Jay Photoglou sues Gretchen Rossi for libel and slander: does he have a case?

Gretchen Rossi star of reality show Housewives of Orange County at the House of Hype party at Sundance

UPDATE: Gretchen sued him right back, and Nov. 2012 she won her case, and was awarded $500,000. More details here.

Jay Photoglou is seeking punitive damages against Gretchen Rossi over what he calls slanderous comments, RadarOnline reports. He alleges that Gretchen cost him his business standing because she lied about their relationship (claiming they were always just friends while Jay says they were involved in a romantic relationship while she was engaged to millionaire Jeff Beitzel on camera for Bravo.) He also claims she lied about him when she claimed he stalked, threatened, and stole from her.

On camera this season (Season 5) Gretchen has mostly made up with Real Housewives rival Tamra Barney. These girls may have stopped openly warring (so far), but Photoglou’s battle has just begun.

Gretchen is currently dating Real Housewives veteran Slade Smiley. She’s also started a website that’s anti-plastic surgery (as in anti-Heidi Montag, a little botox is a-okay!) and is launched a make-up line called “Gretchen Christine Beaute” (pronounced beau-TAY).

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  • Joy

    Sure looks like he has a case!

  • Marissa

    Yeah Jay has a case…..of stalker syndrome!! Jay is a big fat crybaby. I question anybody who associates with this scumbag!
    Such an ugly man…inside and out!!!

  • Terese

    Yes, on reading the complaint, I’d say he has a very good case, and probably could have also added a COA for IIED, abuse of process, and malicious prosecution. Gretchen would need to prove that the things she said about Jay were true, and considering she didn’t even show up at the TRO hearing, I’m not so sure she has that proof!
    Maybe the better question is whether he can collect!

  • Marissa

    Read Jays twitter…look how often Gretchens name comes up. And the tweets have NOTHING to do with his case. It’s him personally trying to investigate the LLS thing, him speaking to some sheriff about Slades child support, all things relating to Gretchen and her life. Just take a peek, and you’ll see he hasn’t gotten on with his life. Even all his “quotes” are totally related to Gretchen. Jay is nothing more than a SCORNED LOVER!!!