BEFORE & AFTER Derick Dillard’s weight loss sparks concern among fans

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Former 19 Kids and Counting stars Jill and Derick Dillard are in the midst of a long-term mission in Central America, but they haven’t escaped scrutiny — and genuine concern — from fans back in the States who have noticed Derick’s weight loss. Indeed, the father-of-one appears to have lost a significant amount of weight since he was first introduced on the TLC show less than two years ago.

During the recent run of Jill and Jessa: Counting OnDerick underwent an intense maxillofacial surgery where they had to break and realign his jaw. In the episode, Derick explained he lost weight because he could only eat soft foods for a while, but hoped to gain it back. The timing of Derick getting braces also seemed to align with when he began to lose weight. Despite that explanation, fans continue to speculate about whether there isn’t a more serious reason for Derick’s changing looks.

Before and After Derick Dillard's Weight Loss
Before & after Derick Dillard’s weight loss: spring 2014 and fall 2015.


“I’m wondering if you may have Marfan’s Syndrome or another Connective Tissue Disorder. The reason I mention this is several reasons: Your tall slender frame, your long arm span and long fingers,” one follower recently commented on one of Derick’s Instagram posts. “I’m not sure the type of oral surgery that you had, but if it was for a high arched crowded palate, all of those are classic signs of Marfan’s.”

Putting aside the oral surgery explanation, others suggested Derick’s weight loss could be due to hepatitis or even heroin use — which are pretty laughable. I think it’s worth remembering that on top of his recovering jaw, Derick is a new dad in a foreign country. That means he is busy and out of his comfort zone. Besides, Derick admitted he’s working on gaining weight, so let’s just hope he’s able to do it.

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  • twelfthnight

    I didn’t think he could get any uglier. I guess I was wrong. If you’re gonna lose a bunch of weight, cut your hair and get rid of your beard, it makes you look worse! You look like a vagrant.

    • Lacy

      Looks like Tom Hanks in cast away. He needs a volleyball friend!


      I agree! Cutting his hair and getting rid of his beard will make his face at least look neat and a little fat. That’s what we girls do.

  • Murphy

    Yeah I’m not a fan of these people by any means but I think we need to lay off him for this. He’s a naturally thin person (his brother has the same body type), who just had major mouth surgery AND he’s in another country with food they have made it clear that they disdain. He’s fine people, give him a few weeks in Arkansas with chickenetti and tater tot casserole and he’ll plump right up again in no time.

    • may2bl

      Plus I think they walk everywhere down there, so he’s definitely getting more exercise.

  • Alisson Leech

    That baby just does not look like Derrick!

    • BreeMorey

      It has Jills eyes :)

    • PerfectingPaula

      That baby looks like Jim Bob.

    • BooBooKitty Fuct

      That baby is the splitting image of Jill! Google Jill’s baby pics it is shocking! All of the Duggar grand-kids look like Duggars even little Spurgeon is a Duggar and not a Seawald, looks wise I mean. :)

      • Esme S

        That’s because they’re all interbred–all the girls kids are probably fathered by JimBob or Josh.

  • Kel

    He looks like he’s addicted to pain killers. I’d be on something myself if I had that goofy gummy bunny wrapped around my neck all the time. He should have skipped the braces, he was cute before the Duggar makeover.

    • Hey Now

      I agree. I thought that a while ago that he is messin with some kind of painkiller or something more. Some are blaming his rapid weight loss on being in another country where food is scarce and/or less than appetizing. Ok. Well. Then why does Jill look like she hasn’t missed any meals?

  • P

    I’m more shocked she isn’t knocked up with baby #2 yet.

  • TA

    Why is everyone so concerned about everyone else’s weight??

  • enjoythesilence

    He looks SO creepy in that tank top picture. He used to be somewhat cute, but it’s like becoming a part of the Duggar circus has literally sucked the life out of him. He’s stuck with her forever anyway, so it’s not like he can escape.




      You’re right! He was a very handsome with that nice haircut now he kind of let himself go a little

  • Jessica

    He is in a different country with different diets. Whenever I am in Kenya I tend to lose a good 10-15 pounds in just a matter of weeks.

  • Jackie

    Iunno if it’s worth it to have surgery that breaks your jaw just to get perfectly straight teeth. I never noticed his teeth (for the good or bad) in any of the pre-braces shows.

    • Regina

      My friend had that surgery (since an orthodontist recommended it) and he didn’t need it at all! It totally changed his face shape and I was sad since our world just pushes more and more for “perfect” teeth and his were FINE to begin with.

    • BooBooKitty Fuct

      Maybe he was having problems. My dental situation caused me a lot of discomfort! My bite was off. I spoke with a lisp because of it.

  • Shortcake

    I had noticed that. It’s not a good look.

  • DVM

    He looks like a hobo 😂

  • BooBooKitty Fuct

    People! we might not not like their religious interpretations, their cat kicking ways, and most of all their baby abusing ways, but that does not make it OK to poke fun at someone’s weight. I once went on a soft food diet because of a dental procedure too. You will be surprised how much weight you can lose! Not just fat but muscle too from just laying around. I laid around for two weeks. Admittedly I was milking it! But I lost 7 lbs in those two weeks. He had his jaw broken! How long is the recovery for that?

  • irrosey2

    I feel so bad. In a different thread/story, I urged him to shave his cheeks and sculpt his beard, get a haircut and comb his hair. I apologize to him and everyone else. I pray Derrick has a speedy recovery and his health increases. I ask God to bless his work and his family.

  • revrhondawilkins

    Derick dillard has TREACHER COLLINS SYNDROME ! This is a terrible genetic defect that has a 50% chance of passing down to any children they have! C’mon people! TLC!!! Stop this “Counting On” nonsense because they feel obligated to produce jimbob clones and their children could have this terrible genetic disease!!

  • TrashTV

    People with Marfan are born with the ‘Marfan look’, they don’t get that look later in life when they loose weight.
    He absolutely didn’t look like a possible Marfan patient before he lost weight. Most people with Marfan have very thin arms and legs their whole life and a stretchy skin.
    I have a rare condition close to Marfan, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I don’t think I will ever suggest to someone he might have the same condition based on very vague clues. These conditions can have a huge impact on someone’s quality of life and I don’t want to give others a health scare as I am not a doctor.