Too far? Mindy Kaling jokes about the advantage of sex with Bill Cosby

Mindy Kaling Bill Cosby Question

As a comedian, Mindy Kaling should be granted a bit more space to make politically incorrect statements. But, she may have gone too far and offended the wrong group of people with her comments about Bill Cosby on Wednesday night.

During a public conversation with Tina Fey at New York’s 92nd Street Y, Time says Tina asked Mindy a number of amusingly “inappropriate” questions. Among them was the “would you rather?” scenario of whether Mindy would prefer to sleep with Donald Trump or Bill Cosby.

“With Bill Cosby, you could sleep through it,” Mindy said.

The problem with that is it stands to upset the 50+ women who say they were drugged and raped by Cosby more than the actor himself. The way I see it, Mindy is lessening what they went through because they were able to “sleep through it.” Mindy’s answer is just getting publicized this morning, so we’ll see if there is any more backlash…

Some of the women who accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct are appearing in Cosby: The Women Speak, a special airing on A&E tonight at 9/8c.

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  • Ali.P

    The question was just as “inappropriate” as her answer. I don’t think she deserves backlash. What’s the saying “make fun of everything or make fun of nothing” or something along those lines…

    • Sarah

      I totally agree! The question shouldn’t have been asked in the first place.

    • blue9599

      Agreed. It was a stupid question and she gave a stupid response. Big deal. Starcasm our articles are getting more and more slanted.

    • Emily

      Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s a pointed question that elicits an innappropriate response. And it’s obviously a slam on Cosby, not the victims.

      • jhcxzlgkk

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  • Brandy Nicole

    The question and response were both in bad taste but not career in toilet bad.

  • Alisson Leech

    That was actually a rag on Cosby, not the victims!

    • MsAwesomePants

      Also a dig at Trump, like “I wouldn’t want to be awake to sleep with that.”

  • tanya

    I think Bill would drug himself if he had to sleep with her. She is just nasty! All I think when I see her is that she prob smells like b.o. or curry sweat. Just nasty. And she is NOT funny. At. All.

    • savannah

      Well..that was racist.

      • tanya

        How is that racist? I am so over people using that damn word!!!!

        • savannah

          Then don’t be a racist. I personally never hear the word since I don’t say racist things. See how that works?

          saying she looks like she smells like ‘curry’…uh don’t try and lie and say you would say that about any other race. You said it because she’s Indian.

          • tanya

            Yea, and if she was old, id say she looks like she smells like baby powder. And I would say that about any other race too. So, whatevs. Call me racist. Idc

            • Kate

              Go back to the south and have fun at your kkk rallies bitch.

              • tanya

                Now now. No need for name calling. I cant be bothered. I need to go iron my white robe and hood 😛

            • savannah

              You asked how your comment was racist so I told you…

              I’m Mexican so would you say I smell like tacos? Just because she’s Indian doesn’t mean she likes curry. Jesus.

              • tanya

                Yea. You prob smell like tacos.

                • savannah

                  Thanks bitch, tacos are amazing <3

                  • Drea

                    I’m not Mexican or Indian. Or racist. Unlike Trashy Tanya. And yes, tacos are amazing.

                    • tanya

                      So you can call me TRASHY, but if I say someone smells like something I’m a racist? hmmm. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? tsk tsk tsk. smdh

                  • tanya

                    You’re welcome bitch. Oh, I had mexican food for dinner. Now i smell like a taco.

                    • savannah

                      Lollll why are you still replying to me/ even on this website? fox news is calling, they’re always welcoming more racists.

                  • MsAwesomePants

                    This made me snort. 🙂

  • Drbzy

    I’m sorry but I LOLed. And just as everybody else stated: inappropriate question, inappropriate response. Nbd