Blake Shelton’s rumored mistress Cady Groves alludes to affair on Twitter


Back in 2012 and 2013, there were a series of reports that Blake Shelton was cheating on Miranda Lambert with up-and-coming singer Cady Groves. Most of the evidence presented at the time was circumstantial: He starred in one of Cady’s music videos after they flirtatiously “drunk tweeted” with each other.

“We got drunk, first of all,” Cady told Fuse in 2012 of filming the music video. “When he first got there, he was like, ‘Come to my trailer. Let’s have a drink.’ … I was so hammered.”

Those comments got drawn to the light the next year when Life & Style published a feature story about Miranda’s “showdown with the younger woman.” Blake and Miranda later mocked the report on Twitter, but other sources insisted Blake and Cady’s relationship did actually bother Miranda.

Fast-forward two years: After announcing their split this week, Blake’s side first accused Miranda of cheating. Her team fired back by saying she was faithful, but he wasn’t. Then Cady started subtweeting (very late at night) about getting her heartbroken a few years ago…

Those messages could definitely be about someone else… But it’s also highly likely Cady at least knew what she was doing when she posted them. Meanwhile, Blake seems to be carrying on as usual: He’s recent tweets are about drinking and resuming filming for The Voice.

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  • MsAwesomePants

    Way to try to grab the limelight, Cady.

  • So basically she lost him how she got him…

  • savannah

    Keep it classy girl. Boasting about being drunk all the time isn’t doing you any favors. Neither is homewrecking “allegedly”.

  • Baconslap

    Isn’t she the girl who’s friends with Kail?

    • Ughh

      She’s friends with ALL the TM girls. She’s desperate to make it any which way it happens.

      • blue9599

        That’s what the tweets look like. Even if it isn’t about him, she knew it would LOOK like it was, so she could get press. Gross.

    • M

      did you she appear on the show before?

      • Baconslap

        Not that I know of. I just seem to remember them tweeting back and forth.

    • BuckyBoyd

      She’s the one who Kyle Regal asked for nudes while he was dating Maci lmao and thats why they broke up hahaahaha

    • Steph

      I live in the Midwest. I know people who were at Kails wedding, as well as that hang out with Cady when she’s in town. Cadys originally from the Midwest, Kail I believe lives here now (stopped watching TM2 years ago, so not really sure). So it’s possible they met in passing.

  • Chewy

    She sounds like a mess

  • Brandy Nicole

    I think this girl is just batish crazy!

    • Myndee

      She knows any press is good press! She’s going to be top 5 Google searched this week now.

  • Medicine-is-My-Game

    She has a terrible voice. I listened to her music, and then tried again today, and she’s just really bad.

  • Medicine-is-My-Game

    Anyone who cheats on their spouse is scum. However, single women going after married men is almost as bad. It makes them look like cheap, desperate whores who are morally vacant. These women are a toxic embarrassment to the female gender, as a whole.

    • Mark

      I wholeheartedly disagree. In the early 90s, I was engaged, going to university and working. One day, one of my female coworkers approached me and said she was really sorry to hear about my engagement ending. It hadn’t. She was shocked, and confessed of her own accord that she had been having sex with him. As she was my friend and co-worker, the first thing she asked when he asked her on a “date” was if he and I had broken up. It’s easy to accept that as the truth when my new schedule meant he and I were rarely with each other. It took me less than 5 minutes to build up a ball of hate and hurt and unload it exactly where it belonged. On him. The girl and I? Still friends even though she moved out of the country. The guy and I? Still friends, but he’s on the outside looking in. He betrayed me. He lied to her or it never would have happened. It wasn’t her place to keep him faithful.

  • mrp

    If that is what he wants, I say good riddance. She has a child’s body. Gross. Are we gonna see him on a registered list? Ewww. She was even younger then. Each picture u see of him he has more of a forehead, so I am sensing a peter pan midlife crisis here. He is gonna trade in the trucks for sporty little convertibles next.

    • Keith D.

      You haven’t watched The Voice much or at all before have you? There’s kind of an obvious trend on the show. Well, more than one, but only one that’s relevant here.

  • Mrs C.

    Did Miranda Lambert really expect him NOT to cheat? If he cheated with you he will cheat on you. End.Of.Story. I have no sympathy for cheaters. Now she knows how the ex wife feels, hopefully 100x’s worse.

  • Foxielover

    UGH. Just now seeing Cady Groves on GAC. I just do not think she has a good voice.

  • Cheryl Chavis

    I happen to believe this young lady because when Blake told everyone that he and Miranda were getting a divorce a person came forward and said that he was caught a few times in Oklahoma where he had know right being. And he would always give them something about him checking out his deer trips or something like that and he would ask them not to say anything and they wouldn’t. And the whole time he was seeing this young lady. So know that it’s out everyone is saying don’t say anything about it now because it’s been over a year or everyone is trying to move on. There saying that because now there is a person who has had an affair with him while he was married to Miranda Lambert. And I want people to know about it because Blake and Gwen fans has put Miranda through pure hell and have called her every name they could think of. When all she did was love him and stand by him when he cheated on her. She was there for him and was will to stay a work own there marriage because she loved he.