watching the old In Search Of episode when I was a kid. Although I became very skeptical watching this, I continued watching just hoping that they would find something. I have concluded that this whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by Daniel McGinnis in 1795. But, who knows… Maybe if they drain 10-X, they’ll find Hitler’s body, Sasquatch, Hoffa and Amelia Earhart. I joke… But I’ll still watch if there’s another season. Guess the joke is on me. Good job Daniel!

  • Steve chapman

    Why did they drill core samples and hit the edge of the box, and then stop drilling? They had wood grain going two ways suggesting theyd hit the edge so why not move over a few feet hit the middle of the box and send down a camera, instead they packed up and didn’t mention it since, I feel they must of hit something and now its being fought over in court

    • Thad

      I agree, move over and drill again. I’m starting to loose interest. Guess I’m getting bored with it and starting to believe it’s all fake. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Equalman

    My problem with this show is the chamber they drilled into in the money pit itself…….. they got the Clay/Wood/Concrete core sample just like in the 1980’s…. SO……. Why did they Not carbon 14 Date THAT wood???

    • Rudyblue1

      I agree, they said people or carpenters could dove tail joints 300 years ago. Have they seen what the egyptians did with granite 3000 years ago?

  • Mike Garber

    I have been reading about Oak Island since a pulp paperback of American Mystery in 1961, when I was 12. I am a hopefully evolved skeptic and doubt that any thing substantial will be proven. However it will be on almost the same level of the JFK assassination til…….I hope it’s not a total hoax.

  • Rob

    Why don’t they just dig from one side to the other. It’s not that big. At this point what do they have lose. They have the equipment that they barely no how to operate. Just saying!

    • Dan

      Get the Alaskan gold digger Todd’s team to dig the whole Island up for gold…. Would take them one season and than its…. Gold or No Gold…..
      Just that easy!!

      • Doug

        LOL… No, get Fat Todd Hoffmans father Jack to dig the great “Glory Hole”… Hahahaha… hell, thats what the senile old fart does anyways, dig deep useless holes…. he’d get to “the bottom of it!” 😉

    • Dave

      There’s a lot of red tape from the Canadian govt. for starters. Archeological demands every time they do find anything of value for second. The Canadian govt can change there minds on the rules at anytime. If they were smart they would have done all there digging without it being aired on national television. The more popular the show becomes the harder it’s going to be for them to continue with there dig. To much public interest when they started finding artifacts. Wish I had that kind of private money to dig for weeks. Good luck guy’s.

  • Robert Chiarello

    They hit the money pit all right. It’s called four seasons on the History Channel. The brothers made a fortune for the shows themselves.

  • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

    The ONLY reason why they’re S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G this out is they found nothing and trying to recoup their losses with this 3 season series.
    And you’re all falling for it.
    That body at the pits bottom? HOFFA
    They’ll start another dig elsewhere and find EARHART.
    etc., etc., etc..

  • Killer boots man

    This show is getting frustrating! But I keep watching. I hope they find something.

  • Rudyblue1

    they’ve shown they have robots that can see down those holes. why not run them down the holes dug everywhere and leave them until the sediment settles and then look again . they whole island and every hole they dugs is a damn messed and in caos.why treat it so fragile now. the bott om of 10x is a garbage dump, full of debris. why hold back. is this an archeologist digs for treasure hunt. they need to get that into prespective.

  • Jim Atherton

    I’m dying laughing, these comments are the best! WAY better than actually watching the show!

  • Garland Remington

    I read over on the Huffington Post that this will be the last season. But! The Lagina Brothers ride again! They move on to Apache Junction AZ in hunt for the Lost Dutchmans Gold Mine!

    There gonna set up another war room Office like they call they’re very nice 10 x 12 building they meet him now but this will be in a old closed strip mall that the money bags Brothers buy!

  • Dale Rudan

    Excuse my ignorance. I can’t be bothered to look up what year this alleged treasure was to have been hidden. 1700’s? Doesn’t it seem odd that with the tools and technology available In that era these swashbucklers were able to build an elaborate system of tunnels and flood shafts and booby traps but these Lagina jokers, I want to pronounce it right, does that rhyme with vagina?, are throwing 100’s of thousands of dollars at these holes with their sonar and divers and cranes….and are coming up with a big goose egg? In all honesty I love a good mystery and I hope they genuinely find something because so far it’s been a case of “a fool and his money are soon parted!”

    • Rudyblue1

      I agree, I’m exhausted with the show and fruitless search. I know last year, I recorded it and fast forwarded over most of the show and ads. I’m about done.