PHOTOS Real World alum from the 90’s reunite to honor Diem Brown; See what Puck looks like now!

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Talk about a blast from the past! On Tuesday, former stars of The Real World came together in D.C. at a caucus led by former cast member turned Congressman Sean Duffy to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

The day was dedicated to the memory of Diem Brown, another MTV star who lost her life to the disease last year.


Joining Sean was his wife and former Real World: San Francisco star Rachel Campos-Duffy along with her infamous castmate David “Puck” Rainey


Norman Korpi from the first season of the Real World: New York also made an appearance as did Challenge veterans Laurel Stucky and Derrick Kosinski.


In addition the MTV family, Diem’s sister Megan spoke at the event. She took to Instagram to explain the importance of the caucus:

[I] haven’t felt more passionate about anything as I do about the launch of this Caucus. This Caucus will give [Diem] a voice again, it will bring a voice to thousands of patients, survivors and caregivers. A voice will incite and demand ACTION. Theres nothing more alive and eternal than that. Let’s push this silent killer out onto the steps of our Nations Capital!

Megan Brown

The entire day was captured on film as part of an upcoming MTV documentary to raise awareness about the disease.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen cast members from the Real World family step up to raise awareness in Diem’s honor.

K and J

Earlier this year, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio raised nearly $10,000 for 13-year-old Kasey Harvey’s battle with cancer.

We’re happy to report Kasey underwent her last chemo treatment earlier this month and is currently cancer free!

Kasey Harvey




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  • Brandy Nicole

    Puks lifestyle looks to have taken a huge toll.

    • awoman

      He looks fine for 47.

      • Marty McFly

        Gah, that is my age. Only some of the guys I went to school have such deep lines on their faces, but I guess he looks OKish. And hope he went on to be a person who thought of others & realized that he is not the star of his own little puppet show with others there just to irritate him.

  • Bruja

    Puck looks puzzled that he’s even there. Like he’s thinking, “What an un-dick’ish thing to do! Will people believe it’s really me!?

    • Brandy Nicole

      I always loved puck. He just didn’t give a f#$!

      • savannah

        I loved him too!! :)

        • Leola Carrozza

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      • Marty McFly

        Which made him a horrible flatmate! I guess I see why some people like that also awful Trump. Maybe Puck can be his Veep.

  • Alisson Leech

    Didn’t realize Diem died!

    • MsAwesomePants

      She left in the middle of the last Challenge because she got sick again. She died a few months ago, before that season started airing.

      • Marty McFly

        Are you sure? I knew she had frozen some eggs, some people were rude about that. Didn’t even know they still did the Challenge thing. Might look at when she really did pass.

        • MsAwesomePants

          Yep. The season was dedicated to her and the other guy who died from drugs (can’t remember his name).

    • Marty McFly

      It was all over the news, I was with my Mom and it came on the TV and I just sat and cried. I wanted to show Mom who Diem was and we found so many wonderful/sad/touching/ultimately inspiring videos – she filmed a lot of really personal things to help others and so many people commented about how she inspired them, it was all so moving. I guess that is why I am having such a strong response to comments about “Puck” that say they “love him because he just didn’t care!”. DIEM was the exact opposite, and she deserves to be remembered and loved for a legacy that showed grace and strength…. good people do leave us so damn soon. All I have been able to figure, after losing too many I love, is that they are finished here. But that theory doesn’t work when we miss them and wish they were still here to talk to or hug.

  • Marty McFly

    I can’t tell who most of them are, I recognize the guy in the top pic (aside from “Puck”, and I sure hope that tool grew up) from San Francisco but don’t think I see Rachel – unless she is the teeny woman by “Puck”?
    Who is the girl in the red top, she is beautiful.
    I loved Diem. She was (hate that, that past tense) such an inspiration to me. My illness is chronic and incurable (won’t kill me, will test the boundaries often though) and watching her do physically challenging things helped me for a while. But mainly just her whole person, she was a real light in this world. Really lovely that these things happen in her honor and that she is still very remembered – even though I just found this many months later. She still matters, so I’m ok with being late.