Dr. Randy Houska sets record straight on who bought Chelsea Houska’s ring


Starcasm favorite, Dr. Randy “PapaRandlicious” Houska, wasn’t skeerd to show his excitement for his daughter Chelsea Houska’s engagement after she finally took the time to come see her old man.

The South Dakota dentist tweeted yesterday, “Finally got to see @ChelseaHouska in person yesterday. Cole did pretty good on #THEROCK. Welcome to the crazy #houskaworld Cole.”

We’ve gotten good vibes about ol’ Cole DeBoer but the official Randy Houska Seal of Approval sets that in stone. Speaking of stones, Chelsea’s papa felt it was necessary to correct someone who suggested that MTV paid for the sparkler:

No, I mean Cole did good #readwhatIwrote @Sweetga_girl: @PapaRandlicious @ChelseaHouska You mean MTV did good?!?

Randy dropping that strong hashtag game!


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  • Hmm

    Didn’t MTV pay for Jenelle’s “15k” engagement ring?

    • TA

      Probably. And the trip.
      But neither Nathan or Jenelle have jobs. Both Cole and Chelsea do. And her ring isn’t anything flashy or extravegent, I have no doubt Cole took on the expense himself.

      • DeeDeDee

        While it’s simple, that’s definitely over a carat, maybe 1.5. I would guess probably close to $8k. Which honestly, if he is an air traffic specialist like somebody mentioned, that’s not hard to come up with considering they make well into the six figure range.

        • snarkysharky

          Chelsea said the title of his job is misleading. He does some sort of construction.

      • barbinop

        I’ve never heard that Cole has a job. Always assumed MTV paycheck was how he made his $$$$$

        • A_Nicole

          Coles been on TM for maybe 5 episodes total. He’s not making an MTV check like the husbands are yet. While he and Chelsea have been together for a while, last season was the first time they were on tv together. He has a job lol

        • barbinop

          So what type of work does he do then?

          • jlt0102


    • jlt0102

      From what I’ve read elsewhere, the friends who went on that trip with revealed that Nathan bought the ring with a backpay disability check he got from the Army or Marines, whoever he was with….

      • Tamtam

        I can’t see them having that big of a fight over it of mtv paid for it (but then Again, they aren’t normal people?)

  • Yuppie Mom

    Oh dear lord…Randy really needs to grow up.

  • Ali.P

    He is so pathetic. He is a childish bully. Chelsea isn’t a real adult by any means but I’m curious how she feels about grown daddy dickwad spouting off on Twitter with a bunch of teenagers and young adults. I would be awfully embarrassed.

    • Alise

      Chelsea isn’t really an adult because Randy coddles her. I bet Cole coddles her too. It’d make sense there’s always been a total Electra complex between Randy and Chelsea.

      • Coco

        What a creepy thing for you to fantasize about. Teen mom haters are a freaky bunch.

  • Guest

    I wonder if she’s gonna take his name?

  • Ashley


  • Brianna

    Honestly, this is ridiculous. Everyone always suggests MtV pays for things for the girls. They do to an extent, but they would never take on the expense of a freakin diamond. They pay for dinner while filming, shopping for small items, things like this, and they only do it so that they can film them shopping in stores. This is why the 16 & pregnant kids are always shown shoppingnin boutiques and not huge department stores with cheaper items. The small business owners let them film there. For example, there was an episode where a girl went to a boutique to get a crib. Ridiculous since a crib at walmart is like $150 and this one was almost $500. Mtv couldnt film at the walmart in that town. They agreed to film in a boutique and mtv foot the bill for the crib.
    On another note, he’s not immature for posting that. He is probably fed up with the stupidity.

    • mutedexposure

      I think the same as you. Randy has been accused of paying for everything for Chelsea. He just managed her money when she was a teen so that she didn’t get into debt and owe taxes like many of the other girls ended up getting into. Her money bought her house. I would be annoyed if someone kept intruding into my wallet like it was their business as well.

  • Jane

    I wonder if Cole DeBoer went DeBeer’s for the ring? lol

  • Husbands_and_Wives

    This man is very immature and his daughter is only marrying this guy because her baby daddy rejected her a thousand times.

    • Coco

      This guy is better than her baby daddy in literally every way. Why pretend like she’s settling?

  • Eleyne

    So I’m torn. I don’t know if they’ll split before getting married or if they’ll have another messy Teen Mom divorce.

  • Myndee

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird he found her on Facebook after seeing her at a gas pump? Amber meets a guy on Twitter, and all heck broke loose, before anything came out about him.
    And look at all the flack Hot Mess Messer took for meeting Jeremy on Facebook.
    Does Chelsea get a pass because she’s the likeable one by default? I personally think she’s just as immature and unmotivated as the other girls, but when you’re next to Leah and Janelle, I guess anyone would look like a saint