VIDEO Anna Duggar describes Josh’s ‘betrayal’ as plastic surgery rumors swirl

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Anna Duggar rumors are circulating wildly in light of the Former 19 Kids and Counting star finally opening up for the cameras as part of TLC’s continuing Jill & Jessa: Counting On special. According the Anna Duggar rumors, the embattled mother of four might have had plastic surgery in the wake of Josh Duggar’s infidelity and child molestation scandals.

The more concrete news, however, is that in the newest Jill & Jessa episode, Anna does finally talk about the pain and suffering her husband through. Speculation has been wild about the possibility that Anna forgave Josh; the pair allegedly spent a tearful, prayerful Thanksgiving together, at Josh’s sex addiction clinic. In the newest Jill & Jessa preview, though, we see the difficulty Anna has had in just getting through the last few months’ scandals, let alone opening up about them:

“I mean, it was definitely a hard thing,” says Anna. “I think it is…such a betrayal for a spouse. And it’s such a hard thing to go through…what we’re walking through.”

An emotional Anna has tears in her voice, but presses on. “And…it was hard. It was hard to realize that it was such a public thing, and so not only was it a betrayal against me, but also it was a betrayal against those that call themselves Christians…and that loyalty was broken.”

As for how she made it through, Anna says it’s all due to her religion:


I knew that my only hope was to cling to my faith. Because, I knew that if I went off of what I was feeling, I would turn a mess into a disaster….I didn’t know what to do; I knew we needed help, and I was just praying that God would give us the help and the wisdom that we needed to take the next step.


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As for the latest Anna Duggar rumors, at least one outlet is reporting that it’s possible Anna has had some form of plastic surgery done over the past few months. Fans have been abuzz about Anna’s look in the last few Jill & Jessa trailers, and many have just assumed that the 27-year-old has lost weight since giving birth to Meredith Grace this past summer. Starpulse does suggest, though, that Anna might have had a nose job, following Amy Duggar-King’s Floridian wedding this past September. Anna is said to have stayed in the state for several days following the ceremony; that brief, unaccounted-for period is now the source of the current Anna Duggar rumors.

TLC will air the second episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On on Sunday, December 20th.


(Photo credits: Anna Duggar rumors via TLC)

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  • Jessica

    These interviews would be more interesting if they were truly her feelings and thoughts. She’s brainwashed to take everything in stride and not be sad, she needs a joyful heart. A real woman would have left her child molesting husband without thinking it would be making it a disaster.

    • KatieKat

      I agree. Maybe since her husband isn’t present Jim Bob is standing behind the camera feeding her lines. I noticed during last week’s show all the girls seemed to use similar phrases. Deff seemed rehearsed or coached.

    • allegro

      True. …where are Anna’s true feelings and her deep emotional
      reaction to such pain and betrayal?? if she talks openly about her suffering she will cast an even worse reflection on Josh. that’s what Gestapo duggar would squelch at any cost.

  • Glowbug

    The mess and disaster was created by Anna’s husband and the Duggar parents and Anna’s parents who chose to raise their kids in a cult that demeans and controls the women to be servants and bed mates to their husbands while destroying any chance that a woman can stand on their own two feet. Anna needs to protect her four children from that pervert of a man-child, Josh Duggar. If anyone needs plastic surgery its Josh. Maybe a doctor can erase that smug face of his.

  • DeeDeDee

    I don’t see plastic sugery, I see severe weight loss coupled with stress. She’s looking old.

    • Deb Kelly

      Anna has looked older than her age for the last couple years – probably after the second kid.

    • Lanie

      She’s popped out a baby every year and half since she’s been married and I think she might have mentioned a miscarriage at some point too. Pregnancy is hard on the body and having tons of babies close together will age a person and ruin their health. Just ask your ancestors.

      • DeeDeDee

        I have 2 kids, I look tired and ragged. My statement was made in regards to the suspicion of plastic surgery because her face looks different than it has since the original show has ended. 4 kids and a cheating husband accused of child molestation that gained national attention will do that to a person.

    • rose

      Am I the only one who thinks she had a stroke? All I could focus on in the video was the fact that her mouth on one side was now droopy which was never the case before.

  • Alisson Leech

    OMG I noticed the nose too the other day!

  • KatieKat

    I don’t see any plastic surgery. The interviews seem to be shot upward facing where as the other photos are selfies angled downwards.

  • BonnieLW4444

    I don’t see a difference in her nose. If you go back to her wedding pics when she was thin they look the same. I can’t stand anything the Duggars stand for, but I follow with my deepest hope that Anna breaks away. Why chant a producer approach her with that idea for a show. Maybe introduce her to other women who grew up this way and were successful in breaking away. You don’t have to give up your faith, just find a minister with respect for women.

    • jeff

      “Breaking Duggar” it’s like Breaking Amish, but with people who have broken away from similar freakshow families!

      I’ll be waiting by my mailbox for my check TLC.

    • allegro

      Now that is an excellent idea bonnieL. a show journaling Anna’s running away in order to protect her children from their creepy predator father! unfortunately the difference between jessa and Anna is that jessa will sell her soul to make money. Anna won’t. she’s too fearful of the repercussions I think she’s afraid of losing the entire extended duggar family…especially her kids cousins. she also has NO idea how to get out of there. yesterday I read in “in touch” mag that Michelle said “Josh’s wrongdoing could very well have to do with Anna not keeping her husband completely happy”. GARBAGE.. TRASH…NAUSEATING…BUT THAT’S WHAT ANNA HEARS. she has no decision making skills because her opinions/choices have never mattered so how could she get it together to leave. it’s really tragic .

  • Just Saying

    You’d think she’d fix her teeth before getting plastic surgery.

    • KatieKat

      They are fixed. You should see how they were when she first married josh.

  • TA

    “I knew we needed help.”

    No, Anna. YOU don’t need help.
    Your sicko husband sure does though.
    What you need is to run.

    I don’t believe she had any plastic surgery. Like all the girls, she’s matured, has a modern hair style (as opposed to that crunchy perm curls) and wears more makeup. Plus she has lost weight and the stress and pain she feels shows on her face.

  • me

    You gotta wonder if she got liposuction when she was getting her nose cut back.

  • Jane

    I don’t see the plastic surgery. I see an awful fake bake tan and the incredible slimming results of emotional trauma and stress. It probably also helps that she’s actually had time to recover from her last pregnancy instead of getting immediately knocked up again.

  • Aussie cathie

    It was hard….. All the time for precious joshie….. Sexual deviant !!!

  • Murphy

    Nah no plastic surgery, just an extreme diet, breastfeeding and the glam squad. She had that little nose when she married him and the nose can swell during pregnancy so yes it could have looked different a few months ago.

  • YourMom

    I doubt she had a nose job. If she did, she needs her $$ back.

  • Ana

    If she did and did it for herself, good for her! She certainly deserves to do something for herself, after all she’s been through, including numerous, close pregnancies ….. and will continue to go through, if she stays with Josh.

  • Ana

    Good for her, if she did and it and it was for herself! She certainly deserves something with all she’s going through with Josh and numerous, close pregnancies.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Ok I’ve caved abs watched this stupid special. Swore I wouldn’t. I’m clearly a liar. I want to go grab Anna and her 4 babies and Janna and RUN. It is so clear Anna is dating what she’s been told to. I don’t think for 1 second she wants to stay. I think she feels she has no other option. To me it looked like she wanted to scream, cry, break down and yell help!

  • ella

    Did she also have a stroke b/c her face looks like it’s now drooping on one side when she talks which was never the case before.

    Or did she get other work done as well?

  • Eileen Farner Beyer

    There is an upcoming “special” staring Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. This whole family should be removed permanently from TLC, and production of this show must cease. This controversial family should not be allowed to speak regarding the alleged sexual abuse and deception within their family through TLC, for financial gain, or not.For TLC to allow these people any limelight will be condoning their sick and twisted behavior as a whole. TLC should focus on the other great shows they offer, and cut ties completely with the Duggar, Seewald and Dillard families.