PHOTOS Mackenzie McKee shows off bikini physique before NPC fitness competition

Mackenzie McKee fitness pageant bikini posing photos

Now that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has put all that “sex tape” nonsense behind her, she can focus on her goal of becoming a fitness model. She’s been in preparation for months to compete in the NPC Texas State Pro National Qualifier event in August, and today she showed off how much her hard work has paid off in the form of a series of eye-popping bikini photos!

Mackenzie shared the photos above on Instagram earlier today and wrote this lengthy caption:

So sorry for the npc picture overload…? but weather I look good, win or not. I have never been scared of losing or failing in life. But I have been TERRIFIED of having to say I “never tried” going into my first comp I KNOW I tried my best, and that’s worth gold to me. My pictures from seven weeks ago looked NOTHING like this and that tells me I have went at leaat somewhere. Follow my journey in life as I go. Because I promise you… “I am not stopping here” I WILL become a champion weather it be tomorrow or later on down the road. I WILL go some where ? #npc #fitnessmodel #fitmom #reachingmydreams #fitnessfanatic #watchmegro

For comparison, here is Mackenzie showing off her competition bikini right after she got it twelve weeks ago:

Mackenzie has been documenting and sharing her fitness journey with Instagram and Twitter photos, lots of workout videos on her YouTube channel, and entries on her fitness blog. Here is an edited timeline of her progress:

January 24

February 15

February 20

May 14

3 months out

A photo posted by Mackenzie (Douthit) Mckee (@mackenzietaymckee) on

June 29

Mackenzie McKee bikini photo with dog Diesel as a puppy

July 8 (Click here for more from this shoot)

Mackenzie McKee boob job

July 15

July 22

Mackenzie McKee bikini posing

We wish Mackenzie well at the competition! And if you’re going to be in Texas in August, then head on over to the Irving Convention Center on August 15 and cheer her on!

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  • sam

    Im sorry, she says hubby doesnt mind shes flat chested, yet she still gets an augmentation…. How can you win something naturally, when everything is fake on her? Plus, bikini looked better on her 2 months ago than her most recent pic. Imo

    • Paige

      Probably for NPC Competitions. I was really involved in all that years ago but quit because of how obsessed most of these folks are. I workout just as much but I allow myself to enjoy my life. I feel like these competitions are so stringent and rule oriented. I wish her luck but tbh – I doubt she will get anywhere…You have to be extremely lean…it’s pretty disturbing how lean some of these woman get

      • Alisson Leech

        Yea, she looks good, but has a bit of body fat to lose. She looks so good though!

  • Chewy

    She looks ridiculous!!! It’s fine to workout regularly but she’s just plain selfish since being a fitness model takes up so much time. Much needed time her kids need with her.

  • Shrug

    It just looks so yucky to me. She looks like she isn’t proportioned. There is such thing as being to muscular. But that’s just my opinion and it goes for men and women. Everyone likes what they like.

    • ren24

      Those are just the cheesy poses. They make people look ridiculous. It’s dumb but that’s how it’s always been done in the fitness world.
      She looks amazing when she’s just standing around being normal though. (Like in the picture with her dog.) Her legs are freakin’ awesome.

    • Charla

      She’s barely muscular at all. I would just consider her toned. Look at some crossfit games photos to see really muscular women.

      • ren24

        You’re spot on! She looks super athletic but I wouldn’t peg her for a “muscle girl” or whatever she’s striving to be.
        I’m a runner and I find her legs look like runners legs (not a weight lifter’s). Regardless, she looks super good when she’s not awkwardly posing and overly spray tanned. lol

  • me

    Her boobs looks like fried eggs, her bikini physique is atrocious. She is built like a boy. She is no Nikki Blackletter, that’s for sure.

    • harrietfordypa

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  • Tamtam

    Those boobs need to settle.

  • Charla

    I’ve never seen her season of teen mom but I’m not going to hate and say that she doesn’t look great. I don’t think she’ll be the best physique at a fitness competition because she has a really small frame, but she looks great, especially for having two children.

  • Miranda

    she can do whatever she wants but i just dont think she looks attractive anymore. she used to be cute.

  • FrontDoorMom


    • Emily

      Yeah that was really bothering me, too!!

  • Myndee

    Is she wearing two different shoes in the last photo?

    • Shari

      Seems like it. Looks like one is a high heel and the other is a running shoe, but I may be mistaken.

      Yeesh. If she wanted to tip-toe, then she should be able to tip-toe without a heel in photos…or I am out of the loop and it’s normal to do that.

  • Mimi

    Omfg WHETHER!!!!
    And she doesn’t look good at all. I’ve seen very beautiful fitness models. Hell Chyna looked AMAZING! Super muscles just don’t look good on her.

  • LoLo

    I’m all for being in shape but for me, I’ve never found that look attractive.

  • Ashley

    If she was really a “health freak,” she would take better care of her diabetes.

  • A

    No wonder why I heard josh has been cheating on her! She looks more masculine than him!!! Haha. Body building is disgusting whether your a man or a woman… Just saying

    • Spelling checker

      It’s spelled “mannish.”

      • spelling checker

        Sorry, went to wrong comment.

  • sammi

    It’s “whether” not “weather”, my 3rd grader doesnt even make that mistake. As far as her body goes, her’s is really manish. Ive seen some female bodybuilding pics on facebook and those girls are ripped but they still have femininity

    • spelling checker

      It’s spelled “mannish.”

      • kat


  • thea

    Why is she standing like she’s in need of a toliet? Also, she doesn’t have a waist, so her proportions are weird.

  • Jenn

    Her b u t t is perfect but the rest of her is just ewww.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Her face doesn’t match her body it’s so weird

  • Shari

    The May 14th and July 8th photos look like two different people. The one on the beach doesn’t even look like she has been working out for months, but instead looks like the “before” photo of it all lol..

  • josh was high

    Hopefully she’s not neglecting her Type 1 intentionally to lose weight. It’s common in girls (not stereotyping, I’m sure they’re some guys but usually it’s in girls) that get diagnosed young and by the time they’re teens they realize they can keep weight off by messing with their insulin/food intake and weight loss. Then again, usually super high blood sugar leads in T1’s leads to exhaustion and other sickness and I can’t imagine anyone in that state wanting to go workout for hours at a time unless they care about their health. Sooo maybe this is her new thing? Whatever, just don’t have another baby. Ever. Because she treated the pregnancy with the last one like a nine year old brat would. Her endo team rightfully warned her that she was endangering her (and the baby’s) life by not listening to them and she bashed them on social media.
    My 3 year old has T1 and besides explaining the differences between T2 and T1 (no judgement to Type 2 diabetics. It’s just a very, very different yet similar medical issue. They really need a new name for each of them) Mackenzie is just in no way a good advocate for the issue. And she wants to be a country, hometown p–o-rny Farrah so badly it’s hilarious.

  • josh was high

    And “eating clean”!? Sweetheart, if you are a Type 1 diabetic too many “clean” veggies will spike your blood sugar. Even a damn apple or banana can a spike blood sugar for a Type 1. Your pancreas does not work anymore so move away from the fad stuff and listen to your Dr s. More like she isn’t eating much of anything. It’s all eating disordered BS masked as her being fit and strong.

  • Ohio

    I hope she wore that shimmery thong thing in her sex tape.

  • She looked better when she was on Teen Mom 3. Now she looks more manly than anything. Should’ve stayed the way she was before.

  • Emily

    I will just never understand why women would want to look like that. Personally, I would rather look a little soft than be super muscular to the point where you start to lose the femininity of your look. But everyone’s different. I just don’t like the blocky muscular look. On a different note, I wonder howuch time she is actually spending with her kids. She seems to be focused mostly on going to the gym and then taking these cheesy pictures and posting them on social media.