PHOTOS Mackenzie McKee places at NPC event, shares mean tweets

Mackenzie McKee NPC bikini

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has always made health and fitness a priority in her life, partly because she has to in order to manage her Type 1 diabetes. But, over the past year, the 21-year-old mother of two has completely dedicated herself to fitness, with the hopes of becoming a National Physique Committee (NPC) competitor! That dream became a reality earlier this year when Mackenzie entered her first NPC event in Texas in August.

Mackenzie continued her diet and workout regime with the intention of entering another NPC event earlier this month in Tulsa. The results were extremely positive: Mackenzie took home 2nd place in fitness and 4th place in the bikini portion of the competition! Mackenzie posted the bikini photo above, from the NPC Oklahoma Grand Prix competition, on Instagram, and wrote this lengthy caption expressing her pride at what she was able to accomplish with a TON of hard work:


So this show ended it for npc of 2015… 2nd in fitness and 4th in bikini and I’m very happy with the turn out. How far I have come since show one back in August is crazy . And to think I’m only going up from here brings such joy to my heart. I started with believing in myself and I was half way there. Placing 1st or not, anyone who has what it takes to go through prep and walk on stage is a champion in itself. Not many can even handle what it takes for this sport. If you do it to impress anyone else other than yourself you will fail. I do this for myself and myself only. It’s what makes me happy and it does not matter if no one else agrees. This sport has taught me to dream big, have self discipline, structure, and how much hard work pays off. Ive been told I’m gross, too manly, and I’ve been told I’m too soft and need to bulk up, I’ve been called big I’ve been called anorexic and I promise you will see one nasty comment below. But it all goes to show that you can never please everybody so do you, keep your head high, and love yourself so you can love others and live a happy life. I’ve already got all my 2016 show pretty much planned and 2016 WILL be my year… #npcbikini #npc #loveyourself God bless ~XOXO


Here’s a photo montage of Mackenzie from the competition, in which it seems pretty obvious why she did so well:

Mackenzie McKee fitness NPC bikin photos

And just in case you were wondering if Mackenzie has got the goods coming and going–yeah, baby’s got back:

Mackenzie McKee NPC bikini back view

In addition to the bikini portion of the competition, Mackenzie also danced — as a pirate! “Mrs.Pirate had fun on stage,” Mackenzie captioned this next photo, adding, “this brought me back to the cheer days:”

Mackenzie McKee NPC dance pirate

In addition to motivating her to live a healthy life, participating in the NPC events has also helped Mackenzie meet a lot of inspiring people she can now call friends. She shared these photos of some of the other competitors and revealed what the experience has been like getting to know other dedicated individuals with similar goals:

My fitness babes ???????… Ya they are pretty much awesome from the inside out. This sport has brought me so many great life long friends who have such a passion for health and a helping heart. I don’t even want to know where I would be with out them. We got Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, and Illinois all in this picture. Goodness I love these pretty ladies. And before you say something rude I would like for you to check out the link in my bio and read my latest blog. It’s been on my heart to share it with you. Also be sure to like my Facebook page because I have so many excited things coming and that page will keep you all updated?. ~XOXO Mackenzie


Unfortunately, Mackenzie’s experience has not been all positive. Because she has been kind enough to share her fitness journey online via her fitness blog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, Mackenzie has had to deal with the inevitable negativity that goes along with posting pretty much anything online. In a new blog post titled “We Are Women!!!” Mackenzie talks about dealing with the negativity at length, and how she has learned to ignore it (for the most part) and focus on the positive.

The blog entry starts with Mackenzie acknowledging how much emphasis women place on their appearance, an emphasis empowered by television, magazines, the internet, and fashion. “But something we Ladies seem to be forgetting in life is that not only should we be trying to have healthier skin, bodies, hair, nails, etc, what about a healthy heart, mind, and soul???” Mackenzie asks.

More from Mackenzie:


Having a positive and happy heart is such a great start to fitness and health. Who the heck are we if all we do is look at another woman and think of nothing but negative things to say? Who are we if we live in an unhealthy negative mindset? It causes stress, and stress leads to unhappiness, sleepless nights, weight gain, and depression. So how can we even do this crazy thing called “life” with all that nonsense going on? No one, or no obstacle in life can determine your happiness except YOU! Its all your choice. Its crazy to think how much control our minds have huh?

Mackenzie goes on to talk about overcoming things in your past, forgiveness, and how easy it is to think that a pill can solve your problems:


Am I dissing anyone that’s taking medication? Not at all. I’ve been on a lot of them myself actually if you want the truth. Until you realize that your mind has so much more control than those pills do, it will never go away for ever. I hope no one gets offended by this but I say it in a blunt way because that one sentence someone once told me “Your mind has more power than those pills you’re taking daily.” was LIFE changing. And that person who told me that was not even trying to help me out in the least bit. BUT LITTLE DID SHE KNOW, HAHA. Why didn’t the doctor tell me this? He could have helped me a long time ago.

The former reality star then shares just a sampling of some of the recent negative comments she has received on her fitness photos and videos she has posted online. Here is just a sampling of her sampling: Mackenzie McKee hater comments mean tweets

Mackenzie’s comments on the hateful remarks:


This is what woman think of when they see another human… Another human they have never even spoke to. It really does blow my mind sometimes. Did it use to hurt me? Yes, but once I became happy and positive myself, things flipped and I began to hurt for THEM. Yes!!! when I read this stuff, it makes me feel sorry for them. What are they going through in life that has made them so harsh/negative/cold hearted. And yes, I will say I have been rude to others myself, we all have. But they hurt me first so I got them back. Nope I didn’t get them back, I actually just put myself on their level… LOW, THE LEVEL IS LOW LADIES. Which after all, when I sat and looked at all the negative comments and all the positive comments, the positive out weighed the negative by a long shot. And most of the time that is how it goes, its just OUR choice which side to look at, the negative? Or the positive?

  Mackenzie McKee fitness bikini photo Facebook

Mackenzie concludes by iterating positivity and light, even in the face of so much apparent darkness:


So yes, by the end of this blog it all goes back to fitness and health. If you are wanting to change your life and become more fit and healthy, start with your mind. Clean out your heart, fill it up with happiness and positiveness because you CAN’T go forward if you’re stuck in the pond of sinking sand full of negativity. Your fitness and health journey will fail. You will not only feel better to get out of bed in the morning and hop on that treadmill, you will take stress out of your life and add many years to it. If this blog inspires one person to change their mindset and become more healthy minded, I have achieved everything I wanted to by typing it. -XOXO Mackenzie McKee.

In addition to sharing photos and videos of her fitness journey, and then her inspirational thoughts about living a positive life, it’s important to remember that Mackenzie is always first and foremost a mom:

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  • KatieKat

    I don’t think it’s attractive but hey if she’s healthy and having fun what’s wrong with that?

    • Katelyn

      From what I understand (and correct me if I’m wrong), they stop drinking water for a couple days so they’re almost pure muscle and no water weight. They usually only look like that during competitions only.

      • Brittany

        That is rarely practiced anymore…we drink 2 gallons a day and go down to about .5 gallons a couple days before the show. That is 8 8oz glasses of water. That is the normal amount people should be drinking in a day, which fyi, most “non-fitness” people do not even get that in.

        • Em

          Just wait until you’re older and your joints are messed up cause you pushed them too hard. Cause that’s going to happen. Also yes congrats on only dehydrating and starving yourself for a “few weeks” I’m sure that’s totally healthy… The fact that you think doing that for only a few weeks wouldn’t affect your body long term is hilarious. If you do 2 competitions a year it means you spend nearly 2 months out of the year starving & dehydrating yourself. You may seem fine now, but I can 100% tell you this will bite you when you’re older.

          • Brittany

            Who dehydrates themself for 2 weeks? I don’t dehydrate at all. Are you from the 1990’s? Did you compete back when Arnold did or what?

    • Jenny

      Pro Fitness is good way to die young and ruin your health. Those people might look fit but they’re abusing their bodies.

  • BeautifulBrownBrainiac

    Not my thing but her message is truly uplifting and encouraging and that IS my thing! Go Mackenzie! You’re a star indeed!!!!!!

  • DoogieHowser

    It looks like she used tanning and makeup on her stomach in the last photo in front of the door. It’s just way too dark to be natural. It reminds me of when people contour their nose to make it look like a different shape. :S

    • Deer Cam

      Spray tan and turned up the contrast on the picture.

  • Katie

    I competed for years, and it takes a lot of discipline, so I applaud her for that.

    As for the tanning, that is standard for all competitors. It is shades darker than anything you will ever be able to achieve at a normal tanning salon. It brings out the muscle tone. Ask any competitor what one of their favorite things is after the competition, besides eating. It’s showering haha.

    While some competitors don’t intake as much water days before a show, others take water expelling pills, and some do nothing at all. I have never heard of anyone not drinking water at all.

  • Redheaded stranger

    Who the hell would wanna do this?! Eww

  • Alisson Leech

    She looks good!

  • Jen

    How did her daughter poop on her laptop? Does she let the kid run around without pants on?

    • Lol

      One time as I was changing my son, he pooped on me. Sh!t literally happens.

      • snarkysharky

        Yeah he pooped on you because you were physically touching him since you were doing a diaper change. How did the baby get poop on the laptop? Unless she took her diaper off and threw it lol

  • guest

    She looks great. Shes an inspiration to me. She set a goal and shes following the steps to it. Without giving up. Even though she gets negative comments she still keeps her head up and follows her dream.

    • Kem

      You clearly haven’t explored the wonderful world of Mackenzie McKee. This is the ONLY goal she’s achieved.

      • Brandy

        Don’t forget she’s also a crafter with her own etsy store!

  • Sara

    Not my cup of tea but if she likes it, who am I to judge.

  • erb123

    her face/skin/hair do not look healthy at all- and every single thing she posts to social media is about working out and restricting her food. just because someone is ‘in shape’ doesnt mean they have a healthy relationship with food/their body.

    also it’s very insulting to tell people their brains are stronger than pills. not if you have a chemical imbalance.

    • AAW

      Agreed. While I agree that it’s important to do other things too such as exercising and counseling, there are a lot of people (like myself) who genuinely need medication for their brains to function normally! Telling people with mental disorders they “don’t really need” their medication would be like me telling diabetics they “don’t really need” their insulin.

  • Lie Detector

    Get. A. Real. Job.

  • D. Cheney, Vice Presonator

    This young lady is a fine example of Christian Values. I remember in my glory days I used to strut the stage in a bikini with a fake bake tan. Flashin’ my buns to the youngins’. Oh Wyoming in the 1920s.

  • Ali.P

    It personally grosses me out (in men and women). It’s just too much and bulgy in all of the wrong places. I have also read a few times that these people (bodybuilders) are actually really unhealthy because of the strain and pressure they put on their bodies, muscles, and organs. I don’t know if that’s true but it makes sense. People like to pretend muscles or skinny automatically means healthy and that’s not true by any means. I am a little more curious about the health aspect of it all than the actual “events” or whatnot.

    • Brittany

      I compete in figure and am extremely healthy. I eat fresh, whole foods and my blood work comes back perfect each year. My doctor always asks me how I get my blood pressure so low (in a good way). The majority of us are super healthy. There are a few bad apples just like in anything.

      • Yuppie Mom

        It’s never healthy to get your body fat that low. No ifs or butts about it. Hormone levels are regulated by body fat. Most woman in these competitions lose their periods and it takes years to regain the fat and hormone levels. So I’d have to disagree with you’re entire statement

        • Brittany

          It absolutely doesn’t take years to regain the body fat. I don’t know where you got that from. I’m not going to say dropping to a low BF is healthy, as I am not stupid. But I will say bikini girls generally do not drop that low (unless pro) and Mackenzie is not low at all, she is quite “normal.” Also, it is not healthy for the 30% of Americans (probably more by now) to be walking around for YEARS with elevated BF.
          Again, competitors do not walk around all year with a low BF. It’s low in “normal” terms, as far as the average person, but not low from a Medical standpoint. Athletes have a lower BF. Mine stays around 17-18% off-season, which is completely fine. I also have never lost a period. But agree to disagree.

          • Yuppie Mom

            You aren’t very educated on body hormone level and how it relates to body fat. I spent 6 years competing so yes, I am very familar with how things work. I not only seen woman struggle with conception and hormone levels, I was also one of those woman. You can sit on startcasm all day long and spout your miseducation ont he subject but to ever go that low with body fat on a woman is not and will never be healthy.

            By the way – you are speaking to someone with a masters and currently in the process of getting a PHD in Endocrinology.

            • Brittany

              You have no idea about my education. I have a master’s in Medical Laboratory Science and Biology. I do nothing but look at cells, lab values, hormones, etc. ALL DAY LONG looking for abnormalities. My labs are PERFECT. I take extreme pride in my health.

              • Bruja

                She is condescending to everyone, Brittany. To pregnant mothers who have certain issues, it must mean they’re over-weight, those who don’t agree with her, it must mean they’re uneducated. If someone has an opposing opinion and she can’t find anything constructive to say to them in return, she expects people to “skip” over her comments, or it means they’re insecure by commenting on what she has said in the first place.

                She’s a real doozy. But it’s all good, cause she’s a Yuppie Mom.

                • Brittany

                  Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to not encourage her further.

            • Brittany

              And for your education, it is absolutely ridiculous that you say it takes years to regain body fat, that is complete crap. I don’t believe you have that education for you to say something as ridiculous as that. You can also sit on Starcasm as long as you want because that is absolutely wrong.

              • gross

                Also hunny if competing in these competitions was healthy all of you wouldn’t look like you’re 40 at age 20. Explain that to me? All bikini competitors look about 20 years older than they actually are. That’s what happens when you have 0 body fat.

      • Brittany & Mackenzie = GROSS

        Yes because starving yourselves prior to shows for better muscle definition is totes healthy. What about not giving your muscles any rest ever, is that healthy??? and I know those lucite stripper heels y’all wear is not good for your ankles. Sorry but bikini competitors are gross all around. You spout health and fitness but this is just another form of an eating disorder.

  • jeff

    Not really my thing, I love muscles but not… those bumpy stringy muscles. But, hell, it’s better than being a fat blob, so go with it!

  • SciLife

    She really has come a long way since the last Starcasm post about her fitness. She might not be at the top of the field, but she knows that. If you want to say something critical about female, or male, bodybuilders, don’t. You probably don’t get criticized for your weird hobbies, so just be happy for the girl for having a positive pastime. She’s not doing drugs like the other Teen Moms! Those comments she posted from other people were really were trollish and immature 🙁 Sad to see, but glad she isn’t letting them get her down. Sad to see a lot of negative comments on this site. Wow.

    • Bruja

      Agreed, the only thing I took issue with was her comment about the pills. That was something she shouldn’t have said, as it’s far from true. There are people suffering out there who need medicine to function. That was just silly.

      The rest, spot on. So long as she is happy and healthy (I know nothing of the weight lifting world, but she looks way less extreme than many I have seen) and her child is being taken care of.

  • mutedexposure

    At least she isn’t singing about it.

  • Brittany

    Just to clarify: she scored 2nd in fitness out of a total of 2 competitors in that category. She scored 4th out of 6 in her bikini class. While I applaud her for her drive, she is not ready to compete at all. This is not a sport where you get applauded just for getting on stage. If you are not ready, you should NOT compete in that particular show. It is not unheard of, nor is it embarrasing, to back out of a show if you are not ready. It is actually encouraged. You should pick another show and make sure to go into it with your best package. Even your coach will not let you hit that stage if you aren’t at your best within the time given.
    I can tell you her diet is not right and her training is all over the place. She can say she isn’t where she is supposed to be because of her diabetes, but there are plenty of diabetic competitors and competitors with other disorders that bring a complete package. If she were doing the diet right, her blood sugars would be steady. She also isn’t lifting nearly heavy enough nor is she concentrating on her individual muscle groups.

    She needs to get a coach or someone to guide her for diet and training: a professional. She can definitely do it, she just needs to go about it the right way.

  • twelfthnight

    This kind of for-show bodybuilding makes people look horrible. Your BF % drops so low your face isn’t filled at all and it makes you look old and sickly. The veiny body and tons of self tanner only make it worse.

    But do keep in mind, it’s a physique competition, not a beauty competition. Even the most beautiful girls look horrible in the face when they do this.

    • Gross

      ok but then why do these girls act like this makes them more attractive than the average woman? That’s the part I’m confused about. Maybe some are in it for the physique, but most do it for the attention and validation. and so they can be half naked on instagram and call it “fitness”

      • twelfthnight

        I don’t know the answer to that. The same reason some women think it looks good to be bone-thin or wear makeup so thick it comes off in chips.

        You’re supposed to smile and look like a pageant queen even though your body is anything but dainty and feminine because it’s part of the show.

        Most women (and men) I’ve encountered who are fitness models or who do these kinds of shows are doing it for the money you can win, and for promotion for sponsorships. They often work in gyms or own one. Lots of the younger people doing it have internet followings and get paid sponsorships, and it’s a job for them.

  • Miranda

    Makes sense that she would do this. She was obsessed with cheer so she clearly wants to be active and is obsessed with fitness. I personally don’t know why she would want to bulk up that much, nor how she has time. My neighbour is the national fitness champion and she has to take months off work before a competition to train. How can she do that? She doesn’t have a job? This isn’t a career. I wish she would put her energy into a career. Why doesn’t she start personal training so she can say she actually works?

  • snarkysharky

    “Your mind has more power than those pills you’re taking daily.”

    Yeah…have fun going into your diabetic coma Mackenzie. Btw I love how she went on a rant about women tearing each other down when there were negative comments from men as well. So you’re okay with men insulting you just not women?

  • TA

    If she were older with grown children and achieved this goal- good for her. But I personally know how much time and dedication this requires (my sister is a competitor) and it makes me sad to think of how much time she’s spending away from her children.
    I personally think it’s a disgusting look in both men and women. She looks awful.

  • Agnes

    She definitely looks fit, but she doesn’t look healthy at all. Fit and muscular doesn’t always equal healthy, and fit and muscular definitely doesn’t equal good looking. She looks kind of sick, and it may be because of the tan, but her hair looks extremely thin, lifeless, flat, weak and brittle, and that is not because of the tan for sure.

    • Rudy Huckleberry

      She looks old in the face

  • just my opinion..

    She looks more manly than josh!!!! It’s disgusting! Body builders are by far extremely unattractive

  • EW

    Idgaf what she says about not judging her, she looks awful. All these bikini competition chicks do. They act like they’re the hottest chicks ever but they don’t realize how truly horrifying they look. These women starve themselves prior to competitions for more muscle definition, yet they preach that what they’re doing is healthy. This is a disgusting instagram trend that needs to end.

  • TimM

    There is nothing sexy about that.