How much would it cost to decorate your house like a Fixer Upper reveal?

Fixer Upper reveal cost 1

What’s the unofficial Fixer Upper reveal cost? How much will a Fixer Upper reveal set you back? It’s Tuesday, December first, which means that the hashtag #seasonthreeiscoming is officially retired: we’ve moved on to #seasonthreeishere! HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper will premiere all-new episodes starting tonight at 9 PM EST. In order to help celebrate, we thought we would try to answer another burning Fixer Upper-based question–namely, that of the reveal cost of the homes featured on the show. (On a related note, if you’ve ever wondered whether the people on the show get to keep all the furnishings, click here to find out!)

All of the screenshots below come from the four-room fixer upper from Season One, Episode Thirteen, “Baby Boomer Buys Fixer Upper.” Obviously, not all episodes of the show feature the same number of type of renovations, so, the furnishings in some homes are going to be costlier than others. As far as a general benchmark for the first two seasons, though, this episode should work well.

Most of the prices of the decorations come from either Some of the furniture prices come from Standard Furniture–with whom Joanna Gaines has partnered for her new line of custom furniture, which will be available for purchase next month. Some others come from Waco’s own Harp Design, run by Chip and Joanna’s friends Clint and Kelly Harp. And still others come from unaffiliated companies, strictly for the sake of an approximation.

Not every item is exactly as it appears in the screenshots, so not every price is exact. Nonetheless: what is the unofficial Fixer Upper reveal cost? Let’s find out…

Fixer Upper reveal cost 3

Premium sofa–$1,327
Accent chairs (2)–$360
Coffee table (with lower shelf)–$276
Mantlepiece–Approximately $42 (all of the custom signs in Magnolia Market’s shop are this price)
Galvanized mirror–$100
White jug vase–Approximately $32 (depending on the exact size)
Elevated vases (2)–Approximately $64 (the silver vases in the image above are no longer available on Magnolia Market’s web site)
Iron sconces (2)–$190
Candlesticks (2 large; 1 medium)–$82
4×6 foot rug–$74
Balley chandelier–$627 (the exact light fixture is no longer sold through Magnolia Market’s shop)

Approximate Fixer Upper reveal cost of living room: $3,174

Fixer Upper reveal cost 4

Dining room table–$1,800
Two padded ladderback chairs (with arms)–$490
Four padded ladderback chairs (no arms)–$700 (the six-slatters in the photo above are a custom job)
Floor pot–Approximately $32
Black-framed clock–$195
Tiny sconces (2)–Approximately $16
Multi-drawer sideboard–$2,000 (but, again, highly subjective. The piece in the screenshot was custom-made)
Place settings (6 each: charger; plate; napkin; wooden bowl)–Approximately $360 (depending on the exact specifications of each item)
White jug + flower spray (2)–$120
Balley chandelier–$627
Light as a Feather scale–$98
Framed art–Approximately $19
8×11 foot rug–$217

Approximate Fixer Upper reveal cost of dining room: $6,674

Fixer Upper reveal cost 5

Stainless steel double-door fridge–$2,900
Stainless steel four-burner gas stove–$800
Countertop bowl–$8
Magnolia flower pot–$24 (plant not included)
Mug rack–Approximately $54
Stainless steel single-handle dishwasher–$2,000
Bottle cap light fixture–Approximately $124 (the exact fixture is no longer sold through Magnolia Market’s shop)

Approximate Fixer Upper reveal cost of kitchen: $5,910

Fixer Upper reveal cost 6

Metal base wooden table–$1,700
Desk chair–Wildly variable (another custom job)
Comfy leather chairs (2)–$2,400
Office sign–$64
Antique bike–Market price at the scrapyard
Desk lamp–Approximately $95
Potted plants (2)–$48
Locker basket–$21 (maps sold separately)
4×8 foot rug–$58

Approximate Fixer Upper reveal cost of office: $4,386

Approximate total cost of this particular fixer upper’s furnishings: $20,144


Of course, that’s the (approximate) cost to you to go out and buy all of the items from the Gainses and related realtors. Reusing and repurposing old furniture and decorations will almost certainly cost less–and will give you a few stories to tell in the bargain. When money becomes an issue, get creative 😉

And remember: Fixer Upper will debut its third season tonight at 9 PM EST on HGTV.


(Photo credits: Fixer Upper reveal cost via HGTV, Joanna and Chipper Gaines on Instagram)

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  • Katie

    Why would you want to decorate your house like a fixer upper? Those rooms are colorless and dull. And hanging a rusty p.o.s bicycle from the wall is stupid. The tetanus ridden scrap is just hanging out there waiting to cut you when you lean too far forward. I can only the imagine big effing disaster that’ll be when it falls off the wall.

    • beezow

      I don’t see why everyone fawns over Joanna’s decorating. It’s a basic white girl’s Pinterest board come to life. Yawn.

    • Glowbug

      Hanging up the rusty bike above a desk is—a NO. Do they have kids? That bike is going to fall off the wall and land on someone’s head.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    I love it but considering I have 3 young kids and big dogs, NOPE.

  • Starcasm’s 2nd effort

    First of all, the quality is usually crap at the prices shown. Secondly, this is blantant advertising for this company. I thought this was a tabloid, not a product placement platform.

    This is the second time starcasm has run such an ad campaign for this company. Annoying.

  • TA

    These rooms don’t ever look cozy or inviting to me. They’re always so bland. I’d never spend that kind of money on a room even if I had it. Homes are meant to be lived in, not looked at!

  • Na

    I agree with TA. after the renovations are complete, they all look the same.. Poor staging. Costs of renovations are extremely expensive.Staging is a joke…Beige, Ecru Sand and grey. The people do not even get to pick their own color scheme. This has to be the worst of all shows on Hgtv. On the flip side…Chip is hilarious. They are grossly over paid. $30.000 an episode.

  • Leanne

    Well I’m from nz and we love this show and for us the staging cost if you wanted to purchase that too,is incredibly reasonable, here it would be at least double that. I enjoy their relaxed approach and humour and their attention to detail and I would absolutely be showing off my whole business if I had a TV show you would not be a very savvy business person if you didn’t. Keep it coming Jo And Chip we love you down here.