Botched & Playboy’s Shannon twins in crash, Kristina cited for DUI

Botched Playboy Shannon twins Katrina and Karissa

On this season of Botched, viewers were introduced to the Shannon twins Kristina and Karissa, former Playboy playmates and girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. In their episode, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow get furious at the sisters after their surgery when it is revealed they were both drinking alcohol in addition to taking Percoset.

I don’t know about the Percoset, but it appears as though the twins’ fondness for alcohol has continued as Kristina was cited for DUI after she and Karissa rolled their Mercedes SUV and had to be rushed to the hospital. From TMZ:

Sources close to the twins tell us they were on their way to get their nipples pierced (yes, really) when Kristina lost control of their G-Wagon in Beverly Hills. Karissa had to be pulled from the vehicle through the windshield and firefighters cut open the SUV’s roof to rescue Kristina.

TMZ adds that “Kristina was cited for misdemeanor DUI while she was still in her hospital gown.”

Throwback photo of Hugh Hefner with the Shannon twins from back in 2008:

Hugh Hefner with his girlfriends the Shannon twins Karissa and Katrina

In case you missed it, here is the scene from Botched in which it is revealed the Shannon twins couldn’t give up their boozin’ ways while recovering from their plastic surgery procedures:

And here they are explaining their botched surgeries that caused them to seek the assistance of Paul and Terry:

Viral bonus clip with the Shannon twins being the Shannon twins:

And another bonus clip featuring DUI recipient Katrina Shannon showing off her botched boob job while falling down drunk on the street:

It looks like their cosmetic surgeries aren’t the only things that the Shannon twins need to address! Forget Botched, where’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? These women need an intervention!

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  • bambiglanville

    I don’t normally watch this show, but I did see this episode. They have gone completely down hill. Not sure if they were ever up hill, however.

    • savannah

      Right? You can pour peroxide on trash, its still trash…

      • Drea

        I think it just makes it easier to recognize. They look like they’re from Florida.

  • Red

    I remember them on girls next door, and this is sad. They were so much cuter before. Lookswise, I mean. It looks like they are still just as annoying.

  • pmo

    anyone who gets this fat should not be allowed to say the word, playboy.

  • Lisa

    These girls have always been trash. Annoying, immature, obnoxious, trash. Now they’re just a fatter, more surgically enhanced version of their old selves.

  • LoLo

    I saw this episode & was shocked when the twins said they were only 25. They look like they are 35. Nothing about them looks real. I could not imagine having a daughter who at 25 has had so many surgeries. I think women unless something is really wrong, should only maintain & wait until they are older to mess with their faces. They started too young & will never stop.

    When listing their surgeries, they left out butt enhancements. Look at their before & after pics. I know they gained weight too, but those clearly are not natural buts. They are misshaped.

  • laura

    Funny how they are being told on botched by doctor Nassif about not drinking with their pain med ,but these two freaking cows just ain’t getting how dangerous that can be ,and look what happend to these two has beens.not only are they fat annoying ass hell,they never were playboy material.they clearly send the wrong message to young women out there and I hope no one is looking up to them,they literally had try pry one of these cows out of their Mercedes to save her Heffernan butt!!!!!!!

  • La-La Land

    Mouthy things. Major attitudes.

  • Christina Rutherford

    They aren’t Play Boy material and never were. Hopefully, they won’t kill anyone drinking and driving except themselves. Sad.? They said the same stupid Doctor did all five botched bob jobs on them too. Lord, these girls don’t know what to do with money. ? to say the least. Bimbos will be bimbos.