BEFORE & AFTER Mother and daughter spent $86K to look like Katie Price

Kayla Morris and Georgina Clake After Plastic Surgery

A British mother and daughter obsessed with Katie Price are going to extreme lengths to look like the model… But at least they are using it as a bonding experience!

“We do everything together,” Kayla Morris, 20, told News Dog Media of her mom, Georgina Clarke, 38. “Wear the same clothes. Get our nails done together. Get our lips done together.”

Georgina Clarke and Kayla Morris Before Plastic Surgery
Georgina and Kayla before their surgeries.

Georgina said their obsession with “perfect” Katie Price began when they used to watch her on TV together. That led to Kayla asking for a boob job at the age of 11.

“I was pleased that Kayla wanted surgery and wanted a boob job. I was glad,” Georgina said. “I wanted her to be like that kind of person.”

The enhancements were put on hold until Kayla was 17 and started stripping at a nightclub. There she met a sugar daddy, who gives her a weekly allowance. Kayla uses that to pay for her and her mother’s surgeries.

“I don’t mind Kayla having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for the plastic surgery because we’re living the dream,” Georgina said, explaining she is very proud of her daughter.

Katie Price Lookalikes
Katie Price on a British reality show last week.

Kayla added, “We look how we want to look and we’re having a good time.”

Next on their to-do list are updated boob jobs, Brazilian butt lifts, fat transfers, a nose job and “massive” lips. Kayla explained, “We are a bit closer to looking like Katie Price but not as close as we would like.” The pair estimate they’ve spent $86,000 to date.

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  • twelfthnight

    Mother of the year…

  • DoogieHowser

    Well that is just gross and sad.

  • NinaUnrated

    Daughter looks more like Trisha Paytas A.K.A Blndsundoll4mj

  • KatieKat

    I’d be so scared if I ran into these women in a dark alley. They look like monsters.

    • Geniya

      its like they got the purge mask glued onto their face

      • KatieKat

        It’s really sad. She’s so young and is ruining any natural beauty she has.

        • Geniya

          Its more sad that the mom said she is proud that her daughter is paying for everything through stripping and having a sugar daddy. its like her mom is her pimp

    • ren24

      Seriously! I read a story about these two on a news website this morning. The article had a screen cap from an interview they did which was even worse looking than the picture above if you can believe that). As my 6 year old walked up to the computer to talk to me, I quickly minimized the screen because I thought he might get scared if he caught even just a glimpse of these two!! They’re horrifying!

  • Jackie

    I can’t tell who’s the mom and who’s the daughter, they both look like they got stung by a bee.

  • FrontDoorMom

    Nailed it! Bunch of dumbass women.

  • Brandy Nicole

    Looks to me like the little girl was mixed and is now white. Pulling a Michael Jackson I see. They look like Amanda Bynes during her melt down.

    • twelfthnight

      I think you can tell still that she’s mixed but at this point it just looks like a bad tan because all of her features are so unnatural at this point you couldn’t place what race she is.

      • Brandy Nicole

        That’s what I was getting at. Kinda like we all knew Michael Jackson stated out a black man and became something else lol

    • max

      Really,you can quite clearly tell she is mixed-you can definitely see that she has ethnic blood in her-although shes not ugly,her young pictures are pretty-she is now hideous with those sore,swollen lips and her mother is not the smartest penny either,she could not articulate herself and her level of intelligence is below par-so what do you expect.

  • savannah

    Maybe they’re trying to get their lips big enough that they’ll cover up those snaggly-azz teeth of theirs. Living the dream? They look like a nightmare. Shudder. BRAIN BLEACH PLEASE!

  • shebee

    $86K to look like that?! Ummm, nope, I’ll pass. They have a seriously screwed up dynamic. This is not the mother-daughter relationship I want.

  • Mrs C.

    A mother who is actually worse than PMK; pimping out your daughter for your plastic surgery. Lazy scrap, go spread your own legs if you want plastic surgery. DSL.

  • ??

    I heard Farrah Abraham is in the UK…maybe they have the same plastic surgeon ?

  • BreBreezieBre

    They might wanna get a refund they didn’t get exactly what they wanted to look like now they look the typical plastic surgery obsessed nut job! It’s sad that this is how they bond and are actually bragging that it was put on hold until she turned 17 and started stripping and gets an allowance from her sugar daddy no real life goals

  • Pattipandi

    THESE are the kinds of people who should die on the operating table.

    • G

      Wow, that’s kinda harsh.

      • Pattipandi

        The world doesn’t need people like this

        • G

          Who are you to decide?? They aren’t hurting anyone but themselves. People who do this kind of stuff and get tons of plastic surgeries usually have some type of mental illness or body dysmorphia.

          • Pattipandi

            Correct. The human race can do without the procreating of these types of people. Still waiting for you to state a valid point and make me rethink my “harsh” words.

            • G

              And what makes you think that you are so above everyone that you get to decide? I think that’s incredibly rude. Child molesters, murderers, rapist, etc. maybe those people “deserve to die”, but seriously? Someone who gets, what you think, is too much plastic surgery? They aren’t hurting anyone but themselves. Get over yourself.

              • Pattipandi

                Maybe u should channel ur anger energy to something that actually matters.

              • Pattipandi

                And if you’re ok with a mother being ok that her 17 years old daughter gets into stripping and whoring herself out so they can waste money on making themselves look like muppets then you’re part of the problem. It’s gross

  • Drbzy


  • aimsless

    They look like Bratz dolls that are having some sort of allergic reaction.

  • PeopleScareMe

    $86,000 on all those surgeries, but can’t waste a miserly 10 bucks on a mirror so they can see they look Fugly. Smh

  • AllAhoard

    Kris Jenner move over we found a bigger momma pimp than you…..

  • DanaD

    Umm i think they accidentally took pictures of Ms Piggy instead of Katie Price to the consultation with their plastic surgeon..

  • Not A Kardashian

    Is it me or does it look like the mother is not all there ? ?

  • may2bl

    That Katie Price model doesn’t even have “massive” lips. Their lips are already bigger than the model’s, why must they be bigger? Someone make it stop, please!

  • GamerGirlSlayer

    Are these two aired head on drugs?
    because they look so pretty before the botch surgery

  • Regina

    That was possibly the most disturbing video I’ve ever seen.

  • LoLo

    Neither of them look like Katie. The daughter looks beyond scary & older than the mother. I would be so heartbroken if my kids ruined their faces like this.

  • Jenn

    awh they look like crap!
    and when they said “we are living the dream” it was reassuring to know i have nothing in common with these ladies.

  • SouthernSara

    I’ve never even heard of Katie Price and don’t recognize her face at all. Regardless, I pity these two lost souls.

  • omid

    it’s funny that
    Katie Price isn’t much beautiful. at lest they should try to look like someone better.

  • sonnytemple

    Look at the bright side – on Halloween they won’t have the buy any masks. Think of all the money they’ll save!

  • david

    But Katie isn’t attractive… WHY try to look like her?? UGHH

  • HowDoUKnow

    They need to ask for their money back. They got duped! They look NOTHING like Katie Price.