Kylie Jenner and Tyga in trouble; Kanye West steps in to give relationship advice

Kylie Jenner relationship advice 1

A recent Snapchat spat between Kylie Jenner and Tyga sent observers into a tizzy–and one high-powered Kardashian into high gear. Kim Kardashian has enlisted the help of husband Kanye West in her effort at quelling any Kylie Jenner and Tyga relationship drama before it gets out of hand.

Kylie Jenner, known for her prolific Snapchat abilities, shared the following two snaps over the weekend. In them, an irritated and potentially upset Tyga asks Kylie to kindly stop filming him, telling her “I don’t want to be on Snapchat all the time.” Here are the offending videos:

It’s perhaps not surprising that Kylie Jenner would attempt to document her relationship with Tyga exhaustively via social media; after all, Kylie is best-known for selfies and Instagram product placements. But Kim Kardashian is worried that the youngsters are headed for a rocky breakup–or worse. So she enlisted the help of Kanye West, who reportedly sat down with the 25-year-old Tyga and had a heart-to-heart with the lad.

Kylie Jenner relationship advice 2

What did the two talk about? If family friends are to be believed, Kim and Kanye felt Tyga needed some help navigating the choppy waters of such a high-profile (and high-demand) relationship.

Furthermore, “Kanye has a lot of experience with Amber Rose, who is Blac Chyna’s BFF, and she thinks he could tell Tyga how to handle the situation with her with class.”

In addition, the Kardashian-Jenner alliance are a bit tired of what they call Tyga’s constant need to brag about his relationship with Kylie. “Kim wants Kanye to tell Tyga to cut it out,” say the friends. “She wants him to say that her sister deserves to be in control of her own relationship and he can’t be telling the whole world everything they do.” Sounds a bit like the pot might be calling the kettle black, there…


(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and Tyga via Instagram)

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  • ling


  • Paige

    Who is John and why does he wrote the most obsurd stories??

  • JHart

    What did he think he was signing up for? She’s obsessed with herself and she’s an 18 year old child that just graduated highschool… If he’s going to be annoyed with anyone it should be himself smh

    • Drbzy

      Came here to say that. Sorry, but at the end of the day she’s still an 18 year old child. She’s immature.

  • MsAwesomePants

    He’s too busy texting someone else to be filming Snapchat all day. Probably arranging to make baby # 2 with BC.

    • Goshia

      My thoughts exactly lol

  • Courtney

    How about being a good sister or brother-in-law and telling Tyga to stay away from their kid sister! How can they condone their relationship? Disgusting.

  • BeautifulBrownBrainiac

    So Mrs. Kartrashian-West is going to convince her husband to teach Tyga how to handle his pedophiliac hoescapades with class? BEST LAUGH THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    He must be the biggest tool. She’s a teenager and just because she’s 18 doesn’t mean she’s not any less vain or immature than any other teenager. Besides, her whole family is vain. What makes Kylie any different?